Friday, October 31, 2008

Save the best for last..

Apparently, whenever I think about school (including the scary facade of some laboratories on the east wing of CSM), it always reminds me of something: school's coming and my mind's not ready.

Whatever. I really hate it when I start to enjoy my semestral break during the final week of freedom. Well, the first week of the break is the laziest since I have to sleep more than 15 hours just to compensate the sleep deprivation during the last three weeks of the semester. In the middle of the break, it would be the idlest, thinking of the things to relieve one's soul from boredom. Should I read this book or not? Should I go the mall or just sleep the entire day, AGAIN? Should I clean my room? Should I study in advance on these Bio subjects (eeww, geek)? Things like these keep on hovering on our confused mind.

And then after you have finalized your decision, you've come to realize that the break's almost through..and it sucks.

In my case, I have just discovered that reading the synopsis of every episodes of TARA (The Amazing Race Asia) makes me happy. I don't care if it's already four in the morning, as long as I'm happy about it. Crap. If only I discovered this days after our finals week, I may have enjoyed my break for a longer period of time.

And yeah, thanks to Facebook, I have met some online buddies across the universe este, across the continent. I have met three in the states and one in Brazil. Nah. It's quite funny since they are very amazed to Filipinos because we are known to be fluent in English (raise the red-yellow-blue flag mga kababayan, proud to be pinoy!). Well, grammatically speaking, we all do commit subtle errors, but the hell I care, as long as we undestand each other. LOL. The dreary part is the time. Philippine time is very different to States and in Brazil. Sometimes, when we were in the height of our interesting conversation (when I say interesting, we share our common interests, like school, tv shows, movies, books and all), I tend to forget my local time. LOL. But at least I have met a new set of international friends. Yihee. And oh, Portuguese is much more complicated than Spanish. xD

These events had just occured within this week.. and it sucks big time when you learn that the second semester will start on Tuesday. Yes, another academic adventure awaits me and I promise to give my best shot (since I was very lazy last semester). What the hell.

And I'm currently watching the third episode of the Amazing Race.

Fuck, my brother keeps on grumbling about the internet connection. He can't play the stupid online racing game since it's very slow. Duh, I'm watching TARA. And it's the only time that I can watch this crap. Shoot. What a morbid creature he is. Damn it. So now I'm pissed. I want to rip his eyeballs from his sockets and squish it to oblivion.

Joke. Just an exaggeration. But seriously, I'm pissed. He acts as if he's my older brother. Alright, he looks older than me. TAE. And right now, he's playing Pokemon Blue with his disappointed face.

Whatever brotha, you're such a loser.

Okay, so the so-so blog turned into a rant about-his-ferocious-and-conceited-brother. Right now, he keeps on scratching his head so hard that his scalp would bleed in no time.

C'mon. Go ahead, don't be shy. Just scratch your head until you can no longer control the bleeding of your scalp. Don't worry, I'll invite Jasper Cullen in our crib. I'll just contact him.

And he's now playing Diner Dash.
Naku mas lalo pa atang uminit ang ulo mo jan. Eng-eng.


I'm getting cynical. WTF.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Say the magic word, sissie!

Locked in a country where people can't understand English? Say the following essential foreign sentences if you're getting into some serious trouble.. LOL

If you're in Paris, and when you a sexy lass accidentally bumps on to you, say this french sentence wholeheartedly:

Baisez-vous chienne, vous m'ont juste cogné !

If you're in St. Peter's Square and discovered that a pigeon accidentally drops a bomb on your head, shout this Italian sentence, as if you're declaring world peace:

Vaffunculo, l'uccello ha caduto la sua merda a me!

If you're in Madrid and encountered a mean owner of an expensive coffee shop, say this in front of his ass.. este his beautiful metizo face:

¡Mierda! ¡El dueño de este restaurante de la cabeza del dick es costoso maldito!

If you're taking a master's degree in one of Netherlands' most prestigious universities and encountered the most talkative Dutch classmate, feel free to shout this Dutch sentence:

Zwijg, dick hoofd! U doodt op dit ogenblik me!

