Thursday, January 31, 2008


Wednesday. January 30.

Hahay. Grabeh. It was his boink-day. You know what I mean? Boink day. Beer day. Kaarawan. So we waited for him. Oh by the way, some of our classmates CRAMMED for the "unannounced assignment", that is to answer 8 questions of the problem set given by our lecturer. Good thing I answered that problem set the night before our the lecture. God. They crammed and I compared my answers to July and Mikko. Yey! We got the same answer. Too bad. 15 minutes had passed and we should start to pack our things and leave the classroom. UNIVERSITY RULE po. No need to elaborate that rule. The birthday celebrant didn't came yesterday. But the HELL I CARE.

And yeah. The day before yesterday, I got my result in Math 14. Weee. A sweet 95%. Hahaha. And I just love logarithms. LOG LOG LOG. Right now, I'm enjoying TRIGONOMETRY. Let's reminisce MA'AM BULADACO (My Trigo and Calculus teacher in highschool). Huwaaaat.

So by Thursday, we only had one exam left, which is Bio 3 Lab, and it's a MOVING EXAM. The exam was quite easy and my favorite part of it was the BONUS PART. Imagine, the instruction of Station 16 was this:

"Look for an upclass in BS BIO and let them sign or autograph your test paper. After that, spell BIODIVERSITY using your own BUTT."

I was the first one to butt-spell BIODIVERSITY since naunahan ako sa mga stations na hindi stress free. You know what I mean. So, Neil videoed MONZ while he butt-spelled BIODIVERSITY. Hahaha. If you're curious with Monz's Big BUTT "dance", just click the video link.



I think I'm 90% sure that I'll pass the moving exam. The rest of 10% is yet unknown. Expect the unexpected.

In our Nat Sci subject, we are required to report each and every topic assigned to us by Engr. Acosta. So yeah, the first reporter was Dora, Duchess, Archie and the others (I'm sorry, di ko pa kayo kilala. Hahaha) from CHSS (College of Humanities and Social Science). Having classmates from Comm. Arts really helps especially on dealing with creative and innovative way of reporting. They did a comical skit slash talk show. Grabe. We ALL laughed not because they acted silly in front of us, but the fact that they did their presentation WELL. I can't blame them for that. That's their FORTE naman eh. So ayun. We all laughed especially on DORA'S PART. GRABEEEH. She's soooo FUNNY. Even our professor laughed on the way she acted in their presentation. She got the talent of being a comedian. Giselle Sanchez Juniora. She acts in an intelligent manner. Ang classroom namin naging STAND UP comedy BAR. Hahahaha. Actually we were ALL challenged by their presentation. Damn. They're simply AWESOME.


I just learned that Alexis McCulsky will be our teacher in Organic Chem Lec and Noreenskie Fundaddy will be our Organic Chem Lab teacher. Perfect Combination, indeed.

Arrghh. Oo nga pala. We were informed by Queen Pakdat of Smackville (Ma'am Pakdat, our Bio 3 lab teacher) that our field trip will be moved on the 16th of February. NOOOOOO! Dapat sa 9th ng February! Oh dear. I don't want the field trip to be MOVED again just because of shallow reasons - eh keshyo raw magkaconflict ang schedules ng field trip ng MST6, Zoo 3, Bio 150 and MCB150 ng ibang students, ganito, ganyan. WAAA. Ayoko sa 16! Bakit? Simple lang. BLOODSHED week namin niyan and deadline yan ng lahat ng mga projects, written reports and nakatambak na ang LONG EXAMS namin niyan sa Bio 3, Chem 17, Math 14, Nat Sci 1, for sure. GREAT. =(. I just hope that sa 9 pa rin ang field trip namin.

Naku. We walked 900 meters from Kanluran to Ate Malou's and ate our merienda. As usual. We ate barbecued hot dogs, ginanggang and Ate Malou's delicious iced tea concoction with a twist of Calamansi. Yum yum. Oh yeah. I need to photocopy the prescribed book in our Nat Sci 1 so nakisali ako kay July. Module 1 to 5 lang man din. BUT HELL, ayokong magpaphotocopy kina ATE MALOU.

WHY? This is the story.

Yung dalawang assistant ni Ate Malou sa photocopy section ng tindahan niya, MASYADONG BATUGAN. AS IN! Nakaiinis and nakafufrustrate kung di nila gawin ang trabaho nila ON TIME. Kahit ganoon lang ginagawa nila, dapat they should know the basics on professionalism and work ethics. Grabeh. I thought natapos na nila so I went back to the store. Anak ng TAE, I caught them giggling habang nagtetex gamit ang isang cellphone. Fuck. I asked them if natapos na sila but hell, they were clueless about my request. So I instructed them on the pages that she'll photocopy and I just said that a girl (July) will just pick this up and she'll pay this after she finished her simple task. GRABEH. Nakabibwisit diba? Ugh. I just want TIBURCIA back on Ate Malou's photocopy business since she works FAST. Ugh. Where is she?

Hay. UP Min will attend the so called "WALK-OUT" tomorrow on 1 pm. It's the TUITION FEE HIKE again, I suppose. Below are some propaganda slash shout outs posted in our bulletin board.



I just heard that the tuition fee for the incoming freshman here in UP Min would increase up to 700 pesos PER UNIT. 600 per unit lang nga kami pero ambigat na. How much more ang 700? Kaya nga gusto ng mga kabataan mag aral sa UP since mura lang ang tuition but napakataas ng academic standard. Oh well. I just hope that this issue would be settled in the near future. Haay.

No exams for tomorrow and this would be my last post for the month of JANUARY. Weee. February na pala bukas? God.

BTW, I had this irritating conversation with my brother just moments ago.

Kapatid: Kuya, bayaran kita ng 20 pesos, answeran mo lang ang Math assignment ko (Aba demanding!).
Ako: ANONG TINGIN MO SA AKIN??! BAYARAN??! GAGO. Answeran mo pala iyan tas ichecheck ko lang kung tama?
Kapatid: Ahhhh. Ayoko. Wala akong maintindihan.

GREAT. And I just hate this kung hihintayin lang ako ng kapatid ko na matapos dito para lang anseran ang kanyang math assignment. When will he ever learn with his "witty" style? Damn it. Ang dali dali lang ng lesson nila. He's just too lazy to solve. Ugh. At bweset, sinulat lang ang mga problems sa one whole yellow paper, then he just gave the paper to me and POOF! Nasa kwarto na siya, playing his damn guitar. EEEEEEKKK.

I want just want him to LEARN the HARD WAY. I didn't underwent this kind of situation (or did I?) but I guess he'll suffer in the near future. I just hate his monkey-like behavior. Hell. TURUAN? I'm the one who faithfully answer his assignments and still, he considered that as an effective way of teaching?

God. Ugh. Crap. Please enlighten my brother, Lord God. Tabang!

Monday, January 28, 2008

CRAP - and I just hate this.

Define CRAP. First, it's a noun. Second, it's a subtle substitution for the scandalous word, shit. Third, it's a CRAP. CRAP CRAP CRAP! Ugh! CRAP! I just hate this.

