Thursday, December 31, 2020


It's the time of the year when we post how we spent the year and how it culminated. This year was an exception–no throwback travel photos, no photos of your family and friends being together. It has been a long and dreary year for us, and January 2020 felt like it happened a decade ago. We have been through hardships this year, and all of these have affected most of us. It's easy to say that 2020 is the worst year yet as some succumbed to the virus, and long-awaited plans have to be put on hold indefinitely. Some of us were also quite eager to see the sunshine again, the birds sing, the flowers bloom, and this cold veil, the outbreak lifts itself off of this world. Most had desired so mere, yet so lofty. Everyone wanted to do what they did last year and the years before: live normally again, breathe once again some outer air. However, before this outbreak, people were tired of living monotonous lives, and they craved some change.

This year was all about realizations instead of expectations. We truly understood the meaning in the phrase, 'life is precious' and truly learned not to take anything or anyone for granted, not to guarantee anything, and to expect less and accept more. 

2020 changed us in every possible way. What was once flourishing in 2019 plunged into a deep, dark abyss in 2020. While some of us became a little cold, let's shed off the misfortunes that engulfed us, let us again smell the glittering new year. 2020 was a year that enhanced people's experience with turmoil and some with trauma due to the passing of those that once breathed air like we once did. While we're at it, we have stories and tales to tell when we're old and gray, like what we hear from the war veterans. While I am aware that it's like comparing apples and oranges, what happened this year will be embalmed in our history books, and one day, the future generations will one day use it as a source of knowledge.

One can only hope that 2021 will give us everything that we couldn't have in 2020. While 2021 rhymes with '2020 won', it didn't win.

Friday, November 20, 2020

The Impact of COVID-19 on Philippine Air Traffic Management

On March 12, 2020, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced the halt of domestic land, sea, and air travel to and from Manila beginning on March 15. The National Capital Region (NCR) and the Greater Manila Area (GMA) were under Extensive Community Quarantine (ECQ) to curb the spread of COVID-19. International flights to key cities in the country had followed as well. While the government has advised everyone to stay at home, it was an entirely different story for air traffic controllers, albeit with the new safety procedures and health protocols mandated by the Department of Health.

The Air Traffic Service of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) officially inaugurated the Philippine Air Traffic Management Center (ATMC) last August 2019 as it gears towards the integration of systems of the approach control and en route facilities of the country. The new integrated system addresses the increasing demand for air travel in the country. 

Sunday, November 08, 2020

Know Thy Worth

So, I had an hour of a heart-to-heart talk with my best mate in Toronto. I told everything about why I was feeling down and sad these past few days. I told my mate that I have dropped a bomb that really caught him (nope, not my mate, the other person) off guard. I was actually expecting it. My good mate told me that there's nothing wrong with me and I just have to do those things that make me happy. He said, "know your worth, Renz!". I'm still in the process of recovering from all the bad shenanigans I did. It was downright irrational, irresponsible, and I might have caused a burden to him, to begin with. His last message read, "I really appreciate this. I have to process it though." Maybe I am still new to this thing, and the lesson was learned the hardest way. People really come and go, but they teach you valuable lessons in life. I should go with the flow, and the person who truly values me will just come when I least expect it.

Such a life!

PS: And oh, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won!

Saturday, November 07, 2020

Irrational Thoughts at 1 AM

I always think that I'm smart, rational, and organized. At work, I believe that I'm one of the most efficient employees, and I always strive for perfection. I have no problem with that. BUT, when it comes to love, I'm on the opposite spectrum.

Friday, November 06, 2020

Against The Tide

My dearest Super Pumpkin,

Maybe you will forget everything I have written here, but it doesn’t matter. Resting upon these pages are my truest feelings for you. I will leave my love for you so you might someday find it, when you’re moving to a better apartment, or when you start disposing old things from your drawer or cabinet, and so I may leave it behind me, so I may live again. Like the way, I used to live before.

The days I had with you, virtual or not, were unlike any passings of time I have witnessed on this planet. For so much of my life, behind the walls I have built around my heart, I have been alone. In you, with you, I found such a friend as I had never known. I was enraptured, consumed in this bliss that was the turning point of my long solitude to something else, to something entirely, for solitude is the sullen presence of nothing, and nothing more. But in my bliss came blindness, and as such under my nose unnoticed you, slipping away. I did this, you did that, and there was so much we didn’t say. Now those words, those dreams were scattered by the swirling winds of time. Perhaps though, if a mind is an ethereal thing gets cast out into the sea of reality, grasping at the truth, entangled with emotions. Perhaps, as this mind is bound to dead words and lost dreams, expressions, and hopes who are no longer have a place to resonate and walk upon the earth. Words for times now gone, dreams of hearts new and broken, all sense says such things no longer belong.

So I am senseless. Mad even, for on this page, against my broken heart, I defy those swirling winds and ask time to forget these dreams, to let them rest forever on this page, in this bed and mountains of emotions and feelings we’ve made together. Entropy is damned, the LOVE we shared will wait here upon these pages. Without me, without you, they will wait like the stones of our hearts to meet once more.

Loving you always and forever,


Thursday, November 05, 2020

Sodexo unwraps the best gifts and their digital solution this holiday season

Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services fosters the spirit of gratitude this holiday season with a multitude of exclusive deals for its corporate clients and consumers. For companies to reward their employees in a safe and efficient way during these times, Sodexo also launches its new digital solution, the Sodexo+ app to complement their paper solution, Premium Pass.

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

The US Elections 2020

The entire world is watching. It's a neck-to-neck battle between the incumbent President Trump and Joe Biden. This is the current electoral college map, Biden, with 238 votes, and Trump is trailing behind at 213 votes. Nevada, Michigan, and Wisconsin are all leaning towards Biden as they continue to count the mail-in votes. Nevada has six (6) electoral votes, while Michigan and Wisconsin have sixteen (16) and ten (10) electoral votes. The remaining states that are leaning towards Trump are Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina. These three states have 20, 16, and 15 electoral votes, respectively.

Monday, October 26, 2020

100 decibels

 I am so disappointed right now. Although, the wounds were patched and bridges weren't burned, but I still can't get over to it. I know that sometimes I can get tactless, but it's just me. When things didn't go in my way, I try to be sarcastic because it's my coping mechanism. It's me being me. But apparently, someone misconstrued it and blew it out of proportions. I was yelled at and the last time I got yelled at was decades ago, like when I was still six or seven and it was understandable during that time because I was so naughty, but to be yelled at because of a misconstrued statement? I don't know, I just broke out and cried. For the first time in my life, I felt helpless. I cried so hard because I wasn't expecting that to happen. I felt so sorry for myself. I believe I didn't deserve that kind of treatment.

I guess I need to stay away from certain people and enjoy solitude. Yes, a time to be alone.