Sunday, February 25, 2007

College here we come!

I could hardly imagine ourselves after we graduate. Well physical changes would apply though, like men would shave on their beards and moustaches, thus stubble would form. Others will get married as early as 20's or even as late as 40's. (Gosh, that's very late.) Others would have their boyfriends and girlfriends in the college years and others would fight and flirt just for a guy. After that, competition isn't over yet. We can't avoid that though when we have our own jobs or whatsoever. Somehow, others would work in a corporate banks, management, with their formal attires, others would work in the hospital as a nurse or a doctor, others would come back to school to pursue their masteral studies or they'll work as a teacher, literally.

I can't imagine our faces after we graduate. Well, it's hard to move on but we have to leave those nonsense and whimsical things that we are fond to do during our so-called memorable highschool life.

College life is very different from highschool. Here we learn more things than we acquired in our 4 years in highschool. It's the time to get serious within our studies. Luckily, extra-curricular activities is not the basis to graduate as cum-laude, magna or summa cum-laude. (Thank God!), though, we should engage some activities in college though. Too much studying could cause such effects which is harmful or even catastrophic.

If in highschool, teenagers fight and flirt just for LOVE, well, here in College, teens in here fight and flirt even more! Also, I observed that college students, well not all are engaged in sexual activities. Afterwhich, it would another headache, thus the desperate attempt is to abort the baby. Poor baby.

Also, teacher-and-student relationships are very rampant in college years. For me, well almost everybody find this illicit act unethical. Heck! I mean, teachers act as our second parents and yet they had this love interest towards the students. It's very harmful and yucky to think.

Another thing in college is that, Fraternities are also rampant in this stage. Through this, many died because of Hazing, most especially to UP Diliman, UP Baguio and Ateneo de Manila. Personally, I don't want to join such clubs of that, it doesn't do any good but harm to ourselves though. But some fraternities are very beneficial to the student's welfare but definitely, I would not risk my own life to join such clubs related to fraternities.

Basically, I'm quite curious about the life in College. It's the time wherein our future depends on our hardwork, determination and perseverance. The good thing in college is that, I have a freedom to choose my favorite interests, such that it's related in my course, which is Science. May gana na akong mag-aral nito especially when I looked my prospectus in UP. Most of my subjects are science related, like Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Genetics, Calculus, so forth and so on. No more grammar lessons, ayos! Heehee.

This is the time wherein we'll double on our efforts in studying. In highschool, we are trained to be prepared. But in college, we are prepared to be pressured.

It's our time to get serious. Goodluck in our lives SENIORS! Long Live Seniors Batch 2007! This is the batch of intelectuals, cuties, goodlooking dudes and girls and most of all, the batch of the TALENTED teens!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Deepest Regrets

Well, for those who read my blog entry yesterday, well here it goes. I know some of you didn't understand or what. Yes,just call me whatever you want. Let's see:

-a big loser
-a sore loser
-the king of brags

just call me. Hit me, taunt me. But in my part, I know it's hard for me but today I already moved on. You guys deserved it it's your time to shine. Give chance to others. Personally I'm sorry if I offended somebody or if I was carried away by my ambigous feelings and expressions. I'm really sorry definitely I am. There's just this story behind this even before the competition and I felt quite insulted about that.

My sincerest regrets for all of you people. Really, I am.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Despair and Disgrace

This week, classes were suspended last Monday because of the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Well, if still don't know about this, our school's a combination of Filipino and Chinese communities with diversed ideas and friendship. So by weekend, I just rewrite in a cleaner way in preparation for the eliminations of the graduation song this Friday.

It's Tuesday.. again! but definitely, it's not that bad though. Things are not that hectic for me. I gave the lyrics to Alvin and he said that he will just edit the lyrics, well not completely, just to change a few words so that redundancy would be avoided. I was assigned by him to make a reflection for our Final Paraliturgy . Good thing, I came across by the idea that I will make a brief history about the memorable moments done inside and outside the Chrysolite class. Surely, I was expecting that I will make my classmates cry in my reflection. I mean, c'mon, my introduction and the conclusion was a bit heavy, for me. But my body, it's quite humiliating when I read this on the next day. I made this for almost two hours, that is from 10pm to midnight. My plan totally backfired when they all began to laugh like silly hyenas inside the chapel proper. Palibasa , I just wrote all the bloopers and funny moments that occured inside our funny classroom. Needless to say, they didn't cried, but they laughed at my reflection.