For the past few days I found myself more irritable than the previous days or weeks. If my parents wanted me to do something, like the simplest household chores, I'll just grumble about it and after that, the two gremlins would just scold me because of my disobedience. Ugh. I know I've been a bad son lately. It's just like, I dunno, honestly I couldn't understand myself as of this moment. I dunno. I can't determine whether If I'm happy or not. Everything in my life is not that perfect. But hell, my family's strong, I studied in a prestigious school, I lived in a concrete house, I have lots of clothes to wear and I eat almost 6 times a day. So practically there's always a reason why I should be HAPPY with my life. Ugh. I'm so stupid. Am I experiencing the crucial stage of a teenager? Am I a bipolar teen? Do I need to consult a psychiatrist? OR am I just overreacting?!

I dunno. Kung may hihingiin ako sa kanila, ibibigay agad nila sa akin but if they asked me a LITTLE FAVOR, tinatanggihan ko. Ugh. I'm so ashamed with my stupid behavior. I know. I'm not an ideal son that they had wished for. I'm so sorry. I know you can't read this but it's just I'm very disappointed to myself. My actions lately were very frustrating. I know both of you were disappointed to me. But it's just partly I can't just blame myself. I'm trying my best to be good, but it's JUST... JUST.... UGH. I dunno. Crap.

Every dinner, they would just give me painful sermons. It's my own FAULT though but hell, I just wished that I'm deaf and I will never hear those upsetting sermons. Uggh. Erase erase. But I don't wanna be a disabled person. I just hate the way things that are getting on to me.

I'm a happy and optimistic person. I have always a positive views in life. If a certain problem arises, I would look forward to solve that dilemma in no time. BUT. Ugh. Never mind.

And I just hate myself for being so STUPID lately. :((


The second round of the bloodshed had finally ended around 11 am of January 26, 2008. Weee. That day was our second long exam in Chem17 Lec. Fortunately it was an EASY exam. I wonder kung ano ang nakain ng Chem teacher [I shouldn't call him Professor since he still have to take his masteral this June] because he's fond of making DIFFICULT long exams. Well, the memories of Chem16 Lec still haunts me every now and then. Okay corny na 'to, but it's true. The fact that I got a 2.25 grade in Chem 16 was a some sort of a chamba-ish moment. Nabawi ko lang yan sa Lab grade ko, kaya nagkaganoon. Hahay.


After that exam, I immediately went home together with Inna, Van and July. But for the others, they intruded Marky's crib in Laz Terrazas (a plush and luxurious village located on the steep hills of Ma-a). Favorite hobby na ata namin to - CRIB HOPPING. Unfortunately, I didn't join them since I'm so tired and I need to SLEEP.

When they arrived at Mark's place, guess what, NATULOG lang din sila (some of them watched TV)! Ang iba natulog sa comfy and luxurious couch nila (like Yuri) and for some, wala nang arte, humiga na sa carpet, kumuha ng ilang pillows and POOF, they snored in their respective places in no time. Here are some revealing evidences na natulog sila like SLEEPING BEAUTY. Special thanks to JOIE SHEEN BASTIAN - one of the pioneering paparazzi of Shakira Shabing for the pictures. Naks.

Wow. Nagbibeauty rest si Madame Sha-bing. Hahaha. Biro lang Yuri.

Grabeh. Binabaha na ang den nang dahil sa laway niyo! Bwhahaha :D

Hindi po ito White Lady. Si Sheara po ito. Hahaha :D

See? I told you. If I just didn't fought my mom hours before the exam, I should be there. Eh kaso, wala ako sa mood nung morning na yun because of STRESS, ayun! Di tuloy ako binigyan ng BAON ni MAMA! Huhuhuh. Sayang. 100 pa naman nyun. Hahay. That's life. Bweset.

Oh, Last Friday, I had this weird adventure. And it feels like I'm still in highschool. It goes like this. I didn't wore the appropriate PE shirt since I thought that I wouldn't attend my PE class. We were dismissed EARLY in our Chem 17 Lab, so early that we went to DHK Building (Department of Human Kinetics, hindi na HKC) at around 12 noon and played Table Tennis. I used my cellphone as the source of music (Nokia 6300). My PE teacher saw it and he was amazed. He asked me for the price and etc. The moment he checked the attendance, he warned me about my shirt. If I didn't changed it to pure white or any UP white shirt, he'll confiscate my cellphone. I know it's a joke but natakot ako dun. Praning na kasi because nung highschool ako, teachers there were fond of confiscating cellphones, iPods and other digital thingamajigs. It's like parang ngayon lang sila nakakita ng cyber doohickeys. Ooops. I'm talking too much. So right after the attendance, I sneaked out of the room and headed straight to Ate Malou's place para kunin ang mga finotocopy ko sa Chem. Unfortunately, hindi kinaya ang pagfotocopy ng Chang ni Ai2x (or tinatamad lang sila?!). Keshyo raw hindi klaro eh di na nila pinatuloy ang kanilang trabaho. Ugh, The nerve!

[Chang - Chemistry book worth 2000 pesos.]

So I hailed a jeepney and went straight to Kanluran (CSM - College of Science and Mathematics). And parang minalas ako, out of order pala ang photocopier doon. Haay naku. So I waited for the other block to be dismissed in their Chem17 Lab para may makasabay ako pauwi. On our way home, I gave the book to Mark and he'll return it to Ai2x.

Haay. Whattafriday.

BTW, as I wrote (with the help of the keyboard, not a pen) this blog, biglang bumukas ang pintuan ng kwarto ko, and it reminds me of CHELSEA. I used to love this name (Ugh. Highschool memories). So cute and pretty - appropriate and fit for a pretty princess, until Mamatay ka sa Sindak ni Barbara changed my perception with this name. Haay naku. Chelsea's funnier (and admittedly creepier) than Chaka Doll. Chaka Doll's cheap. Bwahahaha. :)) And Chelsea used to be a pretty doll until minalas lang siya because of a life long curse. Weh. Di nga.

YES. Finally. AFTER COUNTLESS YEARS OF SEARCHING AND RUMAGGING LIMEWIRE, I finally found this song. I knew the lyrics and the melody but I'm clueless with its title.

"I love you always forever
Near or far, closer together
Everywhere I will be with you
Everything I will do for you"

Yes! It was entitled I LOVE YOU ALWAYS TOGETHER by Donna Lewis. Feel ko nasa dagat ako whenever I hear this song.

Oh yeah. BTW. I just remembered this. I just saw the University calendar and by February 4-8, it would be our PRE-REGISTRATION WEEK. Ang bilis ng panahon. Second Year College na ako. YIKES. Well, I'm gonna enlist myself to my future subjects:

Bio 70 (Earth Science and Process) ahhww, too bad hindi na si DADDY BASTIAN ang teacher, si Ma'am Talde na, well according to DADDY BASTIAN'S daughter, Joie Sheen.
Bot 3 Lec (Intermediate Botany) yikes. Dr. Novero again.
Bot 3 Lab (Intermediate Botany Lab)
Chem 31 (Elem. Organic Chem) and who knows? Maybe yung bagong teacher from Food Sci and Chem Department. Sana bago. Huwag yung tipong "comeback tandem" na prof.
Chem 31.1 (Elem. Organic Chem Lab)
MCB 1 Lec (General Microbiology) Sabi nila, babalik ang terror prof ng microbio ng UP. And she's fond of giving a 3.0 grade, despite your greatest effort in mcb. I just hope it would STILL be Ma'am Pakdat or Ma'am Vernaiz. Aanhin pa ba ang UNO kung TRES ang USO. yahyah. Whatever.
MCB 1 Lab.
Phys 3 (General Physics 1) Hahay. I just hope this subject would be offered this SUMMER. And I don't want Engr. Acosta to be the teacher of this subject.

and 1 GE subject. Sana MST6 - Biodiversity Challenge. Teacher namin, ang ex-DEAN ng CSM! Weee. Ang pinakaEMO na DEAN sa buong UP System! Weehah.

