Monday, February 25, 2008

EDSA ?! Ano yan?!

I just remembered this on a certain television show last year wherein it conducted a survey regarding on Filipino's basic knowledge on to the history of EDSA. Of course, they frequently asked on to the teenagers of the new generation (those who were born in the 90's and above). Some of the answers might be funny to you but it's a shame that not ALL FILIPINOS know what EDSA is.

Question: "Excuse me, alam mo ba ang kasaysayan EDSA?"

These answers came from various people in the busy streets of Manila - rich or poor, kulot or straight ang buhok, bata't matanda, mayaman or feeling mayaman, students or out-of-school youths, gay/lesbo, bi or straight:

A 16 yr. old girl answered:

"Diba yan ang lugar kung saan pinatalsik si MARCOS, pati si ERAP?"

► **Ding! Korek! Your history teacher will give you a grade of flat one. Congrats!
A young saleslady replied: "Uhhhm. EDSA? Ewan. (Hahahaha). Basta EDSA, Holiday, diba?"

► Oh my GOD.

A teenage boy replied this: "Hmmm. (Thinks deeply). Aba. Ang maalala ko lang ay ito: Diyan nag concert ang sambayanang Pilipino ng BAYAN KO. (Then he sang: ♫IBON MAN MAY LAYANG LUMIPAD..♫)"

► Errr, You almost got the point.

A group of fifteen year old high school students of a certain public school replied in unison: "Hehehehe. Shy kami."
► HAHAHA. Shy? Or di niyo lang talaga alam? OOOPS.

But the next answer that I'm going to share was the funniest of ALL. LOL to the max. =))

Tanong: Alam mo ba ang kasaysayan ng EDSA? Sagot (from a 19 year old rugby boy): "PARE, ano ang tingin mo sa 'kin? BALIW? BOBO?! Takte! Siyempre! Diyan pinatay si NINOY AQUINO!"
► BWAHAAHAHA. Ayan. That's a clear evidence that RUGBY surely affects one's mental ability. =))

Still can't get over with it, but it's a FACT. No wonder why Filipinos lived on this principle: "FORGIVE and FORGET". Nyay!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

WHAT IF .. (and other thoughts to muse with)


My strict lola granted my mom's wish to study at UP Los Baños. Of course, she would be taking BS Agriculture or BS Food Technology. That would be great for her but the probability of my oblivious existence would be very, very low.


I know how to sing very well. Chances are, I might won an audition to PDA (Pinoy Dream Academy) or I may be seen on ASAP '08. But right now, in my present condition, I consider myself as a RAIN MAKER. Haha. =))


My grandfather was not killed in Indonesia. Life would be easier for my mom's family but the subsistence of my other relatives would be really impossible. I don't need to elaborate this further. SSHHH.


I was born in the eighties and I would be a teenager in the mid 90's. I think, in my personal opinion that 90's is the BEST DECADE for teenagers like me. That would be great. I'm on my mid 20's or more if I was born in the eighties.


I am Albert Einstein. I am very curious about his life, how he analyzes data so hard to formulate millions of theories about quantum mechanics, formulas and derivation in the theory of relativity and so much more. I mean, he's such a great man that influenced the scientific community worldwide. Indeed, he has great analytical skills that others don't possess. It's a natural gift from God, an inimitable talent.


I had a twin sister (YOU WISH KIDDO !!). But that would be great though. Haha.


I didn't pass the UPCAT. Oooh my gulay. That would be one of the greatest disasters of my life. But then again, if I didn't pass the ultimate college entrance exam, that's God's will. Haha. Probably I won't experience the wonderful, stressful and exciting life of an iskolar ng bayan.


We (my family) migrated to Canada or to Los Angeles four years ago. Probably it would be so hard for me to cope with and adapt to the "new" environment.

So much with these useless thoughts. But it's great to imagine these thoughts and I had fun picturing on to its possibilities. Oh yeah. I just love today's weather. It rained, well not so hard but the temperature didn't reach 30. It only reached 27 or less. Weehoh. I just love it.

Oh yeah. Starting on Tuesday, February 26 til February 29, it would be the Senior's final examination (SMAD). Well, I just remembered that during the last day of our final examination (the exam was PHYSICS), we celebrated and partied in the campus and boy, I lost my scientific calculator on that day, crap. I just missed those high school memories. It's the stage of teenage angst, FIRST TIMES (to cheat an examination, to have a serious commitment), a stage to be publicly humiliated by bullies and so much more. I just missed those gremlins. Haha.


Oh yeah. I just surfed iMeem moments ago and found this wonderful instrumental remix of APOLOGIZE of OneRepublic.

♫It's too late to apologize, IT'S TOO LATE!♫

Whenever I hear that instrumental, I feel like I'm in Euphoria. Ecstatic. Wait, I feel like I'm in an interstellar space convention. Hahaha. =)). Whatever, I just love it.

Oh yeah, I had an informal lesson in Adobe Photoshop and Lilaaii was the teacher. She edited this picture and I was amazed by it.

So what I did was to imitate this style on to my pic. (Hahaha, inggiterro, gaya gaya putomaya!) I thought she used only sponge to desaturate the background, but she taught me the other way around:

►"polygonal lasso. layer via copy. desaturate. voila!"◄

But NEIL also suggested an easier way:

♪or: desaturate everything. history brush the chocolates. haha.♪

These two suggestions helped me in many different ways. Thank you so much NEIL and LYLE! Now, I'm learning cyberart (new word??! buotbuot!).

