Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

It's the eve of Halloween! The last day of October! Yeehah! Although, it's 4 months before March! Noooo! I don't wanna leave my highschool life! I'm not ready for the tertiary life because I know that in college, everything would be serious! From studies to choosing your friends! Yep that's right! But let's concentrate first on the halloween.

Luckily, I'm not gifted to have a third eye! And thank God I haven't seen any ghosts or anything but let me relate you some freaky incidents about ghosts. Well in our former house, it's just like there's a feeling that you're unwelcomed or something and I could see some shadows that pass on my peripheral view. But when I look directly on the direction where the shadow had gone, it just disappear like a Houdini. But despite these phenomenas, I'm still lucky because having a third eye is either a gift nor a curse.

But definitely I believe in ghosts and different kinds of entities and elementals. But I had learned this from my own point of view: We should be MORE afraid for those who are alive than those who are dead. And if some ghosts appear in your eyes, don't be afraid to them. They're just lost, finding a way to where they are destined. We should pray to them instead because they need help from us. And lastly, they will not harm you if you will not harm them in an indirect way like destroying mother earth and things similar to that. Through this they can't harm you. And if ever you feel that they are trying to harm you, don't forget to pray to God. It's the faith that makes our defense strong from those unlikely entities who wish to harm us.

As if I'm a Psychic or what?! I'm not clairvoyant - I'm just an ordinary person, sitting and folling around the corner.. Just joking!
Happy Halloween everybody! May your relatives visit you TONIGHT!! bwhahahahaha! (laugh like Count Dracula as he raise his chalice of blood!)

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Monday, October 30, 2006

To be or not to be..

Today, Super Typhoon Paeng (Typhoon Cimaron as its international name) ravaged the northern part of the Philippines today. Bad news for those who would like to go with their hometowns as they celebrate the All Soul's Day this November 1st. Signal no. 4 was experienced by the towns in Isabela and other places near to it Last night. Places like Zambales, Pangasinan, Baguio, Cagayan Valley, Ilocos and the Batanes group of Islands experienced either storm signal no. 2 or 3.

But here in Davao City? It's soooo hot in here! I think the typhoon managed to sweep all the clouds in here or whatever explanation to us. That's why Davao City is the most livable city in the Philippines. Aside from its land area, we Davaoeños don't experience any kind of storm signals. Though we experienced torretial rains and strong winds but it is all because of Intertropical Convergent Zone (ITCZ) or a low pressure area. I could hardly imagine that even a low pressure area could mean any damage to humanity, how about a public storm signal no.4?! It cost lives aside from millions of damaged property.

I'm lucky to live in Davao City!

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Retreat 2006

RETREAT (re-trit, n.) - a special time to be close to our Almighty Father

Last September 21-22, 2006, that is Friday and Saturday, we had our retreat at the St. Benedictine Retreat House located at the Ulas (after the welcome signboard of Ulas), Davao City. But before that, let me reiterate some highlights before that memorable retreat.
MONDAY - Our adviser had told us some important points regarding the retreat itself. Some of us raised some points that a retreat is a special day for bondings and etc. Until one of my classmate, Camila, the daughter of our counselor raised her point that retreat is a time to be close to God (talking about girl power!). We were awe-strucked at that time and we only realized it after she said that. Then our adviser told us some incident regarding in the past retreat of the Chrysolite class. Last year, somebody brought or shall we say smuggled a bottle of liquor and in the morning they suffered severe headache and some of them vomited during the Holy Mass! So she said that this would not happened again in our class.

TUESDAY - Again, our CL teacher reiterated and added some important points regarding our retreat. He further added that cellphones, iPods, mp3 players and musical instruments are not allowed during the retreat. Also digicams are not allowed. That's why I have limited photos in this post (huhuhuhuhu =,c). Then, he assigned some offerers and readers for the mass this Friday. I volunteered as the first reader.
WEDNESDAY - Our excitement in the retreat was almost devastated because our late Sir Puno, our former prefect of discipline, announced to us that our retreat would be postponed and the Diamond class would have their retreat this Friday. It's because of the scout festival. But we really asked him not to cancel our much awaited retreat and some of us would not attend the retreat if it is moved next week because 1/4 in our class are boy scouts, girl scouts and rover scouts. But then, he changed his decisions and stick with the schedule. Hurray! And this day, it's our long test in El Fili plus the life of Rizal! Luckily, I perfected the exam.