Oh yeah. We still had one exam left for this week, and that is Bio 3 Lab. It's a moving exam, actually and all we need was to memorize each parts of organisms from Eukaryotic bacteria, prokaryotes, fungis, plants and animals. Haay.

This is the LIFE of an iskolar ng BAYAN. Bow.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Almost Through

Yah Yah. I just loooooove this week. :)))

The second part of the bloodshed week's almost through - ISANG EXAM NALANG ang i-aral ko starting today, or possibly to cram tomorrow night. Hahay. How I wish that I could score 80 and above in our second long exam, though I performed well in our previous exam in Chem 17. WEE :))

Speaking of scores, exams last Tuesday and last Thursday were finally returned this afternoon. WELL, WELL, WELL. I expected this over the weekend. I performed UNSATISFACTORILY in Comm 3. 5 points nalang and pasa na ako (and the exam was fairly easy). But Nat Sci 1, Bio 3 (and hopefully Math 14) outshined Comm 3. For the first time, I got a 3-digit score sa long exam namin. I got that in our Nat Sci 1 second long exam. Yes. 3-digits. 101/100. Lumampas pa ng 100! Haha. I was so happy when I received my precious bluebook in Nat Sci 1 because I didn't STUDY this subject. I only studied Bio 3 Lec, in which I memorized those functions and structures of a plant. Hahay. I'm not fond of plants but may tiyaga naman akong mag memorized ng mga structures ng plants. As if had a choice. So nabawi na rin ang Bio 3 ko.. at naka 75 pa ako. Double weehehe.

It was indeed an excruciating week for me.

So let's start on MONDAY, January 21, 2008.

I slept at 2 am and still, I'm not through memorizing those green and leafy terms in Bio 3. So I set an alarm, around 8.55 am to watch the Season Finale of the Amazing Race 12. Boy oh boy. The moment that I heard the alarm, I just deactivated it and continued my deep slumber. The next thing I knew, it was 9:55 am. CRAP. So, I hurriedly turned on my TV and road block na ang naabutan ko. Shyeet. Di ko nasimulan ang season finale ng AR12! Takte naman oh. Oh well. I'll watch this episode on YouTube soon. Whattabigdeal.

TUESDAY, January 22, 2008.

Camille Uy just turned 17 on this day but she didn't have a birthday bash on her crib (or meron?!). HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMILLE!

Oh yeah, on the contrary, that was the most stressful day so far in my college life. I mean, we had two exams on this day, Bio 3 and Nat Sci 1, plus we had a surprise quiz on Math 14, got to deal with the pre-lab report on Chem 17, had a crucial decision making with my classmates whether to attend Comm 3 or not since I haven't study my Nat Sci yet. So yeah, we decided to attend Comm 3 and I crammed during the lecture. WAAAA. I listened to the lecture then after a while, let's say kung laugh trip, that's my only time to glance at my notes in Nat Sci 1.

During the exam, I was quite confuse with some items in the multiple choice because yun nga, I didn't study at all. I don't consider cramming as studying. Wala ka talagang ma-absorb doon. Bahala na si Lord. But hell, I got a 101/100 plus I got 1.25 in the Chemistry part of Nat Sci 1. Cheers! Weeehah.

On that night, we decided to continue with our WRITTEN analytical report in our Chemistry 17 Lab. So went to Cha's house. Good thing I was almost through with my written report, but yung iba, they haven't started the report yet. There we made some kwentuhans while making the report, compared our data and observations and etc. To reduce accumulated STRESS, I played Cha's piano. Yes. ONE EFFECTIVE WAY to reduce stress. So peaceful, so serene. Oh yeah, I finished the report and went home at around quarter to midnight. Thanks Cha!

WEDNESDAY January 23, 2008.

So I slept at around 2 am and woke up at around quarter to eight. I didn't ate breakfast since I'm gonna be late for my first class, which is Chem 17 lec. I expected that we would have another surprise quiz on Molecular Bonding Theory or in IMFA. I didn't read my book. So when he said that we should prepare one whole sheet of yellow paper, I just said to myself na babawi nalang ako sa long exam. Haay. But wait. He drew something in the board - and it's quite familiar. YES. It's not an MOT thing nor IMFA. It's a Phase DIAGRAM! Yes. Hindi objective type ang quiz (but ang part 2, objective siya but it's quite easy). It's an analytic type of quiz. At last! Nakabawi na rin ako sa mga quizzes niya! I got 57/58 in his long quiz. Hahay. Thank God.

We've finally decided na hindi kami pupunta sa PE namin. We just stayed in the canteen for 3 and a half hours 'coz some of us, hindi pa natapos sa written report sa Chem 17 Lab. I just slept in the canteen for an hour.

Oo nga pala! On this day, JANSEL celebrated her 18th BIRTHDAY! Weehah! Her birthday was simple. We just played volleyball, then dodge ball, then took some pictures on her digicam. Haay. Ang saya. =))

THURSDAY, January 24, 2008.

It's our Math 14 second long exam and I just studied for only one hour. Tinatamad na eh, 'coz I'm suffering from sleep deprivation. All I need was to have a LONG, DEEP and UNDISTURBED HIBERNATION for at least 16 hours. Yes. I slept at 11 pm and woke up at 4:45 am. I just solved some problems in the book, then by 5:45 am, I slept again in the couch. The next thing I knew, it was already 8:10 am!! SHYEET! Ayokong MA-LATE! So I hurriedly went to the kitchen, drank my cold latte, took a shower for less than five minutes, then BOOM! Buti may nakatambay na HH driver malapit sa amin. Haay. A million thanks to you, manong. Good thing, the exam was, uhhm, fairly easy.

So, we finally met our new professor in Nat Sci 1 in the Physics part - no other than Engr. Joseph E. Acosta. He's intelligent, annoying and corny. Basta I got annoyed to him nung rumarampa siya sa platform. When I say rumarampa, I really mean it. He walked from the left side of the platform to the right then back to the left side, then to the right, pabalik-balik habang nagsasalita at sumakit ang ulo ko sa kanya. Grabeh. He told us na maraming paper works sa Physics part. This is the real deal. I need to cope up and adjust to the more grueling academic lifestyle of this semester. Dapat lang na masanay ako sa STRESS. :))

At nagalit pa si Engr. Acosta sa amin, keshyo raw maingay kami, ganito ganyan. Haaay. Right now, I missed Prof Jen, our teacher sa Chem part. Haaay.

