Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kwento ni Juan

Apparently, the demise that I'd experienced yesterday was compensated by the events that occurred since eight in the morning.

First, we had no class in MST6. No, Doc Obsioma hadn't arrived in our room and it was already 8:50 in the morning. Take note, we had this simple university rule which states that a student reserves a right to leave the classroom if the teacher fails to arrive in the room fifteen minutes after the designated time of a certain subject. Fifteen minutes for a one-hour-and-thirty-minute subject, ten minutes for a one-hour subject and 30 minutes for a three-hour subject. And yes, we left the room and headed straight to the canteen.

But a minor problem appeared later in the afternoon, I forgot to print something important in our Ecology lab report. And yes, good thing my house is just 15 minutes away from UP. Thank God.

And yeah, the SMM (Society of Math Majors) conducted their annual Math Mania at the "historical" Lorenzo Hall of UPMin. Yeah, it seems to be a tradition for the three of us (me, Aidz and Mikko) to join any quiz bowls in our school. Last year we joined Math Mania 2007. We fortunately bagged the second place. This year, for the second time around, second place pa rin kami. Hahahaha. Last sem, in the annual Talisikay 2008 Quiz bowl, sponsored by the UP Omega Alpha Frat-Soro, we got the second place. Lol. One main reason on why we venture to this kind of mental adventure - TO GAIN MONEY. Hahaha. Sayang, if only we answered France instead of Germany, we could have savored our ultimate victory. But hey, the ComSci Freshies were wicked. :))

Always remember: Nicolas Sarkozy is the current president of FRANCE, not GERMANY. According to Joie, he's the president of Czech republic. His name didn't sound like Fran-shwa, She-shwa-Vugou-she-avevwa-shou-shwa. His name sounds like of German origin, or CZECH-ish. Hahahaha. :)))))

And yeah, we ended our day, or shall we say, the night in a local Bakeshop near the university. We ate donuts, drank pepsi and talked anything under the sun. Bonding moments kumbaga with others. Lol. It was such a fantastic day.

And yeah, I'll not sleep in the CLASS, especially in AH6 (Visual Communication Arts). Ayoko nang ma double-dead-meat sa class ni Prof. Escano. T_T

Monday, November 24, 2008

I think...

I think...

The best decade of all time was the 80's. I love the music of the 80's.

I think...

Seventies is.. chaotic. Thank you Marcos, wherever you are.

I think...

The best decade for teens is the 90's. Clubbin' and groovin' to modern discotheques is one of the night activities of teens during this decade.

Today? They'll just stare in a small thingamajig that has the power to broadcast your face all over the world, regardless how dangerous it is.

I think...

I think...


Every Morning. Tuwing Umaga

The first week of Biolympics is already through yet I can still feel the aftermath of this strenuous yet exciting event. My arms hurt until now. Apparently, I can still feel the dull yet prominent pain since I joined three parlor games and it required physical stamina and strength. I, on the other hand didn’t possess the two important things in man’s life.

I used to think that it’s not important to me but I know from the start that it’s actually vital and it can also serve as a life saver. Labo… Sabaw…

Alright, so I must have a regular exercise everyday. I MUST exercise everyday. Walking around the 204-hectare campus of UP isn’t enough. Ugh. =|

Five pounds of dumbbell…a pair…multiply by two…ten pounds… one hundred rounds every morning… ACK! WTF??!

I think overdose na ako sa “mental exercise”. Too much isn’t good on one’s health.

Ugggh damn it. Give me a break. I need to sleep…

(Not in the library, of course. LOL)

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Sometimes I feel all alone

And then I cried all night long
Leave those unwanted thoughts along
And now I'm waiting for your call
And now..
The light is shining through our way
The sun..
Will not set through the horizon
And now..
Your humble presence made me say
That I..
Should stay with you forever
I thought my hopes are all vague
I felt the sharp and searing pain
But then you came and paved the way
And changed my life from apathy
The stars are shining on to us..
Sail to our wildest dreams..
'til the end of time

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Of Pens and Papers

The joys and misgivings that I’ve experienced back in high school shaped me into a better person – with higher self-esteem and confidence. One of which was when I joined the Regional Schools Press Conference.

Three years ago, I decided to join as one of the writers in our school paper. I applied for the position of Feature Writer/Editor in English. And so, I just wrote something about the school. Days later, the results were posted and of course, my name was there. But then, everything was not on a smooth sail since I was assigned to be the school paper’s Sports Editor in Filipino. Heck, I’m not that doting to sports! Also, I have to write pure Tagalog/ Filipino in my articles, which one of the things that I hated to do most. It’s just there are some Tagalog words that don’t have an English counterpart.

