Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wake up

I'm really disappointed with my score in my English test. Out of 50 items, I only got 38 which equals to 76%! What really frustrates me is that the lessons are very easy yet somehow, I only played the unit test as a game. Arrgghh! Uhmm, next time, try to analayze. Somehow, I manage to pass my Physics test - my highest so far with a score of 47 out 50 - equals to 94%.

I realized that cheating is really bad. You know why? maybe because of my result on English test, I realized that it was a bad karma. Really, and I tell you! Pati ang leakage! Grabe ang karma niyan chong! So, I must study every now and then especially the following weeks - another strenous nights to endure with. Seemingly, Life of a senior is not that easy and yet hard to forget. It's part of an experience in life.

Oh by the way, projects are close to its deadline so expect that I'll not create a post for a while because of these strenous activities in school.

After waiting for about 3 weeks, my grad pic has arrived right in my bery own filthy hands! Promise that I'll post that not later as soon as my good friend, Camille, would scan the photo and I'll upload on my friendster account and of course to my blog. Hope you like it 'coz I like it too.

I think it's time to say goodbye 'coz I had lots of things to do. Yes, walang pasok bukas! Yipee!

Tomorrow's gonna be the month of Yuletide season!

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Seemingly sensible yet senseless!

I'm back! I'm here at the e-lib where I could surf the internet for free! Of course I pay in this institution a mere 25 thousand pesos per school year! Likewise, it's very cold in this place - a place for relaxation. Seemingly, we're only four (4) in this room. On my left side, Freidrich Layno, my good 'ol pal. oh-oh, looks like our teacher caught me - blogs are not included in this room starting today! Shoot! Anyways, let's proceed. On my right corner stand Nanskie and Machita Macha (of course not there real names) - they're traitors you know especially that poofie Machita!

Well sino ba yan si Machita? Para sa hindi pa nakakaalam, si Machita ay isang tao punong-puno ng pangarap - tama ba? Ah hindi! Punong-puno ng ambisyon na pawang yabang lang ang tapat! Noon pa kami dyan naiinis! Ewan ko ba sa kanya- Kulang lang ata yan sa pansin! At higit sa lahat, may codename or full codename kami jan! MACHITA MATCHA y ILUSIONADA o, diba, hanep? hahaha. 'Lam niyo, ang laki talaga ng pride niya, ewan ko ba dyan, mga fake stories niya na ah basta! Alam mo na iyon, basta yun ang life story ni Machita

Let me describe about Machita:

-She's a girl and she's pure Chinese "daw"
-She's quite fat and had a boring personality (no offense but true)

Oh well, things change. What else? Hahahahaha! Sa wakas natapos na rin ang pictorials ng El Fili namin! I'm so happy but to tell you the truth, time is ticking. Lately I realize that December 8, 2006 is fast approaching! And on that same date, I'm gonna play the organ for the "Panunuluyan" - sounds unfamiliar to me but it portrays a play about Mama Mary and her life. Seemingly time goes by - as what Madonna's lyrics on her hit single "Hung Up".

It's time to go because it's our unit test on English and worse, it's simultaneous, walang leakage! Ang lupet!

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All days at Work

Another week, another stressful hours to deal with. Since then, it was like an ordinary day today but I felt that there's kinda freaky feeling to deal with. Today, I'm doing an online homework, which is all about tsunami (pronounced as 'sunami in case you didn't know.. peace!). It's kinda related to our lessons, which is on Physics, all 'bout the different types of waves according to its height and properties. So much for that kiddo. Last Friday, we watched a documentary film entitled "Tsunami Chasers" in which it tackled about a killer tsunami that hit a remote place in Papua New Guinea way back on July 20, 1998 - more or less. But what struck the scientists in there is that the tsunami is not generated by an earthquake because the appropriate height and the magnitude doesn't match at all. In fact, the height of the tsunami is way too big than of a magnitude 7 earthquake. Well, in my childhood up to the pre-adoloscent age, I dreamt to be like that. Even though the salary is not that big or fixed but I guess, it's the job what I like. Science is my passion in order to save as much as millions of lives before a catastrophic disaster would take place. This show was filmed by the Discovery Channel and it has a vcd package on it - just one cd but I don't know what's the price on it.

Before I proceed, let me tell you something about my inconsistency about the topics that I've posted on my blog:

pasensya na kung samu't saring ideya ang iprinisenta ko ngayon dahil sa totoo lang, wala talaga akong maisip na isulat o di kaya i-dedecode dito sa blog ko. Peace yoh!

Second,the long unit test in English was cancelled due to the class schedule of Turquoise. Instead, it was moved tomorrow and it would be scheduled first period in the morning SIMULTANEOUS. In an instance, I studied last night but it's okay 'coz I'm gonna review only the stories and the grammar lessons for tonight. Thank God! But, I had no knowledge what we'll do this afternoon. (Our English class would be first period in the afternoon).

We need to finish the remaining pictorials of our El Fili Project! Hopefully it would be finished and be developed not later this week. For those who didn't know, I don't have a talent on dancing because first of all, DANCING is PASSION . Really! But, it's a great use because last month, during our intrams, I joined the Cheerdance competition and thank God, I had a talent to dance. Thankfully, I didn't dance like a geek or a jerk!

Well, this kinda long so hope you'll give me some comments nabout my post today. See yah later! Just keep reading!

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Excruciatingly Hard

Well, I've decided to make my font a little bigger! Guess what, after almost 2 hours sitting in front of my computer, I've fixed my problem already! Yeah! I'm so happy today. Uhmm, I've almost forgot, tommorrow's gonna be our unit test in English! Well, wish me luck tommorow. Kelangan ko pang magsunog nang kilay! Anyways just gonna edit my posts later, readjusting it's font size so that more and more people would have an appetite on reading my blog! Sorry guys if it's way too small! I just love reading fonts that are way to small. Peace out!

After scribbling and scrolling for about 10 minutes:

Hey! it's still the same! no change! oh well!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Totally Frustrated

Shoot! my blog has been edited by somebody which half of my sidebars were deleted! Time to start ALL OVER AGAIN!Just to think, it takes about 4 hours to make a nice blog but in return it takes just a mere second to erase it! Sheesh! Oh well, I've edited it once again for almost an hour!