Then the day passed by at hindi niya kasama si MALAS. Kilala mo ba siya? BASTA. ANG MALAS NG ARAW MO 'PAG NAKITA MO SI MALAS. Hindi tao, hindi hayop at lalong hindi multo, ngunit siya'y humahasik ng LAGIM kapag nakita mo na siya.

Yeah yeah. I missed my daily ritual which is BLOGGING. And right now, I need to start reviewing my Chemistry lesson. Next week's gonna be LIGHT, well temporary nga lang. Bio 3 Lab moving exam lang man din eh. Oh well. No more papers for this week nga lang. After a few unconscious weeks or DAYS, I'll have to struggle with grueling paper works on Comm 3 and Nat Sci 1.

Good luck. Prepare for the worst case scenario in UP. I wonder if Oble's ALIVE during midnight, well most especially kung FULL MOON. Naks.. ano toh? LOBO?! Whatever.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Round One - FIGHT

Distant rumble of thunder could be heard from an approaching cumulonimbus clouds located at North of East. Today's Friday and STILL I shouldn't relax 'coz we will have a make-up class or lecture in our Chem 17 lec tomorrow. It sucks big time since I want to have an at least 16 hours of deep slumber for even just ONE DAY. I really need to sleep. LOTS AND LOTS OF SLEEP! But wait, I shouldn't. I should drink more and more and more COFFEE to compromise the second part of the hell week. Whatever.

I had gone through series of dilemmas, surging mood swings and emotions and grueling sleep deprivation.

So okay. The First Round of the infamous Bloodshed week had officially ended its term yesterday afternoon. Cheers. Well, as of today, I only acquired one result from our scheduled exams this week. First, I got a good 106.5/120 score in our Chem 17 Lab. 88.75%'s not bad. :)) Congrats to Mikko for making it to the top. He got an almost perfect score, which is 116/120. Wow! Waaa. Ba't mo narinig ang RESONANCE ni Sheara? To think I sat near the door, where you overheard Sheara's noisy conversation with YURI. Uggh. I need to fix my ears. What if mag e-ENT nalang ako instead of Neurology? Naks. It's quite ironic kung mag i-ENT ako. Hahaha.

And I'm quite anxious to the result of my Comm 3 long exam. May God bless my soul. Whoever's the highest should TREAT US big Chupachups LOLLIPOP. Yung tag trenta sa convenience ha! Wag yung tag-piso from Ate Sabing's :)).

Well, if you had read my previous post, entitled YELLOW SUBMARINE you'll wonder if I found the yellow chemistry lab report. YES. You've heard me. I FOUND IT IN THE LIBRARY. Well it goes like this.

When the clock struck at 1000 hour, I immediately flew to the Library hoping that I could still locate it. So I went inside the library, and I first went to the shelves where people place there bags and folders before entering the main library. I frantically rummaged through the long shelves and I failed to locate it. So I went to the other side of the library and asked the Librarian. She didn't knew if a yellow thing notebook was left in the library last Wednesday afternoon. So I went back to the shelves and I felt hopeless and desperate at that time.

So I thought of the the third and final plan if ever I can't locate the yellow notebook - to accept that I'm an ass, an idiot ass.

I went to the guard and desperately asked if he saw anything, again the yellow notebook. He just gave a disapproving nod in front of my weary and anxious stricken face. So I frenetically went back to the Chem Laboratory and remained silent for almost 15 minutes. I felt like parang namatayan ako ng isang miyembro ng mahal ko sa buhay. Grabe. During the first part of the expeiment, I went back to the library and asked the "other librarian". I asked:

"Uhm, excuse me kuya, may nakita po kayong yellow na filler ng binder na may title na chem 17 Lab Even numbered reports tas maninpis lang po siya??" (I just gave him the exact details due to desperation).

He just gave me a SMILE, opened his DRAWER and withdrew something that's YELLOWISH. Yes, it was the thing that I desperately want to hold since yesterday. It cost almost half of my life, literally. He even joked at me: "MAY BAYAD TO HA? Hehehehe". So I gave him a million thank yous, salamats, arigatos, kansamedas and etc.

YES. I found it. I was so happy that I sang a happy tune for almost an hour during our eighth experiment. I was relieved when I found it. I was right, it was indeed in the library. I left it last Wednesday UNCONSCIOUSLY.

On Thursday, we didn't have any classes on Nat. Sci 1 and Bio 3 so, I was almost FREE in the whole Thursday afternoon. After we took the exam on Comm.3, we managed to finished the exam in just 10 minutes (kami lang mga Bio students) and according to Princess, one freshman student from BS ABE (Agribusiness Economics) commented on our early departure from room 105. He said, "SHIT MANING MGA BIO UIE!!"

Haahaa. We just laughed at it since the exam was only of true or false and enumeration. If you don't know the answer, then definitely 'di ka talaga maka-answer especially sa enumeration. Sa first part, pwede ka pang manghula since the probability of getting a correct answer is 50%. Hahay. Sana makachamba lang ako. After this, we headed straight to OBLE'S Lovely GARDEN and sat down in the grass (despite its dampness and the abundance of MAKAHIYA GRASS [ouch!]) and made some kwentuhans and laugh trips out there.

We decided na pupunta kami sa McDo at SM but first, we have to give way on Mark, Ralph and Yuri's addiction - TABLE TENNIS. So we acted like an intruders and invaded one class in HKC. So yeah, I didn't played TT since I was not on the mood to play. So we just watched the THREE of them and they just kept on saying this "sirang plaka statement": WAIT LANG, 5 MINUTES LANG!

Huh? 5 minutes? Are you sure Mark? Hahaha. We're actually bored on watching you and all we want to do was to leave the HKC immediately and go to McDo as soon as possible. To answer the nature of boredom, Me, Cha and Sheara took several pictures together with YURI. So here's a sample:

Oh yeah. Yuri, you're a trying hard EMO. Hindi ka bagay. :)) bwaahaha.

We went back to the CHSS building and Sheara noticed that Princess' kissing pig key chain was lost. So she hurriedly went back to the HKC Building. FYI, if you want to go to the HKC (Human Kinetics Center), you need to cross vast and infinite meadows of grass, well similar to the scenes from SPRING WALTZ. Along the way she came across with this certain guy and he's holding the kissing piggy key chain.

Boy (codename: I LOVE YOU SO): Sa iyo to?
Princess: Uhhm. Yes. uie salamat ha! :D

Hahaha. Parang nag-ala SPRING WALTZ ang eksena. UUUY. KILIG. Speaking of Spring Waltz, Spring Waltz is the latest codename of a certain person whom we HATED most in our class. He or She's not our coursemate. Taga ibang course siya but kasabay namin siya sa isang major subject. We just hated him slash her because of a certain reason. CURIOUS? SECREEETO!

Finally, we went to McDo and para makabawi si Mark sa aming paghihintay sa kanya, he bought tons and tons of large fries. WEE.

And we ate and ate and ate until our bottomless stomachs were satisfied.

After McDo, we headed straight to the World of Fun, played some arcade games there, and they even tried the Dance Maniax.