So yeah, this is the finish product - an application on to what I've learned from Prof. Ramos' (Neil) and Prof. Malubay's (Lyle) online lecture in PHOTO 120 - Principles of Adobe Photoshop. Hahahah lol. =))

I just followed Lyle's more complicated instruction than Neil's. Hahaha.

Oh yeah. Tomorrow's gonna be a national Holiday, the 22nd anniversary of EDSA one. I think a destabilization propaganda may occur tomorrow maybe at the Mendiola Park or in EDSA Shrine. I dunno. Ta-ta.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Luckiest B*tch

It was Thursday. I'm late, AGAIN. My mom's watching Umagang Kay Ganda, a morning news program of ABS-CBN and I was surprised that a certain governor dubbed the MADAME PRESIDENT as the "luckiest bitch in town". HAHAHAHAHA =)). But he made a public apology after he did his illicit behavior.

I haven't watched any tv shows for the past two weeks. For the last two weeks, all I can hear in the news was the ZTE Broadband thing. Today, I had this oppourtunity to watch the primetime news since I want to hear some fresh updates about the nation and the world. YEAH RIGHT, it's still the ZTE crappus metalicus thing and I'm quite tired of hearing those cockamamie reports.

Oh yeah. My dad's currently hooked on American Idol and his favorite teleserye, LOBO. EEEK. LOBO? Hahaha. Oh well, if that makes him happy every night, then I should support him, NOT! Hahaha. It's quite awkward when he updates me about American Idol, but there's nothing wrong with it. Haha, and right now, he's watching JUNO. Hayyy =)). I guess Homer's (I sometimes tag him as Homer Simpson because sometimes he acts like Homer, but he's NOT stupid) not busy for this week.

YES. Yesterday, we celebrated the annual CSM FAIR. Most of the booths are from BIOS (Biology Society) and PAFT (Philippine Association of Food Technologists) Lambda Chapter. We only had one class and all I did was this:

- had a free medical check up conducted by the ZOO 120 (Animal Physiology) students
- blah blah here and blah blah there played jump rope together with the BIO upclass
- delivered my speech, sat in the CSM field for almost 4 hours until my back hurts A LOT
- smiled in everyone's digicam (and endured the blinding flash of the camera), and finally
- got home at almost 1 am.

Today, I only had one class, which is Chem 17 Lec. We requested Sir Albert to cancel our Chem 17 Lab session and Lo and behold! Miraculously, WALANG CHEM 17 LAB CLASS! Hahaha =)). By 1pm, classes were suspended due to the "state visit" of the FORMER PRESIDENT FIDEL V. RAMOS. Sayang, I didn't have the chance to attend his speech or whatsoever because it's only exclusive for the Administration Staff of UP. Haaay, if only I'm a NINJA, I could sneak through FVR's symposium.

By afternoon, the CSM FIELD was very noisy but not that annoying (I hope) because it's the BIOnary FUSION DAY. Actually, it's some sort of a reunion with the UP BIOS Alumni. The said event was participated by different year levels of BSBio together with the BSBIO alumni. I just participated the videoke challenge together with BRIGZ. Todo birit kami sa YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME! GRABEH.

♫ Shot through the heart
And you're to blame
You give love a bad name
I play my part and you play your game
You give love a bad name
You give love a bad name ♫

Ay ewan. BASTA. SUMAKIT ang lalamunan ko after singing this song. WEEHOH. It was all worth it since we scored 98 points. UUUY flat one na yan! HAHAHA, or baka naman binobola lang ako ng videoke machine?! WHATEVER.

Alright, hell week's coming and I should prepare my ass before's tooooo LATE. ♫ IT'S TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE. IT'S TOO LATE. ♫

February 28 - Math 14 3rd long examination
February 28 - deadline for Comm 3 (AH 3) group analysis: "ANG TSINELAS NI CHENELYN".
March 1 - Nat Sci 1 1st long exam, PHYSICS PART, and it's a SATURDAY.
March 3 - Make up class on Bio 3 Animal Portion. WHOLE DAY. From 7 am 'til SAWA. UGH. I had to report about the difference between the invertebrate's and vertebrate's muscular system. VAN! HELP ME!. Oh yes, I know she can't read this.

1st week of March - 4th long exam on CHEM 17 LEC.
March 12 - 2nd LONG EXAM on CHEM 17 LAB (Exercise 7-12)
March 13 - Persuasive Speech delivery of Comm 3.
March 14 - LONG QUIZ on Qualitative Analysis (Exercise 13-18)
March 18 - deadline for the taped interview. (I'm gonna interview my aunt. She's my new neighbor and she's a chemist, and we'll just work with it. YAY! )
2nd week of March - 1st long exam on Bio 3 Animal Portion.
2nd week of March - reporting on Nat Sci 1. Uhm, guys, we should get serious about this.

FINALS will be on March 24-31, and Easter Sunday's on March 23. WTF?? Extended ang penitensya namin??! CRAP.

It's quite useless to grumble about these things. I should prepare before it's tooooo late.