And when you're in Portugal, taking pictures in a park and encountered teenage gangsters who wreak damage to the park's properties, say this Portuguese to them:

Este hooligan está conduzindo-me louco! (And yeah, after that, run as fast as you can!!)

When riding a taxi in Germany, say this German sentence to the driver if he's very slow in the road:

Verdammen Sie es, ist dieser Fahrer sehr langsam und ich wette he' langsamer Anfänger S.-A. auch!

And if you're in Tokyo, say this if you're not satisfied with your meal:

ちょっと雌犬! あなたのヌードルはたわごとのように味がする。 私はそれを好まない!

---And if you're interested with the translation, just visit this site:

Just for laughs. HAHAHAHAH =))))))))

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fly me to the moon

Traveling around the world is one of my aspirations in life. I would always reverie myself in different places with those trademarks and historical buildings that I always see on the idiot box and in some travel magazines. Well, let me have this quaint opportunity to share to you guys on the places that I wish to visit, or better yet, places that I shall visit soon. LOL.

a) Hongkong – this little Chinese metropolis is one of the most affordable places in the world. Right at this moment, there are so many cheap deals on getting to that modern island. It’s just two and a half hours away from Davao City. All you need is some cash and you can now get as many types of apparel as you can! Don’t worry! It’s as cheap as our country. Plus, tourist spots like the infamous Hongkong Disneyland will make you feel like a five-year old kid again. Its neighbor, Macau is also a great place to shop. Try the thrilling bungee jump in Macau’s tallest building and feel the exhilarating experience.

b) Singapore – If you’re filthy rich and allergic to fake products, then this Asian haven’s for you. Singapore’s one of the most expensive cities in Asia. Oh yeah, Singapore’s very strict on to their rules and chewing gum’s not allowed within the country’s premises. Oops. But yeah, this city’s relatively clean and believe it or not, water’s more expensive than beverages. But hey, Singapore’s tourist spots are cool and so as Merlion. Lol.

c) The Ilocos Province, Philippines – Daddy (my grandfather in the father side) is a pure Ilocano. He eats only vegetables and he’s quite dark and tall. But heck, he didn’t teach my uncle, aunt and my father to speak Ilocano. But anyhow, Ilocos boasts picturesque beaches and I want to ride in a Calesa. Lol.

d) Siem Reap, Cambodia – Aside from having an inexpensive lifestyle and cheap goods, Angkor Wat should be the first on the list. This country is rich in history and heritage. :)

e) Auckland, New Zealand – New Zealand’s one of my dream countries to visit. I don’t know, for me New Zealand is always fresh. Pollution rate is low and the climate is relatively cool. Also, this is the place where you can witness the first sunrise of the world (thanks to its location, it lies west of the International Dateline). I want to visit the southern part of New Zealand and interact with the local tribe of the country, the Maoris.

f) Sydney, Australia – The quickest way to be in this country is through the EAC, dude! Hahaha. No, I’m not Nemo for Christ’s sake. But sometimes, there are some cases that the Aussies pose some racial issues to Filipinos. But who cares, the Opera House looks lovely in the Sydney Harbor at night.

g) Geneva, Switzerland – Being a Science geek, the first place that Ill visit is the CERN. I just want to see the particle accelerator and the antimatter. Switzerland is a neutral country and I think it’s one of the youngest members of the United Nations. In 2004, Switzerland finally joined UN.

h) Antarctica (The South Pole), Arctic Ocean (North Pole) – In this place, air is very dry and temperature’s very low (as in below zero degrees). But it’s still astonishing to see the different biological species that thrive in an arid and cold desert like the penguins, polar bears and seals. And yeah, I want to witness the 24 hours of sunshine through the whole summer period and 24 hours of total darkness during winter period. That would be exciting, well in my own perspective.

i) Galapagos Island – Situated several hundred miles from the west coast of South America, this puny island is one of the richest biodiversity in the world. Even if it’s situated near the equator, you can still see penguins and other aerial, terrestrial and aquatic organisms that live in the island harmoniously.

j) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – for those who really loves to shop Havaianas, this place is definitely for you. According to my Brazilian friend, Thiago, Havaianas are relatively cheap in Brazil (since the infamous flip-flops originate from that country). It costs less than FIVE DOLLARS. Can you imagine that?! If we convert this to our country, more or less, 250 pesos lang ang Havaianas! Amazing. And yeah, it’s a large country and the Amazon’s a great place to visit.

k) Moscow, Russia – I don’t care if this country’s infested with those Russian mafias. I’m just amazed with architectural design of Moscow’s Kremlin.