UNEXPECTEDLY, we came across with the former DEAN of CSM - Dean Obsioma! Bwahaha. We just greeted him with hellos and good evenings. Sayang di ako nakapagpicture sa kanya. I consider him as the MOST EMO Dean of UP. Nyahaha.

Next stop, I had to start with the comprehensive Chemistry LAB REPORT due on Wednesday. Exam on Biodiversity and Nat. Sci 1 would be this Tuesday and the 2nd long exam on Math 14 would be this Thursday.

It's going to be a LOOONG WEEK in the next few days. Again and again I would like to splurge myself on cold frappe. So far so good.

And I just hate this when my brother becomes so impatient whenever he wants to use the PC. As if it's an important matter. Sheesh.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I forgot to make the pre-lab on Experiment number 8. Eight is an even numbered experiment and it should be placed on the yellow colored experiment notebook (odd numbered experiments should be placed on pink notebooks). I really thought that I simply LEFT it at my study table, so I just wrote in a yellow paper and fortunately, our lab teacher just accepted it.

When I got home around quarter to nine, I was in a state of shock when I learned the truth about the existence of my yellow lab report notebook - IT WAS GONE - gone with the wind. It just disappeared in midair. Wait. WAIT. Just give me a few seconds to recall all those vivid memories starting yesterday, 10.20 am.


January 16, 2008. Wednesday. It was our Chem Lab period and our teacher distributed the yellow notebooks. I just placed it in my pink transparent folder. Then after that, I was so busy and preoccupied with our seventh experiment. Then we ate Lunch at the Manang Lydia's and I was still holding on it until we went to the CSM library to review on our Chem 17 Lab. In a few hours we will be having an exam on Chem 17 Lab. So we went inside, placed my bag and folders on the shelf, since they're prohibited inside the library (hanggang shelf lang sila). Since we had already submitted the pink lab report notebook (the odd-numbered exercise), we can only review in our yellow notebook (even numbered exercise). So, I have my yellow notebook, my chem lec notebook and my outline for the exam. I just remembered that I placed it under my notebook. We stayed there for almost two hours and after that we packed our things and off we went to the classroom to take the exam.

WAIT. There's a great possibility that I LEFT it in the LIBRARY.

Or did I left it at the Laboratory? Or in the classroom where I took the exam (it's the same classroom where we held classes on our Chemistry Lec) Fuck. If only that I had the power to fly (which I could possibly NOT) to the library to search for that cheap-looking yet precious lab reports of mine. I mean IT'S A BIG DEAL TO ME. Kung mawawala raw iyan, automatic zero ka na sa LAB exercise na yun. Each exercise is worth ten points and possibly I could LOSE a BIG 30 points. OH MY GOD. It's not that I'm a grade conscious person or what, it's the group's effort that matters MOST in this issue. It would be rather POINTLESS and USELESS. Crap.

One thing for sure, I believe that I left it at the LIBRARY. And I'm fervently hoping that I could still find my missing lab report notebook. I wish there was this good student of UP who possess good common sense that s/he will report this to the librarian and the librarian would just keep it. I wish it's still in good condition. I wish it's in a safe place, not in a cockroach-infested trash bin.

Three things that I might consider to justify the loss of my yellow notebook:

- I would plead to my lab teacher that I will REPEAT EXPERIMENT 2, 4 and 6 ALONE, without the help of others.

(the first justification might be the silliest of the three), so here's number 2:

- Make a comprehensive reports of experiment 2, 4 and 6 (SAME FORMAT on making SCIENTIFIC PAPERS). Of course, it should be hand written.

(that would be good, if she'll consider that one.)

and the last but not the least:


I'm.a.twotime.bummerhead.whothinks.he'snot.thedumbest.assholeintheworld.and. suffersfromtheterrifyingwrathofKARMA.

Oh God. If only hindi ako sumagot ng pabalang kay mama last SATURDAY and hindi ako naging MEAN sa mama at sa kapatid ko, malamang, 'di to mangyayari.

KARMA sucks big time if you did something bad. REALLY BAD.

I do believe in KARMA. I just sometimes believe in MAGIC. I wish that I could find it in the library tomorrow. I still had 7 hours 'til my first class. Today's FRIDAY the eighteenth and I'm gonna be eighteen in the next eight months.



Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The V Doohickey and the S Thingamajig

Warning. This post may not be written in a chronological manner since the author's mind had been entropic since last week.

V for Vendetta. S for Shitlord. Oops.

Well, V stands for Vices and S stands for Studies.

Oh yeah. HELLO PHILIPPINES AND HELLO MILKY WAY! I'm back. It was really a grueling week for me since HELL WEEK officially started last TUESDAY. Haay naku. We had to deal with tremendous workloads and yeah, next week would be bloodier and the week after next week would be the bloodiest, if not mistaken. Imagine next week, we had 4 exams to take and worse, on January 22, Tuesday, we had 3 exams scheduled on this day. Originally, it was only Bio 3 and Nat Sci 1 scheduled for their respective second long exams on this day until nakisinggit ang Math 14 of Sir Tecson. Grrr. Oh well, since lessons in Math 14 were not that hard, so the class opt to have an exam this Tuesday. If we move the exam by next Thursday, then the coverage would be longer. Gulay.

Oh yeah. I usually wake up at 7 am and as the day progressed, I become lazier than the usual day, got up at almost 8 am (everyday my first class is 8.30 am) and shivered whenever I took the shower. It's all because of the DAMN WEATHER. You could always imagine that at 7 am, it's still DARK, cold and yes, you've guessed it right, ang sarap ng feeling mo sa bed and nakatatamad kung bumangon. Hay naku. And I fervently wish that it would not rain every morning since I always took HH (Habal-habal or motorcycle) as my mode of transportation everytime I go to school. I don't want to get WET and WILD when I arrived at school. Sheesh.

As a child, I always ask mom kung kailan na ako pwedeng uminom ng coffee. She ALWAYS replied this statement, all over again: "BASTA, 'pag malaki ka na at may trabaho ka na". I was 4 or 5 years old then when I frequently asked that question. After 13 years, I'm semi independent to CAFFEINE. Yes. I'm still a student studying at the premier AND overrated university of the country, but I constantly drink coffee most especially during our examination week. Caffeine is my best friend whenever I study and answer those tiring assignments. Caffeine accompanies me to success. (Naks). Oh well. I just can't help this. I'm really hooked to CAFFEINE. Naha-high ako whenever maamoy ko ang aroma ng COFFEE. Ahhh. PLEASURE. Caffeine is the safest drug that I've ever known. But to much CAFFEINE in our system is not good. Again, I would like to reiterate that too much is NOT GOOD.

YES. Finally our Bio lab instructors had finalize the destination of our field trip. We'll be having our field trip this February 1-3, 2008 at Marasugan, ComVal Province - a good two-hour "land flight" from the city. YAHOO.

BTW, right at this very moment, mom got pissed with her N73. I don't know. She can't send outgoing SMS to dad. Wait. It's not the phone, it's the NETWORK. Sira ata ang globe ngayon. TOPAK. BALIW. Good thing, I'm a SUN user and it really helps, well if I had extra free text to the other networks. Ouch.

