Friday, February 23, 2007

Despair and Disgrace

This week, classes were suspended last Monday because of the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Well, if still don't know about this, our school's a combination of Filipino and Chinese communities with diversed ideas and friendship. So by weekend, I just rewrite in a cleaner way in preparation for the eliminations of the graduation song this Friday.

It's Tuesday.. again! but definitely, it's not that bad though. Things are not that hectic for me. I gave the lyrics to Alvin and he said that he will just edit the lyrics, well not completely, just to change a few words so that redundancy would be avoided. I was assigned by him to make a reflection for our Final Paraliturgy . Good thing, I came across by the idea that I will make a brief history about the memorable moments done inside and outside the Chrysolite class. Surely, I was expecting that I will make my classmates cry in my reflection. I mean, c'mon, my introduction and the conclusion was a bit heavy, for me. But my body, it's quite humiliating when I read this on the next day. I made this for almost two hours, that is from 10pm to midnight. My plan totally backfired when they all began to laugh like silly hyenas inside the chapel proper. Palibasa , I just wrote all the bloopers and funny moments that occured inside our funny classroom. Needless to say, they didn't cried, but they laughed at my reflection.

Oh before I forgot, before I wrote this one-of-a-kind and unique reflection, I watched the television and guess what? I saw Britney Spears shaved her hair, entirely. She's bald, totally. But I saw it last Sunday in Sandra's Multiply Account. I was the third one to comment though. Here's the picture:

She's deranged and after she shaved her blonde hair, she went straight to the tatoo parlor! Wicked. She was only rehabilitated by just one day.

After the paraliturgy, we practiced on our graduation song. And here's the edited lyrics:

Never Say Goodbye


I looked back to the time when we first met
Our friendship began with a simple smile
We barely knew each other for a while
In an instant we became the best of friends
And from then on we shared our lifelong dreams
Makes me grin when I remember these
Those dreams had yet untold.. (yet untold...)
And still we met the same infinity
Remember the times that we had fall and stumbled down (of all the times..)
But still we stand together and face the reality (united we stand..)


A moment to cherish with
A moment to soar up high
But friend this is not the end
Never say goodbye..


Tomorrow's gonna be another day
Sunshine reigns in our brand new phase of life
Tears that rolled and laughter that we had made
The precious thoughts will remain
Follow the stars and reach for your dreams
You can never go on if we don't look back
So if we could reach the rainbow's end
Remember that we're still gonna be your friend!


I can recall those harships we've pursued
Those trials made us stronger than before
These days could be the worst (could be worst..)
But then you gave support to me as well
We shared, we laughed, we cried all along
To be united is the best immunity
We've struggled long together, (sturggled long..)
And we've proved that it's worth it after all
Those days had passed so fast and we can't turn back time (Time runs so fast..)
But still my dear friend this is not the final adieu..

Repeat Bridge, Chorus, Intrumental, Bridge, Chorus Twice then end!

It's much prettier though I wasn't quite confident for my classmates because they're not participating during class practices. But then the whole class became serious when it's Thursday, the day before the elimination. But still, my classmates haven't yet memorized the the second stanza.

For those who didn't knew yet, I composed this song.

By the way Prince Harry joined the army for IRAQ operations. Cool!

And I learned that he died today. But I don't know if it's true or just a plain rumors. Nah!

Now, Friday came, which is today and I was pretty nervous in the morning. Good thing, I answered quickly and correctly in the Economics Test, which is Taxation. There's this particular section, which I would not mention, kept asking me to help them with their song. So I helped them, thinking that I'm just doing the right and corporal thing, to help those who are in need. So helped them, I think 75% of the their whole song. They kept on borrowing on our keyboards even we used it though. But still I lend them the keyboard right after the our practices.

The presentation came and we were the second presentor.

The moment that we've been waiting for.. And...


We only got the SECOND PLACE . Yes, second place. Not bad for you but I felt desperate at that time after I heard our section's name as the second placer at that time. And for the GREATEST IRONY?! , the section that I helped won the FIRST PLACE. They all shouted and cheered and even cried. Yeah right. I went back to the clasroom, as if I was carrying a heavy weight on my back. I felt heavy at that time. State of shock of course. I can't really believe it! Just call me a sore loser , if you want, taunt me, laugh at me, but I'm just being HONEST with what I felt right now. I even cried, well just a little inside the classroom, good thing my classmates are very supportive to me, they even praised me and comforted me.

I went home early, and mom noticed that I was pale. I told everything. I cried so much when I saw my mom. At least I released all my regrets and it's so hard to pretend that you're okay. Mom comforted me, thank God, and she said that I'm still the winner for her.

I was enlightened though and little by little I learned to accept defeat with humility. God has more plans for me. And deep in my heart, my composition was the best because I did it by myself and I worked it from the scratch and to the final melody independently.

They deserved to win though and I'll say that I'm happy because I helped them, in the first place.

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