Mysteries Behind..

Countless unexplained phenomena roamed around in this world. Seemingly freak accidents can't explained by certain experts, hence derived from the word mystery. Starting on May this year, my preschool teacher was diagnosed with a lung cancer - stage three. She underwent into Cobalt treatment which was quite expensive and painful. Next, numerous of my teachers and there fellow colleagues had experienced loneliness and heartaches. Somehow either of their fathers, mothers, brothers and others that are related and close to them died in succeding days. Seemingly, on September 29, 2006 our prefect of discipline died as well my preschool teacher died approximately two months after that incident. Somehow, the teachers are getting freakier and freakier. What's worse is that one fifth grade student died because of a gruesome accident. He was hit-and-run by a passenger bus. In that way, the teachers didn't tell the truth about the real explanations regarding these misfortunes.

Until one day, as we got home from SM City Davao, because we attended the Environment Quiz Bowl which we won the 6th place (yeehee!), we hailed a taxi. Seemingly, I made a request to my Biology teacher, which happens to be my coach, to come over me in the school, to open the classroom and to get my things there. Her reaction? She was terrified, saying that she doesn't want to go school the moment after six o'clock. Obviously, I asked, and these are the words that I can't forget what she said on that night:

Ayoko nang pumasok sa school because may curse jan. Remember what happened in our school starting May? Ang dami nang namatay at ayoko pang madamay dun. Alam mo kasi, every Monday, Wednesday at Friday, binebless yang school natin every 6 o'clock. Alam mo kung bakit? Kasi minumulto na ang school natin. Mga supernatural beings and not-like-ours nagagalit na sa 'tin kasi maingay na mga estudyante. Kahit pa nga six o'clock may nagpapraktis pa sa school which nagagalit na sila kasi it's there time na to roam. Somehow, sabi ng pari which happens na may third eye, may mga numerous souls, ghouls, spirits, elementals and poltergeist that roams around the campus 'pag kumagat ang dilim. Of the following places niyang na bless, pinakamarami niyang nakitang ganoon sa elementary at sa third floor ng highschool building. Kaya kung ako sa iyo, bukas mo na yang kunin mga gamit mo, baka kunin ka pa nila, simbako!

After hearing these frightening words from my teacher, I was frightened. Now then, my intuition was right. Now I've known that why were dismissed and even beg us to leave the school campus as early as 5pm and the teachers walked as a group and not as an individual when they'll go to there respective teacher. No teacher would spend another frightening night when checking the test papers as there overtime - for a vengeful spirit roams around the faculty room at night, well except for my CL teacher when I was in third year. She even checks testpapers even at 8 in the evening.

Well I hope that the Winchester brothers from my favorite series, SUPERNATURAL, would come into the school and fix these dilemmas that a normal person can't.

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The Egg and the Dilemma

Carelessly it seems but I felt terribly great or what?!Well unfortunately I didn't write any posts for the past few days! huhuhuhu =,c. Well sa wakas, ngayon, kung saan di na ako busy, makapagsulat na nga!

Remember what I've told about the Environment Quiz Bowl? Diba I said it was a crappy one 'coz it adds of my workload? Well not anymore because we won the sixth place! Out of 28 schools, both public and private we outshined them and we even squeezed in into the final five. Unfortunately, we had a tie and thus the rule said that there shall be a tie-breaker questions. It turns out that it was really a close fight rather. Compromising the situation that the tie-breaker round lasted for about 30 minutes - a total of 11 mind boggling questions about the environment. Should we won the tie-breaker round, we could have won the second or third place. That's money dude! Oh well 6th place is not bad and what's more? Our names had been announced in the school the following day.

I've never thought that this week would be a total disaster! First let's start with my face particularly my hair. Well, actually for the past weeks I've been getting annoyed with my stupid bangs. Sounds stupid but I rather cut it with my own bare hands. After that, I decided to rush in the barbershop because of my bangs! As if I've been nabbed or something. Then as the barber "screwed" with my reckless hair, I realized that he had cut my hair too long. He said that he's doing his work because of my recklessness in my hair. The result? As if my I'm getting a new hair do - crew cut. Yikes! the following day, the moment I went to school, my classmates, friends and even my teachers are shocked yet mesmerized with my new syle. They said that it was nice- in general. Some of my classmates said it was neat and cool. Some even said that my old hair style is a great loss for everybody. (oowwzz?). Well lessons gotta be learned the moment after your supid mistakes.

Second, I've kept on announcing the pictorials for our El Fili Project! Well, as of now, we had only 6 chapters left and after that, we're done. Final touches are much awaited though. Basically, it requires team work and creativity to attain the 95% grade on the project - even though it's only 15% in computing the final grade, it's quite little but it's a great help though. Seemingly, our math teacher had been so freaky nowadays. She announced our project last Thursday (last week) and the deadline would be Friday (yesterday). But what made me angry or frustrated is that the project is quite tedious - make a manipulative board game using the basics of algebra. We all know that she's quite kuripot on giving grades. So we must be creative. Good thing, we chose our own group and my kabarkada, Therese is an artist. We created a virtual set of board games with Winnie the Pooh as our theme. We fervently hope that our teacher would appreciate that much and give us a grade equivalent of 95%.

So much for that. I'll post another journal about the countless mysteries behind our school. Till then!

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Monday, November 20, 2006


I really hate waking up early. Now what's the big deal on it?! Precisely, yes it has a big deal on it. Fortunately and unfortunately, I have to deal with the tremendous workloads here in school. We, as a senior, were trained to be prepared and to be pressured by any circumstances. Likewise, our Math Teacher announced the project last Thursday and the deadline is on Monday! I mean it's okay kung wala kaming ginagawa o di kaya't di kami busy but worse is that This week's gonna be excruciating not just to me but for everybody. Universal it seems. Imagine, I'll gonna attend this lame quiz bee again this Wednesday and also in this day will be our unit test (long test) for Physics and Math!!! Arrrggghhh! Lord, help me! All I could do is to imagine the future - what lies in my head is to quit but it seems impossible. I mean being a quitter gets a loser's badge. Get it?! I wanna cry but I must put this in my mind that I could do this. Really. I know my potentials and limitations. How I wish I could skip all these factions! Help me!!