And then, I faced another predicament. I was about to embark on an annual contest – The Division School Press Conference. I was a bit nervous and my writing material wasn’t that great. I think, the thoughts were not arranged and the article I wrote was not coherent. Talking about disheveled ideas messed up in a clean sheet of paper. It’s a slipshod.

And so, I didn’t make it to the Regionals. The hell I care, it was a fun experience though.

After a year, my school paper adviser transferred me to the English Department. I’m still a Sports Editor but thank God, I can now write in English. It’s like I can fully express my thoughts when I write in English. So, jotting those exaggerated sports terms would be a breeze. And then, I reentered the Division level and bagged the fourth place, eventually lambasted more than sixty aspiring Sports writers. I was a bit shocked when I learned the results since I was not there in the awarding ceremony. I was attending a quiz bee that time, sponsored by Davaoeños in UP Dil.

And so I qualified to join the Regional Division and I must be focused with it.

Another round… We spent three days and two nights in Tagum City, approximately 50 kilometers north east of Davao City. There, our school paper adviser coached us (yep, four of us were qualified in the Regional Division). Sadly, I didn’t make it to the National Level, which was held in Baguio City, only went to the final round, which happens to be my good friend, Fredreich Layno.

But hey, the experience was valuable. Never in my life had I aspired to be a Sports Writer since I’m not fond of that field. But hey, I guess I do have a potential to be a good Sports Writer, err, I guess.

For those who will join the RSPC, Good luck! Bring home the bacon!

PS: Saan iheld and National School Press Con 2009?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Team Hongkong

I’m not an AXN subscriber which made me unable to watch The Amazing Race Asia. Thank God, there’s YouTube. But no, due to copyright infringement, they removed ALL videos related to TARA. Isn’t that GREAT?

Heck, I still found a light despite the abyssal sadness. Thanks to daily motion.

I haven’t watched the last episode of TARA 3 for obvious reasons, though I have finally known the latest TARA winner – SAM AND VINCE! Hurray for Team Hongkong! Personally, I like them more than Geoff and Tish. If I weren’t a Filipino, definitely I would not give my full support to Geoff and Tish. Lol. Just an opinion.

Alright, so the third season of Amazing Race Asia was coined as: THE TOUGHEST RACE EVER. Indeed, the challenges were all, uhm, demanding – both physically and mentally. I can already feel the stress within the racers. Imagine, more than 36 hours of no sleep, food will definitely make the teams to lose their temper and concentration easily. Nevertheless, the second season was THE BEST. Marc and Rovilson was the strongest team that I’ve ever seen in the Amazing Race. They’re so fantastic and funny. Terri and Henry, the other Filipino Team made the race even more exciting! Terri is fond of shouting to her husband. HAHAHA. It was waywardly funny, I tell you! And oh! Because of Paula Taylor, One of Thailand’s fêted young celebrities motivates me to watch TARA 2 over and over again. I am really enamored with her beauty. PERIOD.

Aside from the teams, the locations were also stunning. My favorite part was when they went to Frankfurt, Prague, Budapest and South Africa. Wow. And I sound like Dora, the Lakwatserang Negra. Ooops.

So yeah, once again, congratulations to Sam and Vince!

Team Malaysia won the first season.
Team Singapore won the second.
Team Hongkong as the latest winner of TARA.

I just hope Team Philippines will win in the next season. At least for the past two seasons, they have made it to the final three, and that’s already a big accomplishment. :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Supermassive Craphole

After some senseless entries, I’m finally back and I’m quite confident that this entry would be quite sane, at least. Well, I just hate myself of waking up late. I don’t have a seven o’clock classes this semester though but still, I have this disturbing tendency of being late, even if I am only 10 minutes away from UP. Sigh. But heck, I still have to discipline my ass.

And yeah speaking of school, I found this semester to be more enjoyable than the previous one. Ack, I hate my schedule last semester. Sucker! Aside from having a wonderful schedule, my subjects were more interesting. Genetics, Biochemistry, Invertebrate Zoology and Ecology didn’t bore me to death, compared to last sem’s Organic Chem. HAHAHAHA. Oops. I just hope the trend would not change and my interest in these subjects would still remain ‘til the end of time, hopefully.