THURSDAY - Stress became the partner of a Senior's life. That's totally true! It's because it's our long test in Physics. Good thing it's my favorite subject plus the topics are quite easy. So, I got 48 out 50 in this exam. And guess what of my mistakes - in the essay! And this day is the audition of the unit cheerdance in preparation of the upcoming Sportsfest 2006 (our name for our Intramurals). Fortunately, I passed the audition!
FRIDAY, THE BIG DAY - It's the big day! Some of my classmates already arrived in their homey attire unlike me, I still have my chucks. Mind you, I had the biggest baggage compared to others. Last minute request for letters is still their. As we enter in the classroom, we received one BIGGEST sermons in our life. Yep, it came from our late Sir Puno. He strongly disagrees on bringing cellphones! Yet our excuse is how about in case an accident occured or an unexpected circumstances happened?! I was so pissed with him and not only me but also my classmates. Good thing, our adviser told us to ignore the warnings of Sir Puno, she will do the rest and she promised that our retreat would be ruined because of that sermon.

When we arrived in the place, we had a mass celebrated by Father Willliam Cajes. But before the mass, we waited for the priest and while we waited for him, Camille, one of my classmate, slipped in the chapel floor and we laughed and snickered. Even the teachers gave her a subtle smile. The reason? High heeled Havaianas slippers! After the mass, we had the merienda and after that, we had our sessions from the priest. We talk about God and everything spiritual. We had our lunch break 15 minutes before 12pm. The luch was quite sumptuous and satisfying. We had a 2-hour siesta but nobody went to sleep. Others talked, others arranged and segregate the letters to the officers while others laughed like a fool - a typical situation of a teenager. Then we had a second session again. We had an activity, that is sharing. We went to the kiosk and we shared but not related to the topic given by the priest. Somehow, I managed to say my report even we didn't shared a single topic related to the sharing. Then, we had the confession, some of my classmates took a bath, others laughed like hyenas in the third floor which can be heard for the entire retreat house! We had a 30 minute-prayer in the chapel. Lights closed and the only source of light is the candle. We prayed fervently, asking for the forgiveness and the salvation of Christ. Then, we had our dinner - another satisfying dinner. 2 hours after dinner, we had our open forum. All we discussed in that open forum is all about bullying. All ended up in a nice manner. A good resolution for each and everybody. It's 15minutes before 11pm when we read our letters coming from our classmates, batchmates and even from the lower years! I received 101 letters. It's midnight and yet we were still active and energetic at that time so my clairvoyant classmate, Alvin told us some terrifying ghost stories. mind you, he's an effective one! It all ended, despite the screams at exactly 2.30am. I slept because I can't take it anymore. My eyes are drooly but others didn't sleep at all. They're awake for more than 24 hours!

SATURDAY, THE RESOLUTION - It's Saturday, we were all required to wake up at 5.30am. We had our breakfast and then a mass. We had our lunch, the most sumptuous of all meals. Then, we left the retreat house at exactly 1.30pm. I went home and slept up to 6.30pm. Even though we had many overloads in schools like projects, the never-eneding quizzes and long test, we still enjoyed our retreat without liquors, cellphones, mp3's and musical instrument.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Save Mother Earth!

It's me again! yeehah!

Last October 20, 2006, we went to the sea to plant 5 mangrove seedlings! could you imagine that! Wicked! Somehow I was half excited because I'm so damn curious with the place. Before we went there, the teachers told us that they had an occular inspection in the place. It was like boracay but not developed. And I couldm't forget what my English Teacher had said to us the day before the planting: "Dump your waste in your house!". We all laughed but her joke was quite serious because there are no public toilets there but if there's one, it's intended only when you urine not to drop your submarines there. Now, when I arrived at the school, I was expecting that many of us would wear these prescribed apparels: boots or shoes, Long pants and a shirt (damn it! of course!). But I was kinda shock when half of my batchmates wearing unprescribed attires like sandals, slippers (no matter how expensive they are), shorts and etc. The reason is that the place is not developed so there are many sharp rocks capable to tear you up! Nah, I'm just exaggerating but the teachers are ensuring our safetiness. So we off and trot to the bus and depart the school approximately 8.30am in the morning after those last minute briefings.