Oh before I forgot, before I wrote this one-of-a-kind and unique reflection, I watched the television and guess what? I saw Britney Spears shaved her hair, entirely. She's bald, totally. But I saw it last Sunday in Sandra's Multiply Account. I was the third one to comment though. Here's the picture:

She's deranged and after she shaved her blonde hair, she went straight to the tatoo parlor! Wicked. She was only rehabilitated by just one day.

After the paraliturgy, we practiced on our graduation song. And here's the edited lyrics:

Never Say Goodbye


I looked back to the time when we first met
Our friendship began with a simple smile
We barely knew each other for a while
In an instant we became the best of friends
And from then on we shared our lifelong dreams
Makes me grin when I remember these
Those dreams had yet untold.. (yet untold...)
And still we met the same infinity
Remember the times that we had fall and stumbled down (of all the times..)
But still we stand together and face the reality (united we stand..)


A moment to cherish with
A moment to soar up high
But friend this is not the end
Never say goodbye..


Tomorrow's gonna be another day
Sunshine reigns in our brand new phase of life
Tears that rolled and laughter that we had made
The precious thoughts will remain
Follow the stars and reach for your dreams
You can never go on if we don't look back
So if we could reach the rainbow's end
Remember that we're still gonna be your friend!


I can recall those harships we've pursued
Those trials made us stronger than before
These days could be the worst (could be worst..)
But then you gave support to me as well
We shared, we laughed, we cried all along
To be united is the best immunity
We've struggled long together, (sturggled long..)
And we've proved that it's worth it after all
Those days had passed so fast and we can't turn back time (Time runs so fast..)
But still my dear friend this is not the final adieu..

Repeat Bridge, Chorus, Intrumental, Bridge, Chorus Twice then end!

It's much prettier though I wasn't quite confident for my classmates because they're not participating during class practices. But then the whole class became serious when it's Thursday, the day before the elimination. But still, my classmates haven't yet memorized the the second stanza.

For those who didn't knew yet, I composed this song.

By the way Prince Harry joined the army for IRAQ operations. Cool!

And I learned that he died today. But I don't know if it's true or just a plain rumors. Nah!

Now, Friday came, which is today and I was pretty nervous in the morning. Good thing, I answered quickly and correctly in the Economics Test, which is Taxation. There's this particular section, which I would not mention, kept asking me to help them with their song. So I helped them, thinking that I'm just doing the right and corporal thing, to help those who are in need. So helped them, I think 75% of the their whole song. They kept on borrowing on our keyboards even we used it though. But still I lend them the keyboard right after the our practices.

The presentation came and we were the second presentor.

The moment that we've been waiting for.. And...


We only got the SECOND PLACE . Yes, second place. Not bad for you but I felt desperate at that time after I heard our section's name as the second placer at that time. And for the GREATEST IRONY?! , the section that I helped won the FIRST PLACE. They all shouted and cheered and even cried. Yeah right. I went back to the clasroom, as if I was carrying a heavy weight on my back. I felt heavy at that time. State of shock of course. I can't really believe it! Just call me a sore loser , if you want, taunt me, laugh at me, but I'm just being HONEST with what I felt right now. I even cried, well just a little inside the classroom, good thing my classmates are very supportive to me, they even praised me and comforted me.

I went home early, and mom noticed that I was pale. I told everything. I cried so much when I saw my mom. At least I released all my regrets and it's so hard to pretend that you're okay. Mom comforted me, thank God, and she said that I'm still the winner for her.

I was enlightened though and little by little I learned to accept defeat with humility. God has more plans for me. And deep in my heart, my composition was the best because I did it by myself and I worked it from the scratch and to the final melody independently.

They deserved to win though and I'll say that I'm happy because I helped them, in the first place.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Confessions of an asthamatic part 2

It's just stupid and nevertheless it's a whole one week to deal with and it's all over. ALL OVER! . Inasmuch that I'm concern with this trememndous stress, let me tell you a story about me, of course, how I managed this whole new stress and pressured week.

