Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pampering Thyself: The Beauty of Freelance Work

Last Sunday, I went to the nearest mall with mom and dad. Mom did her weekly grocery thing while dad and I hung out at a food stall near the grocery. Then, I checked my dollar account to see whether the checks have already validated.


The long wait is over!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sh*t People Say in UP Mindanao

I spent my college years at the country's premier university and it was such a privilege. Aside from knowing the true meaning of service and excellence, I have also experienced a lot of things inside the youngest campus of UP.

Photo taken during my graduation last April 18, 2011. Photo by Sam Sanchez

UP Mindanao is one of the most diverse places that I've been to (aside from Imperial Diliman) - people come from different places and walks of life (never mind the countless number of flora and fauna species that thrive within the 204-hectare campus).

 Inspired by Shit Girls Say, here's my personal collection:

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Because I'm an avid fan of Patty Laurel

I have been an avid fan of Patty Laurel since 2007. One cold morning of May 2007, I was browsing some random blogs when all of the sudden, I landed on Patty’s blog. Her blog's tagline was: Come, waste your time with me. What a catchy tagline. I didn't know that she was a celebrity back then (it was later when I found out that she was the host of Breakfast Club, a defunct morning news show of Studio 23). All I know was, she had a cool blog and I got glued by her posts. Her posts were funny and wittily written (aside from the fact that she's pretty).

Since that day, I’d always read her blog. Even if she didn’t update it on a daily basis (or weekly basis), I’d still reread some of her posts. She is actually one my inspirations in blogging. She even replied to some of my comments and most recently, some of my tweets. *blush*

Heh. Fanboi on the loose.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Celebrating Single Awareness Month

February always reminds me (and hopefully not 'will forever remind me') that I am [still] single. I'm turning 22 this year and I haven't had any serious relationships EVER. As in, SSB - single since birth. As in, NGSB - No gelpren sins bert.

Photo credit

Just recently, a lot of my Facebook friends posted something about Valentine's Day, also notoriously known as SAD - Single Awareness Day. It goes something like this: