Thursday, December 31, 2009

A little less than 24 hours

There are three things running in my mind right now:

One, it's almost 4 in the morning and I'm not yet sleepy. Two, I have to finish watching the whole season of House, well the 5th season to be exact. Thirdly, I still can't accept the fact that 2009 is about to end in less than 24 hours.

It's not that I'm sentimental or what, but I just noticed that as we grow old, time runs faster than we have previously thought or expected. Maybe because all the things we do are just already a routine, or cycle or whatever...

I suddenly have this thinking of not leaving my childhood days. I mean, it's fun to be a kid again. But it's crazy if I ACT like a kid. Seriously.

So yeah. Two-Zero-One-Zero. Welcome.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking back...

2009 is almost through and admittedly I have lots of experiences which somehow contribute of making me a better person. Let me just narrate some of them.

January. I together with my classmates in BIO 150 (Principles of Ecology) went to Davao Oriental for a field work. We originally planned to leave Davao at around 5 am but due to some circumstances, we left Davao an hour and a half late. Anyway, that night have changed everything, well at least to some. I have known some secrets from my classmates and the reason behind their annoying personality. Now I understand and know them better. I believe that there’s a reason behind a person’s personality.

February. Another trip again. Again, it was my first time to spend an overnight stay in Talikud Island, Samal. Mind you, the place, which I believe is better than Panay Island’s famous Boracay. Anyway, I regret some of the moments of this trip. It’s just, I’m just too afraid to interact with her. Whatever. But yeah, eventually I learned on how to communicate with her. And right now, we’re good friends.

March. The last month of the second semester. I was a bit worried with my standing in Biochemistry. But I didn’t take it seriously, leading to my first singko. I flunked Biochemistry because of my negligence. It was my first time to experience this. I thought I was a total failure and honestly, my mom was very disappointed to me. Well, thanks to my ever supporting friends, they cheered me up and it took me one week to accept the fact that I HAVE to retake Biochemistry (CHEM 160) the following semester. It hurts, but it was really my fault.

Also this is the month where I finally decided to take Dr. Ruth Gamboa’s research on sea cucumbers as my thesis topic. I was brave at that time. Oh yeah, don’t worry, I don’t have plans to change my thesis topic. I love Marine Biology. I love my thesis work despite the fact that I have to do this all alone.

April. I tried to resume my online business, that is designing Multiply pages. I get paid, of course but I grew tired of it. It’s just, I wanted to have an adventure, you know. Summer classes in UP Mindanao were suspended due to lack of funds. God-only-knows-the-real-reason. Jeez. So yeah, this month, I went to the Airport Tower more often, met the Research Team of my thesis, hang out with my high school barkada, eat, sleep, read books and a whole lot more.

May. I just learned that my good friend, Chippy made it to the US (University Scholar/ Chancellor’s List) with a GWA of 1.31. She promised to treat us some mouthful pizza from Greenwich. ‘Til now, the pizza is but a lifelong dream. *Sigh

June. School again. Oh for Chrissakes. The enrolment was indeed a long and dreary process despite the registration is already available online. Well, I just have to wait for the waiver, which allows us to take Biochemistry and Molecular Biology simultaneously. Oh well. Good thing Sir Toto exerted so much effort. I miss his smile. Also, this is the month where I met the juiciest and loudest batch of BS Biology.

July. I decided to join the Cheerdance competition. I made a promise to myself that before I graduate, I shall join the cheerdance competition. Also, I together with Dr. Ruth’s research team went to the Vanishing Island. There, I met some foreigners who are willing to help to sustain the ecological balance of Vanishing Island. They were so great and brilliant. Unfortunately, July ‘s the saddest month of my life. My dearest cousin, Yayo passed away. It was painful to my part since he died a week before my birthday. I’m going to miss his jokes and emotional outbreaks.