Yeah right, traveling is expensive. But who cares right? It really pays off when you are actually on the place! And the experience you gain will never be replaced with those material things.

Sigh, if only I was born on a commercial airplane, I would always have a free ticket to any places in the world. AND, it’s a lifetime privilege, fcol. Sige na mga mare, manganak na kayo sa eroplano. LOL.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tradition Blues

What I really hate about the registration and enrolment process is just simple – the pace is slow.. SO SLOW. I really hate it when one manages to be ahead on us, even if we fall in line in a proper way. The hell I care, I don’t give a damn on those singiteros. Bullshit.

Why can’t just the administration divide the clearance thing per college, right? I mean, falling in the line and waiting your turn for almost an hour just for ONE signature, with all those people from different colleges is crazy. It can be done in a more systematic way. Arrghh. I’m tired of ranting about this since last year. It’s a tradition already. Dang. But hey, I think it’s an accomplishment for me since I only lack one signature, from OSA. Unlike in the past two semesters, in just one day, I would only manage to have at least four signatures. Yey.

Oh yeah, the best part of the day has yet to come…

Well, Zoo 3 Lec (Intermediate Zoology) was moved to a new schedule: Every Monday, 1:00 pm – 3.00 pm. And since Doc Gamby’s schedule’s full from morning ‘til 5.30 pm (every Monday), the Bio department has no choice but to let Prof. Talde to be our Zoo 3 (lecture) teacher. WOOOHOO. Prof. Talde again, lec and lab. HAHAHAHA. Rejoice. We now have an opportunity to have a line-of-one standing in Zoo 3. LOOOOL. I just wish this is the final schedule. (Keep thy fingers crossed). Say ta-ta to Doc G. :)))

AH 6 – Visual Communication Arts
Bio 30 – Genetics (10.00 am – 11.00 am)
Bio 150 – Principles of Ecology (11.00 am – 12.00 pm)
Chem 160 – Introductory Biochemistry
MST 6 – Biodiversity Challenge
Zoo 3 – Intermediate Zoology
PE 2 - Soccer

18 units. HAHAHAHA. But hey, look at Wednesday. BORING. I wish all long exams in Biochem will be always scheduled on Wednesdays. And look! No lunch break for me every Thursday. And yeah, I still have classes on Monday. At least, it’s not a dreary 7-9 am class.

At least nabawi rin pagod namin kanina in the Molecular Biology Laboratory. YEY. Free food and brewed coffee from Dr. Bastian. Wee :)) Tea Party at the Mol. Bio Lab. LOL.

I still have to go back to UP tomorrow just to get my freakin’ OSA clearance to be signed up. Tae.

Oh yeah. I’m halfway through with Breaking Dawn. WEEEEE.

I can't imagine that my life in UP will resume next week. TAE. Ambilis ng sembreak. SOBRA.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Nasasabaw sa Sembreak

Hell yeah, I've already felt the series of stressful yet rewarding events occurred this semestral break. I keep musing on about how dreadful my first semester is. Well, at least I’m earning and the scholarship’s a big help for the upcoming semester. Phheeew.

Likewise, the moment I received my money, I immediately flew in the National Bookstore and bought two novels: Category 7 and Michael Crichton’s sci-fi book about Genetics, Next.

Shoot! I’m very excited to read Next. Wait. I have to finish Eclipse (a hundred pages to go before Breaking Dawn). Wait. I have to finish those projects. Oops. Wait! Enrolment period will start this Monday, October 27. Shoot. I still have to maximize my time. This is the most tedious semestral break that I’ve experienced in my whole life. Whatever.