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

All I want for Christmas

Almost a month from now, it's definitely the much-awaited yet the most expensive season of all - the yuletide season or commonly known as CHRISTMAS. We already know the season of sharing, the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. No need for further elaboration. Kahit mga pagan alam nila ang pasko!

Well here are some lists that I want for christmas:

- laptop - probably hindi apple kasi hindi ako mayaman!

- Nokia N70 - looks like it's getting cheaper and cheaper! Yipee!

- an Olympus digicam - I love to take pictures of myself. It's not obvious that I'm vain! Lolz..

- a Yamaha synthesizer - Good lord! my organ is now old, and I love the Yamaha synthesizer; perfect sound quality!

- iPod - what else? you can't resist music!

- The Killers album - I want those desperately!!!!! I wanna buy the original ones

- Lots of money - ang sarap mag-shopping kung maraming pera but it sucks if you're peniless.

I hope that Santa Claus would read my blog! tsk..

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I look like a..

After or during those PBB Teen Edition days way back on summer break, lots and lots of my friends and even my acquaintances have said that I do look like Mikee Lee. Aside from the face, we had similar types and pag-uugali. We're both serious in terms in our academics, we both love to be alone sometimes and many more. But in this particular post, I would like to know whether if I had other artists around the globe if I look like them and things like that, you know. I'll let you know if you'll believe on this.

Unbelievable isn't it? tsk3.. Well thanks to rangics blog! Me myself can't believe that I look like them - Shane Fillan is one. I don't know them but I look like them when you look a little bit closer! ü

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Killed by Mediocracy

Jealousy, turning saints into the sea, dwelling through sick lullabies, choking on your alibis, but it's just a price to pay, destiny is calling me, open up my eager eyes, 'coz I'm Mr. Brightside!

Yeah! I really adore THE KILLERS! Men, there cool! I mean, first, I love there song Mr. Brightside then after my good friend, Chin-chin, lent me the cd - there first album! Likewise when I heard there wonderful songs, they're great! With catchy rock tunes, I admit I'm an avid fan of them! Yeehah! How I wish I could have enough money to buy there second album entitled SAM'S TOWN. Cool to be precise.

What's more? I even borrowed Chin-chin's Limited Edition of THE KILLERS album which is in different style of music - Strings and Quartets! Unfortunately it's not available here in the Philippines, only in the US! Sheesh, good thing, I burned the cd and poof! Instant copy of THE KILLERS limited edition album - stings and quartets.

Oh, just wanna plug one important thing: I recommend to read Robert Ludlum's The Sigma Protocol . It's definitely a Ludlum best seller!

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The Agila's Plight

Yeehah! I have a new post for today. Guess what? I'm here in my grandma's house, doing nothing but to surf the internet. Unfornutately hindi DSL dito, dial-up lamang . Nevertheless, we had our field trip like what I've written on my previous post, I think that's yesterday.

First, I was kinda excited in the field trip 'coz it's been a long time since I've been gone to the Philippine Eagle, situated at Bagiuo District, Malagos, Calinan, Davao City - approximately an hour and a half drive from the city proper. Funny thing is, it's still Davao City - imagine how big Davao is? tsk3..

Anyways, we went in the AVR to listen some lectures and etc. We had our lunch there and we all laughed when an eagle (not the captived one) squeeled and moaned as if making love with each other. We all laughed. Next, we went to the monkey's den and we were all fascinated by there nature. But before we went to the Phil. Eagle Nature Park, we went to the Japanese Museum just 10 minutes away from the Phil. Eagle. Seemingly, when it's the time to pack up our things, I decided to sleep because I felt tired today.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Crucial Period

There so many reasons why this period is the most crucial one. Projects, in the first place, are being announced starting a week ago and the deadlines are in the month of December! Oh dear! I have to comply with all these earth-shaking projects especially Filipino! Grabe naman o, walang patawad!

Needless to say, this week is kinda cool yet a stressful one. Let's start with these:

-unannounced quizzes on different subjects are frequent nowadays! Arrghh! Can't help it! Somehow, I'm the reporter of English with the topic: Different types of sentences according to form. Though the topic is very easy, but my English teacher gave me this "out-of-this-world" on-the-spot challenge! Imagine, she asked me to write the sentence containg one subordinate clause and two independt clause, thus it was a no challenge for me. Sisiw! But as time progress, She demanded me to write another with sentences with another style of clauses - it can be with one another, a partner or it can be work as partners. Luckily, I was not embarassed at that moment thinking that my sentences would be a flop one. Seemingly, my teacher was quite impress to me 'coz I could construct a type of sentences in a hasty manner. Ayon, napahiya na tuloy ang maestra, hehehe, Yeah!

Oh, by the way, I'm the 5th honor in my classroom with a general average of 90.1. How I wished that this third grading would be higher than 90.1. My target for today's grading is 92 and above.Needless to say, I can't write any entries for tomorrow because of the Social-Filipino Club Colaboration of the Field Trip. I guess, this would be fun unless it's only my prerogative.

It's time too say adios to my blog! It's the distribution of the report cards today, nevertheless, it's half-day today!

And the heck it is, there's the lame training of Ma'am Morning (obviously not here real name, duh!) of Regional Press Conference and I'm gonna represent the Sports Writing divisions by December. AaaRRGh, what's wrong with December? Is it a cursed month or what?

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Of Being Optimistic

Again, this week's gonna be a looooong one! Somehow, it's like I feel of quitting or something. It's not like misfortunes and bad lucks occured to me for the past days then, but I feel tired! First of all, since Monday, it feels like hell. Yah, right, my obligation as a student is to study and to comply all those demanding works that the teachers had given to us. Good thing, we finished our written report on Physics way too early.

What's worse is that, in Filipino, our project is quite tedious and expensive. We had to make a project of a sumarized El Fili, one of Rizal's successful yet complicated novels of all. We are required to take a picture of every chapters of the novel (would you imagine thirty-nine chapters?) ugghh! And worse of all, I'm the leader of the group. I know I'm responsible but I tend tto be lazy. You know, the feeling that is being absurd or what?