Awww. This is a sad sad sad story. We didn't took our PE class (Table Tennis). We were forced to CUT CLASS since we had an exam in Chem 17 Lab. Yeah, our Lab instructor told us that the schedule for the long exam would be outside the laboratory schedule. Oh well. I could hardly imagine the face of our PE teacher. He may looked like a confused dude because of the unusual attendance. He may scratch his head like a silly cartoon character. Whatever. Good thing, the Chem 17 Lab exam was not that DIFFICULT. Weehah.

Yesterday, Monz complimented me on the way I write on my blog (OOOWS?!). So he suggested me to join YUWEI. YUWEI is a website designed for social networking and small business enterprise. He said that if YUWEI liked your blog, they'll pay you, IN DOLLARS. So I was quite interested and joined YUWEI just 18 hours ago. But I don't have a bank account (I only have a piggy bank account though and that's not counted, hahaha), so I didn't signed up for the payment scheme, I just signed up for the sake that I'm gonna be one of the 900 plus newest members of YUWEI. I'll just think of this. If you're interested, just log on to:

UPCAT results were released unusually EARLY. To those who passed UPCAT, congratulations! And for those who didn't, that's okay. :)). And dun sa mga nakapasa, I would like to encourage you, yes YOU (if you're an UPCAT passer, that is) to study at this overrated university. Nyahaha. It's just like being an iskolar ng bayan is wonderful occurrence in life - a once in a lifetime experience. It could also be a life changing experience. And yeah, don't waste your wonderful student numbers! Sayang. Oh-eight pa naman kayo. I like eight. And 2008 is our centennial celebration. :))

Speaking of centennial celebration, Jai gave me a suggestion to try another song regarding the centennial celebration of UP. It's from the UPLB music fest and it goes like this: (again, please click the play button since I didn't activate the autoplay. Thanks.)

I find "UP ANG GALING MO" a good song but I find "ISANG DAAN" better than the former. It's just like the former's message was quite self-centered (peace, no offense) like we're the best among the rest, etc., (which is TRUE :p), but the latter's message was simple yet outstanding. It showed about the progress of UP and how did UP molded it's students as one of the most outstanding and brilliant citizens of the country as time goes by. Somehow, the former had an intense LSS FACTOR while the latter one's quite feeble. Anyhow, I posted the lyrics of ISANG DAAN in one of my contents, I think sa VIDEO ata or sa LINKS. whatever.


May gagawin pa ako ngayong gabi.

Study for Bio 3 Lab exercise 5-6. QUIZ.
Study for Comm 3 for the midterm exam. Which I haven't started even one-eighth of it. Oops.
Answer the questions of our seventh experiment in our Chem 17 Lab.

Haay. tatlo lang pala. Kaunti lang to. Isang daan tungo sa karunungan. Isang daan tungo sa madugong labanan ng sariling utak at ng mga bluebooks. Aycaramba.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Haggard Mode.

So this is it pinyokos, friends and my fellow isko[s] and iska[s], starting Tuesday and up to the first week of February, we shall experience brain damage, sleepless nights, caffeine addiction and had to deal with dreadful eyebags. Uggh. I'll be back, well sooner or later. I'll pretend that my computer's busted or what. Temptation. Ugh.

Friday, January 11, 2008



in English: Thank God it's Friday.
in Tagalog: Hay salamat sa Poong Maykapal at Biyernes na.


So yeah we had a final schedule for our midterm exams, and I promise to myself that I will perform better than the previous exams (though the results were GOOD, except for one. Just don't ask.)

January 16, 2008 (Wednesday) 2.30-4.30 pm - Chem 17 Lab 1st long exam
January 17, 2008 (Thursday) 2.30 - 4:00 pm - Comm 3 (AH3) Departmental Midterm Exam
January 22, 2008 (Tuesday) 4:00 - 5:30 pm Nat. Sci 1 (MST1) 2nd Long Exam
January 22, 2008 (Tuesday) 1:00 - 2:30 pm - Bio 3 Lec 2nd Long Exam - plant part
January (3rd week-4th week)* - Math 14 - 2nd Long Exam
January (3rd week-4th week)* - Chem 17 Lec 2nd Long Exam
January (3rd week-4th week)* - Bio 3 Lab MOVING Exam

[* - subject to prior change]

Let's do simple math, shall we?

Lab reports to answer, plus grueling assignments, plus surprise quizzes, divided by 24 hours, multiply by the number of neurons present in my brain, minus by the number of hours of my SLEEP, plus the number of hours of mere consciousness, minus the price of bluebooks, minus the ink of my gtec, plus the number of coffees that I had drank since last week


Yes. A zombie. WHY? Well. Just take a look on my simple equation. It results to dreadful eye bags, heavy eyes, freaky DIET, nosebleed, blood dripping from my nose, ears, mouth, eyes (eew), sleep deprivation and most of all, MENTAL INSANITY. Crazy. Baliw. Buang. Sha-gue.

Oh yeah, our planned field trip to Camuigin was canceled due to the stern decision of our Dean. He had the point though but hopefully the place would be outside DAVAO CITY. Yeehee.

Haay. This is the REAL Life. Things are getting tougher than last sem and it would get harder next year and the following year, and the year after the following year until I reached the Med school. Oh yeah. So, again and again, I would like to reiterate this to myself that CRAMMING and PROCRASTINATING are subtle forms of BAD HABIT - not a GOOD ONE which I formerly believed way back in high school.

Back in our PE class, about 9 hours ago, I checked my weight and guess what?! I DECREASED BY ALMOST 6 POUNDS! Damn it. Last sembreak, I weighed a good 107.5 lbs., and now? I'm only 102 lbs. God. I wish that I could still manage to weigh a little more than a hundred ten, but because of accumulated stress, that would be way TOO IMPOSSIBLE :(. So I once played Table Tennis and I already proved to myself that I am a CERTIFIED JAR-HEAD. Jar head. In tagalog or bisaya - BANGA. Such a crappy loser whothinksheknowshowtoplaytabletennisbutinfacthedoesnot thing. Hahaha. But at least I had a two hours session of physical exercise good for at least twice a week. HAHAHA. Out of seven games, I only had two WINS and 5 LOSES. Hahaha. I just laugh at this because I really ENJOYED table tennis despite of the numerous number of loses.

When I got home around 5pm (and it was drizzling moderately hard enough to categorized it as a light rain), I was playing the piano to relieve my mental stress when my mom, dad and brother arrived. They brought something important.

A wall clock for my room. Para maging PRANING SA ORAS.

DONUTS. yumyum.

MILK TEA - an answer to my stressful day

Even how stressful UP is, I still love Oble's academic institution. It is the place where young and bright minds meet on a chaotic and entropic environment. UP will always be UP. BTW, before I end this post, let me leave you a song entitled: UP ANG GALING MO sang by the UP Centennial Band. Promise, LSS to lalo na kung ika'y taga UP :))

please click the play button.

Narito kami [nagpupugay]
Sa [unibersidad] ng aming buhay
[Ikaw] pa rin ang [binabalikan]
‘Di pa rin malilimutan
[Ikaw ang UP naming mahal]

Salamat sa iyong mga [guro]
Salamat sa inyong pagtuturo
Taglay niyo ang kahusayan
Taglay niyo ang karunungan
Hinubog niyo kami sa kabutihan

Sandaang taon na tayo
Lagi ka pa rin sa aming puso
Kaya’t kami sumasaludo
[UP ang galing mo!]
UP ang galing mo!