Guns 'n Roses

She's got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything
Was as fresh as the bright blue sky
Now and then when I see her face
She takes me away to that
special place
And if I stared too long
I'd probably break down and cry

Sweet child o' mine
Sweet love of mine

She's got eyes of the bluest skies
As if they thought of rain
I hate to look into those eyes
And see an ounce of pain
Her hair reminds me
of a warm safe place
Where as a child I'd hide
And pray for the thunder
And the rain
To quietly pass me by

Sweet child o' mine
Sweet love of mine

Where do we go
Where do we go now
Where do we go
Sweet child o' mine


Guns 'n Roses. THE BEST. BOW. During the CSM night, the ORDER OF THE SCHOLARS (a rock band composed of young and talented high school students of HOLY CROSS OF CALINAN) perfomed at least 6 songs of hard rock.They're just 14 but they had this great talent. Mas maganda pa nga band nila kung i-compare mo sa mga OPM bands ngayon. May future sila sa music industry, I tell you. They're simply the best. =))

Sunday, February 17, 2008


At long last. This day, we finally had our first field trip in Maragusan, ComVal Province after weeks of anticipation, academic turmoil and uneasiness. It's a four-hour tiring and bumpy trip from the city proper.

BUT FIRST. Last Saturday, we planned to sleep (or just gather) at Mark's crib in Las Terrazas, a plush and luxurious village situated on the hills of Ma-a. So we planned to meet at NCCC Mall. I arrived at 5.30 pm and as I stroll and stride through the busy stalls and stores inside the mall, the entertainment plaza was filled with lots and lots of excited people. So yeah, I saw the BIG FOUR of PBB CELEBRITY SEASON 2. Actually I was watching them, well not so close from the stage while waiting for Mon, Lilaai, Lianne and Jansel's arrival. I witnessed Will and Riza's performance and it was a total disaster. GOSH. Of course, I saw the BUDOTZ of DAVAO - Ruben Gonzaga. As usual, he spilled some corny jokes which still had the power to tickle the audience, including me.

The group met at the mall's food court, ate dinner, bought some food for tomorrow's field trip and finally went to Mark's place. His crib was truly astounding. I love its architecture and most of all, the collection of paintings along the hallways and almost every corner in the house. We even took some pictures inside the house.

This is me and Lilai, inside Mark's bathroom and take note, may bathtub cr niya. Wow. =))

Receiving room - view from the staircase.

I only had 3 and a half hours sleep but the others only had TWO or LESS since they watched a movie (I think they watched No Vanancy), and the rest played Guitar Heroes. MGA ADIK! Anyhow, I woke up at quarter to four, ate a healthy breakfast, almost puked on my coffee's weird taste, and waited for our van to fetch us. It was almost 6.30 am when the convoy of van arrived, at may naslide pa na motor! Hahaha. Scene stealer.

After which, we headed straight somewhere in Pantukan, ComVal Province which is located on the other side of the region. We first went to a beach for our upclass' MCB 150 class (Microbio Ecology). It was a bright and sunny day in the beach and I took some pictures while we were on the beach.

It was almost 9.30 am when we left the area and went back to Tagum City proper and headed straight to ComVal Province. The scenery was really breathtaking as you drive through the winding roads and highways to ComVal. It was 11 am when we arrived at Nabunturan then after some miles, we turned left and it was the start of the "real ride". The road was bumpy, yes, quite similar on to Admin-CSM road but the only difference is that it's surrounded by steep hills and mountains of rock formations.

I expect that it would be a short bumpy ride. HELL, it was not a short ride - it was a very LOOOONG RIDE. Grabeh. It was like an hour and a half of butt-rodeo before we reached Maragusan. We first stopped at a certain Hot Spring Resort.

But instead we headed on further north and landed on a cool and comfortable Cold Spring Resort.

There, we did the terrestrial and aquatic transects. Unfortunately we experienced heavy downpour while conducting on our experiment. But hell, It didn't spoil our active spirit. Oh yeah, I promised to my mom that I should NOT swim on any bodies of water, and yeah, I defy the odds, and I swam the cold spring despite the cold weather that we have. We had fun, really. we finally left the place at around 5 pm and endured BUTT-ACHES during an hour and a half bumpy ride.

Ooh yeah, I brought bibingka or rice cakes from Mawab. It surely tastes GREAT.

Special thanks to MARK'S generosity and hospitality.
Thank you NEIL, AI-AI, JANSEL, MON, ATE ANGELICA and LYLE for the pictures. I'll just grab those pics soon.
Thank you MA'AM PAKDAT and MA'AM MARIE for your patience and dedication for the experiment!
Thank you INNA for your generosity sa seat kanina.
Thank you JANSEL and CHA for the umbrella.
Thank you manong driver. :))
Thank you sa lahat sa mga namigay ng food.
Thanks YURI for your PSP.
Thank you JOIE for.. uhhhm. DIBAH MAY SECRET TAYO KANINA?? Atin atin lang!
Thanks July for being the most responsible member of our group.
Thank you BRIGZ for your bibingka.
Thanks MIKKO for the pepsi.
Thank you SHEARA for the PLASTIC BAG.
For those I haven't mentioned, I OWE YOU.

So, I need to take a rest. It's still raining. I'm hungry. I'm halfway with my Chemistry report.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nostalgic Heart

14 Feb 2007 was the crappiest Valentine's Day that I had ever experienced. Why? Simply because I got sick on that day. I had a fever accompanied by sinusitis which causes excruciating and agonizing pain on to my cranial region down to my nasal cavities. Crap. I didn't witness those sweet nothing moments of my former classmates. Whatever. I don't care.