Tomorrow's gonna be our first unit test in Filipino. Although the coverage is only 6 chapters, still the type of test is very difficult. Imagine, we had to memorize word by word, the dialoguesand everything! Looks like I'm gonna study up to the break of the dawn. Sheesh! I'm so desperate yet I look to the brighter side. Am I pathetic or what? Or just simply I'm deranged? Malapit na akong mabaliw! S**t!!! But, I could still carry on this! Kaya ko to! Aja!

Oh! I've acquired the album of The Killers - Strings and Quartets version! Can't wait to hear it!

Wish me luck tomorrow for the Filipino's test!

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Against All Odds

The contest for the environmental science this Nov. 22 is coming and yet I have to review the Philippine Environmental Laws which in return, only the Mining Act 1995 is all I could remember!

Obnoxiously, I'm gonna change my own picture in my profile here in Blogger. I'm here in our own e-lib wherein bawal ang Friendster dito! That's complete injustice, you know! Stupidity it seems, that all of my new pictures are in my friendster account and yet I have to use it desperately just to change my picture! I'm so nervous right now! I had to keep this "crime" as a secret! Right at this moment, my friendster profile had finally load after 48 years of waiting!

*After 10 minutes*

Whew! I've uploaded my pictures and thank God, Sir Orville is busy - probably opening his crappy friendster account! Sheesh, talking about the qualities of a Pinoy! Angat ang mga Pinoy! Now, just let me pose about my pictures that I've been busy uploading for the past 10 nerve-wracking minutes.

Oh well, in general, this post is all about my recklesness because I'm a "law-abiding" citizen of the Philippines! Crap.. Lolz!

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Freakin' Joe on the Loose

Tunghayan natin ang kapanapanabik na kabanata sa buhay ni Renzy Benzy sa nag-iisang... - HUWAG MO AKONG SALINGIN!

Duh! what an introduction! Well, I've got this idea in one of the PDA's episodes (I think it's last night's episodes) wherein Davey toyed Jay-r acting like a radio drama or something. Sheesh! And the title Huwag mo akong Salingin is the tagalog translation of Rizal's Noli Me Tangere.

I just invented the title Freakin' Joe on the Loose because of the freak weather today. You know what, nakakapanibago ang panahon ngayon ! It's so hot at noon then all of the sudden, the clouds will get heavier and heavier until that freakin' rain will come. I've just read that when I was in elementary. This natural occurence is called a SQUALL. Another reason is that the cumulonimbus cloud, which is the main suspect on this case, is the fastest cloud of all. We'll never notice it's travel nor it's velocity unless if we observed the sky with keenness. I had no time for this.

Oh no! malapit na ang distribution of cards this coming Monday! Ano kaya ang rank ngayon? Hmphhh, can't wait 'til Friday!

By the way, my dad prohibited me and my mom to buy any imported chocolates from China that is sold about 15 - 25 pesos per 100 grams. He feared that these yummy chocolates are expired for a minimum of six months or so. Talking about the exaggeration of Hitler! Just then, my mom went out of the house yesterday to buy some medicines to my lola and she also went to the mall to buy me some school materials like the long bond paper, Acryll binder refill and my Pilot G-tec C3 Refill. Hinding-hindi ako mabubuhay 'pag walang G-TEC! Ika nga, G-tec powers my life! Lolz. So she bought a 100 grams imported chocolates from China worth 25 pesos. And it's so yummy! I'll tell you, nakaka-adik and mga tsokolate! Much more, we finished the whole bunch of assorted chocolates in just a minute!

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mundane is O-r-d-i-n-a-r-y

Finally! After at least one looong hour of waiting in the net cafe, it's my turn! At last! Well, It's been a long while since I realize that it was Sunday! Oh no! It's school tomorrow again - another long week to deal with. Fortunately, we didn't go out this day because my dad had an emergency meeting in Midsayap somewhere in Cotabato. So, we stayed in the house for the whole day! It's like summer though Christmas is near!

What happpened last night was terrible. I mean, yes, I thought that the super typhoon Queenie would not come in Davao so I guess it would be rather a humid night. But, like what I've said, expect the unexpected! Ayon, It rained hard for about two and a half hours accompanied with strong winds. I was watching PDA then when I decided to transfer inside of my room due to severe thunderstorm. Baka masira pa ang 29-inch flat tv namin that we bought about 5 months ago. I could barely hear the tv so I adjust the volume into full blast! By midnight, the rain ceased and I decided to have a nice cup of milo. But when I open the kitchen door, the whole floor is wet! Muntikan na ako maslide but thank God! I discovered that due to the gustiness of the wind, it directed the rain into the screen door which was not properly closed at that time. It made me irritated at that time! Then I realized that in the sala, some parts of the floor are wet and it's quite dangerous because our floor is tiled and it's slippery even if you just step on it. Because of that, I paste a note behind the kitchen door saying, "Basa ang whole floor ng kusina." So, when my parents woke up, they cleaned the kitchen floor.

And the reason why I'm late in the net cafe is because I made the stupid 25 blank sheets of the Math activity portfolio! It's all because of my stupid sipsip classmate, double D! She's so stupid, I guess (oops!). Oh well, back then what made me surprised in our math lesson today is that, our lesson was reiterated way back in our first-year lesson! I was expecting that our lesson would be like Introduction to Calculus, Probabilities and Derivatives. But, our lesson was Synthetic Division, Multiplying Polynomials which I guess it's plane useless! And besides, it's for our own good naman eh, when we'll be in our tertiary level! Palibasa, our teacher was insane! Maybe, due to overdose of Dextrose! (ahihihi!)

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Is it a Nerd or a Geek?

Now, ladies and gentlemen, before I proceed, first let me say that I consider myself as a nerd. Well what's the difference?

Let's start off with the geeks:

-Geeks are geekazoids!

-They unite to conquer the world!

-Their usual attire is a tucked-in polo shirt with there dorky glasses and there braces
-They have no sense of style at all!
-They speak in English!
-most geeks are addicted to board and card games, probably Yu-gi-oh and etc.
-They are annoying!
-They don't care if the teacher is angry as long as they can asked questions
-They tend to stick into trios or triad

Now for the nerds:

-They had sense of style
-Although they like to be alouf
-They want to be a loner for at least one day.
-They love to read tons of books and magazines
-They didn't like gigs
-They're not annoying, usually
-Sometimes they're weird!
-He/She can be either friendly or a foe

Now, are you ONE of US?