Oh yeah, I never thought that the Amazing Race Asia 2 will make it to the DVD flea market (you know what I mean). When I asked Ate Tindera last weekend, she just gave me a befuddled face and started to delve with the cabinets in her store. After 30 mega jiffies, she held a copy of Amazing Race Asia 2 (comes with the whole season of The Amazing Race 12). Even if the DVD lacked 2 episodes in the Asian edition, it’s still worth it (and I’ll just download the three remaining episodes in torrent). As an avid fan and viewer of this award winning show, I sometimes reverie that someday, I would race together with my future teammate. Though, my future teammate still remains a mystery. :)

Oh yeah, there are plausible reasons on why I love the second season more than the third.

First, Marc and Rovilson, the unbeatable Filipinos of the race. The reason is simple - it makes you proud to be a Filipino. But their greatest flaw was the flags of different countries, the last road block. Damn it, they should have won the race if Marc did the road block task. But that’s okay. They were all winners since it’s just a once in a lifetime opportunity, being the part of the cherished reality show.

Second, I just love Paula Taylor. She’s half Thai and half Australian. Obviously, if the Asian ethnicity and blood combines with the genetic material of Caucasian during copulation, it would acquiesce to a beautiful offspring. I adore Paula Taylor’s beauty. I am gravely enamored with her splendor. Her eyes… Her captivating smile… Her aura exudes quietude. I was a bit surprised when I saw her commercial in Rebisco Healthy Crackers. I like the way she spoke the product’s main tagline: Muuuhh-suhrap muh-ging healthy. Ang cute! She had a great similitude to Ina Raymundo. HAHAHA.

(Paula on the left - petite and pretty)

(She had a zit on her right eyebrow. But heck, she's still pretty. LOL)

I’m excited to see the Malaysian Mom’s bittersweet demise. HAHAHA. I just don’t like them, most especially Diane. Ugh.

Alright, Biolympics will start this Sunday and I don’t have an idea on what’s in store for us!

Hmm, I think this would be my first time to join the annual Biolypmics, where Biology students of various universities in Davao (UP, Ateneo, etc) will compete through different events such as in the field of sports, quiz bowls and more. I should compose a song and finalize it by tomorrow. Shoot. I just don’t understand why the criterion for the original song composition (Battle of the Bands event) didn’t have a theme. That’s quite difficult to judge! I mean, the world is a profound place. I can’t create a song out of profanity, for Christ sake, that’s rude! But hey, hope my secret motivation will work. Sigh.

Okay, so I’m dealing with the abnormal weather in my place. Crap.

BTW.. Muse is LOOOVE. Supermassive Blackhole is the coolest song I've ever heard in this band. All hail to the MUSE!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Next - Michael Crichton's LAST Novel

Next is Michael Crichton's latest (and unfortunately the last) techno-thriller which tackles mainly about issues in the field of Genetics, particularly in Gene Therapy and Genetic Engineering. Science embarks in a profound world per se, but sometimes science doesn’t answer all of man’s demands and queries about life. In this novel, Crichton presents different kinds of persona, ranging from a head Geneticist of an infamous Genetics laboratory to a talking transgenic “humanzee” and parrot, which can solve mathematical problems. You may be surprised that at the beginning of the novel, there are so many characters introduced in every chapters of the book, but after some pages, you will learn that all of them are circuitously related to each other. He tackles different kinds of ethical issues which emanates from one single problem.

This novel attempts to explain the moral issues in Genetic Engineering, tainted by commercialism. Nonetheless, Crichton does not only present the possible demise of mankind, but also throws in a few kicks and lots of furtive humors.

Science can be the answer of man’s daily problems in today’s time, but it can be the cause of mankind’s demise.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Joys and Qualms

Like almost everyday, I always reverie that I would excel in all of my subjects in a semester. The plan went well until I encountered a 16-year old quandary – I have this obscurity of waking up on the right time, even if the alarm clock keeps on beeping for like every five to ten minutes and even if my sleep is ten hours. I just don’t care about it, until I grasp that I’m an hour and ten minutes late for my first class. Too bad, I missed my first quiz in Biochemistry and I vow not to be late again on that class.

Speaking of Biochemistry, I am starting to love this subject. Since last semester, I sometimes think that Biochem’s harder than Organic Chem. I was on the verge of failing Organic Chem, until Melamine saved me from this trepidation. And poof, my first tres registered in my TCG. But no, I would always look forward for the new lessons in Biochem. I’m really happy when I fully understand those lessons that I once believed that they were exceedingly intricate.

Enough of the acads, let’s talk another thing.