Good thing, my best friend invited us to have a slumber party on to his crib. I just missed you guys. Next year ulit. HAHAHA.

By the way, while strolling at SM yesterday, I saw different cute and chubby kids wearing the respective national costumes of their country. HAHAHA, thanks to UN Day, it really made our day since seeing those adorable kids reminds us that we were once that fragile (fat in some cases), holding our meek hands to our mom or dad while strolling in an unfamiliar place.

Kids who represented European countries, particular in the western side wore extravagant gowns and other accessories. But kids who represented African countries only wore simple and cheaper clothes.

Sigh. I should get back to work, err.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Early Bird

"Mga kababayan, katulong niyo ako, kasama niyo ako"

"Murang pabahay, mga kapamilya!"

"Higit apat sa sampu ang hindi kumakain dahil sa kahirapan. Panahon na sa pagbabago. Samahan niyo ako, at magtulungan tayo tungo sa kaunlaran"

-- Wait. Errr, guys? Today's October 2008. I think it's too early to show your faces on the idiot box just to commiserate the viewers. Being waywardly early is bad, really. And we can already surmise your hidden agenda. 2009 would be a great year to expose your “inner beauty” for crying out loud.

Early to adverstise, early to pay, makes a politician greedy and feeling nice.

WTF. I just saw this on the net and it’s utterly hilarious.

“I shall lick the Nigga’s ass” – John McCain.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not a Phony Call

Despite the biggest turmoil of my entire life which occurred almost a week ago, someone from the higher office called me and it's one of the biggest blessings that I've received in my whole life. No, it’s not Globe, it’s bigger than Globe. I didn’t expect this. All I need is just two endorsements.

WOOHOO! Free passport, visa, food, and accomodation for the whole second semester. One of the reasons why I love the second-half of the school year.

And I do believe that there’s a rainbow always after the rain.

Sunshine after the rain.

You can stand under my umbrealla, ella-eh-eh-eh!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sullied Downtown

Stop and stare
Look around and be aware
Those things, inexplicable style
Big place, big buildings, and towering skyscrapers
Business men, employees, drivers and hasty thieves
Unwanted dusts all over the skin
Cover your nose
Cover your ears
Cover your mouth
Cover your pores
And run for your life
The smoke and sweltering heat of the sun
Crocodiles for only 500 bucks
SM, Ayala, Greenbelt, Divisoria and Starbucks
Jiffy, jiffy, jiffy lifestyle
Everthing’s expensive
Exorbitant culture
Buses, trains, airplanes, jeepneys and sleek cars
Hotels, motels, malls and bars
Twenty four seven
Concrete jungle
Labyrinth intersections and highways
Busy runways
Then, run, run and run again
Let the next chapter begin

Saturday, October 18, 2008

We have to move on..

He will..

make some themes for money just to pay the "inexpensive" Separatory Funnel..
start from the scratch..
try to forget the disaster last Wednesday :|..
try to finish Eclipse after three days..
will transfer money to his new Gcash account..
go to his attorney (my uncle lolo) to have his affidavit of loss to be notarized on Monday..

He thinks he..

is dumb..
is crazy..
is useless..
is a crap..
is not an EMO. HAHAHAHAHAHA. TAE. But seriously..
had wasted the first semester.

He wants to..

kill someone..
be alone for at least three hours..
eat 'coz he's hungry..
invent a time machine and want to go back as far as June 2008..
hug his close high school friends..
talk to his imaginary best friends. Hey Andy, where's Lexy and Drew?
sleep, but he can't sleep.

He hopes that..

the karma is faster than he thought..
will pass through these series of unfortunate events of his life..
has the power to see the future, like Alice..
it would be a brighter week next week..
everything would be fine in the second semester..
he would do BETTER on the second semester..
he will be back on the list..
he will be a good son on to his parents..
he will listen to his mom and dad..

