Monday, August 31, 2009

Can You Spot the Difference/s?

BS Biology Pep Squad
UP Mindanao, Dula 2007-2009

Can you spot the difference/s? HAHAHAHA




Habang tumatagal, lalong naging daring ang suot ng mga girls.. ang boys, always conservative. LOL


Photo credit: Dr. Reynaldo G. Abad

Saturday, August 29, 2009

We'll keep on Fighting 'til the END

For almost two months, we have endured those black and blue bruises on our knees and hips.
We have sacrificed our time just to practice our routine and dance steps.

Our 300 pesos went to heaven. :(
Sleepless nights.
Academic works were almost compromised, but thank God we still made it to the top.
Lots of things were considered.
Got sick.
Lost someone close to our hearts.
The laughs, the tears, and the joys we have experienced.
The palm plant who have lost all of its seeds due to our "excitement".
The "initiation" process.
The Mommy jeep.
The never-ending "Kaon ta sa Jao Kiks" and "Guys, kita lang ta sa Siopao Factory ha?"
The accidents brought about by the almost impossible stunts, yet we performed it perfectly during the performance day.

Oh yes, lots of memories were stored in my mind. I didn't regret of joining BS Bio PEP SQUAD. It was all worth it.

To my BIOS Family - Congratulations!!! We had another triumphant victory!!!

Sa uulitin! :))

Monday, August 24, 2009

Miss Latin Universe 2009

What's new? Venezuela once again ruled this year's Miss Universe. Like duh, they are always on the Top 15, at least. Last year, it was Venezuela who ruled the whole universe. Today, it is still Venezuela. What the _____.

Okay, I'm quite bitter with regards to the result of the "prestigious" beauty contest in the whole universe. Surprisingly, there were no Asian finalists. I was really hoping... ah, no! EXPECTING that Pamela Bianca Manalo will be at least on the Top 15 list. But no... Again, there were no Asians. Surprisingly, Miss Indonesia was pretty. And Philippines didn't win the Miss Photogenic title, it was Miss Thailand who earned that special award. China, is still the Miss Congeniality. Oooh, I think Chinese people were, uhhm, friendly? I think. Nahahaha Kidding.

But on a serious note, the show was not that good. I mean, who could imagine that the guest performers were Flo Rida et al. Apparently, there are more artists who deserves more than Flo Rida. Sorry for Flo Rida fans out there, but I don't think he's the right artist to be on that show. I just find him, uhmm, inappropriate. Peace!

But let's move on to the brighter side. I think in my own opinion, Australia and Sweden have a big chance to win the Miss Universe title this year. But yeah, it was the decision of twelve judges. But I find Rachael Finch (Australia) and Renate Cerljen (Sweden) prettier than Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela.

Rachael Finch of Australia

Renate Cerljen of Sweden

Oh well, better luck next year. SHEEEESH.
I just abhor Donald Trump. HAHAHAHA

That's all.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Remembering Toto

Life, though ephemeral, imparts memories and lessons that lasts a lifetime.

Life is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes we experience triumph wherein we rejoice and wish that this euphoric moment would last forever. Sometimes we experience desperation and hope that this torment will end soon. You know, it is easy to tell people to move on, but moving on is the most painful part of life. Reality hurts.

Along the gloomy corridor of the east side of College of Science and Mathematics contains one of the most expensive laboratories of the university, the Molecular Biology Laboratory. This state-of-the-art laboratory is managed by this short, hairy and jolly man, Dr. Severo T. Bastian Jr., or “Toto” as what his colleagues and his family fondly call him.

I first saw him when I was still a freshie. He was famous to our batch since he’s the father of our classmate, Joie. And then he became the Department Chair of the BSES Department. I will never forget him, most especially during the preregistration and enrolment period. I would always plead him to let me transfer to another lab section despite some discrepancies with our schedule. Also, he helped us (with Anj, Mon, Mark, Aiai, and Yuri) to take BIO101 (Molecular Biology) despite on flunking one of its prerequisites, CHEM160 (Biochemistry). I will never forget the efforts he had exerted just for us.

He was not just a simple Molecular Biology professor, but a great father to all of us.

One time, I went to the Dean’s office for some reasons. I sat in the couch and then he entered the room. He sat beside me and cracked a joke. He’s the type of person who hates dull moments. Even if I didn’t understand his joke, I still laugh since he wanted me to be happy (I was kinda pissed off at that time).

Aside from jokes, he keeps on reminiscing his Japan moments. Every details of it were very vivid as he retold his Japanese escapade. He also shared us some funny stories about her two daughters, Joie and Jee Sean and how lucky he is to be the father of Joie and Jee Sean and a lovely husband of their mom.

One day when I got weary and tired after the first attempt of the skinning of the cat, he sat right in front of me on the entrance hall of CSM. He asked me why I’m tired. I told about the cats, the killing process and etc. He even gave me few advices; like chloroform is a carcinogenic substance and we shouldn’t be exposed to it for a long time. I could see his “fatherly” concern to us. I just smiled to him and he left right away since he had lots of things to do.

Every time he walks on the old corridors of CSM, he never removes his dimpled smile, until the last week of his existence.