Even though the JS Promenade concluded, the teachers had no mercy on us! Shoot. Definitely, they thought that we are robots. Well, this is all about our Math Teacher, Dooby (not her real name, obviously). On Tuesday, it was yet another fine day, when she made us a living robots. Imagine, she only gave examples on those Calculus concepts without giving any proper lectures. Even her acetates, we cannot fully understand her lesson! The only desperate solution? Self-study about her topic. Fortunately, I had patience and I managed to understand her lesson in just 10 minutes. Thank God!

By the way, on that day, I was attacked by my rhinitis, which gave an excruciating pain on my sinus while I was riding a jeepney to school. So I went to the school clinic immediately after I arrived at school. The nurse gave me a medicine and I slept on the clinic for about an hour.I was quite relieved at that moment.

The next day, she gave another activity which I find ineffective. It's dismissal and I had to finish the activity as soon as possible, so I borrowed Kitin's Activity Sheet , just to copy the QUESTIONS not the ANSWERS. WEll,guess what?! She mistakenly blamed me for CHEATING! Duh, as if I'm that a cheater or what. I think she's dissapointed about what happened. I mean, duh, I was pissed off at that moment. Shoot!

Lately I've realized that it's our Unit Test in Economics by tomorrow.

I arrived at home about 6.30pm and I didn't realized that I was attacked by my rhinitis again, but not in a sudden way.

After dinner, I decided to study math and Economics. Then, the pain's growing until I can't bear it. It's just like your sinus (located from the side of the nose going to the area around your eyebrows) being blown by a heavy object or being hammered heavily. I can't bear the pain and I cried because of the intense pain. Even my mom went on state of pandemonium when I said that it hurt a lot even she massaged it. So, she told my dad to buy some medicines for my rhinitis and after he arrived, I drank one capsuleof sinutab and the pain doesn't went off immediately. Then, I slept.

I didn't went to the class the following day because I needed an ample rest. Little did I know, our math teacher moved the second unit test and she moved it tomorrow!! Oh dear, oh my. Good thing, my good old friend, Kissa texted me on some important things to be done tomorrow.

"Math test tomorrow, and bring art materials, "1/8" illustration,project making on CAT period."

The next day, the math test was simultaneous and worse thing, it was done first thing in the morning. I managedto answer those calculus concepts though. After I took the test, almost everybody cried because it's either, they didn't finish the exam or they can't answer it because it's too hard. Math is our second period, and she gave us another activity which due on this day only. Shit! We made the CL project by afternoon and I took the Economics unit test ALONE inside the faculty room.

Little did I know, the teachers are also pressured because of the deliberation of our 3rd year extra-curricular activities. We didn't have regular class on that day though, yeehee!

The next day, it was the celebration of Chinese New Year and good thing, by afternoon, our math teacher gave a bonus activity in which,it would be added in our unit test scores.

Hay salamat! Only 2 projects to go and it's finally over!

Friday, February 16, 2007

The night to be with

The tenth of February of the year 2007 is yet another momentous event that comes in every juniors and seniors in our school.

Duh! Obviously, what I'm referring with is the Juniors-Seniors Promenade 2007. This is a school tradition actually, wherein Seniors would pass on their responsibilities to the Juniors as they'll leave the school right after graduation. Seemingly, I had a chance to bump with this topic as I open my pensieve of this once-in-a-lifetime event. (Heck , I'm not Dumbledore!)

Seriously, I woke up late, as usual, because I'm tired and I'm still sick at that time. Lol. Now I texted my barkada, or reminded them with a friendly manner of course that we should meet at the Mc Donald's by 1-1.30pm. Yes. So, I took a bath by almost eleven, ate my lunch and hailed a taxi together with my mom and my brother. Too bad, my dad can't fetch me since that he had an emergency meeting to his work. An excusable excuse perhaps.
5 minutes before 1, I arrived at the mall and headed Mcdo without further hesistation. Duh, I mean it's like humiliating when you walk inside the mall in a formal dress. Sheesh. I don't mind what do people think as they passed on me. So I went inside Mcdo and ate strawberry float with fries. Good thing, though, I'm not alone. Thank God. I saw somebody, not far from my view who wore also like mine- a longsleeved slacked lad named George. All of the sudden, my schoolmates flocked Mcdo, wherein that's there planned meeting place also. Some of them went to the studio right away.