Why is this so? It's because it's a requirement for us to graduate, according to DepEd. The place is located along the mundane shores of Matina Aplaya. Well actually it's an restricted area in Punta Dumalag because it's a Pawikan Sanctuary. A Pawikan, by the way, is an endangered specie of a turtle and out of 7 Pawikan species, 5 of them are located in the Philippines. That's how diversed is the Philippines in terms of animal species. We are required to plant at least 5 seedlings. I'm expecting that the place we're gonna plant these mangroves is that it's sandy and obviously, wet. But that doesn't meet my expectations once we arrived in the breeding or planting place. The place is very muddy! My shoes are all wet and muddy and my pants got soaked with the mud. And it's not an ordinary mud, it's color is red to crimson red. Unfortunately, I was not gifted with a green thumb. I waited for my hardworking classmate Paul to help us dig at least 8 inches so that we could plant our mangroves. Funny thing was the shovel broke into two pieces! We all laughed like silly. After 30 excruciating minutes, we finished planting our mangroves. So we went to the shore, dip ourselves to wash any unwanted dirt in our body. I had no choice but to soak my shoes in the sea. But it was worhtwhile.

Lunch time! We ate our own baon. Some of my classmated bought numerous candies and some of them bought a bucket of fried chicken (thank God!). But my friend, Louie ate his lunch late because we really asked him to cook the pork barbeques for us and he reluctantly accept our errand. We enjoyed the beautiful scenes of the beach, some of them played frisbies (I don't know the spelling) and our Physics teacher played that too. We were all shouting to her to use the correct angle and use the concept of projectile motion! She just laughed. Others snapped some memorable pictures while others just listen to there iPods.

When we arrived in school, we all concluded that the time is too rather fast. At least, even in one day, we saved Mother Earth from those brutal earthlings.

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Confused Dude..

Well today let's tackle about my dreams in my life. Though, enough of that reminiscing those childhood memories, let's review my past dreams.

As a child, daydreaming is COMPLETELY normal. Obviously, when I was a nursery, my dream is yet simple - being successful in my life. It kinda obvious that I don't have any wild idea of what kind of carreer will I pursue when I grow up. Like I said, I'm only 4 yrs. old, all I think when I was that age is to play, to read abc's and stuffs like that. It's much like in kindergarten stuffs and things alike and related to that. When I was in my prepatory days, I dream to be successful businessman. See the evolution? That was stucked until I was in my 4th grade where I dream to be a doctor. No planned specialization yet but as what I've said I dreamt to be a successful doctor someday. When I was in 6th grade, I changed my dream. I dreamt to be a pilot. Sounds weird! But that's true. It all happened because since when I was a child, my favorite toy usually is a toy airplane. Mind you, I have lots of collections im my house. And let me tell you a secret: When I'm bored, nothing to do in my crib, I usually get my model airplane and let it ripped! I mean I play on it with matching sound effects and it's not a jet plane, it's a model aircraft of Royal Brunei and Saudia. But my parents warned me that Flying School is quite expensive and there's a risk that they can't afford it during the midterms just in case I switch my mind. So, to keep on track with airplanes, I changed my mind into an Air Traffic Controller, one who navigates the airplane to the right directions and s/he gives vital information to the pilot even the weather conditions are considered significant. They worked in the airport tower with an 8 hour shift. And to think I had an uncle who is currently the senior Air Traffic Controller of Davao International Airport. That doesn't changed when I was in my Junior High.