Wednesday. I was in the Wildlife Laboratory, doing my Fil1 report. The door was widely open so I can see who’s walking along the corridor. I saw Sir Toto walking in the corridor every five minutes. There was something odd about him. I couldn’t forget his sad face. It was highly unusual seeing the “forever-smiling face of CSM” to be so sad. I thought he wasn’t in the mood at that time since he was very busy, signing all the papers from the administration and all application forms for the outline defense.

Thursday. Apparently, it was supposed to be our scheduled exam in Molecular Biology. At around 6 in the morning, Joie sent us a text message, telling that the exam was called off. He didn’t report to school, not until in the afternoon. He attended the outline defense of Kuya Weller since he’s the adviser. His voice was very odd. But still, he tried to smile despite his worsening condition.

The last time I saw Sir Toto was Friday. He was in the Molecular Bio lab, attending the outline defense of Joie, Cha, Neil and Maria.

Sunday, 2.30 am… Neil im-ed me about the critical condition of Sir Bastian. He was asking for prayers for Sir Toto’s fast recovery. He was in the ICU. Joie was crying all day, all night, as well as Jee Sean.

Sir Toto left the mortal world at around six in the morning.


I was really shocked by Sir Toto’s sudden demise.

We always think that what we see in drama series aren’t real – a product of man’s exaggeration.

Today, it’s not an exaggeration, but rather a bitter reminder to all of us that life is unpredictable.


The once happy moments of Sir Bastian are now shrouded with pain, despair and loneliness.

Sir Toto, we will miss you – your dimpled smile, your jokes, your coffee, your advices and most of all, your unconditional love for us.

Farewell Sir.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


So yeah I went home at around 9.50 in the evening and after finishing my dinner, I started reviewing for my exam in Molecular Biology. For three straight hours, I had an undisturbed stance and started to understand those molecular bio terms, concepts and applications. But heck, around 2 in the morning, I started to feel groggy. Drinking coffee won't have an effect on me because God-only-knows-why I'm already immune with caffeine. It would be useless.

So I resort in a desperate act, write the outline of the reports (I won't print those reports since I'm saving the ink of my printer) even if I did not understand it.

Then my mind still wanted to work but my body can't. So I slept in front of my laptop and woke up at around 5 in the morning. I went immediately to my room and slept again.

When I woke up at around 10.30, I received one message in my cellphone, and I thought it was a nonsense group message again.

But then again, that message cured my insanity.

"BIO101 classmates, exam canceled, we'll have our exam this Tuesday nalang. Pls pass"

Hayyyyyyy. First time 'to nangyari sa buhay ko. Lingaw.


Snooze or work. The mind is willing but the body is half-dead. :(

Saturday, August 08, 2009


Okay, so Happy 16th birthday to my beloved brother. Yeeee.

Also, Happy 20th birthday, Carlo Castillo! Weeee.


Last week, I just turned 19. Nothing had changed within my physical looks or in my behavior. In just the same me. But anyway the point is, I wish for eternal happiness despite those unexpected things.

Okay, there are so many things in my mind right now - thesis, experimental design of my thesis, the never-ending saga in laboratory reports, surprise quizzes, long exams, origin-insertion-action of the muscular system of Felis domestica and many more. How I wish time wouldn't be that fast. How I wish. But yeah, there are so many things to consider nowadays.

Every thing in my life right now is very crucial to my future.

Tomorrow, my family and some close relatives will have a family outing somewhere in wilderness. I on the other hand will be at the beach not to relax but to continue with my thesis. Gaaaah. Good thing I have already been to that place. O___O Also, the reason is almost the same on why I don't update my multiply site. You know, I really miss my bffs here in multiply. Hahaha. Original online buddies, per se. :))

Some random thoughts...

Speaking of school, we already have killed two cats. Wanna know the reason? It's quite silly actually. The first batch of cats were infested by those pesky fat-assed maggots. We forgot to submerge it in a 37% formaldehyde solution. Tae. Plus the smell was really... UGGGHHH... pungent. We can still smell that.. ugghhh.. pungent smell of rotting flesh as far as 50 meters! Ewww. Now I have goosebumps. Yuck talaga.

Convenience Stores are so... uhmm... convenient. Last Friday I went to the convenience to buy my own toothbrush, because it's been ages since my last replacement of it. YAAAKKK. Hahaha. So I grab a cool lookin' Oral B toothbrush. I thought it cost 20 pesos. I gave the cashier 50 pesos and she said something. Worse, iba yung pagkarinig ko sa kanya (maybe brought about by stress).

I thought she said "May 16 pesos ka lang sir?"
I replied sternly: "Miss, 50 lang pera ko..."
"Sir, 60 pesos kasi toothbrush mo"
"Ay...Ganon, Hehe. Eto oh (binigay ang exact amount)"

Tae, nawala tuloy ako sa budget nang dahil sa isang toothbrush. But yeah, it was worth it, since I have forced my old toothbrush to extend its life about a hundred times. HAHAHA. Kidding.

So yeah, it's quite unusual to blog early in the morning. Hehehehe.

The geek is about to sign off. Stay tuned.

Teehee! =)