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The Pilgrims

Too bad, I didn't updated my blog yesterday due to bad internet connection. But here I am, writing my good ol' damn post! Yeah! Well, yesterday, I attended the quiz bee entitled THE CLASH sponsored by the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) which the students are pure Davaoeños. Well, for the second time around Philippine Science High School won the first place. Although, we didn't catch for the final leg of the game in which only the top five highest score would be quzlified for the last yet exciting round. Unfortunately, our points is not that big to be included in the top five! Seemingly, when we attend sch quiz bees like this, we expect that we will not win because:

-Various excruciating requirements are still on the road
-Even if we're contestants to represent the school, we're still not excempted like in long quizzes and in unit tests. It's our own decision though.
-If there's a rest day or something, likewise, we will take a deep rest after a long day. We had no time to review and to read unnecessary books just for this quiz bee.

Nevertheless, It's just an experience, at least I had a certificate, proving that I joined this once-in-a-year quiz bee. But before that, I borrowed Chin-chin's iPod Shuffle and she had these wonderful version of the Killer's Mr. Brightside - Orchestra Version. Pure Violin with chimes, harps, cello and a bass. It's wonderful and she promised me to lend me that cd this Monday

Now, let's relate the title of my post today! Participants of the National Youth Day will have a pilgrim starting today - under the scorching heat of the sun! (Yikes!). Well, I can't stand for at least 15 minutes under the scorching heat of the sun because, if so, I would get a migraine followed by intense asthma attack. Oh well!

And yeah! We had our new Prefect of Discipline - and he's no other than Sir Gil Juanico. He's my science teacher way back in my sixth grade on elementary. God speed to you!

Well I guess, the second semester would be a lot more difficult than the previous one. First is that we had to comply the El Fili project in which it's like a scrapbook with numerous pictures per chapter and worse I'm the leader of the group! Well, goodluck to myself.

I'll see you around and one thing: My background music is a PIECE of CRAP! I'll promise that I'll edit this into mp3. See yah 'round!

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday

It's our PE day today and it's Thursday. Good thing class is suspended because of the NYD. Like what I've said in my previous posts that in our classroom, we're only 40 more or less because 11 more or less are participants of NYD. Well, most of the time, I use to wear my favorite chuck taylor shoes during our PE classes because I really love chucks rather than my stupid cheap-looking white rubber shoes which is the recommended one. But due to my insanity (no, just kidding), due to my hard-headedness (??), again, I wore my unprescribed shoes. Just then, in our PE class, the teacher had conducted an inspection regarding our shoe. Then, when he came to me, he said that I'm a great loss to his records (as if?!). I was kinda shocked when he told me in a sympathetic manner. Ouch! He said that my grade in PEHM was like probably 93 (final grade) but then he deducted me in my conduct. Oh well, lesson learned, always listen to your mother dearest! Sheesh!

Oh, befor I forgot, I will attend the quiz bee tomorrow at the UP Alumni Office. Well, wish me luck! But the worse thing is that, I'll wear my school uniform, AGAIN! Looks like I'm gonna study about the capitals of the different countries plus it's geography and my favorite, World History! Yeah! It's time to go! ü

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Woes Had Finally Ended!

Yes, yes! The nerve-wrecking results of the exams had been returned since Tuesday. I'm here in our e-library in our school and I'm gonna create a new post! Isn't that obvious? *wink_woink!*

Anyways, our Filipino exam was returned yesterday and I was surprised that I got a high mark, which is 96%. Just to think that the subject matter is quite difficult because it's more on memorization than analysis - Biography of Rizal and 10 Chapters of El Fili. Whoa! Could you imagine that.

Today is the National Youth Day and 1/3 of my classmates are delegates of this once in a lifetime event. Such these, I wasn't a participant, though I joined the opening ceremony or the launhing of this event last January, because I'm not a member of F.I. Youth. Well, I hope that they enjoy this because they're going to be adopted by certain foster families. You're lucky if your foster family is that rich or more or less filthy rich - you know what I mean.

A while ago, we had this kind of surrised quiz in Eonomics and I think I failed on it! Out of 15 items, I guess I got only 11 or 10 or worse below 9! Well, what can you expect in a zero based grading system. Sob-sob-sob.. =,c

Today, I'm trying to recuperate my bankruptcy and we had no class this Friday! Yeehah! Another rest period! Well, it's time to go now coz I had lots of things to do especially in Physics.. Oh by the way! before I leave, in our CL (Christian Living) all we had to do is to watch the movie entitled: I AM SAM. This movie is great and it's kinda a tear-jerker. Anyways, we didn't finish the movie because of the limited time, so I guess we had to finish this by today in the Audio Visual Room.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Sweet Monday Part II

Albert Einstein: Father of Modern Physics

Yes, today's Monday afternoon and I'm here in the e-lib of our school and my purpose in here? Study about the Environmental Science and it's laws here in the Philippines for the upcoming Water District Quiz Bee on November 22, 2006. Arrgghh! Why me?! Well in fact Environmental Science is not really my interest! I prefer to attend quiz bee about history, geography and science, well definitely not this one. How I wish my teacher would change her mind!

Oh, Our Physics and English Periodical Exams had been returned and only Filipino remains unreturned as of today. And my results? Let's have a quick recap about my results:

6 Major subjects with 5 returned results and arranged from highest to lowest:

Christian Living - 97% -- As if I'm that santo or what! Oh well.
Mathematics (Advanced Algebra) - 94% -- Whoa! Great job dude!
Physics - 93% -- Well, I don't expect this coz my expectation to this subject is higher than my result. Huhu =,c
English - 89% -- All hail to the Greeks! *wink_wink*!
Economics - 86% -- I hate business but I love to monitor the peso-stock exchange of different countries! Wicked!

In this crucial and critical life, we all know that we should expect the unexpected. Just like me, I was hoping and expecting that my Physics exam would be the highest but it's only my third, and to think my CL is the highest! Oh well, at least it's not line of eight!