For like, uhhm, after thirty years, PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical Astronomical Services Administration) issued a public storm signal no. 1 throughout the Davao Region, of course Davao City’s included. I woke up at around 4 am and noticed that it was raining so hard. I thought it was just a normal rain and I just went back to sleep. When I finally woke up, it was still drizzling and the dark clouds scuffled its way into the bleak horizon of east. The rain was in climax by noon and it was damn cold. I was quite excited by the public storm signal across the city since I didn’t experience strong winds and rain that last for at least two days. Usually, strong winds and rain here in the city only last for at least two to four hours. But no, by 5pm, PAGASA rescinded the public storm warning since Tonyo was moving northeast and expected to have a landfall in Surigao, Butuan or CDO area. Rain is still expected in Davao by tomorrow until Sunday morning.

Typhoons are becoming more erratic than before. Shoot.

Oh yeah, I have just recently discovered that strolling alone in the mall allows my body and mind to relax. Why does a man’s shirt costs more than a woman’s shirt? I mean a good quality shirt for men averages 300 pesos. Women can already buy a trendy blouse for as low as 100 pesos! Ugggh. But hey, two slices of pan pizza, melon zagu and a sour-cream flavored twister fries will make my day complete – SUPER COMPLETE, after three hours of brisk walking.

Okay, I have just recently finished reading Michael Crichton’s last novel, NEXT. It took me four days and man, I would surely miss Michael Crichton. He’s one of the best sci-fi novelists of the twentieth century. Since the semestral break, I have already read six novels and right now, I’m stuck with Category 7. After I finish Category 7, I’ll read Haruki Murakami’s After Dark. After that, I’ll try Tom Clancy’s Red Rabbit. Then I’ll try to read The Other Boleyn Girl and some books written by Mitch Albom.

Great, I have so many books to read, aside from the undecipherable readings and handouts in Biochemistry, Genetics, Ecology and Zoology. At least, this would keep my brain busy and it also stimulates my creativity and imagination.

I’m quite disappointed with YouTube, but hell, they have a point. They have just removed all of the videos that pertained the third season of The Amazing Race Asia. Shoot. The tenth episode was the breaking point of determining the final three teams. Next week’s gonna be the finale. How I wish the preliminary actions for the copyright infringement would have taken place after the final episode. Siiigh. But wait, I just read the episode synopsis from the official website of TARA 3. I guess watching the real thing is better than reading the whole story.

Oh yeah, right now, I’m downloading the second season of The Amazing Race Asia. Lol. I think the size of it is 4.71 GB. I guess I’ll have to wait for at least three to four days before watching the full season. Probably, I’ll start watching it by next Friday.

--And then I met her gaze. Her flickered on to me and smiled. Great! If only I could turn back time… Siiiiiigh

Click the REW button, please…

Thursday, November 13, 2008

[REC] - A Review

[REC] is a thrilling Spanish horror flick by directors Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza. A television reporter, Angela (played by the adorable Manuela Velasco), is covering the night shift of local fireman receives a call about an old woman in hysterics in her apartment. When they arrive, they find something more dour and sinister.

This movie was shot in an experimental “handy cam” point-of-view, like in Cloverfield. What I really like about this style is that the feeling really intensifies as you go on with the movie. It makes you feel that you are actually in the flick, making the feelings and the adrenaline rush more realistic than taped horror flicks, which the trepidation part is quite expected – not a thriller at all! In fact, I find the apartment building to be another factor in the overall stress in the movie. Being isolated in such a small confined space with the infected exudes a sense of claustrophobia.

Also, ambient noises such as the ghoulish cries and moans of the desperate zombies added such impact in the movie. There was no grotesque background music inserted in the flick, which made the film more pragmatic. Speaking of the macabre cries, shrieking cats were also downright frightening! The cat somehow emanated the same way when Emily Rose was possessed by six demons from hell.

The characters, both major and minor delivered their roles flawlessly, in my own perspective. You couldn’t surmise whether if they are just acting or if it’s a real deal! Also, religion played a minor role in this movie which led to the final answer – a grotesque ending. I just want to carp something about this movie – it’s relatively short, about 75-80 minutes. But yeah, it doesn’t matter since the movie was really astounding. Oh, I’ve heard that Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza will direct the sequel of this movie, titled [REC] 2 and will be shown in the year 2009. And yes, Angela Vidal would be possibly alive in the sequel.

