Wednesday, March 18, 2020


I am trapped. We're on community lockdown. I was supposed to fly to Davao tomorrow and on the 26th. However, the entire Philippines is in community lockdown, forcing airports to close. Land and sea travel is closely monitored by the government as well. Public transportation is also suspended. In these trying times, we are left with no choice but to obey to curb the spread of the virus.

I urge everyone to stay at home if work warrants.  For the frontliners like us, always practice good hygiene. It wasn't an easy decision for the government to impose such restrictions. Some didn't have a choice but to work but to make ends meet. Without work, they don't have enough money to feed their families. People should check their privileges as well. If you don't have anything good to say about this situation, better shut up. There's no need to shove your privileges to everyone.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Silent Patient - Alex Michaelides

I've never read a book that is so riveting, fast-paced, and very intriguing. I have read a lot of psychological thrillers, but this one was one of the best books I've read for ages. The Silent Patient is Alex Michaelides's first novel, and boy it did not disappoint! I first saw it on a book website and it claimed as one of the best books of the year 2019. Fascinated by its premise, I looked for a copy of it, but only to find out that it wasn't available at Fully Booked that time. Sad life. Anyway, I was strolling around Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne, and I finally found a copy of it. And yup, truth be told, the book did not disappoint.

The story is about a famous painter who murdered his husband and ended up at a psych hospital, unable to talk. A criminal psychotherapist got mesmerized by her case and decided to help her talk again.

A fast read, and a true definition of a page-turner. I am still reeling from that ending because it was totally mindblowing!!! It's like reading Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl, but on steroids. It was THAT intense.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Not The Right Time

Yup, I didn't make it to the final round. But like I said, it is okay. I am okay. Heck, I didn't break down or what. I humbly accepted the outcome. I'm still proud of myself for doing it. No what-ifs in the future. Maybe today's not the perfect time for it. The Big Man from above surely has greater plans for me. No regrets, just love.

Actually, it was a blessing in disguise. I just realized that I still have a lot of things to accomplished in my sector to promote the safety culture. Also, I still have a job that pays well, and I can now plan my trips up to the end of the year. Australia for my birthday? Or Vancouver? It'll be summer, but why not? Or another trip to Korea with my BFFs and do some serious shopping? See? I am still blessed. Nothing to worry about.

Speaking of Canada, due to the ongoing nCov crisis, I rebooked my flight this May 21. My friends in Toronto got overjoyed upon learning my plans. There are SOOOOO MANY THINGS TO DO IN CANADA DURING SUMMER. Excited is an understatement.

Now, time to tone down my expenses, and focus on my travel goals this year. Work hard, travel harder! Love you all!

Monday, February 03, 2020

In Advance

Okay, after almost three years of using my 2015 Macbook Pro Retina 13.3" laptop, I've upgraded to the 2019 model of it. I bought the space gray color, and man! No. Fuckin'. Regrets. I think one of the factors was the need to upgrade to a faster machine for my productivity apps (Photoshop, Lightroom, and Final Cut Pro). Don't get me wrong, my previous laptop still works fine but the dents, scratches, and the staingate screen annoyed the hell out of me. I learned my lesson the hardest way. So, I bought the hardshell case (transparent color) to give my new toy (and expensive) toy some protection as early as day one. I should have bought a screen protector but it wasn't available and I've been to a lot of Apple Stores around Greenbelt and Glorietta. Maybe when I go to Melbourne, I might buy a screen protector there. Anyway, so far, so good. The new Macbook Pro 2019 is a beast, well, based on my needs. The third-generation butterfly keyboard was kinda new to me since it's quite flat, but I love it. Also, the touch bar was also a game-changer. You really get what you paid for! I am so happy.

Actually, I told myself to buy a new laptop if I pass the cadet pilot exam of Cebu Pacific. The results aren't out yet, but I already bought a new laptop. Confident? No. I just can't wait to buy a new one. Also, people were saying that I should've waited for the 14" model, or better yet the 16" model. Well, I don't use my laptop for heavy rendering works. Probably the heaviest apps that I have right now are Final Cut Pro X, Lightroom, and Photoshop. Not to mention that my new laptop is now running in quad-core. I am not familiar with the technicals and numbers, but one thing's for sure, it had doubled its speed from my previous laptop.