Well before we proceed, my favorite subject, actually, were Science particularly Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Geography and World History. In my 3rd year, the lesson is of course, Chemistry. I thought that Chemistry was so hard but thank God, I find it way too easy. I was lucky then because in just one snap, I could understand the lesson proper but for my other classmates, which they hate Chemistry the most, they have a hard time to recuperate the hasty lesson. That's why I planned to take BS in Chemical Engineering because I love Chemistry. Much more to that, I have an aunt, who is also a chemist of the BFAR so when I graduated, I'll have no worries in finding a job in the near future.
But the dilemma is this: My dad doesn't want me to pursue my college in years in Manila because of these various reasons:

1.) I'm not independent even I'm 16.
2.) Life in Manila is totally different from Davao City.
3.) He said that it's expensive in Manila!
4.) He can't assured my security there.

Though he had the point but for me education plays a VITAL role in my life. I mean I know my potentials, I know how to handle pressures especially in studies, I know how to maintain my grades and so forth and so on. My mom said she's cool with my decision but for my dad? sheeesh! he's like a modern day HITLER! Though I'm not that angry with him but it's just like theres a bit of disappointment.

Imagine, I dreamed to be a weatherman, meteorologist, vulcanologist or a seismologist. Maybe it's because I'm infulenced with these movies like Dante's Peak, Twister, The Day After Tomorrow, 10.5 and a lot more. I love to watch sci-fi movies particularly on natural disasters.
I took the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Aptitude Test), the entrance exam of UP wherein my mom helped me in my decisions. Good thing, regardless of such restrictions, she told me that my first choice of school would be UP Mindanao with a course of BS Biology. My 2nd choice of campus is UP Manila with a course of Biochemistry. She suggested that I would take medicine and as Biology as my pre-med course. I could hardly remember what I felt that moment - a feeling of searing pain.. just joking! Well let's get serious. It felt like, I was hit by a bullet or an arrow and made me realize that she was right. I know being a doctor is a prestigious job. Helping those who are in need is my duty. And my specialization? Neurology. I'm kinda interested with the human brain - the nervous system to be exact.

How I wished I could passed the most difficult college entrance exam which is the UPCAT. And hopefully I would be the most successful Neurologist of the Philippines and maybe in the whole world!

GOD BLESS to myself!

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Super Mario - anyone??

Super Mario - one of the hit games of the Nintendo for the past 10 years! Oh well, let me tell you something. I know how to play Super Mario on a Family Computer as early as 2 years old. My uncle exposed me through this form of media. Well he's my playmate in this game and mind you, I'm an expert. I could remember (hey that's redundant!!) that I finished Super Mario up to the World 8 and saved the Princess. Not once, but THRICE. Not only Super Mario that I played in my family computer, but also Tankers, Operation WOLF, Balloon Fight, Arkanoid and a lot more. Well, talking about operation wolf, I was afraid of the pictures and its violent sound. The genre of this game, by the way, is all about war. And I'm not a war freak person as you can see!

anyway, I had fun writing my journals in here! My childhood memories. I hope this would be a life-long bloG!

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My Childhood Memories

As promised, here's my childhood memory entry no.1. I could still remember the time when I first rode an airplane. Yes definitely an airplane but don't expect that it's a Boeing 747-400 or an Airbus series. Yep! The picture on the left is the plane that I rode for the first time. The route was Davao to Zamboanga. It was April 1992 and I was 1 and half year old. A toddler maybe but I could speak as early as that mentioned name. The airport in Davao we used was the Old Airport today, located in Sasa. Let me tell you something about the old airport today. It's haunted by a ghost, obviously! I've read an article in the local newspaper that the airport was haunted by a mere 10 ghosts to be exact and was reportedly seen just outside the terminal building. The remnants of the Davao Airport bombing is still there, the old waiting shed and a lot more. Well enough of that nonsense thing! We moved to Zamboanga because my dad was assigned there. He worked as a salesman in Purefoods I think? All I know is that he worked in a hotdog manufacturing company... Hey! Its Swift! Now I remember. Before the departure bound for Zamboanga, I could remember that my mom and her colleague talking about something which I don't know. She was clutching my hand so tightly because I wanna go inside the xray machine. I was amazed by the xray machine. I don't know why but I was mesmerized by its mechanics. The scheduled flight was delayed by at least 15 minutes more or less. And off we go, we departed from Davao City bound to Zamboanga City!