He is..

quite depressed..
doesn't understand on what he feels right at this moment..
not conscious that he's sitting in front of the monitor for at least five hours..
HUNGRY, feed him..
always tired..
going to be insane..
ugly since he rarely smiles..
really, really, BORED.

But seriously, I have talked to him but he doesn't want to talk to me. I can't understand him. He can't understand what he feels right now.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Small treat for me

So my quick trip to UP was not a waste.

I mean, at least I can now sleep with no qualms since I have already knew my final grades for the three subjects. What’s with 1.75, by the way? First, in Physics (I was really surprised by it), then in Microbiology, then in Bio 70 (Earth Science and Processes) and I have an inkling that my Nat Sci 2 would yield the same thing. Hahaha. But no. I have already accepted the fact that I can’t be on CS (salamat sa tres ko ha?!) or in the US list (dream on jerk, you’re not a monster) this semester.

But hey, at least four of them fell to line of one, which made me quite happy. So I decided to treat myself. It’s a cheap treat since I don’t have money, for crying out loud. I drank one red Sting and two Siopaos. God, I’m craving for it since Monday.

I’m still a survivor. WTH. Puta, sembreak na pala.

Some random pseudoannouncements:

  • Congrats sa atin, batchmates, walang na-singko sa Microbiology, kahit tres, wala (except kay BigBrother, eh di naman yun sumusulpot sa klase eh).. Congrats nga pala kay Aidz, Maria and July (sino pa? Did I miss someone) kasi highest sila sa MCB, 1.5. Wowowee. Si Pappy, si Anabaena and Clostridium. LOL.
  • Hoy Jordan and Alvin, mga gahutero, 1.5 sa Math 26. Ari-arriba.
  • Leizel, I didn’t ask Ma’am John kung sino ang magtake removals sa Phys3.
  • Anj, Ralph and Mikko – HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY.. this Saturday pa talaga birthday niyo no? Hahaha. I’m so excited para sa trio birthday bash niyo bukas.
  • Sa mga magtake ng removals, kaya niyo iyan guys, Good luck!
  • Carmi! Let’s papapapapartyyyyyyyy. Pizza Party at Cocok’s crib! :D

To stranger: Hoy panget, mas panget ako. HAHAHAHAHA.

Perfidious Facts

For some reasons, the internet can be very influential and sometimes facts presented in the web can be judged as a real fact. Sometimes facts presented in the web can be treacherous which lead to confusion and unimaginable mayhem to the academic world.

I was a bit revolted when I read one of the forwarded email messages from my friend. It says:

This coming October 17, 2008 the sun will rise continuously for 36hrs (1.5 days).

During this time, the US countries will be dark for 1.5 days.
It will convert 3 days into 2 big days.
It will happen once in 2400 years.
We're very lucky to witness this phenomenon.

Courtesy of CNN/BBC NEWS.

Mark your calendars now . . .

First, don’t you think the “American” countries lies from North to South and NOT from East to West? I mean, due to Earth’s tilted axis, at around 23.5 degrees, it would be utterly impossible. Besides, today’s not summer or winter. It’s the autumn solstice, which means the number of hours of day and night is equal – 12 hours.

And yeah, if Earth will stop rotating on its own axis, then it would definitely disobey the simplest postulates and rules in Physics.

People, relax. This is just a fallacy. Nothing will happen on the seventeenth day of October. It would be one of my dullest days ever, unless I have commitments for that day.

The problem is this: there are some things that can’t be wholly explained by Science.


Monday, October 13, 2008

All's Well that Ends Well

Theoretically, this day marks the end of the most dreadful semester of all time. Yeah, you heard it right, dreadful's the most appropriate adjective. Imagine that you are the most notorious convict, confined in a highly secured prison, and left with so many choices of types of execution - be in a form of guillotine, lethal injection, electric chair or drown yourself to a pool of hungry school of piranha and crocs.

It's like you're having the hard time on choosing the type of death that you'll venture on to the day of your execution. If we correlate this on reality, particularly on choosing the appropriate decision is a very crucial thing and I must say that it really gave me the most painful headache for the past few weeks.