Anyway, in a few days, I'll be flying to Melbourne again, this time with my mom. It'll be her first time visiting the State of Victoria. Hopefully, the weather wouldn't be that super hot, but I think it'll be sunny for the entire duration of our stay.

I am still anxious about the result. Whatever the result is, I tried. No regrets.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

30 Powerful Habits

So, I saw this on my Facebook newsfeed weeks ago. In every item, I'm going to write a comment about my progress, or simply just say about something. You know, I am in the mood to update this personal blog.

Here we go!

1) Okay, IT WILL ALWAYS BE A STRUGGLE FOR ME TO WAKE UP EARLY. Plus, because of my work schedule, my body clock's all whacked up. Meaning, I sleep regardless of the time of the day. During days-off, I usually wake up late in the morning just to make up with the loss time of sleep during my work week, most especially if I rendered 24 to 32 hrs of overtime shift.

2) Well, let's just say I am pragmatic when it comes to dealing with life decisions.

4) I always love to test my limits. One of my ways is through traveling. Also, I get to know more about myself!

5) Speaking of traveling, I always make sure that I travel to experience new things. I am usually frugal, but when it comes to traveling, it almost came to a point that I became impulsive because I am always thirsty for new adventures and experiences.

6) Quality over quantity! It never bothered me that I only have a few close friends. They're the ones who fully understand me. We've been through thick and thin, so, our level of understanding and empathy is on a higher pedestal.

7) People always think that you can't say no to everyone. Through the years, I have learned the art of saying 'no'. You can't just do everything! You need to assess the situation first before you enter a certain situation.

8) Through traveling. Also, getting out of my comfort zone allowed me to know myself better.

9) I still have to learn about investments. For now, I'm doing the insurance and investment bundle from PruLife UK.

10) I love sharing new things with people–videos, blog posts, and other forms of media. Suffice to say, I'm a visual storyteller.

11) I never take small things for granted. They all matter. I've learned my lesson the hard way.

12) I. AM. TRYING. TO. EAT. VEGETABLES. I feel so attacked. Also, less usage of nonbiodegradable stuff.

13) Sometimes, engaging in political and religious views can be very toxic, especially here in the Philippines. But, I'll try to have an open mind and not resort to ad hominem fallacies.

14) Spending time with nature is always a good idea. It gives me a breath of fresh air. Literally.

15) I believe I have self-control when it comes to shopping. During the sale, I don't buy a thing just because it's on sale. If you don't need it, don't buy it. Just because it's 50% off, doesn't mean you're obliged to buy it.

16) Back to number 6. You'll never know, they'll be the one who'll protect you from harm. I'd rather have friends who are pragmatic, honest, and straightforward.

17) OMG. They say that I'm vain because I follow a strict skin-care routine. There's a huge difference between vanity and taking good care of yourself. Duh.

18) I still have to practice how to properly meditate. I ended up sleeping after trying to meditate.

19) I guess I have to be mindful of what I eat. I don't easily get fat, but I am getting older.

20) Thank God, I now have the drive to go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week!

21) When your gut's acting up, it'll be hard to recuperate as we grow older.

22) HAHAHAHA. I didn't grow up in a family that's super passionate about food. I can't cook, and it's not really for everyone.

23) Drink your water, bitch!

24) I am always grateful for everything, whether big or small.

25) Actually, I am trying to achieve my social media goals, but I need to rewrite it. I always tend to forget these things due to my busy work schedule.

26) This is how I do my things. Once I'm done with the hardest part, everything's going to be easy, finishing the task faster than I thought.

27) It's also the same as choosing your battles. Not all battles are worth fighting for.

28) I always do this at least twice a week. I usually go to the mall alone, do the shopping and eating at restaurants alone. Solitude allows me to think about a lot of things. Some find it weird, but for me, it's one of my ways to regenerate myself. Talking to a lot of people can be tiring.

29) I am always inspired.

30) Just do it.

