Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Globe Racing Amplified Experience

I've been a fan of Amazing Race, the world's fastest reality show on Earth. However, the requirements seemed absurd and reaching that dream is a million light-years away.

But last week, Globe gave me an opportunity to be part of their own version of the show.

To prove that Globe's network is stronger than before, media personalities and bloggers from Davao and Manila were invited to race around Davao City last March 24.

It was a funny and memorable experience, I tell you.

As I entered Marco Polo Hotel prior the race, I got surprised seeing several men in black carrying their video cameras. I never thought that it was gonna be THAT big. After eating breakfast, we were briefed what was going to happen in the race and we were also given an iPhone 4s that would be used in the race.

These are the teams of the Globe Amplified Race:

Team Tattoo@Home
Leah de Castro of — Navigator
Tom Noda of Philippine Star Online
Jesse Pizarro Boga of Mindanao Times

Team Go Lang Nang Go – Blue
Glenn Ong of — Navigator
Emmie Abadilla of Manila Bulletin
Jon Joaquin of Mindanao Daily Mirror

Team GCash
Ria Jose of — Navigator
Alex Villafania of
Giovanni Flaviano of People’s Forum

Team Go Lang Nang Go – Pink
Eric Losloso of Business Mirror — Navigator
Mark Sablan of Philippine Daily Inquirer
Lyle Santos of

Team TM – White
Olan Emboscado of — Navigator
Alden Cedo of Philippine Daily Inquirer
Kenneth Ong of The Edge

Team TM – Black
Raffy Pedrajita of — Navigator
Edsel Lorete of Daily Tribune
King Rodriguez of SunStar Davao

Team My Super Plan
Renz Bulseco of — Navigator
Melvin Calimag of
Ana Dulay of Sunstar Davao

The Navigators at Abreeza Ayala Mall

The navigators rode in just one van while the teams rode in separate vans. As my team's navigator, my task was to finish all the required challenges in exchange for my team's route info. I did all crazy stuff like looking for a shawl with a Globe sticker inside Aldevinco Center (and ran like a crazy hyena after founding it), completing the puzzle under the scorching heat of the sun, riding the zipline at ZipCity, eating durian, mangosteen and pomelo and updating our status on Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare with the help of Globe's fast 3G internet connection.

The winners!

The connection was fast, except in ZipCity, but overall I was still able to communicate with my team members during the race.

At the end of the day, Team Tattoo@Home led by navigator Leah de Castro won the first prize followed by Team Go Lang Nang Go and Team GCash led by navigators Glenn Ong and Ria Jose respectively.

It was a fun and memorable experience. I am really thankful that Globe chose Davao as part of their modernization program. Check out Winston's speed test. Ayooooos!

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  1. let's register online amazing race? looool.