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Sweet Monday

Today is the sweetest Monday I'd ever had. You know why? It is because as of this time, my results of the Periodical Exams are quite good. Well let me enumerate some tests given as of this moment:

Economics - 86% -- well I guess this test was kinda difficult to me.

Mathematics (Advanced Algebra) - 94% -- Just what I've expected, but I tell you, I felt nervous the moment our teacher started to distributed the test papers.

Christian Living - 97% -- Whoa! Even myself can't believe this, and plus, my Work Output is 100% which came out that I'm the highest in the classroom!

Somehow, this aftertoon would be a terrible day, (I hope not) because the subjects for this afternoon are Physics and English. Hopefully, I could get my desired remarks after this. And for Filipino? It would be returned tomorrow because we don't have a Filipino Period today. But today, I'm hoping that for this week would be great, not doomsday.

Some said that there would be no classes on Wednesday to Friday, that is November 8-10, 2006 because of the upcoming National Youth Day, which obviously be held at Davao City. Luckily or unluckily, as the saying goes (are there?), I'm not a participant for this mementous event. Furthermore, the University of the Immaculate Conception would be the host for today's National Youth Day!

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Freedom Ceased!

Yes, as my title of the post for the day, freedom shall cease tomrorrow. You know why? IT IS BECAUSE IT'S THE END OF THE WEEK-LONG SEMESTRAL BREAK! Well I guess, it's gonna be a looooong day tomorrow. Periodical Test Results, the upcoming getting of cards, the announced honor roll for the second grading, the upcoming Regional Press Conference, the upcoming Quiz Bee about environment, uggghhh! But despite these factions, I still love school. I could see my crush everyday (blush, blush), I could talk to my seatmates, but I guess, there's always a reason why school definitely rocks! And don't forget, if it is school days, I could recover my bankruptcy that I've done during the last sem-break. At least, though.

The drawback is that, I couldn't write or post my blog everyday, maybe every other day or less. huhuuhuhu =,c

Again, I should be prepared for another sleepless nights, inadequate sleeps, cramming and etc. Talking about the life a typical geek este an honor student.

Dream and soar high! Coz it's four months before the big MARCH!

Take note that I had edited my blog for almost two hours! Gosh, my neck is killing me!

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Today is the 36th day

Again and again, I slept at 2.00am and woke up late, that is 11.30am. Well, I woke up at 8.00am and still my eyes are drooly so I tranfer to the other room and then I had this weird dream. Let me recount this from my memory.

As I was making an outline about the history and geography of the country Yemen, I was in my room, doing the outline on the floor not on the table. Then I noticed suddenly that a tall appeared right in front to me. He wore a black leather shiny shoes, slacks, and a black polo with one button unbuttoned. Then I realize the face when I looked up on him - for it was our late Sir Feliciano Puno, Sr. our former Prefect of Discipline. But before I proceed, He died last September 29, 2006 due to cardiac arrest.

I was so stunned and surprised at that time and then he smiled. I hugged him and asked, "Sir, why are you here?!"

Immediately he replied, "Don't you realize that my 40 days would come in an end?!"

Then I cried, well not that in an exaggerated way, just like my tears rolled down in my cheeks once. Then he gave me a sneer and I noticed his teeth. And I asked once again, "Sir what happened to your teeth? What are those brown braces doing in your mouth?!"

He just gave a smile and he said it was something like a gatepass to the other world. Then I finally asked, "Sir, how does Heaven looked like?!"

At last, he answered, "Well, heaven is a place wherein you can't experience pain nor suffering. It has two levels because it's overcrowded nowadays.., Oh Renz, it's time to go, just do good in your studies and be a good student okay? promise me?"

And I replied, "Yes sir, I will". He gave me a smile, once again, then disappeared.

When I woke up, I suddenly realized that it was just a dream. Then I went to the calendar and lately I realize that it was his 36th day after he passed away. The question is, Why me? I mean, we're not that close or is it just a pure coincidence though?

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Pose for Graduation

March 24, 2007 (Saturday) - the date of our Graduation!

This day marks my day. Nah! It's the only time to pose in my graduation picture (quite dreadful and it destroys my schedule!). Well I woke up late again this morning and I realize it was 11.30am! I had to meet my classmates in the National Bookstore by 1.00pm, and just to think that our house is 1-hour away from downtown! Oh well, I need to hasten my bath time, and etc. Manage my time though. So I left the house quite late, about quarter to one and I arrived at the mall approximately 1.30pm. 30 minutes late is not good though. Then we had our pictures at the City Triangle, just a mile away from the mall. So we took our graduation pictures and the pictures would be developed by 3 to 4 weeks. It was kinda bitin because the photographer only gave us two shots! Mind you, but I like my pose too! Likewise after pictorials, we went back to the mall, window shopping (like what I've written in my previous posts that I don't have enough money). Then we ate at KFC and mind you, I ate like a pig! So much that I spent 100 pesos in this restaurant. I arrived at home around 6.30pm.

Don't worry I'll post my graduation picture once the picture would be developed three weeks from now.

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Friday, November 03, 2006

We're All in this Together!

Juana Josefa Cipitria y Barriola
Founder of Hijas de Jesus
31 May 1861 - 9 August 1912

Last July 28, 2006, it was Friday. The weather was fair it's the bog day for me - the eliminations for the Mother Candida Song Composition! I was the composer and the arranger for this year. I was quite nervous at that time because from the 3 other sections, their song composition was also that good. That's why, I my hands are damp, as if they are not ready for the presentation. Before the presentation, our president, Alvin had a briefing regarding the presentation. And my guess was right, he made a last-minute change regarding the introduction. Yes we all obeyed him and we're all serious at that very moment. Somehow, my heart palpitated but I said to myself that I could do it. So, we went to the gym and I was surprised and it added my nervous. Too many audiences perhaps! The gym was crowded with enthusiastic and excited audiences, most of them are in third year and worse, they cancelled there PE class just to watch our presentation. We were the 4th presentor though. First presentor is Turquoise, followed by Diamond, third is the Carnelian and fourth is Chrysolite - my section. All of them showcased there talents and when it's the time for us to present, the intro was kinda a flop. But as I pressed the keyboards, everything followed. They all clapped and cheered to us because our presentation was kinda a Miss Saigon style or something similar to that. And as the presentation concluded, we won the first place and we're gonna represent the whole 4th year in the upcoming Mo. Foundress Day held on August 9, 2006 at the same place.