This kind of situation, it really tested my patience since that my barakada arrived ONE HOUR LATE! Oh dear, I felt relieved when everybody arrived at McDo. We headed the photo studio, wherein it's jampacked with my other schoolmates who were so handsome and beautiful at that time ONLY. Should we arrived earlier, we had took our pictures today. We had to wait since our priority number was 15. Fuck the shit off. Lately I realized that there system was very slow. Ang sistema nila'y bulok. Shoot! We arrived there at 2.15pm and we had our shots by quarter to five. Imagine, we waited there for almost 3 hours and there's no money back system! Shit!

Luckily, we spent our time, actually, criticizing on somebody because of her dress, hairdo and lots more. I mean we were like critics at that time, though, I'm not saying that my attire is the best among the rest, but the point in here is that, if the outfit doesn't fit you, then, don't force yourself if you're uncomfortable with it! Just be with yourself!

It goes like this:

"Oh my God! She looks like a cake!"

"Hahaha, 'la, mo, ang buhok niya, parang walis!"

We all laughed. Lately I realized that my mom and my barkada's moms began criticizing about there dresses and hairstyle which is inappropriate for them. Seemingly, they also criticize the one we criticized a while ago! Weewoot! Shhhh. enough. That's bad.

Unfortunately, we arrived at school LATE. But that's okay, almost everybody in the class arrived late in the school. Some even arrived at 7.00pm, wherein the event started as early as 5.00pm.
So we ate, drank some beverages (no alcoholic drinks please..), and ate again! We danced the waltz which is quite excruciating.

Then, we had this actvity wherin we were given a broken hearts and we will look for our partners. Little did I know, there's only one heart that pairs with each other. It was cool, and this is possible because of my barakada's idea, Therese! Wow, sweet!
The most awaited part of the prom is the last dance. I danced with my friends, well in a friendly manner. Me and Mama Tza even danced the Tango, duh we don't care! Hahahaha.

Seriously, this year's prom was a LOT BETTER than last year's!

Oh yeah, yesterday, I went back to the photo shop and I redeem my pictures! Guess what, it was so cool. There's this shot that I looked like Mikee Lee, and I even looked like an endorser of Swiss Army. Cool!

**One week to go, and it's our finals!**
**I'll post the prom pictures not later than next week.**

Friday, February 09, 2007

Pressurized Citizen

It's been a time since my last post. Well, I have a story to tell you on how cramming could affect each and everyone in the society.

Well let's start shall we?

Obviously I'm the main character of the my story. And the others, well probably my peers and classmates are the minor characters in my oh-so wonderful FAIRYTALE!

Once upon a time, in a not-so far away land, there lived a wonderful prince named renz...

Heck?! Isn't that the worst introduction that I've ever typed in my blog? Oh com'on!


Okay, Today's February 5,2007 - MONDAY

It's a brand new day, actually. A brand new week wherein I usually woke up at 5.30am, well, never mind that I have only 5hrs. of sleep. Last night, I've finished filling up my Extra-curricular Activity Sheets , which I admit that it was a tiring job, after all. I must be careful so that erasures would be minimized. Luckily, I was the only one who finished the extra-curricular sheets in which the deadline is on Thursday. Some of my friends and classmates borrowed my extra sheets serving as their guideline. It's ok to me though. First period of the class, and it was solely intended for the JS PROMENADE practice. Luckily, for the first time of the history of prom practice, I talked to my partner. Well, maybe we didn't talk toomuch because she's too shy, or I'm too shy, whatever! After the practice, I was pretty exhausted that early in the morning, I sweat profusely. It was MATH PERIOD and our teacher moved the deadline of the project on Monday, than the original deadline of Friday because on Friday, classes would be suspended due to the celebration of TEACHER's DAY . Well, here's the schedule of the Unit test, which even one subject, I didn't dare to study since then,except Economics.