The American remake of this movie, Quarantine isn’t that great, according to some reliable sources. One more thing: Manuela Velasco is hot!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My Biochem is every Wednesday and Friday, 8.30 – 10.00 am…

And this morning I woke up at around 9.40…
It hurts big time when you have memorized ALL of the structures, one and three letter representation of the TWENTY amino acids…
And missed the first quiz of the subject…
And I have to say sayonara with the fifteen points…
And I would not let this happen again, especially if it’s our long exam…

DRAT. Strike one for Renzy Benzy!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Blood

Do you know what it feels like to be the first person to recite in front of the class filled with strangers from other planets? Apparently, I was the first victim of this crap during our first class in MST 6 (Biodiversity Challenge).


I haven’t written any notes on the latest news in Biodiversity!

But hey, God is good! Last night, I have just seen an online ad about saving the Piranhas of the mighty Amazon River. That’s it! I just saw the ad and didn’t even pay full attention to it.

Just save the damn piranhas!

But the good side of it was this. Reasons were very apparent, thanks to Globalization, commercialization and pollution.

A great remark from our professor really made my day complete, at least.

So I’m finished with the late Crichton’s Next.. WHAT’S NEXT?? Haruki Murakami’s After Dark? Well, that would be the first book that I’ll read written by a Japanese. I wonder if Japanese writers have the same style with Western writers… hmmm...

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Butt Move

So, if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and found out that you don’t have a class in CWTS (NSTP) and your Zoology professor's sick, the best way to do is this: ride a jeepney and escape from the sinister and eerie silence of nowhere island.

Schmakitty-schmuch, those jeepney conductors are driving me crazy, right Joie?

Anyhow, I recommend you, yes YOU… I’m talking to you… yes you, dear, to watch Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa. The storyline’s simple but it’s a good way to release the accumulated stress from your body. And yes, according to my friend, the second Madagascar movie isn’t that “related” to the first movie. I don’t know because personally, I haven’t watched the first movie. I can’t surmise directly about the coherence of the movie.

But no… a dancing lion, a mob of penguins, a giraffe who fell in love with a hippo, a fish who survives more than three days without water, animals who walk in an upright position, like humans and…and… ack! I’m already spoiling the movie. Just watch it. I love the OST of this movie. I must download this on torrent. HAHAHAHA.

So apparently, we had our “zoology” class at Cinema 2 of SM Davao. And we therefore conclude that lions are good dancers, penguins can thrive and survive in Savanna and your grandma is stronger than a karate master.

This should be a review, but it turns out to be gibberish. HAHAHAHA.

And I’ll try not to update anything for one whole week. Just read those replies and personal messages.


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Vices, Philosophy and More..

If a philanthropist gives me two options whether to have a ten-thousand peso worth of cinema or book, I would gladly take the latter. Books are one of my “healthy” vices. If only the late Michael Crichton wasn’t a genius writer, I would have dumped Jurassic Park in the trashcan almost eleven years ago. Okay, so I don’t blame those good writers, it’s just me. I wouldn’t stop reading a book unless if I have to drink water, pee, eat or sleep. That’s it. I can survive without internet connection as long as I’m confined in a room filled with good books.

You don’t have to give me cigarettes unless I want to commit suicide. Duh, I’m not that type who easily gets depressed on small things, thank God.

I go for the QUALITY and not for the NAME. Dude, what’s the use if the brand of my shirt’s globally famous, but the quality’s low? Now that’s bullcrap.

I don’t drink for one reason: I hate the lingering taste of beer or wine. I opt to drown myself with coke, root beer and coffee. Now that’s cool.

I can stare in the mirror for three hours. I’m not afraid of Esseker and Bloody Mirror. They should be rather scared to me.

I can survive on listening on just one album in more than three months as my source of music. Take this for example: The Killers’ Hot Fuss. For three months, I always listen this on my player and even in the computer.

I love to write, really, even if I know that I’m just wasting the ink of my ball pen.

My handwriting is inconsistent. My style is dependent to my mood.

So what’s the use of making this entry? True, I love to blog even if I know, from the start that I don’t have a purpose on publishing it in the cyberweb.

What you think? Sometimes, being gobbledygook has a purpose. Even the littlest thing on Earth owns a bucket of Philosophy which led to the main reasons of their subsistence.

Try to appreciate little things my dear. Appreciate those eeky things, like the poor cockroach. If you’re annoyed with your little brother or sister, you can use a dead cockroach to fright them. They’re still useful, in some ways.

Okay, so being a scare tool isn’t great.

Forgive me. This entry’s quite strange.
I love to be strange sometimes.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Goodbye :(

In Memoriam

Michael Crichton


The wunderkind behind Jurassic Park, Timeline, Airframe, and his most recent novel, Next…

A big man (literally, 'coz he stands six feet and nine inches!) with a big heart...