[Wala nang iba pang maihahambing]
Sa [talino] mo’t [angking galing]
Daanin man sa siyensya
Hi-tech man o kahit ano pa
Ikaw UP ang [nangunguna]

Sa iyong mga dugo ang kasaysayan
Dumaloy sa [pag-unlad] ng ating bayan
Sagisag ka ng kagitingan
Bandila ka ng kalayaan
Pag-asa ka ng mamamayan

Sandaang taon na tayo
Lagi ka pa rin sa aming puso
Sandaang taon na tayo
UP ang galing mo!
UP ang galing mo!

Sandaang taon na tayo
Dangal ka ng Pilipino
Sentro ka ng pagbabago
UP ang galing mo!

Sandaang taon na tayo
UP ang galing mo!
UP ang galing mo!

Hopefully I could still manage to survive the so-called "HELL WEEK". Au revoir. Good luck to ALL OF US.


Smart people talk about ideas and life. Average people talk about the usual and everyday things that a smart people can also do. Below average people talk about people's lives - and they're exasperated when you get to notice that they do.

Smile. Life is a wonderful story to tell."

And I couldn't just imagine why they STILL EXIST on this chaotic planet. Have a LIFE please, damn it. Palibasa mga walang magawa sa buhay. LOSERS always flock together no matter what.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

To BLOG or not to BLOG

8.32 pm - 75% TAGALOG, 25%

First time.

I'm DEAD. Yes. Patay na ako. Patay in a sense hindi ko na alam kung ano ang gagawin ko. Should I study or not? Papasok pa ng school or mag LOA nalang at sa following semester nalang ako uli papasok sa UP. Haay. Ano ba?!

Well, as usual, 8.30 am ang klase ko kanina at Math 14 pa. Naah. When I entered the room, ABA-ABA! Agad naman akong sinalubong ng mga shocking revelations, "HOOOY REEEENZ! (insert hyper mood HERE) Alam mo ba? May nalimutan tayong assignment."

Napaisip tuloy ako. HUWAAAAAT?! (Sabay lingon sa kausap, with pa-slow-mo effect :p) Eh, natapos ko naman din ang Bio 3, tapos, AH! Pati ang Chem 17 prelab. Ano pala kulang natin?

Then ayon, nalimutan ko nga. NALIMUTAN ko na may assignment pala kami sa Comm.3 (AH3)!! Ay CARAMBA! Arrghh. Dalawa ang assignment namin. Yung isa, written, about the pros and cons of being multilingualism, bilingualism and its positive and negative effects to Filipinos pati make your own presentation showing bilingualism and multilingualism. Aba-aba. So nagbrainwash kaming mag-grupo. Una, kami nila Joie, Cha and Sheara. Then kinombine nalang din ang group ni Mikko, Mark, Ralph, Yuri at Princess. Haay naku. Adlib nalang kung adlib.

So dumating ang 8:45 am and take note, university rule namin, if 15 minutes late ang teacher, may right na kami na umalis sa classroom. So ayun, akala namin wala nanamang Math 14 for the second time in a row. But I was wrong. Indeed, may math nga kami. May formal lecture na si Sir Tecson. Oh well papel. Life must go on. Ayun, di pala siya nag formal lesson, he just gave the result of our first long exam. Medyo masaya ako coz nasali ako sa top scorers sa class namin, 4th ako, 84%. Haay naku. And ang mga mali ko? puros katangahan. SHEER stupidity. Tanga. tanga. CARELESS. Careless whisper, carefree pantyliner, WHATEVER.

So after ng Math Class namin, we headed straight on to our Bio 3 Laboratory room and as usual, we just compiled our activity sheets, kami ni Brigz nagpapakopya sa mga nais mangopya ng mga sagot at drawings (Iba na ang hindi nagcacram haahaa lol). And then we didn't have a lesson again sa LAB, we just discussed about our upcoming FIELD TRIP.

AND TAKE NOTE, hindi pala kami sa SAMAL ISLAND, kundi sa CAMIGUIN ISLAND!
Wooohooo! :D Camiguin, here we come!

Yes Galus galus. I'm really excited. Can you feel the beat Chickie??

Okay okay. So enough of that stupid excitement. First I was quite hesitant with the place because first of all, we should deal with the tremendous expenses - from traspo, to food, and of course sa PASTEL. hahah. Lol. I asked my lab teacher and more or less, 2,000 pesos ang siguradong magagastos namin EACH. Though, ang 2,000, lahat na yan. May matira pa nga diyan eh. So ayun, I asked my mom kanina the moment I arrived at home, mga 6.00 pm. Then pumayag na rin siya, siyempre wala siyang choice, eh part naman siya ng 9th lab experiment namin. And this was the best STATEMENT na narinig ko from mama:

TOTAL malaki ka naman, so papayagan na kita.

O MAY GAD. Yes. Sa wakas. Independence. The Emancipation of the Walking Toothpick ika nga. Ewan ko lang kung ano ang magiging statement ni papa since he's on Butuan right now, I think. Tapos my mom said pag 15, ipaglalaan na niya ang two thousand. YEHEY. So, pumayag na nga siya.

OKAY after ng Bio 3 Lab, kumain kami ng lunch, then after niyan, tumambay kami sa Bio 3 Lec room namin, for almost an hour. Maaga kasi kami dinismiss sa Bio 3 Lab. So ayun, laughtrip, si Angelyn, gumawa ng cast ng MAMATAY SA SINDAK SI BARBIE, tapos si Leizel, siya si CHELSEA, tapos ako ang voice over ni CHELSEA. HAHAHA.

Tapos ang food lover na si YURI (cge na nga, FOOD EXPERT), SHAKIRA SABING na name niya. HAHAHAHA. Then our laughter was temporarily suspended when Dr. Anabelle Novero, Ph.D arrived in our classroom, with her IBM laptop and her trusty brown envelope. Naku naman. The moment of truth - ibibigay na ang results ng 1st long exam namin sa Bio 3 Lec.

PATAY ako. I'm dead. Mag harakiri nalang ako. Ugh. Crap. Suicide are just for big-assed losers. May word ba na assed? Naku. Ang noun naging verb. Who cares. Okay back to the topic. Since Sunday night, I felt a bad omen regarding my result in Bio 3 Lec. Bagsak ako. I failed. Lagpak.

YES. I was right. Definitely right. Nahiya tuloy ako. Asar! bagsak nga. Walo lang ang nakapasa. I only got 52%! Arrghh. Okay lang, di ko naman sineryoso ang pag-aral ko sa Bio 3 since nung time na yun, malapit na Christmas break and yung weekend, mas pinili ko pang manood ng STARDUST and THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW than studying. Tapos, I crammed pa naman the day before exam. Nakakatuwa maglecture si Prof. Novee. Haha. Wala lang. Basta. No further explanation needed. Secret na namin yun. Hahaha lol. =))

Oh yeah, may presentation pa kami sa Comm. 3 (AH3), so ayun, laugh trip as usual at biglang tumilapon ang wall clock sa room namin at muntik nang matamaan si SIR DENNIS. ABA! Parang eksena sa PATAYIN SA SINDAK SI BARBARA, just replace Barbara to DENNIS! HAHA lol.