February 6 - Mathematics
February 7 - CL and Physics
February 8 - Filipino

Well, likewise I'm so cool with it, until Ma'am Juvy pressured us on the legacy, which we haven't started on it, that she needed on it by WEDNESDAY . Oh dear oh my.

That night, I studied for the Math, just a short review on it! Plus, our Math Teacher gave an activity on Calculus! If you can't pass that activity, definitely, you can't take the Unit test tomorrow. Hell, one good example of injustice

February 6 - Tuesday

"I hate this day, oh Tuesday!"

So as the song of Rjay of PDA goes..

Definitely,I really this day. It made me almost cry because of intense pressure given to me by those pesky teachers and even those earthly parasitic scums! Well, it goes like this:

This day, the teachers scheduled three (3) quizzes on Physics, Economics, and English. I almost cried, yes. Plus those parasites took my Math activity sheet because they want to copy without any effort given! Shit! I really hate parasites! Next time, if they ask me once again, definitely I would not give my homework to them. Pesky little scums! Then, Ma'am Juvy, again, threatened us that if we didn't pass the Legacy, she'll deduct our project grade, that is, the Thesis or research paper. Noooooooo! This can't be! Definitely, that's the day that I wouldn't forget or revisit, that is,if I had a time machine! I took the Math UT with much ease but to tell you, we only took the exam for only 45 minutes! Arrgghhh! Good thing I've finishedit but I only reviewed for only 1 minute, just taking a glance. Errgghhh!

February 7, 2007 - Wednesday

Good thing, Chokie had a good idea about the legacy, well it's our secret and I think Dimples knows this too! Hihihihihi! Early in the morning, I had a snut (sipon) and I don't mind about that. But I was a bit surprised though. Then, when I arrived at school, I felt chilly, even though that it's warm and humid that day. Good thing, the Physics Unit test was obviously, a simultaneous exam, to avoid leakages. Hell, our Physics Teacher so witty and she definitely hates CHEATERS! So, by that time, I felt quite feverish but I felt okay. By midmorning to luch, somethings not good within my body system. I felt so chilly even under the intense heat of the sun. So I asked Cocok to bring me a medicine from my cough and fever. Well, sad to say, he brought Alaxan! Obviously I didn't take that medicine because it's inappropriate with my condition. So, by 3.00pm, wherein, I still took the Cl Unit test, despite my condition. Then after I've finished the test, I went to the clinic wherein I was accompanied by Cocok, Krista Chipmunk and Mimi . Ilove you guys!! . Then the nurse took my temperature, and guess what, it my temperature was 37.7 degrees! Then she advised me to eat something hot, like noodles. I took a medicine and after I felt that I'm okay, I went back to the classroom, then there's Ma'am Juvy lecturing some important notes about the research paper and she even asked me, then I said that I went to the clinic. When I went to my armchair, I stumbled in a clumsy manner because of Kissa's humongous bag. Everybody laughedand so do I. My teacher even asked me if I was okay, but then I lied to her and I said that I was okay. We continued in our legacy and I went home very tired and feverish. I decided that I wouldn't go to school because I'm so tired and I needed rest. But I still finished the Calculus Activity and my brother would just give it to my friend tomorrow.

February 8, 2007 - Thursday

It was the pre-celebration of the Techer's Day. I was quite reluctant with my Math activity sheet and to the Filipino Unit Test. Thank God, they texted me that it was an easy test. I was bedridden for about 18 hours, I locked myself in my room, well talking about ermitanyo . I took several medicines and that's the time that I slept for more than 18 hours.

February 9, 2007 - Friday

This is the day when I wrote this entry and I decided to buy a SUN CELLULAR SIM because it answers my basic needs like unlimited call texting, as well as, it's relatively cheaper than Globe. But then, I would use to cellphones because I will not give up my Globe because it has a wonderful and beautiful number combinations.

Wish me luck this Monday, because I'm gonna take the Filipino test!

Renz Marione Bulseco
02.09.07 - Friday - 01.26pm - local time :: +8.00 GMT

Friday, February 02, 2007

Skilla Talentus

Well it's the Culmination Day wherein students have a chance to showcase their talents, and if hidden, ready to be exposed and amaze the audiences. The Culmination of the Highschool deaprtment was definitely a star-strucked one.