He inspires millions of people through his novels…

He points out the destructive effects of the most advanced technology in today’s time…

Michael Crichton, thank you for sharing your wicked imagination and creativity to us.

We will miss you so much.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Out of the Blue

Things are exciting when you least expect it. And when your expectations are high, you’ll eventually get disappointed in the near future.

The former just happened to me this day.

I never thought that I would only have one class, which is Biochemistry. Unexpectedly, we didn’t have our class in Visual Communication. So that spells four and a half hours of lassitude. Great! Good thing, I brought Michael Crichton’s Next, and it really motivates me to study Genetics often. Lol.

And then two-thirty came and still, we didn’t have a class in our Zoology Laboratory. Pakdat was not in the house yow (breakitdown!). And yeah, since it’s not a nice idea to doze myself in the house (since my house is only 10 minutes away from UP) since it’s too early, so I decided to go to SM and window shop ‘til my legs hurt! Hahaha! :) So I just withdrew some bucks in Globe and went strolling in the mall for an hour. I just ate two slices of pizza, drank Melon flavored Zagu and ordered twister fries from a local potato shop in the food court. All things went on a smooth and boring pace until two familiar faces appeared on to my view.

I saw my best buddy Louie together with his mom. And then it hit me... Today, he is celebrating his eighteenth birthday! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Perfect! He was carrying various shopping bags from different stores in SM! And then he immediately offered me a treat: PIZZA PARTTTTYYYY!

As usual, we talked in an endless manner. He too is a loquacious creature, like me! And he hasn’t changed, except for his figure lol. I wish we were complete this day. Sigh. xD

HAHAHAHAHA. I wasn’t really expecting on to these series of surprising events, really. Thank God it’s Friday, ‘coz tomorrow, I’ll watch Quantum of Solace, though I’m not an avid fan of James Bond. Who cares, dad will shoulder it. LOL.

Grab the opportunity. Opportunity to grab. Whatever.

PS: To – I really REALLY REALLY love your comment on to my previous entry, the twilight thing. I really admire the way you express your thoughts, so profound and brave. Keep it up dude! xD Mabuhay ka, ka-isko! :)

5 weeks of being an immortal

Since the third week of September, I decided to join the realm of immortals. Yes, and it felt so great to stay in their world. I used to have a perfect face and my aura smells like a combination of Hugo Boss and the sweet fragrance of Lilac. I used to have the most pristine smile.

And today, I woke up and I realized that my stay in the realm of the immortals had finally ended.

True, the Twilight saga was indeed spectacular. I didn't have any regrets of reading this book even if I got mediocre results in my exams. Perfect. At least I'm still a regular student, for crying out loud.

I first heard this saga from my best friend, Louie. It was summer and I didn't bother searching it on the net or browsing in the local bookstore in downtown. I thought it's just an ordinary Dracula-inspired novel. And then the first semester came and I realized more and more people are reading it. Some of my contacts here in multiply had even posted some reviews about it and I thought of reading this book. Girls go gaga with this infamous "Edward Cullen" and I really wonder why.

Who the hell is Edward Cullen, for Christ's sake??!

Actually I bought Twilight just because of curiosity. Who cares. I don't care if girls outnumbered the guys who read this saga. The hell...

And then, I flipped on to the first pages of the first book.

And I have embarked on one of the most treacherous literary adventures of my life.

I thought I was the only one reading this in school. After a few weeks, I just saw some of my classmates as well as friends from Food Tech reading the Twilight series. I guess Meyer's manner of describing her characters had flocked millions of people to read her novels. I was quite surprise to see my ever-studious friend, Kim to read the novel. It was quite funny to see her, smiling while reading the book.

And so, I bought New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn - hotcakes in the bookstore.

From the four books, Twilight is the BEST. It was my first time to feel the real "kilig" factor. Whatever, it's just.. ugghh, I can't explain it.

So, if you haven't read the series, it's not to late to start on it. And if you can't afford on buying the four series or if the books are always not available in the bookstore, then you can read it in the computer. E-books pare. Though, it's quite illegal, but it's your choice. I prefer to buy the four books since it would last for a lifetime.

--And I really thought Harry Potter would be the last one to be considered as the most astounding story of the world.