Monday, January 06, 2020

Daddy Green

Volkswagen USA's latest ad, The Last Mile | Beetle, brought me to tears. I have a very fond memory of this car. No, I didn't use to own this car, but somebody very close to my heart.

My earliest memory of this car was almost three decades ago. My daddy–that's what I call my late paternal grandfather–owned this car until 2011 ish before they decided to just sell its parts. My papa told me me that daddy bought the Beetle around the 70s. It became their family car, and I was fortunate enough to be the next generation passenger. When I started talking, I can't stop admiring daddy's green Beetle, hence the monicker, Daddy Green. Whenever my papa's not around due to his work, daddy will always come to the rescue, and he'll drive me to school. My memory with daddy and his Daddy Green is nothing but bittersweet. That's just one of the moments that I'll treasure the most. When daddy left us three years ago, I was devastated. I couldn't grasp the fact that he's already gone. It felt like a part of me was missing. I was an almost finished puzzle, and he was the only missing puzzle piece.

Then came this video. All the memories with daddy and Daddy Green rushed through my system, like a strong wind blowing from the sea. It was still painful in my part, and I still long for daddy's presence. I can't blame myself, I was his first grandson, and I was really spoiled by him. He loved me dearly. He was my playmate. He was my attorney. He was my confidant. He was my everything.

I miss him every day. I am sure that he is in a happy place right now. He regularly visits me in my dreams, wearing a big smile on his face, wearing his favorite yellow tank top, and his short shorts.

Sunday, January 05, 2020

Hello there, 2020!

I cannot believe that it's almost the last year of the decade. Looking back, I have grown physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am forever grateful to all the things I've experienced for the last ten years. Ten years, for the lack of better cliche, was a roller coaster ride. I've experienced the highs and lows, but here I am! Still alive, bitches!

For now, I shall update my online journal more often. 2019 was uhmm, let's just say I got to preoccupied with some things that were not actually worth my time. But it's okay. I shall update you in another blog post, soon. For now I shall be back for work to continue my 24-hour overtime shift. Ciao!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

International ATC Day

The Philippines is comprised of 7,641 islands, less than a third of which are inhabited, and is considered home to more than 105 million Filipinos. As one of the growing economies of Southeast Asia, the transportation system of the country is vital, functioning like blood vessels in our body.

For the past century, the aviation industry grew at an exponential rate. The demand, particularly in air transportation, is increasing every year to meet the basic needs of the constituents. Furthermore, there was a need for the safekeeping of the flying public, hence establishing air traffic service in our country.

The role of an air traffic controller is to ensure the safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of air traffic. As simple and straightforward as it may sound, the job is never easy. To become an air traffic controller, one must undergo a series of rigorous training. Air traffic control cannot function without air traffic controllers. In normal circumstances, they are transparent and unseen like electricity: unseen and unheard of unless a predicament arises.

Through the years, the journey of Philippine Air Traffic Service was not smooth sailing. We have experienced things that had caused a huge blow not just to the flying public, but also to our morale. We also fought with nature, natural disasters, and struggled with the previous administration's competency, or lack thereof. Undeniably, those days were the darkest. We wrestled to find the light, we fought for justice, but most importantly, we didn't give up. Giving up isn't part of our nature. We strived, but we move on. We were selfless. All we ever think was the safety of the flying public–that even if we were not allowed to take leaves during Christmas or New Year's Eve, seeing other people reunited with their families was already enough, a reward something that some people will never understand. Together, we have proved how strong our mental fortitude was. Determined, dauntless, and a fighter.

It is not a secret that only a few people know what we do for a living. Some assume that we work under the scorching heat of the sun, guiding the aircraft to its designated parking bay. Some think that we only work at the control towers. Despite these, we managed to do our job well, guiding the flying public to their final destinations safe and sound. As we celebrate the International Day of Air Traffic Controllers, let us not forget the men and women of the Philippine Air Traffic Controllers Association who keep the skies safe 24/7. We invite air travelers to ponder on the wonder that is aviation, and to sincerely thank all those people - and in particular, the air traffic controllers - who make aviation the amazing achievement that it is.

That is our commitment, that is our dedication.