Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Disney Love

While looking for some covers of the Skyrim theme on YouTube, I came across this video entitled Epic Disney Medley by Peter Hollens and Alex G. I thought it was just an ordinary mash-up of some of Disney's famous movie themes (Aladin, Lion King, Pocahontas, and etc.) but I was really amazed with their exceptional talent. Who would've thought that there were no musical instruments used in producing this video. Instead, the YouTube artists sung it in an acapella way... meaning, all tunes that you hear from this video came from their respective voices.

Amazing performance, right? Geez, wish I had their talent as well. I would've been a YouTube sensation. LOL!

You can actually browse Peter Hollens's YouTube page for more epic acapella videos. Enjoy!

Monday, November 18, 2013


And I just learned that our OJT phase will be extended 'til June of next year (2014), which means that we'll have our permanent facility deployment on that date instead of January 2014, which was earlier promised by our bosses. I have no problem with that. And besides, let's look on the brighter side. Once I get my license, say January 2014 (hopefully, keeping my fingers crossed. Patiently waiting for our schedule on skilled test), we'll start having a differential rate. We'll get the full amount though by June 2014 once we have our permanent facility deployment. Yo shizzle I'm talking about big amount of $$$$$, but not as big as Napoles' ill-gotten wealth. But at least, we have something to look forward this June. Besides, it's just another six months of waiting. Time's really fast these days. On the brighter side #2, it would be easier for me to ask permission to the FIC. Won't be reporting for duty for a few days. I mean, as JOs, we don't have paid leaves, thus it's a no-work, no-pay policy. But it's okay. I won't be gone for a week or two. It's just three days in Singapore. Woot! Singapore Airshow 2014! Can't wait for it! Perfect time to celebrate Valentines with my first love - AVIATION! Haha cheesy.


Anyway, flying back to Davao this Saturday dawn and I've never been THIS excited! Davao is my home and will always be my HOME.

That's it for now.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Washed-out Dreams

Photo by

Super Typhoon Yolanda was undeniably the most powerful storm system on earth formed this year. It had wreak unimaginable havoc in Visayas - Tacloban City had the worst of Yolanda's wrath in Eastern Visayas. I got really worried last Friday, knowing that the 320-kilometer an hour wind wouldn't  just bring just simple damages to a city of 220,000. Some of my relatives live in Tacloban and I can't imagine their ordeal. Imagine, waking up at 7 in the morning and your roof's already gone. Worse, after Yolanda struck Tacloban, communication lines were immediately cut-off aside from electricity. We patiently waited for some news or at least some raw footages about how Tacloban fared.

When daylight broke, the first images and scenes of Tacloban broadcasted on TV and social media was very depressing and graphical at the same time. Seeing the dead bodies along the streets was truly shocking. People in tattered clothes (some of them are even injured) walked along the ruins of what used to be a thriving city, looking for food and shelter, not minding the stench of rotting flesh. People there need food, water, and urgent medical attention but it took some time before the primary road connections in and out of the city got cleared up. Currently, there are no electricity that powers the city. But at least, the communication lines are being backed up by the telecom networks.

I am quite relieved though that all of my relatives were safe and sound; nothing bad had happened to them. I am still hoping that we will all get through this adversary.

My thoughts and prayers go to the Yolanda victims. Visayas will rise again. Philippines will rise again. The Filipino spirit is still stronger and more powerful than Yolanda or any calamity that would test us in the near future.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Brand New Adventure

  1. I just turned 23 last week and yey, got a surprise from my roommates. How sweet of you guys. In the afternoon, it rained so hard and the wind was so strong. But I think I'd receive tremendous blessings before turning 24. Well, keeping my hopes high in my new career as an Air Traffic Controller.
  2. Speaking of career, graduation is just around the corner. I still can't believe that I made it to the finish line!!! Woohoo! Cheers!
  3. I made an article about the seven misconceptions in Davao primarily because I just wanted to update my travel blog. I originally planned to write ten, but I can only think of seven. Haha! I did not expect that it would be a hit. Originally published last August 2, it had garnered more than 11,000 pageviews! I don't know, maybe it's the humor or the truth.... Or simply both? IDK. The article could have been written better, but yeah, tried my best.
  4. I am so happy that we were granted a one week vacation after our graduation. Can't wait to go back to Davao for the nth time. At least, I am going to be there longer. Spending weekends in Davao was not enough and I would always wanted to stay longer.
  5. Just updating my personal blog. Haha!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Gone With The Wind

Probably the worst feeling in the world is when the person you really, really like the most likes someone else. How could the universe be so mean to me? I mean, I have been nice for the longest time and yet... yet... How could this thing happen? I know I do not have the right to complain because we are only friends and all that jazz but you know what I am saying?

Back then, I would always look forward to see her every day. During those moments, I thought I was a teenager again; I thought I wouldn't experience this kilig feeling all over again. Everything went on a blur, I guess. Juggling the two (training and planned dates) has been a daunting task and I must admit that I should have been brave enough to tell her everything; to exert more effort. But who knows?

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Unholy Week

So yeah, four days of vacation was not enough. I wish Filipinos observe Holy Week for more than two weeks, just like Christmas. That would be awesome... but no. It's feels like yesterday when I stepped outside the airport terminal. My hayahay days has come to an end. *cue sad music here*.

I know for the past four days, I was not that holy. You know, I ate lechon on a Holy Wednesday night because I was so fuckin' hungry. Thank God for the spare lechon, ma! And yeah, on Thursday, I went out with my friends and ate a LOT. Even on Good Friday, we went out of the house and searched for a local restaurant. Nakababagot kaya kung nasa bahay ka lang! Gosh, I just miss eating food here in Davao. During that time, I felt like I was the most sinful man on the planet. But gah, Papa Jisas understood me. You know, I have sacrificed a LOT of things when I was still in Manila, so this vacation is just a much needed break for me.

I'll be flying back to Manila in less than 10 hrs. So sad that I won't be coming back to Davao until May.  Can't wait for that!

For now, back to reality. Still have two more weeks before the final check out in Area Control Center. Woohoo! We're halfway there!


Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sipping A Cup Of Coffee On A February Night

I always told myself that I could stand on my own - that I do not need a partner in life, and that having my family and friends is already enough. I haven't had any serious romantic relationship to someone since birth. Some won't believe this. I myself can't believe that fact too! I am smart (ehem). I am nice (EHEM). And most of all, I am good looking (EHEEEMMMMMM). But kidding aside, I never see myself being with my special someone. Truth be told, I am afraid to be hurt again.

Despite the fact of being single since birth, I've had some 'ligawan' experiences (pardon for that ugly term LOL). But all of them weren't successful - friendzoned in today's language, so to speak. Because of those failed "dream-relationship-in-the-making" process, I grew bitter. I grew hating the month of February. I always hate watching couples being so sweet and mushy especially on public places. If I were as insane as Bane (lol rhyming), I would have killed thousands of couples already. 

February will forever remind me that being friendzoned is the worst feeling ever... next to being slaughtered by your college professors. It's emotionally heavy and I will forever carry it. For me, it's hard to move on even if it happened several years ago.

Okay, I guess it's about time to move on and live a happy life.

Happy single awareness month y'all!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

That Saturday Night

I was on a deep slumber when a friend of mine woke me up for one serious reason: a fire broke out five blocks away from our house. Instinctively, I went out to the street and there, I witnessed chaos and pandemonium.

It was not my first time to witness such accident... But it made me realize a lot of things.