August. I turned a year older on the first day of August. Guess I have to enjoy the last year of teenage life. Sadness once again ruled on this month. Our dear department chair, Dr. Severo T. Bastian, Jr. passed away. All of the sudden, he was gone. The once radiant hallways of CSM are now filled with loneliness. No one can replace his cheerful smile, his dimples and his jokes. But yeah, that didn’t hamper our cheerdance spirit. We, once again ruled the arena! For three years straight, we won the cheerdance competition! God, I miss the feeling of being the champion. :)

September. After all what happened, we went to Initao, Misamis Oriental for our field trip in BOT 150 (Plant Ecology). No words can express how much I love that trip. It was the best field trip (so far). Okay, September was very stressful, most especially when you’re taking ZOO 113 (Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy). I can’t imagine that I survived this subject! Kudos to us who endured sleepless nights just to memorize the pathways of blood, the origin-insertion-action of the muscles from head to toe and the infamous CRANIAL NERVES! Who wouldn’t forget the Y!M conference the day before the second long exam in BIO 101 (Molecular Biology)? Hahaha. Sabaw moments. Glad that I made it to the finish line. Also, I can’t forget Ondoy’s rage. But hell yeah, Filipinos are strong.

October. At last, after two semesters, I passed Biochemistry, well not just passed, but I got a deserving grade. Anyway, the semestral break was a bit short (only two weeks) and I only have limited time to renew my scholarship. But I still managed to squeeze my barkada’s beach outing. Ha! And I won’t return to that expensive beach resort. You know, for every move, they charge you. Ack.

November. Ah, school resumes. Brand new semester, new schedule, new subjects, same old classmates and same old professors. Nothing really happened… ah! I handled so much haters since I joined Tumblr last May. HAHAHA. They’re funny, you know.

December. HAHA! This month is very memorable. I got drunk for the first time, thanks to Animal Physiology lab. And yeah, celebrated Christmas just the way it is, together with my family and friends.

This year made me reflect some of my weaknesses. And through these, it made me a better person. I just want to thank my family for the never-ending support, to my friends who made me realize that life is not a piece of cake, to my newfound friends (both online and real life), thank you for letting me intrude… no… joke… thank you for being one of the best things that occurred in my life. And to the Almighty Father, even if I rarely profess my faith to you, you know I’m thankful that you’ve guided me throughout this year, through the ups and downs and from laughter to tears. I humbly ask for Your continuing guidance this coming year, 2010.

Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Keep on Hatin' this Yuletide Season

No matter how hard you try to be nice, uhhh, wait, let me rephrase that... No matter how nice you are, haters will keep on hating and bashing you with no valid reasons. I have encountered numerous haters and as far as I'm concerned, I didn't do something offensive or whatever things that will somehow cause a few people to hate me.

Here are some reasons why some people hate you sooooooo much despite you didn't do anything wrong or offensive.

1) Mistaken 'identity'. You try to crack a joke. Everybody laughed at it, except for a few. Well, let's just say that you unconsciously do not know that your humor is a bit offensive to someone. The fun begins when those offended people start to send you hate mails everyday. "Hey you fucking retard, that's not funny!" or "SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH THAT WAS NOT FUNNY". People, if you think his humor is offensive, please tell him in a NICE manner.

2) Lots of followers. If you create cool and awesome posts and receives a lot of compliment, expect lots of detractors too. Envy is the primary reason for this.

3) You didn't follow them on Twitter/Tumblr or you rejected their friend request in Facebook and other online accounts. I guess people should understand this. We own our personal blog. We have our own set of rules. It doesn't mean that if you follow a certain person, he/she MUST automatically follow you too. That's bullcrap.

4) You have a happy life. You posted a picture of you and your girlfriend or boyfriend and then you'll receive this kind of hate mail, "PUTANGINAAAA MO ANG ARTE ARTE MO PURO KALANDIAN LANG ALAM MO". Whoa, that is totally rude. So what? I am happy and you're not. LOSER.

Well whatever the reasons, as long as you didn't do anything wrong, just ignore them. Sometimes those hate mails are the source of entertainment. Imagine when you receive a very long hate mail full of profanity and you only replied "K". I wonder what would be the reaction of that certain hater.

This yuletide season, let's share some love, not hate.

Merry Christmas!