Move on, Rowling, 'coz Meyer will rock the literary world.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Best-est Birthday

He’s an inch taller than me…
... And 75 pounds heavier than me.
He’s very chubby when we were still in Nursery...
He’s Patrick Star and I’m Spongebob Squarepants. HAHAHAHAHA.
The Unico-hijo of the family…
The carbon-copy of Mommy Soraya…
Loquacious, funny and loud…
And I was.. I was.. I was.. (remember??!)
My great friend since sixth grade…
One of the chosen people who can only understand my crazy personality…
One of my craziest friends in town…
The only one that I can trust with, even if sometimes he’s prone of sharing some secrets reluctantly...
He loves food.
Lacoste, Toy Kingdom and Artworks are his favorite stores in SM…
Louie Francis Pinili Vergara

You have called me TAE ever since, and I’ll call you BABOY. :P

Happy eighteenth birthday ‘cok. HAHAHAHAHA. =))

I know you can’t read this since you’re not that hooked in the cyberweb. But at least I’ve made a “decent” entry about you. HAHAHA.

You owe me big time dude.

Lazy Dog

It’s already dark, even at 5.30 pm.

And now, I’m beginning to be indolent to create or update a new post in my multiply. But it’s good news! Because tomorrow, I think we will have a quiz in Biochemistry at 8.30 sharp. Gotta change my lifestyle from now on…

I shall make a review on the twilight saga soon. I still have 50 more pages to go before Breaking Dawn’s happy ending. So much for that, kiddo ‘coz I still have to read Michael Crichton’s Next and Bill Evan and Marianna Jameson’s Category 7. It’s a sci-fi novel that deals with Genetics and the latter is also a sci-fi novel that deals with Mother Nature’s imperishable force.

Speaking of the devil, I heard that Michael Crichton’s already dead??! Crap.

Rest in peace, T-Rex Lord…

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Bio is Life

Three high school seniors asked me if Biology is a good course in college. Nice question.

Well, for almost two years of studying (and battling) this course, I must say that Bio is one of the most challenging courses in college (and challenging is very different to difficult).

Bio is a profound course which aims to study different interactions, organisms from the microscopic world to the biosphere (and I mean the WHOLE world, or possibly, the WHOLE universe). It can be quite difficult to memorize all those scientific terms, names and families but I enjoyed it, really. Now I’ll present to you some myths and facts about this course:

a) Bio is easy since you only need to memorize all those things in order to survive.

--It’s a myth. Hell, so what if you memorize all those terms? Memorizing those stuffs are not enough to pass this course. One should have a powerful memory (can be attained if you don’t cram) AND a great analytical way of thinking, most especially in Organic Chem and BioChem. Another thing, one should have a perfect time management in order to meet those demanding reports and exams, unless you want to cram or procrastinate, it’s up to you.

b) Bio is fun (and expensive) since it has lots and lots of field works/trips.

--Actually, this is true. Well it’s not your same (and insane) high school field trips wherein you’ll just have a picnic in a picturesque beach or took some scenic shots from the mountain. Well, aside from doing those recreational things, we also have to record some important things essential in our field trip. If possible, one should have visit different aquatic, terrestrial and some aerial biomes in the planet.

c) If you don’t take Medicine, you’ll end up as a teacher.

--Alright. Being a teacher is a mind-numbing task, really. It’s not easy to teach those adventurous teens, nowadays. But the fact is, you have the option whether to teach or not since you also have a chance to be a scientist, a Microbiologist, a Geneticist, Molecular Biologist, and more. Like what I’ve said before, Biology thrives in a cavernous world of interactions, pathways and organisms and you’ll end up with so many choices of work after you graduate.

d) Bio is deadly.

--For obvious reasons, it is lethal if you’ll end up cramming before the exam. Even two to three days isn’t enough!

e) Bio is eeky.

--Dissecting frogs is a normal routine for us. In our Biodiversity Lab last year, we have killed frogs at an average rate of two to three per week. We also dissect cats and some animals. I know for some it would be the nastiest thing in their life since all those gooey things are exposed. If you have a weak heart, then you’re a dead meat.

The most important is this. If you love science and willing to study about LIFE, then go for Bio.

Remember, do not choose a course if you lack interest on it. For example:

Your mom wants you to take Nursing since it has a promising future blahblahblahblah.. If you don’t like it, then do not choose it. Follow your heart. If you like Fine Arts, then take it! If you love Engineering, grab it! I mean, if you take a course that is against to your will, you’ll end up of having a sad life and it really affects your future career.

So for all high school seniors out there, think twice before choosing your desired path in college. Try reading Robert Frost’s infamous poem, The Road Not Taken. It will somehow inspire you.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Ticket to Geek-oh-landia

Semestral break is finally over, and it sucks big time. I have just enjoyed my break on the last week of the break. Crap.

Say ta-ta to YouTube Marathon, 12 hours of sleep, novel marathon, CS3 (sniff sniff), and those lazy and unproductive hours of staring in front of the wall or talking to my imaginary best friends.

