Saturday, October 28, 2006

Save Mother Earth!

It's me again! yeehah!

Last October 20, 2006, we went to the sea to plant 5 mangrove seedlings! could you imagine that! Wicked! Somehow I was half excited because I'm so damn curious with the place. Before we went there, the teachers told us that they had an occular inspection in the place. It was like boracay but not developed. And I couldm't forget what my English Teacher had said to us the day before the planting: "Dump your waste in your house!". We all laughed but her joke was quite serious because there are no public toilets there but if there's one, it's intended only when you urine not to drop your submarines there. Now, when I arrived at the school, I was expecting that many of us would wear these prescribed apparels: boots or shoes, Long pants and a shirt (damn it! of course!). But I was kinda shock when half of my batchmates wearing unprescribed attires like sandals, slippers (no matter how expensive they are), shorts and etc. The reason is that the place is not developed so there are many sharp rocks capable to tear you up! Nah, I'm just exaggerating but the teachers are ensuring our safetiness. So we off and trot to the bus and depart the school approximately 8.30am in the morning after those last minute briefings.

Why is this so? It's because it's a requirement for us to graduate, according to DepEd. The place is located along the mundane shores of Matina Aplaya. Well actually it's an restricted area in Punta Dumalag because it's a Pawikan Sanctuary. A Pawikan, by the way, is an endangered specie of a turtle and out of 7 Pawikan species, 5 of them are located in the Philippines. That's how diversed is the Philippines in terms of animal species. We are required to plant at least 5 seedlings. I'm expecting that the place we're gonna plant these mangroves is that it's sandy and obviously, wet. But that doesn't meet my expectations once we arrived in the breeding or planting place. The place is very muddy! My shoes are all wet and muddy and my pants got soaked with the mud. And it's not an ordinary mud, it's color is red to crimson red. Unfortunately, I was not gifted with a green thumb. I waited for my hardworking classmate Paul to help us dig at least 8 inches so that we could plant our mangroves. Funny thing was the shovel broke into two pieces! We all laughed like silly. After 30 excruciating minutes, we finished planting our mangroves. So we went to the shore, dip ourselves to wash any unwanted dirt in our body. I had no choice but to soak my shoes in the sea. But it was worhtwhile.

Lunch time! We ate our own baon. Some of my classmated bought numerous candies and some of them bought a bucket of fried chicken (thank God!). But my friend, Louie ate his lunch late because we really asked him to cook the pork barbeques for us and he reluctantly accept our errand. We enjoyed the beautiful scenes of the beach, some of them played frisbies (I don't know the spelling) and our Physics teacher played that too. We were all shouting to her to use the correct angle and use the concept of projectile motion! She just laughed. Others snapped some memorable pictures while others just listen to there iPods.

When we arrived in school, we all concluded that the time is too rather fast. At least, even in one day, we saved Mother Earth from those brutal earthlings.

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