But this year's Valentine's was indeed the most memorable one. On the week before the "big day", we had decided to share our blessings this Valentine's Day. So, more or less, we're giving chocolates, ferrero rochers, cards and a whole lot more. We randomly selected the names of our classmates and I picked July's name. Not bad. She's not that materialistic. So I decided to make a simple gift to her. I wrote a lengthy letter plus I decorated it for the sake that it wouldn't looked so plain. I was so happy when she told me that she liked my simple gift. THANK YOU. =))

I had no idea kung sino ang nakabunot sa akin. But when the gift-giving session started, Aiai walked towards me and she gave the gift to me. It was a box FULL OF CHOCOLATES AND SWEETS. I was totally surprised by her gift. Thank you Ai! So almost all of us got chocolates for this year's Valentine's Day. I really enjoyed our idea. Hahaha. So we ended up munching with our chocolates during our Nat Sci 1 class. Waaahaaa.

Oh yeah. We didn't dissected any frogs last Thursday on our Bio 3 Lab class and on that day, it was quite difficult to catch any frogs since it was raining so hard on that day. Armed with four digicams and one crazy, witty and ecstatic Bio 3 Lab teacher, we decided to have our photo shoot in the lab instead of conducting experiment 13 and 14. For two straight hours, all we did was to pose, smile like those supermodels on TV, and so much more.

Being single this Valentine's is not that bad. Even if I haven't had any serious relationship since birth (LITERALLY, and yes, I mean it), I still enjoyed the Heart's Day. I truly believe that LOVE is correlated with patience. I do believe in destiny and somehow I will experience that feeling in the near future.

I'll wait, just wait for her grand entourage on to my life. =)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I still have 31 hours and 28 minutes left on my Kiosk account. God. I do have an internet access at home and I'm only 10 minutes away from my crib so it's quite useless and pointless for me to consume the entire 31 hours of my free internet access here in school. I guess it would be nice to share my account to my classmates (they're also my friends, obviously) who live outside Davao City. Haha. Oh, I guess acting like Santa in my own little way wouldn't be that difficult. Let's share something but wait, today's not Christmas but for me, every day is Christmas. Whatever.


So yeah, I woke up late again and as the usual ritual goes, I skipped breakfast, drank my cold frappe, and left my house at 8:25 am. I arrived on school at approximately 8:40 am. I'm almost 10 minutes late for my Chem 17 class. So I ran to our room and I was quite scared because the door was closed. Little by little I checked the door knob and HELL! It opened like a magic door! Yes. My teacher didn't locked the door for he was busy, writing some equations on the board and he even instructed me to lock the door. God. THANK GOD.

BTW. I was totally surprised and amazed to see the big improvement of our school. The former rough cement floor transformed into granite tiles! ABA ABA! Mayaman na ang UP. I mean, the school really looks like a decent university (and I only mean the physical look of the school) from its former "DESERTED FACTORY" look. Today UP Min, in terms of its facilities drastically (but not sarcastically) improves a lot and it looks better, seriously.

Last Tuesday, we again dissected a live frog for our Bio 3 Lab and this time, the queen of all queens (QUEEN PAKDAT) instructed to look, name and observe the parts of the frog's circulatory system and excretory system. I and July volunteered to dissect the frog 'coz it's been a long time since we last dissected a live frog. So we wore the appropriate gears (haha) and prepared the necessities. I have this one classmate who dissected a frog last week. Supposedly, it's should be our turn to do the easy task - kami lang dalawa. Then all of sudden, this annoying gremlin joined us. I mean yeah, it's okay for me if that freaking creature wants to be the part of the team BUT PLEASE, GIVE EVEN A SINGLE DOSE OF CHANCE TO OTHERS. Imagine, we only accomplished less than 1/3 of the operation and he did the remaining two thirds. At that time, I just controlled my temper. I'm not mad or something, I'm just annoyed by the alien's unexpected invasion. I don't care if the gremlin reads this entry. I didn't mention any names. Whatever. I just hope that our cranky fella improves his shitty attitude. OOPS. =))


Enough of those unwanted rants. ZOOT. Mikko and Yuri haven't started their speech manuscripts yet. God. GOOD LUCK !! Luckily, I managed to finish my persuasive speech last night and and I only need to finalize my informative speech. Just a few ticktocks on the keyboard and I'm finally done with these speech manuscripts. Gronky cranky.

It's quarter to two and I only have one class left - PE 2 Table Tennis. Tomorrow's gonna be a SAD Friday - Single Awareness Day. HELL. Single life's the best! WOHHOOO! Should I wear my red polo shirt or my black shirt? My classmates planned to wear a red shirt in commemoration with the Valentine's Day but the QUEEN wanted us to wear BLACK. Ano ba? Which is which? The color's quite ambiguous. Decisions, decisions. Hay. If I know, majority would wear red and only few will wear black Bwahahaha. =))

I just hope my valentine "manita" would appreciate my simple gift. I know she will :)).

Sunday, February 10, 2008

my mind is spinning round and round


I'm kinda SOUPY again and I can't blame myself for that. SABAW.


I want to continue with my speeches in Comm 3 but Math 14 and Chem 17 became a hindrance to it.

I'm almost through with my Math 14 homework and I'm quite disappointed with the Math curriculum of my alma mater, SMAD. It's like, the Math curriculum of our school's not that advanced compared to Ateneo (I can't compare my school to PISAY since SMAD is not a science school, only a Catholic School). I mean, I don't have any difficulties with our Trigonometry lesson (so far, and since our teacher's not that brutal) but some of the Trigo lessons are new to me. My Math teacher didn't teach us anything about radian, arc length, circular functions and things alike. The trigo lessons that I could remember from Ma'am Buladaco's lectures were the pythagorean theorem, solving for angles of the right triangles and its applications (SOHCAHTOA), cosine and sine laws (tangent laws weren't taught), and proving fundamental identities. GREAT. I just want my dear alma mater to reevaluate its math curriculum. It's for the benefit of the future highschool students of the school.