I was so talkative during the flight. I could remember that many of the passengers are eating Max Candy particularly the Honey Lemon flavor. If I ate that candy, I could remember the aroma, the place during that short-haul flight. Upon arrival, we went directly into our apartment. It was nice though. Marbled floor, two levels and it is quite spacious. My Lola and my Tita (Grandmother and my aunt) arrived in our apartment 3 days after because they choose to ride a ship instead of an airplane. We visited the Pasonanca Park and my favorite place, Dakak Beach Resort. We played in my toy helicopter.

I had a personal helper named Tif (as what I call her). She always follows me wherever I go and she always accompanies me when I played in my playmates in Zamboanga. Frequent brownouts here in Zamboanga. The mode of transportation in this city at that time is tricycle. There are no taxis nor jeepneys in here yet. I could remember that when I do something bad, my neighbor would scare me that there's an asawang (monster) hovering around the community and its likely prey are hard-headed kids - stubborn.

Even at that time, I had self confidence or in tagalog : MaKAPAL ANG MUKHA. Imagine, there's a presentation held at the auditorium of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University then all of the sudden, I went to the stage and dance like a fool. I was the center of various attractions. Giggles and laughters is what I could remember is during my unexpected dance number. Coincidentally, it was my 2nd birthday.

My mom was pregnant to my brother when we decided to pack our things and leave Zamboanga City at once because she doesn't want to give birth to that city. So we went back to Davao City. After that, my father and I went back to Zamboanga but all of the sudden, all flights are cancelled. The reason?? Air Transportation Office declared declared a strike and the ATC's went home, leaving the control tower unattended! No choice but the airport had to cancel all outbound and inbound flights.

Whenever I reminisce this memory, a smile lingers on my face!

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Well my name is Renz Marione M. Bulseco, its my first time to write or shall we say type on this blog. Today is October 27, 2006, 1:30pm and our periodical tests concluded up to this point. At last its our semestral break! YeeHah! For the whole week, im gonna sleep for more than 12hours because this week i have slept at 1:30am just to manage this excruciating exams - periodical tests. Halloween is fast approaching! yeah!! boooOO! Hopefully i'll be scared by those treat or treats and everything. Well as you can see, these are my pictures.. are they?! on the top is my picture recently, well I think I post that in my friendster account three months ago. and the picture in the bottom is my baby pic, isn't that obvious? Anyway, I was 4 months old at that time - chubby, crying and eating like a fool!

I'm gonna post another "story" or as what i promised, my memories starting from my childhood days up to the present. Luckily, I am gifted with a photographic memory. That was nice. Believe it or not, I could still remember my childhood days as early as 14 and a half years ago. That was on April 1992 when I first rode an airplane - a Fokker Plane to be precise bound to Zamboanga City.

Well dude, its already time! gotta go!

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Me, Myself and I

My Profile - *-('c',)-*

Well my name is Renz Marione M. Bulseco, its my first time to write or shall we say type on this blog. Today is October 27, 2006, 1:30pm and our periodical tests concluded up to this point. At last its our semestral break! YeeHah!

well here's my exerpt about me taken from my friendster account:

i am renz marione metran bulseco born on August 01, 1990 - thats Wednesday well let me describe myself!

>i am cute (ahemm..), quite tall coz my height is 5'6 1/2 and am not dark.. quite mputi but not that maputi like a ghost! wahaha

>i know and i love to play the PiAnO! as good as mozart??>i'm wearing a retainer and sumtimes i wear my dorky glasses but i find that cool

>i'm studious and loovees texting especially kung unli but i love to read and read that can make my knowledge to expand

>i love music especially pop rock and i love to watch sensible movies.. but i hate death metal type music cozits hellish..>i'm a straight A student since prep

>i'm frank and im not plastic>i crave for fooDDD! yep! but the fact is my metabolism rate is quite fast and hasty so i dont care bout my figure coz i'm not fat but not that thin as a toothpick

>my favorite subject? uhmm probably recess? nah joke! thats science particularly biology and chemistry, World History, Geography and Astronomy..