We all laughed and congratulate each one another. Some made a handshake on me, thanking me that our section won because of me. (Cheers!). I'm prous to myself because for the second time around, my melody or my song composition rather won again the first place. Somehow, I showcased my special talent to everybody.

And today? I had formulated a catchy tune for our graduation. Hopefully, it would be our graduation song. ^_^

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It's me!

Definitely, it's kinda obvious that I'm vain!

posing like a jerk! with my various awards in my school

I took this picture around 1am. Mind you, I'm so sleepy at that time.

So fellas, here's my latest pics from yours truly! Hope to drop me some comments!

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One thing I hate about semestral break is that it is quite extravagant! Spend here and spend there is what I do this sembreak. One is that I got addicted with this blog and I spend in the net cafe about 30 bucks (pesos) per day, welll good thing is that I only spend my internet expense only 2 days ago. And my savings? from 550 pesos now it slumped to 310 pesos. Could you imagine that? Oh well, what shall I do?! Perhaps, Christmas is near then my money hasn't reach four digits. The solution?! Hunger strike - No, no, no! That's a desperate solution, I guess. I don't care if I spend most of my money to food and drinks as long as it is worthy. I mean, if I will not eat, then definitely I could develop stomach or duodenum ulcer which costs another headache - money! Well money is the source of evil, that's what my Economics teacher had said. She's right though. And how about budgetting?! Shoot! I guess budgetting is the number one source of headache. Some people had severe migraine due to intense thinking of budgetting. And budgetting is good and evil. Good because it saves our money but it is Evil because it sacrifices our own wants and needs and there's a tendency that we apt to spend our caprices rather than the basic necessities in life. Oh dear!

Well I guess being I should be careful with my expenses and save 20 bucks a day when class resumes. That's why, one reason I like class days because there's a daily allowance of at least 50 bucks! Good Lord!

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Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda

When I was in my first grade, I was assigned to be Rizal's impersonation in commemoration of Linggo ng Wika. Actually, my first grade adviser rehearsed me everyday and take note that Saturdays are included. I remembered that everyone was excited and nervous about my play. But for me? It was like a game, reciting in front of thousands of audiences. Somehow, I expressed my feelings in the stage as I present the way Rizal does when he was still alive. It was kinda like a remake of little Rizal perhaps. Other sections had a representative too but other Filipino heroes like Andres Bonifacio, Lapu-lapu, Teodora Aquino and many more. Somehow, I managed to be the first place. In fact, the ribbon is still intact, posted in my room. It's just like I realized that I could do anything even impossible in my dreams.

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Confessions of an Asthmatic

Even as a child, I'm an asthmatic. My mom noticed it since when I was a baby. She first noticed that I'm allergic in a milk named S-26. I'm allergic to soya milk. So she swithced into Gain. I drink that milk up to 4 years of my age. When I cry, I can't breathe. So, my mom and dad went into the state of pandemonium. One day, when I was in my first grade, during the Filipino and Sibika Day, My lungs, as if they compressed with one another that I couldn't breathe afterwards. So my mom and dad rushed me to the nearest hospital and gave me a medicine and I was nebulised. Somehow, I recovered immediately at that time. The doctor, my dad's classmate and his friend, even scold him that he can afford to buy lots of cellphones but he can't afford to buy me a nebuliser, which in return, my life saver. Nevertheless he bought me a brand new nebuliser fromt the pharmacy. So everytime I had my asthma, all I need to do is to get my nebuliser and had my sessions on it.

Another thing that really annoys me is this: I'm really allergic to seafoods (except fish)! I really envy someone who eats shrimps, calamares, pusit, and shells. Crabs are very lethal to me, perhaps. They said that it's yummy and delicious. They also said to me that I should start to eat seafoods little by little so that my system would be used to it and I wouldn't be allergic to seafoods anymore. But I couldn't blame myself, still, a little amount would cause tremendous and lethal effect to me. First, my ears would get itchy, as if something is walking inside my ears, then my throat gets itchy too and the last stage, the most lethal is that I couldn't breathe. Somehow, if I noticed that I had the first symptoms of allergic reaction, definitely, I would eat sugar as first aid. Oh, before I forget, my lips would swell like a crazy flower. I look like a clown though.

I hope that I would be immune to these delicious foods when I grow up, eventually.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Music for Relief

At least nobody could live without music, am I right? For me, music is kinda a good addiction. Music is a remedy for stress and for a tired mind. Sometimes, I tend to lock myself inside my room and listen to good music. And take note, I'm a pianist so I love to listen to classical, pop-rock, jazz and any kinds of music as long as it is soothing to my ears and my mind. Second, I can't live without my keyboards. Seemingly, there's no day that I wouldn't touch my keyboards. My keyboard is my life - my partner and it can be my wife. Nahh! Just joking again.

I could hardly imagine life without music. Melancholy, for sure, would dominate the ears of human race nad worse, LOVE can't be fully expressed without music. I can compose good melody if I'm sad, happy or in despair.

Definitely, music is a gift that nobody could replace. Although, I didn't sing nor dance, but my life is based on music (as if?). Without it, I'd rather kill myself and go to the heaven to listen some of the angel's harp.

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Is Your Faith Strong?

Last October 31, 2006 is the eve of Halloween, whooo! Finally, I've watched the movie, The Da Vinci Code! I've been dying to see that movie since May but due to its high restriction rating (R.18), I couldn't watch the movie. I'm quite excited to see that movie because I've read that since when I was in 2nd year. Critics and even the church had a hard time to encourage people not to watch this movie for it is a faith buster, well is it? Conservative groups in the world had a plan to ban this movie, I think this movie is great! From its effective actors and actresses like Audrey Tattou, Tom Hanks and many more.

