Friday, February 02, 2007

Skilla Talentus

Well it's the Culmination Day wherein students have a chance to showcase their talents, and if hidden, ready to be exposed and amaze the audiences. The Culmination of the Highschool deaprtment was definitely a star-strucked one.

On the first day, early in the morning, it was quite boring because of that DEBATE! Needless to say, because of intense boredom, I chitchat to my seatmates. And when I'm tired of talking, I slept in my chair. Bad thing was, when I woke up, I had this nauseatic feeling. Oopps!

Then, after recess, I proceed to the backstage after I bought some food at the canteen. I was one the voice-over of the Social and Filipino's Comical Skit, Pag-ibig, ano ba talaga?!. The play was quite long that Ma'am Adlawan demanded that the play should be cut-off. We had approximately 30 minutes of overtime. Some of the officers complained to her that her 'boring' debate had an overtime too, and she had no right to cut our play! But I didn't make such comments way back then because I was enjoying my part despite some desperate moves done by the Filipino president, Cedric. Just chill and relax dude!

Afterwhich, The Math and Science Club, presented their own version of Wowowee. As a fourth year student, we supported them, and we cheered and made some signboards because we belong to the TFC Subsribers. Lol. WE laughed and danced to the beat of Boom tarat tarat! Hahahaha.

Lunch came and I was quite nervous because I'll play the piano for our own remake of the Lion King 2. Me and Mark will play the opening theme, Love will find a way by Kiara and Kovu. I made some minor mistakes due to my nervousness. But the show most go on. The rest of the play, Imust constantly play the piano to act as the play's background music to determine the play's mood. We were the only ones who used a live band as the play's background music. Good thing we won the first place. We were excempted for the first Unit Test of English. Well, good thing because the coverage's quite long. Imagine, you need to memorize the whole Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.

The Dramatics also presented their complete remake of First Day High with a title of, Lights, Camera, Action!. Well, it was perfectly done by the Dramatics Guild so it was pretty amazing, truly amazing dude!

The last show was the MTV which I'll play the Unfaithful by Rihanna. I was quite dissapointed because the amplifier's sound quality was definitely poor, very poor. I received numerous feedbacks that I played well, it was a great one but they were dismayed by the poor sound quality which I totally regret about it!!!

The last day of the Culmination was the Acoustic Band Challenge and the Hip-hop dance Showdown. Congratulations to the winners of this momentous event! Peace, and rock and roll!

Well here's the music video of Unfaithful, a mere pambawi to myself.

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