>i love to play the piano coz thats my forte but i dont know how to sing and dance.. so nakakahiya!!>i'm friendly and nice (sometimes) but people find me friendly and sociable..

>im serious to others but sometimes my friends tagged me as "kalog" but its true!>i love people that has a pleasant face (hEEheE), nice diction and simple because i hate people that has these personalities: Plastic, samok, flirty, slut, annoying, cheaters and lots of negative traits mentioned..

>But i reALLy HATE BoOoRrRinGG people... sheesh! y did they exist in this chaotic world! i think they're useless..

>i'm attracted to a girl who possess these traits and figures: chinita, mabait, cutie, pretty, kalog like me, simple yet elegant, conservative, as tall as me.. not so thin and not so fat, intelligent

oh.. want to know about my favorites?? let me enumerate!

Favorite Books:

, The Sigma Protocol by Robert Ludlum, The Bourne Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum also by Robert LudlumEleven Minutes, By The River Piedrra I Sat Down and Wept, The Alchemist...basta lahat ng books ni Paulo Coelho..Harry Potter 1-7, LOTR, Goosebumps, Readers Digest, Pupong 1-8, Pugad Baboy, Newspaper (esp. Philippine Daily Inquirer & Philippine Star)...mga novels ni Dan Brown like da vinci code, digital fortress and kay michael crichton like AIRFRAME!

Favorite Movies:

The Devil wears Prada, Spongebob the Movie, 10.5, Highschool Musical, United 93, World Trade Center, The Da Vinci Code, My Sassy Girl(mganda kc ang girl doon), Windstruck, Il Mare, The Classic, My Little Bride, Meet the Fockers, Finding Nemo, Harry Potter series, American pie 1 & 2, American Wedding, DADDy Day Care...MONster INc. (da best).....The DAy AFTer Tommorow...TWISter...Shrek 1...Shrek 2

Favorite Music:

fave ko...at the cafe (windstruck bgm)..., , what ive been looking for, breaking free, stick to the status quo, we're all in this together, start of something new, , closer u and i.....grabe maka-inlove ang song!!!!! special mention to Gino Padilla...Unfaithful..., The Scientist, ...Til they Take my Heart Away.., Californication, 100 years., Breaking Free, When there was me and YOu..Mr. Brightside.....My Immortal (Gregorian Chant)...Out of my League....High...Hung Up...Sorry...Sugod....214....Posible....So Happy Together (Simple Plan)....Bohemian Rhapsody.... A thousand Miles and Out of My League....Hands to Heaven, THE CORRS! like Breathless, Radio, Evrybody hurts, irresistible, pati kay ENYA like orinoco flow, carribean blue, book of days, anywhere is, china roses, on my way home, ay ang dame! makatulog man gud ang songs nya!..........more on classical and pop rock....I HATE rap songs especially eminem!!!! EMINEM sucks dude!

Favorite TV Shows:

pinka fave ko.. Grey's Anatomy series., House M.D., The Amazing Race 1-10, The Amazing Race-Asia, , Princess Hours, Tom and Jerry Kids, Rugrats, The Wild Thornberries, Hey Arnold!, Dora, Blues Clues, Big Brother, The Simpsons, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!!!!......Mr. Bean the animated...News, Bloomberg, business News, Knowledge Channel. National Geographic, CNN, ANC, BABY LOOONEY TUNES, Myx (Daily top ten and myx hit chart), Channel News Asia, All Grown Up, HBO, Cinemax, Lifestyle Network (daming food eh...), Disney Channel, Martin Mystery, Kim Possible, Totally Spies...puro cartoons...hehe... mga forensic science series like CSI miami and las vegas, 24, alias, NCIS, Cold Case, Lost, Charmed, all shows of abs-cbn.., kapuso sucks!!! haha no offense sa mga kapuso jan.., Lost, Amazing Race, Ripley's Believe it or Not, bsta anything bsta lingaw na reality show.. ü

for those who didn't understand my language or whatever.. (just in case dude..), im a filipino, im fluent in tagalog, english (of course!), a li'l bit of chinese and korean, visayan dialect.

after you read this please do leave a comment. keep in touch party people!