Friday, August 22, 2014

The Greater Scheme of Things

Everyone knows I'm not religious, but there are some Christian songs that I really like. Pilgrim's Theme (Greater Scheme of Things) is my ultimate favorite. This song was written by Jesuit priests and I first heard this when I was still in grade school. I kinda liked the lyrics - so beautiful and so sincere.

"Through with chasing stars, that soon forget to shine. Through with going through, one more day what's new? Does my life still mean a thing in a greater scheme of things?"

And I also love this beautiful rendition by Marian Santiago.

Through this song, I have finally found the real purpose of my life. Thank you Lord for always guiding me in my life.

"I hope to find my place. So my life will fall in place. I know in time I'll find my place, in the greater scheme of things."