Sunday, June 17, 2007

Life of an Isko

Si Oble (Mr. Oblation)

Pathway going to the Admin. Building

Facade of the Admin. Building

Atty. Wendel Avisado together with our beloved chancellor, Prof. Gilda C. Rivero.


Classes in UP here in Davao officially started last June 7, 2007 - Thursday. (Yah right, I know it's kinda late, but heck! I managed to squeeze my study period on blogging!). Yah, we had our first bloc encounter and I had a chance to mingle with my blocmates. Somehow, I felt peculiar at that time but as time passed by, I get used to them and I felt comfortable when I'm with my blocmates. Well, it's still the first week of my official COLLEGE LIFE and yet I felt that I'm prisoned in a dark cellar, waiting for the academic year to end. The rate per subject is an hour and a half, plus our laboratory is 3 hours. Yeah, it's kinda short but HELL!! I think every subject LASTS for an ETERNITY! Though, that's not a big problem to me because I love science. Hehehe =)

Anyways, I think I learned to appreciate the nature behind the scenic environment of our school - the infinite horizon of lush green meadows, the mooing of the cows, bullcraps, and our trusty (well not all of them) HH (habal-habal) drivers.

And yeah, the upclass people aren't joking on us - Quizzes here in UP are equivalent of Highschool's FINAL EXAMINATIONS! Hah, grabeh. Good thing, I was trained to be pressured on my previous Alma mater and I was very used with the zero-based grading system. Here in UP, the passing grade is 60% (in Biology subject, it's 50%). But heck, the standards in this university is very high, I tell you.

Of course, our teachers would not be that ordinary, but they're EXTRAORDINARY. All of them had a master's degree or better, had a doctorate degree from states, Europe and japan! Here are some memorable teachers that still lurks on my mind (what are they, boogeymen??)

Prof. Mitchell Rey Toleco - He's our chemistry teacher. He speaks very loud and he's very alert when he teaches chemistry. Thus, you can't avoid to sleep in his subject or else you'll miss half of your academic life, really. He looks like Julius Babao, and he's very hyperactive!! Grabeh! One time, I saw him in the faculty room, watching youtube in his trusty laptop and guess what? He watched naruto and laughs like a kid. Hahaha.

Chancellor Gilda C. Rivero - She's our beloved chancellor as well as our beloved Biology professor. She had a lot of personal assistants, going back and fro inside the Lorenzo hall. By the way, she conducts her lectures not in a ordinary classroom but in an airconditioned hall! Grabe, aircons were in full throttle and feels like you're in North-South Pole! She looks like the mom of my bestfriend. Hahaha.

Prof Albert Fedillaga - He's not our lab teacher nor our chemistry lecture teacher. Probably he would be our teacher for the next sem in chem lab. And all hail Albert! For girls and even gays go GAGA for him. He looks like Ryan Agoncillo and when girls and gays passed by in his laboratory, all they did was to gave him a flirty remarks, which he didn't care after all. Some sort of I-don't-know-that-im-cute attitude. But I find him approachable, not a snobbish one.

I know I can survive this crap but honestly, I think studying is better than watching those stereotyped teledramas on TV, most especially if you study your interests. And for my situation, I really love to study Biology and Chemistry. Sobra! Till then. Hope that I can update this blog more frequently. Hahaha.


  1. weeeh..what course did you take up?

  2. Hello ulit! Wow naman ika'y ganap na isko na! Malaki rin ba UP dyan sa Davao? UPD, UPM at UP Baguio palang kasi napupuntahan ko eh. ^^

    Trained ka nung HS? Wow naman! San ka po ba nag-HS?

  3. u have a very interesting blog:)
    keep up the good work:P

  4. ei renz...

    well, good luck sayo! kaya mo yan!

    the 1st week of my college life... kinda sucked! xet! i got a big fat pimple in my freakin nose! wat d f!Then I had a hard time adjusting with the time, super advanced ang spc. so i had to run all the time! pero lately its been great!... May new friends na... from general santos city. etc.

    good luck to ya friend!

  5. take everything that you can dyan sa stay mo sa up. galingan mo. enjoy. alam kong marami kang matututunan at maibabahagi sa stay mo dyan sa up.

  6. carmigz::

    sa Stella Maris Academy of Davao.. basta we're strained to be rpessured and worse we're following the zero-based grading system. it's kinda nakaktakot but hell I survived that style noh!

  7. freyti::

    bs biology ang course ko. ;)

  8. jassy::

    hahaha.. thanks! katya ko to, ako pa!

  9. nikki::

    waaa grbeh! i felt the same as well, heck! kung dira advanced, dire, sobra pa sa advance! murag time machine! anyways yah ur right, meet new friends.. hahaha. tapos kabalo ka ang lesson nato sa bio and chem tung highschool, kanng mor or less 2 months ang lecture, dire kay mga 1 lecture lng.. paspas kau! haha

    anyways.. gudluck din sayo!

  10. yeah, u sound so "sir pavo-ish"! [hehe]..

    and u felt peculiar with the 1st bloc enc?! nyahahaha u make me feel like i'm sort of an extra-terrestrial being..

    wahahahaha! ! ! !

    anyhow, i l-u-v ur blog coz it's black..and this post too..

    actually, mura na ko ug abnormal dri renz nagkatawa sa imong post.. :D

  11. lyle-lilaii::

    yeah, i felt peculiar because ur an alien.. joke.. hahaha anyways kaw bya ang asst. bloc leader ha.. and too think we're just 1 meter away (or less..) hahaha!


  12. well, I hope we can't be bored by our lecturers and professors. Our Math 17 teacher, the fresh BS A-Math graduate, Ma'am May Anne Mata, is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun! She'll never make you bore, especially when one of my batchmates are there.

    anyways I can tell you more stories in the next posts. see you!