Sunday, March 31, 2013

Unholy Week

So yeah, four days of vacation was not enough. I wish Filipinos observe Holy Week for more than two weeks, just like Christmas. That would be awesome... but no. It's feels like yesterday when I stepped outside the airport terminal. My hayahay days has come to an end. *cue sad music here*.

I know for the past four days, I was not that holy. You know, I ate lechon on a Holy Wednesday night because I was so fuckin' hungry. Thank God for the spare lechon, ma! And yeah, on Thursday, I went out with my friends and ate a LOT. Even on Good Friday, we went out of the house and searched for a local restaurant. Nakababagot kaya kung nasa bahay ka lang! Gosh, I just miss eating food here in Davao. During that time, I felt like I was the most sinful man on the planet. But gah, Papa Jisas understood me. You know, I have sacrificed a LOT of things when I was still in Manila, so this vacation is just a much needed break for me.

I'll be flying back to Manila in less than 10 hrs. So sad that I won't be coming back to Davao until May.  Can't wait for that!

For now, back to reality. Still have two more weeks before the final check out in Area Control Center. Woohoo! We're halfway there!