► I haven't started with my Chemistry homework. But I just need to solve two problems and it's just a piece of cake since we chose the easiest problem presented in the book (Chang). Weee :))

► My mom's watching EVAN ALMIGHTY. I want to watch that movie, but I can't. I've got tons of schoolworks to deal with (does blogging counts as schoolwork? NADA.).

► I want to watch CLOVERFIELD. I dunno. The trailer of that movie really intrigues me and motivates me to watch that movie, BADLY. The movie's platform is not the same as what an ordinary movie can possess. I mean it's like a movie that has a pseudo-adlib script. But I'm reading some of its reviews and most of it made by leading Hollywood movie critics claimed that they were disappointed by this movie. Hell not. I love to watch disaster-themed movies. Maybe I should buy a pirated (oopps. SORRY CHAIRMAN EDU!) copy of this movie.

CALL ME A LOSER but I haven't watched CHICKEN LITTLE since it's premier night! Shoot. Damn it. Since 2005 (I was a 3rd yr. highschool student then), I really want to watch that movie, badly. Oh crap. Now, it's 2008 and it's been three impatient years. Hay naku. I guess I should borrow this dvd copy from my classmates, not.

► I'm looking forward for the FINAL EXAMINATION WEEK. Obviously, CHEM 17 has a final exam (compulsory), and BIO 3's still ambiguous, and I'm hoping that I will not take the final exam in MATH 14 (Exempted kuno), that is if I had a pre-final grade of 80% and above. So far my standing is 90 something :)). Comm 3's final exam would be a SPEECH CHOIR so I guess it would be fun and an interactive way to express ourselves, and I'm not sure if we'll have a final exam in Nat Sci 1.

► I'm going to summarize our report in Nat Sci 1. We're the eighth reporter but I guess cramming and procrastination won't help us, it would just add on to our burden. We're going to Mon's house and I wish that we could finish this activity. I guess unnecessary activities will intrude us naturally. Toink.

► I'm quite excited with our field trip this coming Saturday and Sunday - Feb 16-17. Wee :)). Actually, it's a three hour trip to Maragusan so I guess it would be an interesting and educational trip for us.

► Our neighbor, Naknak brought us bars of MILK CHOCOLATES from JAPAN. Her parents work in a fabric factory in TOKYO and they went home moments ago with tons of balikbayan boxes. I just LOOOVE JAPAN'S MILK CHOCOLATES. Yumyum.

► Carmina Villaroel's twins, particularly his son has a great similitude on her mother's contemporary, Aga Muhlach. Rumors said that it is Aga's not Zoren's. Oops. Kaya pala ang anak na lalake ni Aga, kamukhang-kamukha ni Maverick (anak na lalake ni Carmina), or is it just a pure coincidence? Hay naku. Why should I care about this celebrity scums, by the way? I mean, 'di naman ako yayaman dito ah!

So okay. back to work. I need to finish my Chemistry and Trigo homework.


and it would be a hellish and deadly world for diabetics. Gronk.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


ARGGH. Curse YURI for my current LSS:


Waaa. I'm craving for CADBURRY CHOCOLATES again. Crap. Good thing, my aunt brought a box of CURLY TOPS. Yeah right, Curly Tops isn't a bad substitute for Cadburry!

One thing that I love weekends is that, I could sleep for almost 14-16 hours because usually on ordinary schooldays, I usually have 6-7 hours of sleep and a maximum of 4 grueling hours during exam period. Lately, I have noticed that I'm becoming more stubborn and more irresponsible when it comes to my sleeping habit. On the first three weeks of the second semester, I usually wake up at seven and still have an ample time to eat breakfast, chitchat with my mom, watch the morning tv show, fix my hair (promise, I usually take 20 minutes to groom my hair) and wait for a habal-habal to ferry me to school. But, during the past few days, I usually wake up an hour late than my regular wake up time. Sometimes I wake up at 8:00 am, 8:10 am, quarter to eight so this means that I should skip breakfast (I should only drink my cold frappe) to compensate the limited time that I have. CRAP. I had an alarm clock (my cellphone), but it's useless. It's either I wouldn't be awakened by the alarm OR simply I would just deactivate the alarm. Nevertheless, I would panic just to finish those personal necessities quickly, and my hair would be messy. WENK.

Oh yeah. My cousin from the other side of the city (as in, literally) just moved in within our neighborhood. YEY! Hahaha. Lol. Kanina nga lang, my mom went to their house to assist my aunt on fixing some things. When she got home, she brought some priceless possessions from my aunt, uncle (a doctor) and also from herself (my mom). Have any clues or ideas of what I'm pointing out? Hmm. WELL WELL WELL, my mom brought SOME BOOKS - ACADEMIC BOOKS! Hmm.

YES. These two are Organic Chemistry Books, used by my aunt (a chemist), uncle (a doctor) and my mom ( a medical technologist). But still, there's a chance that I would still buy books in organic chem that will be recommended by my future Chem 31 and 31.1 professors.