On the first day, early in the morning, it was quite boring because of that DEBATE! Needless to say, because of intense boredom, I chitchat to my seatmates. And when I'm tired of talking, I slept in my chair. Bad thing was, when I woke up, I had this nauseatic feeling. Oopps!

Then, after recess, I proceed to the backstage after I bought some food at the canteen. I was one the voice-over of the Social and Filipino's Comical Skit, Pag-ibig, ano ba talaga?!. The play was quite long that Ma'am Adlawan demanded that the play should be cut-off. We had approximately 30 minutes of overtime. Some of the officers complained to her that her 'boring' debate had an overtime too, and she had no right to cut our play! But I didn't make such comments way back then because I was enjoying my part despite some desperate moves done by the Filipino president, Cedric. Just chill and relax dude!

Afterwhich, The Math and Science Club, presented their own version of Wowowee. As a fourth year student, we supported them, and we cheered and made some signboards because we belong to the TFC Subsribers. Lol. WE laughed and danced to the beat of Boom tarat tarat! Hahahaha.

Lunch came and I was quite nervous because I'll play the piano for our own remake of the Lion King 2. Me and Mark will play the opening theme, Love will find a way by Kiara and Kovu. I made some minor mistakes due to my nervousness. But the show most go on. The rest of the play, Imust constantly play the piano to act as the play's background music to determine the play's mood. We were the only ones who used a live band as the play's background music. Good thing we won the first place. We were excempted for the first Unit Test of English. Well, good thing because the coverage's quite long. Imagine, you need to memorize the whole Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.

The Dramatics also presented their complete remake of First Day High with a title of, Lights, Camera, Action!. Well, it was perfectly done by the Dramatics Guild so it was pretty amazing, truly amazing dude!

The last show was the MTV which I'll play the Unfaithful by Rihanna. I was quite dissapointed because the amplifier's sound quality was definitely poor, very poor. I received numerous feedbacks that I played well, it was a great one but they were dismayed by the poor sound quality which I totally regret about it!!!

The last day of the Culmination was the Acoustic Band Challenge and the Hip-hop dance Showdown. Congratulations to the winners of this momentous event! Peace, and rock and roll!

Well here's the music video of Unfaithful, a mere pambawi to myself.

Skilla Talentus Pictures

Guess what? He's a gay and his name is Robin. His role was a whale!.. este.. a mermaid.. the ugliest mermaid!

'Sasayaw ka ng boomtarat-tarat, ikaw ang bigatin!'

Mark really looks like Willie Revillame..

'eh, dilaw kaya!'

Mamarkee- SMAD's own version of Wowowee. The SCT Boys as the ASF Dancers!

Dramatics Guild's Lights Camera, Action- a total remake of First day high,with of course, a whole new adventures!

The band!

Itchyworm's Beer- a total remake by Stuart and Jeannine and the almighty Sohcahtoa (SCT) Boys!

'The reason that the sky is blue'

'I don't wanna do this anymore,I don't wanna be the reason why'. I was the one who played the piano for SMAD's version of Unfaithful.

The three funny and soon to be stand up comedians- (L-R) - VJ R, VJ John, VJ King

Photo courtesy by: Cassie Ang.. tnx!

Renz Marione Bulseco
02.02.07 - 06.15pm- local time ::+8.00GMT

Weather weather lang!

At laging tandaan, ang buhay ay weather-weather lang! Yah, right, as what Kuya Kim's closing tag when he ends his weather report accompanied by his trivial facts and figures about animals, plants and everything under the sun that is interesting in TV PATROL WORLD . Talking about the weather, the weather for today in Davao is very COLD ! Well, it's not because of the ITCZ again, but it's the Cold wind all the way from Siberia and it totally extends up to Mindanao because of the High Pressure Area situated along the Philippines and Taiwan. On the other hand, It's so cold that I didn't my air-conditioner last night. I only let the cold air rushed through my veins which made my spines chill! Whoa, isn't that a ghost or what?! Freaky isn't it? Well, I love the weather today because it's so tempting and the weather, accompanied by the cold wind makes you feel like your in Milan, London or Belfast. Yah right, at least, I can't feel the sun's excruciating, intense and scorching heat. Oh man! And in Baguio City , temperature their is getting lower and lower until it reached 10 degrees Celsius . I could remember that when I was young, well I'm a fan of Ernie Baron (may he rest in peace), so definitely I watched his weather reports everyday, that the coldest temperature in Baguio ever recorded was 7-9 degrees Celsius . Imagine, it's colder than my room when the aircon's setting was set to the maximum temperature and the fan speed is high, but still, the lowest temperature in my room was only 14 degrees!