Okay, the point is this: one must have a perfect time schedule of all the things in school. Ideally, it's possible to practice this kind of discipline but in realilty, man can't avoid certain distractions since he can surmise the capacity of his work. He knows everything will work perfectly fine. Overconfidence seems to be a problem though and can be a catalyst for an unimaginable series of unfortunate events.

Alright, so being a GC is not bad at all, at least you still have a goal of attaining the Utopian grade, uno. But hey, it can be bad if one compares his grades to others, I mean each and everyone of us are different, right? We have our own capacities and other personal issues to deal with. Personally, I have tried to reach utopia, but sometimes, in the middle of the plan, I easily get tired and think that it's pointless. I can't be a millionare if I have uno for crying out loud. Thus, the initial optimism and determination of getting uno would lead to disappointment.

Tres is another thing. I used to think that a grade of 3.0 is the brink of your bittersweet demise. Frankly speaking it's a pretty immature way of thinking and I have to admit that this can only be possessed by narrow-minded people (I sometimes think of my own self and I don't care for the welfare of others, so please forgive me). But today, it made me realize two important things: that man can never possess the things that he wanted on his life, even if it doesn't play any significant roles to his life. And second, the feeling of getting 3.0 is VERY different compared of getting a grade of, say, 1.5, 1.75, 1.25, dos and etc. I felt extreme joy and happiness when I learned that I passed Organic Chemistry. You already know that I have struggled (and suffered) too much on to this subject.

  • First - I failed on to the three long exams.
  • Second - I didn't review for my final exam due to sleep deprivation and the excitement of semestral break.

Okay, thanks to Melamine, I passed this difficult subject. No, Org Chem is not difficult, I just didn't prioritize this subject. I opt to study my Biology major subjects (like Earth Science and Geology, Microbiology and Natural Science 2) than this.

Back to my nonsense thought..

Actually, my perception of getting tres was changed, thanks to Organic Chemistry. It made me realize that after all of these predicaments, I still managed to survive. I am a survivor. YOU ARE A SURVIVOR. But I'm not trying to say that you should be contented with tres (but it still depends on to the situation). Let's just say, if we are determined of getting higher than tres, then you're free to do it. It's your choice. It's my choice. It's EVERYONE'S choice. Let's keep this in mind that a grade is not a SOLE basis of intelligence. Yeah, you may be consistent of getting unos in to your college life, but what if you don't have an initiative of doing simple things? I think that's a disastrous situation (and utterly humiliating).

So this would be the most memorable semester so far, in my whole college life. I am indeed a survivor. And I already learned one of the most valuable lessons in life.

Say hello to my first tres, Chem 31. HAHAHA. And I'm proud of it. :))


Saturday, October 11, 2008

The "Trendy" Trend

"We're going down, down in an earlier round"..

Fall Out Boy's great, agree?

So here goes nothing. I'm quite tired of mentioning stuffs about Biology, so I'm practically going to shift today's entry into a new perspective - Economics. The global market's flow is following one single trend - Down, down, down to the place where Charon ferries you to hell.

I haven't watched the news lately until I read the latest business news on PDI moments ago, while having a haircut at SM. The news was really appalling. The last one was I think two months ago, when Dow Jones skyrocketed to a peak level of 13,000 points. Today it slumped down to a record breaking low of 8000 points in just single snap. Dow Jones' demise was simply followed by other major markets in the world, like the Futse in London, Nikkei 225 in Japan, Sensex in India, Kospi in South Korea and even our very own, PSI. I can no longer imagine the long faces of the investors. Today's not the right time to invest in the stock market. The shares are in critical condition as of this time.

Oh yeah, the gasoline's price is almost $78 per barrel.

The sea level's rising. The sky is falling. The stars are shining. And I'm a star. EPAL.

But seriously, there are two things that I should reconsider on to my own perspectives in life.

First, life is but an innate thing which is confined in a cycle. No things in the world are bound to be permanent. Not at all. Second, life is but a treacherous path to stride in. We know the rules and we know the truth about it.