Finally. I have this very THICK BOOK in Anatomy (though I still don't have an anatomy subject yet but surely, this book would be a GREAT HELP to my anatomy subjects. Mapa- ECOLOGY or CELL BIOLOGY MAJOR, I expect that I will take anatomy subjects for four semesters.)

These books should be a great help to me, as reference. God. If only I had enough money, I would extend our home and add a study room together with my books in COLLEGE. Crap. My room's full of highschool textbooks. Haay.

LSS MODE AGAIN, Aaaggggaaain! RAWR!

PINK LIFE - Searching for the days of simple life. I wonder why the sky is blue.

- It reminds me of the remaining days of the first semester. We only did was to retrieve our class cards and to attend our BioLab Oral Defense.

HOW TO SAVE A LIFE - Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness and I would have stayed up with you tonight, then I'll know how to save a life

- GREY'S ANATOMY and the idlest moments of sembreak.

APOLOGIZE - I'm holding on a rope, got me ten feet of the ground. I'm hearing what you say but I just can't make a sound.

- Dimple's multiply, animosity, room 113 and the most dreadful moment with METTALOID.

UNFAITHFUL - I don't wanna do this anymore, I don't wanna be the reason why.
- Fourth year life, Mama Tza, Eeva, Reena and the last culmination of my highschool life - GRACE'S role as the murderer in the MTV presentation.

TORN - I thought I saw a man bore to life, he was warm he came around and he was dignified.

- Yeahyeah. My childhood days when I used to live in my grandparents. My tita (who was still in Ateneo, taking MassCom) use to sing this every time, or plays this song in her trusty cassette player. Wenk. Addict.

HANDS TO HEAVEN - Tonight I need your sweet caress, hold me to the darkness, tonight you calmed my restlessness, you relieved my sadness.

- 2nd year OPAL Life. Period. Hahaha.

WE ARE ONE - One bread one body one people, UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. If we put our trust in the Lord, there'll be melody, LOVE and HARMONY, in every heart.

- also 2nd year LIFE and our winning poem composition when we lambasted the seniors on Communication Arts Day last February 2005. Weee.

HIGH - Time won't flow, everyone knows, when the pain fades away. Dream's won't fly, tears in our eyes, you've got to hold your head up high, eyaaah. yeheeyehe! Hold your head up high.

- 3rd year LIFE - one of the saddest moments in my LIFE. Owws.

♫ HUNG UP - Time goes by, so slowly

- The first Culmination of Activities of our school.

♫ MR. BRIGHTSIDE - Jealousy, turning saints into the sea, swimming through sick lullabies, choking on your alibis, but it's just a price I pay, destiny is calling me, open up my eager eyes, 'coz I'm Mr. Brightside

- Il Mare Movie, and I just don't know why but for me the song fits in that Korean Movie.


Back to reality.

I'm halfway through with my Comm. 3 Informative Speech. I'm done with my topic research on my project in Nat Sci 1 (Applied Physics particularly Astronomy). I have to finish the PROBLEM SETS in Analytical Chemistry and Trigonometry today. Today's a rainy day and it's quite cold.

I haven't started my persuasive speech plan, searched for any topics in Chemistry related to Chemical Equilibrium, haven't disseminated for the topics in our Nat Sci 1 report and I'm sleepy. CRAP. I should try Nescafe's Hazelnut coffee. Good thing mom bought it weeks ago. :))


Friday, February 08, 2008


Every man's life needs RESPECT. I just damn need that 7-lettered word. Damn it. I know I've been too harsh for the past few days but hell, you just blurt out all my weaknesses. Please please, OH PLEASE. I just need some little appreciation on my accomplishments in life. It may be little or worse, useless for you but it plays a big role to my self being. Hey you, fatty scum! You're so insensitive. But I just realize that you just can't relate to my life. Damn. I don't care. Shoot. ARE YOU STRESSED? Yes. Me too. So please dad, I'm trying my best to do good not just in school but also in home. I know you can understand me and I also understand your situation. INTERPERSONAL MAELSTROM. But please, a little appreciation on my accomplishments, no matter how little it is could make my day complete. Seriously.

Tonight, I'm trying to finish my two speeches as part of my Comm 3 project - persuasive and informative speech. Good thing, my teacher picked good topics for my speeches - American Culture and its influence to the Filipino Culture (Informative speech) and Cyberbullying (Persuasive speech). Mabuti na hindi "CHANGE THE TOPIC" ang nakasulat sa topics ko. Haha.

It's the second week of February and I still had six weeks to suffer from sleep dispossession, SIX GRUELING WEEKS. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday and Easter Sunday will be celebrated earlier than last year. I think it's on third week of March, and our FINALS WEEK would be on the 24th day of March 'til the 31st day of March. May God help us.

Since the last semester, I'm planning to take the advance class in Physics 3 this summer. I'm also into Statistics. But July said that it would be difficult if I take Physics and Stat. Physics lang, buong magdamagan na yan. Lecture in the morning, and lab sessions in the afternoon. Oh dear. So yeah, If I'll take Physics this summer, it would not be a hard time for me for the next semester. But wait. I should take another subject equivalent to Physics 3, or any 3-unit subject in school. I want to take Math 26 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus I). But magcoconflict din yan sa Botany 3 Lab ko. Crap. I want to take Stat 1, but the schedule posted in the school's quite ambiguous. Hay. Come what may.

I should search for any topics in Applied Physics for my Nat Sci 1. The teacher required us to make a 15-page SUMMARY report on any achievements on Applied Physics and a power point presentation on it. But he also said that he wouldn't read the 15-page summary. He's only interested in the PPT presentation. CRAP.