Then, we had our last class for the day, which is Nat. Sci 1.

So I got my four results of my long exams from different subjects and three out of four subjects, pasa, and BIO pa ang binagsak. Naku.

Sa Nat. Sci 1 - 91,
Sa Math 14 - 84,
sa Chem 17 - 75,
then Bio 3 - 52.

Sounds low kung if we compare this to my highschool standing, but hell! ANG HIRAP maka 80 pataas sa LONG EXAM, at sa Chem/Bio maka 75 and above ka na sa long exam, INSTANT CELEBRITY KA NA! Hahay. UP kasi.

So bukas wala kaming klase sa Chem 17 Lec because aatend kami ng isang forum about PHYSICS and aba! Kano ang maglelecture, live via videophone pa! Sosyal. Part to ng Centennial Celebration ng UP!

Oh, BTW, I just realized that our dining table looked like a traffic light. Haay. Parang nag ALA-MMDA ang dining room namin.


Hindi ko pa rin narereceive ang PDF file from Prof. Novee. Ay naku. PASAWAY. Lecture niya yun and naka PDF file pa talaga presentation niya. WOW.

So ayun. I did enjoyed this post since nonstop ang kamay ko sa keyboard. Dere-derecho. Kaya paalala lang kaibigian, maaring may na-misspelled ako na words jan, kaya pagpasensyahan niyo nah. First time ata to na dominant ang TAGALOG sa post ko since October 2006! Hahaha lol.

Til then. Au revoir. At biglang bumawi sa FRENCH.

9.36 pm

Sunday, January 06, 2008

BIG Brother

No. This post is not intended for the Pinoy Big Brother, a worldwide, unparalleled, divisive and conflict-ridden television series of ABS-CBN. Just read.

Being an eldest in the family is not an easy task. I mean, you take all of those heavy responsibilities in home, in school and in your family, most especially to your younger siblings. A minor mistake would mean a disaster to us. Even if it’s our sibling’s fault, our parents often blame us. Such arduous task made me realize that being a “kuya” could be a disastrous and tiring one. I’m not complaining about my status in my family, but I just want to point out things that are crappy, especially if you deal with your younger siblings.

I consider my brother as my alter ego. He is my total opposite. We rarely talk the same language, idiomatically speaking. We often fight even for the simplest things. He’s EMO and I’m not. We don’t have any similarities on physical looks except on our figure – we’re both thin. He’s very athletic and I’m not. He abhors math and I love math. I’m quite serious with my life and HE’S NOT.

One thing for sure, we always argue on a regular basis. My mom’s getting tired of us. I’m not saying that I hate him or what, but sometimes, this mayhem can’t be avoided. I am really disappointed and frustrated with him for the past few weeks. I just observed that as he grew older, he gets more stubborn and hard headed than before.

These frustrations had led me to write something about him because I’m really tired of his behavior. Sometimes when he needs help, especially on his math assignments or simply he wants to clarify things about algebra, he would be the nicest person that I’ve ever met in this muddled planet. Sometimes, he would be very fastidious to me ‘coz makigamit siya ng cellphone ko para makatext niya ang kanyang crush and the next thing I knew he would be mean to me. Take this situation as an example. He will not allow me to use the computer because he’s still playing FREESTYLE – an online basketball game. “Wait lang beh! Pa level up muna ako” – he always said that statement to me many times in an irritable manner. Well, talking about being petulant. I just wanted to use the computer because I need to search something important for our Bio 3 Lab. I just waited for four and a half grueling hours (while doing my homework in a traditional way, that is through books) until he finished his DAILY RITUAL. Man, he’s an ADDICT. Everyday, he opts to play online games rather than studying. I just waited like a moron and I don’t want to start another disturbing fight. Sometimes, when I grumble about his addiction, he would just curse me with foul words. I want to tear his left ear lobe using his sharp earring and bind his mouth using soldering iron. But I can’t. All I can do is to control my temper. Ooooh, and I’m not playing Saint Renzy Benzy in this annoying situation. Sometimes, my brother and my mom would end up shouting and fighting because of his ruthless behavior. I also consider myself as ruthless, but I know the limitations on it. The problem is, he’s very uncontrollable but not violent (like Baron Geisler, hehehe). I could partially understand this particular behavior because he’s fourteen and he’s living in a chaotic teenage environment.

Yes. I consider myself as an imperfect brother to him because I know, I had some weaknesses. But what I am trying to point out is that he must change his behavior, well at least I could see some minor improvements on to him. I don’t hate him. I just want him to change his negative attitude. It’s already 2008 and he’s going to be fifteen this year. And I’m just afraid that he will be wilder than today. All I can do is to talk with my mom about his unusual behavior because talking to him would be unnecessary and pointless. All I want is to respect me as your older brother.

I know you can do it. Sana baguhin mo ang bad attitudes mo (ako rin). Peace.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


We came back to school last January 3, 2008. And guess what? We only had TWO OFFICIAL CLASSES (AH3 or Comm3 and MST1 or Nat. Sci 1). YES, just two classes. At first, we were already informed by Prof. Novero via email that we will have no class on Bio 3. Then the next thing we knew, we also don’t have lectures on Math 14 and Bio 3 Lab. Oooh. So all we did in the whole morning was to make and complete all six Bio 3 lab exercises.

I really think that our professors celebrated NEW YEAR for three straight days. Haha.

Oh yeah, I’m quite excited for our upcoming field trip in SAMAL Island. Yeehah! Well, it’s for our 9th experiment in Bio 3 Lab. I do hope that we would have LOTS of adventures in SAMAL ISLAND.

Oooh yeah. I would like recommend this effective stress reliever: INDAY’S BLOG! Just log on to and I guarantee this antidote. It’s more effective than Stresstabs and other stress reliever capsules/tablets. NO SIDE EFFECTS. :))

I will still update my blog but not on a regular basis. You know, I have to concentrate with my academic lifestyle, mahirap na talaga ang ma-left over sa mga lectures. Ohhh my gulay.

Today's 2008 and it's the CENTENNIAL YEAR of UP!


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Twenty Oh EIGHT

On New Year's Eve, my mom confronted me, with her sympathetic face. She said:

"Kuy, mahal naman ang medicine diyan sa DMSF (Davao Medical School Foundation)."

I asked her, "Magkano pala dun ma?"

"mga more than hundred thousand pesos per semester"

"So, hindi nalang ako mag proceed ng medicine?! [Ugghhh. C.R.A.P.]"

"Hindi ah! Ipa-proceed talaga kita ng medicine. Baka sa UP MANILA kita ipa-aral ng medicine. Diba sabi mo sa akin noon, nung sembreak ata yun, mga 20 thousand pesos per sem lang. By that time, you're 20 years old na and I think you're capable of being independent. Sayang din ang potential mo kung di ka mag medicine."


All I have to do is to perform my NMAT well, at least have an average of 90 [percentile rank] to qualify in UP Manila College of Medicine.

This motivates me to strive hard in my studies.