Smile. Life is such a wonderful gift from the Supreme Being, despite all these tribulations and predicaments. :)


PS: Just a random thought, what's with the shutter shades? No offense but, I find it useless. First, it doesn't shield your eyes from dusts and from the harmful rays of the sun. Second, it's a distraction to one's view. I don't think it's trendy. Just an opinion. HAHAHAHA :))

One more thing, I'm getting tired of ranting about those useless and pointless mass pm's. I'm tired to be irritated by those pesky scums. Stone stone in the hangin, ang ma-hit, don't make galit. :))

You Take My Breath Away

I have encountered this kind of survey last year but didn't pursue on answering it. But today, I'll try to answer this kind of survey since I'm curious with the answers. HAHAHAHAH. Let's see.

1. Put Your iTunes/Windows Media Player/ETC on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5. Put this on your journal.

1) If someone says, “Is this okay?” You say?
"Heaven Forbid - The Fray"

Heaven forbid you end up alone, you don't know why
Hold on tight, wait for tomorrow, you'll be alright...

[Hahaha. It's definitely NOT OKAY. Nice.]

2) How would you describe yourself?
"Hotel California - Eagle"

Last thing I remember, I was running for the door. I had to find the passage back to the place I was before. ’relax,’ said the night man, we are programmed to receive. You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave!

[Those mixed feelings of anxiety can't leave from my body. HAHAHAH.]

3) What do you like in a girl/guy?
"X-Files theme"

[Mysterious??! Or maybe.. AN ALIEN PERHAPS? HAHAHHAA]

4) How do you feel today?
"Romeo and Juliet - The Killers"

A lovestruck Romeo, he sings the streets of serenade, laying everybody low with a love song that he made find a convenient streetlight, steps out of the shade. He says something like, "You and me, babe, how about it?"

[Okay, so I'm in love according to this survey, but heck, this is nonsense.]

5) What is your life’s purpose?

"Hotel song - Regina Spektor"

I have dreams of orca whales and owls
But I wake up in fear
You will never be my
You will never be my fool
Will never be my fool

[Technically, I live in a foolish life. Great.]

6) What do your friends think of you?
"What You Never Know - Sarah Brightman"

What you never know won't hurt you
What you never know won't lie
What you never know won't desert you
What you never know won't say goodbye

[You'll never know my real nature 'coz I'm unpredictable.]

7) What do you think of your parents?
"I Miss You - Incubus"

To see you when I wake up is a gift I didn't think could be real.
To know that you feel the same as I do, is a three-fold, Utopian dream.

[Naks naman.]

8) What do you think about very often?
"Speed of Sound - Coldplay"

How long before I get in?
Before it starts, before I begin?
How long before you decide?
Before I know what it feels like?
Where To, where do I go?
If you never try, then you'll never know.
How long do I have to climb,
Up on the side of this mountain of mine?

[This is absurd. I have chosen the right road for me. LOL.]

9) What is 2 + 2?
"Four in the Morning - Gwen Stefani"

I stayed up Four in the Morning and tears are pouring..


10) What do you think of your best friend?
"How to Save a Life"

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend. Somewhere along in the bitterness. And I would have stayed up with you all night, had I known how to save a life..

[Awwwhhh. I missed my bestfriend. :(]

11) What do you think of the person you like?
"Must be Dreaming - Frou Frou"

I must be dreaming, or we're onto something. I must be dreaming or I don't fall in love lawlessly. I must be dreaming or pinch me to waking. So undeniably yours, as long as i'm losing it so completely.

[Yeah right. DREAM ON, KIDDO.]

12) What is your life story?
"Bling (confessions of a King) - The Killers"

When I offer you survival,
You say it's hard enough to live,
It's not so bad, it's not so bad
How do you know that you're right?

[Full of confessions. Am I a King? Nu-uh.]

13) What do you want to be when you grow up?
"Suspect - Daniel Powter"

And spare time and talk with me
I'll do anything you want, so suddenly
I don't know, I go to think about you

[Just talk to me and my day would finally be completed. Siigh.]