I would like to leave you this annoying but also funny quote made by my friends.



Wednesday, February 06, 2008


"To be a successful biologist, one must know how to DRAW."

God. My hands were all tired after three grueling hours of drawing circles, then various regular shapes of a plant's cross section of roots, leaves and stem. Mind you, those freaking circles drove me crazy. My hands were shaking but it was a big accomplishment though.

Yeahyeah. So last Monday, I went to school to register for my subjects next semester. So after a day or two of weariness and anxiety, I had finalized my schedule for the next sem. So, here it is:


Maybe I'll take an advance class in Statistics and History this SUMMER.

Last Monday, we went to People's Park and you guessed it right, we enjoyed the newly built park. I uploaded tons of pictures in my album so if you're curious about our wackiest adventure so far, just browse my photo album. Hehe. :))

TUESDAY. We had a surprise quiz in our Bio 3 Lab. Actually, it was a surprise as well as an interactive quiz. First we dissected a frog, then after which, we cut and opened her gut (since the frog was female) and identified the different parts of the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. I don't find it yucky or eeky, it's just, I'm immune with these gooey stuffs. Haha. So, I got a perfect ten , but I almost got one mistake because I was quite confused with the pancreas and the eggs. They were both yellow. ♫ LOOK AT THE STARS, THEY'RE SHINING ON YOU .. COZ THEY WERE ALL YELLOW ♫. Waaa. SABAW NANAMAN ako. Whatever.

her heart was still beating while we conducted an "academic operation" to her digestive system.

And her lungs were inflated. Kawawa. But we have to do this.

At that day, Joie had an LSS AGAIN - Rihanna's PLEASE DON'T STOP THE MUSIC. Hahaha. I just remembered Kim's ESnips Music Player on his blog. His player had a cool baby chick on it and danced like a funny duckling, yung tipong pina EGYPTIAN dance step ang ulo. Bwahaha. So, I introduced that dance step to Joie and Mark. We were all like ducklings at that moment, well hanggang ngayon. Hahaha.

WEDNESDAY. As usual. I woke up LATE, again. I didn't woke up with my alarm (palibasa ang alarm tone ko is FAIRYTALE by ENYA). Naku. Instead I was awaken by mom's CREEPY voice.

"KUUUUYYY, quarter to eight na, oh ano, may balak ka pang pumunta ng UP?"

Waaa. It's WEDNESDAY and first period ko is CHEM 17, 8:30 am! Waaa. So I didn't ate breakfast, just drank my cold frappe, took a bath, tapos got dressed with my PE uniform then off I went to CSM. I arrived five minutes before the time. HECK. Our teacher was ALSO LATE. We waited for 15 minutes before we could finally disperse outside room 113. It was 14 minutes after 8:30 am. Sheara, Ralph and Mark can't hardly wait so they went outside the room. Minutes later, they went back to the room, panting as if they were chased by a wild animal. Yun pala, paparating na pala ang wild animal sa room. Hahaha. So we continued the reports, lectures, just like an ordinary Chem lecture.

In our lab, I'm not used to Alberto's approach. Good thing for those who experienced and got immune with his approach for the whole semester. Yuri, Sheara, Cha, Joie, and Mikko were all immune by his way of teaching. I found it weird since he talked in a BRITISH accent just for FUN. Waaa. Natawa nalang ako kahit I found it corny and annoying. BWAHAHA. Peace Alberto Baloney. Hahaha. =))

Today's ASH WEDNESDAY but this idea didn't came across to my subconscious mind, that is to attend the ASH WEDNESDAY Mass. My classmates invited me and since it's still 4pm, and we're just a mile away from Immaculate Conception Parish, I decided to attend the Eucharistic Celebration of the Ash Wednesday.


FROM NOW ON, BAWAL NA ANG PORK, BAWAL NA ANG BEANS, BAWAL NANG KUMAIN. Waaa. Joke lang. Nangangayat na ako 'di pa ako kakain. But other forms of sacrifice will do. As long as you'll do some penance in this Lenten Season.

Tomorrow's Thursday. Another wonderful lesson in Trigonometry (yihee), Long Quiz in Bio 3 Lab, which fortunately memorized ko na ang parts ng vertebrates, pelvic girdle, pectoral girdle and anterior limb ng frog. Hahaha. I just love it.

BTW. I found this wonderful song entitled You Had a Bad Day by Daniel Powter. Actually, it's one of the OST song in the movie ALVIN and THE CHIPMUNKS. TAKTE! Di pa nanglibre si Chipmunk Kristalala para sa movie-ng to. Oh well. I'll just buy a dvd copy of this diminutive movie.

Where is the moment we needed the most
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
They tell me your blue skies fade to grey
They tell me your passion's gone away
And I don't need no carryin' on

You stand in the line just to hit a new low
You're faking a smile with the coffee to go
You tell me your life's been way off line
You're falling to pieces everytime
And I don't need no carryin' on

You had a bad day
You're taking one down

You sing a sad song just to turn it around

You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride

You had a bad day

The camera don't lie

You're coming back down and you really don't mind

You had a bad day

You had a bad day

Well you need a blue sky holiday
The point is they laugh at what you say
And I don't need no carryin' on

You had a bad day
You're taking one down

You sing a sad song just to turn it around

You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride

You had a bad day

The camera don't lie

You're coming back down and you really don't mind

You had a bad day

You had a bad day

(Oh.. Holiday..)