Well, for the past three semesters of my college life, I have done several accomplishments. Here are some:

a) Didn’t attend my table tennis class last year because of sheer laziness.
b) Had accidentally broken a Separatory Funnel worth three-thousand-and-eight-hundred-bucks.

c) Had slept in front of my professor all the time (yet I still managed to have a 1.75 by the end of the semester). C’mon, everybody’s doing this thing.

d) Had my first tres (heck, who cares).

And I had no idea what's in store for me this second semester.

The hell I care, Christmas is coming.


The line in the university’s cashier was very long, at least one kilometer (joke, just exaggerating, but it’s very long), thanks to OSA’s brilliant idea. Chippy went to the clinic since she was not feeling well at that time. So, Carmi and I were left in the line, waiting for our turn. And then after 30 minutes of talking anything under the sun, well just to kill time, Chippy messaged us.

Chippy: Renz, tapos na kayo enroll?

Me and Carmi: Xung chi bai I er wo men tue tien fu lau xer chaw an to xia wo yaw tue ai (then sabay tawa)

Chippy: Pag sure ba. Nanjan si Fred?

Me: Blood is thicker than canal water.

And then after that she replied again, but this time, sineryoso ko na. HAHAHAHAHA.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

WANTED: Team Mate

Since 2003, I’ve been watching this esteemed reality show from CBS – The Amazing Race. I would sometimes shout in front of the tv, the same manner whenever Lolo (grandfather) cheers to Manny Pacquiao when he gives a deadly blow to his opponent.

And three years from now, I’ll be 21 and that’s the minimum age for one to be qualified to register and join on the world’s fastest reality show. Okay, so joining the American version would be that hard, so I opt to join the Asian edition, since I’m an Asian. Lol.

And so, I need a partner. Heck, I can’t do all those implausible navigations and demanding tasks all by myself. My partner should be:

Number One. A girl or a boy. It doesn’t matter as long as we’ve known for each other for a while and we share the same interests.

Number Two. Swift – as fast as Elma Muros or Lydia de Vega-Mercado. LOL

Number Three. A great actor or actress. Whenever we’re stuck at the airport, you can act as if your mother’s dying and you should get our ticket even if the gates are closed, similar to what Jasmine in My Girl had done. Or if you’re acting sucks, you should have this unique charm to catch the attention of bystanders.

Number Four. A Linguist. One should be fluent of at least ONE major language of the world, like French, Chinese, Japanese or Korean. It doesn’t matter if you’re fluent or not in English since it would be pointless if the leg is in Japan, China or Korea.

Number Five. Strong. Alright. I’m just a walking toothpick when it comes to physical challenges. Hahahaha.

Number Six. Has a good sense of humor. Even if I’m already worn out during the race, accumulated stress in my body would be easily removed if you crack some funny jokes, even if it’s nonsense.

Number Seven. Acceptance and Humility. I really hate it when one pretends to know everything but in the end, he keeps on blaming his partner for not giving his idea on the race. Bullshit.


I think that’s enough. Well, you don’t have to fuss if I’m your partner. I have good navigational skills (I’m good on reading maps). I’m quite swift when it comes to mental challenges. I’m not afraid of heights and I am really adventurous. I eat virtually anything (except sea food since I’m allergic to it). Although, I easily lose my temper whenever things are not getting on the right track and I easily get tired if I haven’t eaten any food for more than four hours. And yeah I easily get distracted after performing three to four trials of any tasks in the race.

But no, I’m half-serious about it. One of my goals in life is to join this reality show. I know it would cost a LOT (since there are times that you’ll bribe a taxi driver or anyone just to be ahead on the race), but the experience is the most important thing. Once you’re one of the official teams of the season, it would be a big accomplishment, plus you get a chance to see yourself inside the idiot box!

HAHAHAHA. So, who’s interested? LOL.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sweet nothing

Blogging about my dream girl is highly unusual. I think this is the first time (just browse the archives and read over 690-something entries and prove to me that I'm wrong).

I find Kim-Tae Hee pretty. Oh wait. She's not pretty..


Her acting skills may suck but she's beautiful AND intelligent. She graduated at Seoul National University (the "UP" of South Korea since it's the national university..) with a degree of Fashion Design. I don't know, no matter how hard she try to pose some ugly shots, she is STILL beautiful. How I wish I'll meet someone that has a very close resemblance to Kim-Tae Hee since meeting her would be quite implausible (but who knows, destiny acts like magic).

Okay. Dream on, dork.