Enough of that weather, as in the climate thing, because the temperature of my brain reaches up to 40 degrees! Help! In short I'm not in the mood today, and I'm totally pissed off by three things. Well let's start for the least cause, of course.

---1st cause:---

Ma'am Juvy assigned me, Chokie and Dimples to make the Legacy story for our Prom. Unfortunately, we haven't started for the Juniors but we managed to finish the Senior's Legacy. Oh dear, she just smiled to us that today's the deadline! Speaking of the devil, up to this point, we haven't still finished the legacy thing. The three of us wanted to read the legacy during the prom night!

---2nd cause:---

A year and a half ago, teenage Globe Users went gaga over their cp's (cellphones) because of the permanent Unlimited SMS Service or commonly known as Unli. Well, me myself got elated and even got addicted to this service especially on the summer of 2006. Yesterday, I received a text message from Globe claiming that the Unlimitxt service got even better, well it goes like this:

"Globe unlmited service got even better! Mas exciting to! Para sa mga heavy texters all throughout the day, just text Unlitxt 20 for 1 day, 40 for 2 days and 80 for 4 days. Para sa mga heavy night-shift texters, just text Unlitxtn 10 for 1 day and 20 for 2 days. Para sa mga daytime texters, text Unlitxtd 15 for 1 day, 30 for 2 days..."

Well, almost or shall we say everybody protested and complained to Globe. Numerous allegations about the anomalies behind this text scam brought up the teens like me into somehow, a rebelous state. I have received a lot of text messages claiming that we should not support the new unlimited service. Yeah, your right, I can't support that, it's way too expensive! One of my friend in the lower years even called the Globe Customer Service! Hahahaha,well we had a point, this is our world, nobody intrudes our life!

---3rd cause:---

Consider this that this is a play: (Carpool thing.. gets?)


*Me - of course!!
*Mrs. Puff - The mean selfish wife of Mr. Krabbs
*Mr. Krabbs - The opposite of Mrs. Puff
*Algaes and Coelentrates- their children

It all started that Mr. Krabbs was assigned to Cotabato to prioritize his 'promising' job. So Mrs. Puff would be the new driver in the carpool service.Well, let me dercibe me, she's fat, she's big and she's mean and selfish. To summarize my points, she's a big fat wheeny! It goes like this:

Because I had to attend such nonstop practices in preparation for the culmination week, I usually went to the service at 6pm. Quite late, but I had no choice. Then, I notice that Mrs. Puff was angry to something or someone. It's quite obvious the way she drives, she drives recklessly. Then I decided to sleep and poof! Mom called me claiming that it's 'nakakahiya' to the carpool service. I was shocked and stunned by that moment and realizing that she was really ANGRY to me! At that moment, I was confused. WE NEVER COMPLAINED when they're going to some places and even to shop! even when they're too busy and had to use the jeep, WE NEVER, NEVER COMPLAINED! Mrs. Puff's so rude and selfish. And plus we paid they're oh-so wonderful service one day before the contract date! Fuck up Mrs. Puff!

Plus, my mom received a text message from Mr.Krabbs claiming that if they waited for us too long, then this would be the last month that they'll fetch us from school tohome and vise versa. Okay fine! What? Are you challenging us?! Heck! We knoe how to rid a jeepney and your nonsense threats would not threat us! You're such a shit Mrs. Puff! Damn you!

This made my mom and dad so angry that they decided to pull us out from the carpool service. And besides, we can save a mere thousand bucks if we commute. Duh!

Buhay talaga, weather weather lang!, as what my father quoted that night.

Renz Marione M. Bulseco
02.02.07 - 05.45pm local time :: +8.00 GMT