Sometimes the system goes on the brink
And the whole thing turns out wrong
You might not make it back and you know
That you could be well oh that strong
And I'm not wrong

So where is the passion when you need it the most
Oh you and I
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost

Cause you had a bad day
You're taking one down

You sing a sad song just to turn it around

You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride

You had a bad day

The camera don't lie

You're coming back down and you really don't mind

You had a bad day

You had a bad day

Wee. I just loved this song. Kanta 'to ng mga OPTIMISTIC na AUTISTIC. Hahaha. Lol. I'll just leave you this message. I won't tell when and where I took this pic. PEACE OUT. Hehehe :D

Sunday, February 03, 2008


I just experimented the video feature of my new cellphone, N73 but I adjusted its video quality to NORMAL (3gp format). Hay. Dapat yung best quality (MPEG format). I-eerase ko lang man din yun sana sa cellphone ko and then transfer ko lang sa PC ko. Oh well papel. Lesson learned. On to my future videos, I should set the video quality to HIGH and edit it to moviemaker.

Oh yeah, BTW. That's ME, playing Apologize of One Republic. Yeah. I played that song using my OLD CASIO keyboard. Ugh crap. For those who had a philanthropic heart, please give me the following gadgets:

- a brand new YAMAHA or better, KORG/ ROLAND synthesizer or keyboard.

- any leading brand of video cam, as long as it can be connectedto the computer (because some video cameras don't have any connectivity to the computer)

Just contact me if your interested (As if naman meron). Duh.

Well here's my first video, APOLOGIZE Piano Cover by yours truly. Hope you enjoyed this video, though I played a lil' bit faster than the original song.


Friday, February 01, 2008


Last night Kimmie and I had a sabaw cyberconversation. HAHAHAHA. It's like being sabaw's not bad at all. Whatever. Diba Kimmie? Being sabaw can actually reduce stress, well for me because I'm a CRAZY DUDE. Hahaha.

Anyhow. Medyo SABAW ako today since natapos na rin lahat ang mga EXAMS namin, starting from January 16, 2008 (which is Chem 17 Lab 1st long) to January 31, 2008 (the last exam of our bloodshed week, Bio 3 Moving Exam). Yeah, I already acquired the results of our two exams recently, which is Chem 17 Lec and Bio 3 Lab. In Chem 17, I got 78 point something percent and in Bio 3, third highest ako. Yeehah. 76/80 = 95%. Congrats to JULY since she's the highest on our Bio 3 Lab 1st exam - 80/80. Wow. PERFECT.

Today, we had our FIRST LAB SESSION with Sir Albert. Hay naku. It was quite weird. He didn't made a prelab discussion on experiment 11 (Common Ion Effect). We were used to have a prelab discussion with Prof. Jen (too bad she's having a maternal leave). He'll just sit on the dispensing room and just watch us. Parang inaanalyze niya kung saan ang weakness namin, yung tipong naghahanap ng PREY. Kami ang mga Gazelles and siya ang Cheetah. Hahaha. So ayun. JOIE WAS RIGHT. Hahay. Goodluck nalang sa amin sa Chem Lab.

Hahay. The Library in CSM acquired a new photocopier. Aba aba. Ang saya saya ni MADAM EX kanina! Hahaha. Say goodbye to the old and "kagang-kagang" photocopier and say hello to the sleek, brand new and modern photocopier. Yun nga lang. PISO per page na ang sinisingil ni MADAM EX and 5 PESOS ang magpareduce! WAAAA. Ate Malou's clear copied photocopier is relatively more cheaper than MADAM EX's but I don't like ATE MALOU'S LAZY SERVANTS. Yeah yeah. As if I had a choice. So I went to ATE MALOU'S PLACE and I originally planned not to ATTEND my PE class. Good thing, the servants did their job satisfactorily and I got my ordered photocopies after five minutes (I photocopied two chapters of Chang's Chemistry).

BTW. I didn't attended the WALK OUT RALLY in freedom park because:

Number one. I don't have sufficient money.
Number two. It's TOOOOO HOT. And I had a slight migraine because of today's hot and humid weather.
Number three. Uhhhm. I can't think of another reason.

But I like the print of their shirt, yung EDUCATION IS NOT FOR SALE. Hahaha.

Because maagang natapos ang trabaho ng mga alalay ni Malou, I went straight to DHK Building and braved the scorching heat of the SUN. Grabe. Ang init. So yeah I arrived there at 2.30 pm and my PE teacher didn't scold me (because I didn't wear my PE uniform). Hahaha lol. So we played Table Tennis UNTIL QUARTER TO SEVEN. Hahay. I think Table Tennis is my new favorite sport next to Badminton. Haha.

I shouldn't relax on Monday. I'll go to school and have myself registered at my future subjects for the coming semester. Earth Science and Processes, Physics, Botany, Organic Chemistry, Microbiology ang one GE course. Hopefully Physics will be offered on SUMMER plus History 2.

I should have myself chilled with Nescafe's Choco Fudge. Damn. I'm craving for more COFFEE than CHOCOLATES. The heck. Hassle-heck. Tomorrow, I'll start rewriting my notes on Chem17, read Campbell about the evolution of animals, study Nat Sci and also, I should study my Trigo lesson.

Wait. It's been a long time since I have read a good novel. Mom has Nicolas Sparks' THE GUARDIAN. I want to read it. Sadly I don't have much time for leisure. Ay naku. SABAW nanaman ako :D