I started to watch this movie at 11.30pm and when it ended, I didn't realize that it was 2.10am! Now, so much for that. What I can say is that the movie is great and it doesn't deserved to be rated as R.18, it must be PG.13. And my faith is still strong to God, our Saviour and to Mary despite the controversies behind the Opus Dei and the mysterious Priory of Sion. Somehow, I managed to get a goodnight sleep but I guess that the movie is not really that disturbing. Is it because I'm totally distracted by Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tattou) ?! Coz she's really beautiful. I guess Ron Howard chose her as the role of Sophie because she's the only surviving bloodline of Jesus Christ in which Mary Magdalene had a good looks. I don't know, but she's really effective.

I'm really hoping that there's a movie of Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress and my favorite Dan Brown novel, Deception Point.

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Have a Holiday!

For ordianry workers and employees today, this day is NOT a holiday! Definitely! I don't know what's inside in our dear president. Maybe she's schizophrenic! nah, just kidding! But for us, students of SMAD, it's definitely a holiday! We were enjoying in our week-long celebration, that is the semestral break! Here's some pros and cons about sem-break:


-No more worries about the studies and projects
-No more sleepness nights on tedious homeworks! At last!
-No more annoying classmate or seatmate that keeps on annoying me during class hours! Thank God
-I can sleep for more than 12 hours!
-I can sleep whenever I want as long as I do some chores in the house. Sniff... =,c
-I could definitely watch the TV after it's month long rest period. (*Do tv's have life?!)
-I could surf the internet without limits! Yeah!
-I could text my friends and classmates wherever I want to.
-No more annoying teachers that keeps on pondering me about projects and stuffs.

But in every advantages, disadvantages pairs up to it.


-No daily allowance. Christmas is already near! And My savings is still 400 pesos! Oh no! I need cash, really.
-You can't see your crush for a week (Come on! admit it!)
-I can't talk to my classmates about the latest happenings. I'm a social animal kiddo! It's like, it's totally different when you talk personally to your friends rather than texting your friends regardless of countless smileys in the messages. =)
-No more cool stuffs and happenings! Well, it's boring when your stuck in your crib, right?!

Before I write in this post, I don't know what will I write or type. But thank God! I came up with this idea.

By Monday, classes will resume and here we go again, the life of a hardworking student! Periodical Test would be returned by Monday, hopefuly and I can't wait for the results! Hopefully, my lowest grade would be at least 88 or 87.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

United We Stand, divided We Fall

As a teeneager, everyone ahd the right to be perfect and to be perfected. Now what's the connection in my post today? Nothing! Nah, just kidding! Well, As a highschool student, this, we consider as the best part of life! Know why? It's because it's full of first times! Like first time to cheat, first time to be in loved, first time to have choochoos and many more.

Let me relate this in my highschool days - my 2nd year life to be precise, so far, the best highschool life compared to the three. Well here are some pictures (above) during my 2nd year life! Here are some highlights during my 2nd year life:


My intelligent classmate, Jeannine, joined the oratorical speech about conserving and proper use of water. This event was obviously sponsored by the Davao City Water District. The said event was held at the University of Southeastern Philippines Campus, just a mile walk from our school. But sad to say, she didn't won but all can we say that she deserved to win.


We had our recollection held at our retreat house. Well it was fun yet exciting. All we do was to doodle and fool around the camera! Smile for cause!! Nah. just joking!


It's time to depart ourselves and be prepared for the next challenging life, the third year life! We had fun in there, and our party was held at the Forest Hill located at Matina Pangi. We ate lots of food and we swam in the pool from morning till night! It's kinda obvious that we're dead tired when we took the picture during the night! It's kinda memorable and I could remember this funny incident: Domz, despreately borrowed the swimming trunks of the lifeguard and worse, the lifeguard borrowed his swimming trunks to him. Talking about hygiene!


This is one of the most memorable christmas party that I had experienced in my life. You know why? It's a foodless xmas party! It all started that our president had a tiny mistake regarding the deliver of our food and take note that the caterer is our classmate. All's well that ends well. We didn't eat but thank God, the other sections offered us some foods which made our stomachs not quite upset though this christmas is a memorable one.


It's our themesong from the song, One. It's a Christian song though it touched our very own hearts, thinking that we are united. This proved our unity when we won the first place to the poem recitation about communication during our English Day. What's more? We bested the 3rd year and even the 4th year! We cried in joy when our section was announced as the first place. In the Mother Candida Song Composition (which I was he pianist and the composer for the melody), won second place. We thought we were the first place but we had a big fight in our music teacher because our props was so extravagant. So we landed in second place but that's okay in my part!

In life, there's always ups and downs. Thank God, we surpass all trials in our 2nd year life. We cried in our last paraliturgy because we all know that the next life would be totally different.

Adios amigos, it's time to say goodbye! Don't worry, I'll create another post regarding my memories.

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Todos Los Santos

Todos Los Santos - All Saint's Day in Spanish

All Saints Day marks the Filipino's tradition in going to their respective cemeteries. It can be a public cemetery, a private memorial park or they just invite their relatives in their homes to have a prayer vigil. Sometimes, it can be a family reunion. But before this day, people from different parts of the nation went home to their respective provinces. Those who were in the north were the most unfortunate because of Super Typhoon Paeng (Cimaron as its int'l name) with a wind ranging from 200-240 kph. Today, it is located at the China Sea, gathering some forces to become super typhoon again heading towards Vietnam.

I woke up early - 7.00am. That's way too early compared to my normal "wake-up" hour, that is 11.30am. My sleep is only 5 hours because I slept at 2.10am. It's because I watched the most controversial movie of all time - The Da Vinci Code. For me, the movie itself doesn't deserved to be rated as R-18, there are no bold scenes there (except for the butt exposure of Silas), but in general, it deserves to be PG-13. Oh well, what can you expect in a conseravtive country.

Back in the cemetery, what I do is this:

-blessing to my aunts, uncles, grandmom and granddads present there. In our culture and in our own tongue, it's the sign of respect to the elders. Mano Po to be precise.
-eat as many drumsticks as I could!
-all day texting to my friends and classmates!
We lasted in the cemetery for almost 3 hours, despite the scorching heat of the sun. Everything in the cemetery was organized and tight security and reroutings are follwed accordingly.
So, I hope all the souls today are happy! Perhaps, it's there day today!

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