14) What do you think of when you see the person you like?
"Disturbia - Rihanna"

It's a thief in the night, to come and grab you. It can creep up inside you and consume you. A disease of the mind it can control you. It's too close for comfort..

[I go crazy whenever I think of you, not. HAHAHAHA.]

15) What will you dance to at your wedding?
"Twisted Logic - Coldlay"

Sunlight, opened up my eyes
To see for the first time
You'll open them up
And tonight, rivers will run dry
And not for the first time
Rivers will run..

[Slow dance. HAHAHHAA. Love it.]

16) What will they play at your funeral?
"Worst Pies in London - Sweeney Todd OST"

Fright, I thought you was a ghost!
Half a minute, can'tcher sit!
Sit you down, sit!
All I meant is that I haven't seen a customer for weeks!
Did you come here for a pie, sir?

[I want an apple pie, Mrs. Lovette. HAHAHA. Labo.]

17) What is your hobby/interest?
"Free - Sarah Brightman"

And do you still touch her like you do
Kissed all over in the way I kissed with you
Or when you sleep with her do you sometimes think of me
Not if you love her the way that I see
I Had to be free, had to be free. It's all that I wanted

[Okay, this is so true. I WANT TO BE FREE.]

18) What is your biggest fear?
"China Roses - Enya"

Who can tell me if we have heaven,
who can say the way it should be;
Moonlight holly, the Sappho Comet,
Angel's tears below a tree.
You talk of the break of morning
as you view the new aurora,
Cloud in crimson, the key of heaven,
one love carved in acajou.

[So, you're telling me that my biggest fear are my fantasies. Uhhm. sometimes, when fantasies transform to nightmares.]

19) What is your biggest secret?
"Read my Mind - The Killers"

The good old days, the honest man;
The restless heart, the Promised Land
A subtle kiss that no one sees;
A broken wrist and a big trapeze
Oh well I don't mind, if you don't mind
'Cause I don't shine if you don't shine
Before you go, can you read my mind?

[Yeah, just read my mind and you'll know me better. The power of Telepathy. :D]

20) What do you think of your friends?
"Can't Cry Hard Enough - Jed Madela"

There it goes, up in the sky, there it goes, beyond the clouds, with no reason why. I can't cry hard enough, no I can't cry hard enough, to be here with you know.

[Great. I really missed you guys. You know who you are :))]

21) What will you post this as?
"You Take my Breath Away"

[Nice. Attention Step. LOL]

What's your favorite part of the survey?
(blink blink)


Friday, October 10, 2008

Endosulfan Madness

During our final exam in Organic Chemistry, I was staggered when I saw the bonus part. It goes like this:

Bonus (10 points) – Rate the neatness of your bluebook honestly from 1-10. Liars will be deducted. (Yeah, liars go to hell – to Hell and beyond).

Bonus (15 points) – Draw the structure of Melamine. (I knew it, lalabas pa rin ‘to!)

Bonus (50 points)Draw the structure the endosulfan

Great.. if only I knew the structure of endosulfan, I would only answer a few items in the exam and I’ll get more than 100%. But I’m glad I knew the structure of Melamine and I’m not a liar for Christ’s sake (and yeah, we have our own views and perspectives regarding neatness). 25 points of bonus would still be a great help. THANK GOD.

May liwanag ang buhay. I can’t imagine if we didn’t use the folder of ALL organic reactions and synthesis. I think, aside from my “honesty” and Melamine, my trusty long folder was the savior of my day.

Here’s the answer to the million-dollar question:

Endosulfan is a neurotoxic organochlorine insecticide of the cyclodiene family of pesticides. It is an endocrine disruptor, and it is highly acutely toxic. It is banned in the European Union, Cambodia, and several other countries, while its use is restricted in other countries, including the Philippines (where it will be banned after September 2008).

It is still used extensively in many countries including India, New Zealand and the United States. It is made by Bayer CropScience, Makhteshim-Agan, and Hindustan Insecticides Limited among others, and sold under the tradenames Thionex, Thiodan, Phaser, and Benzoepin. Because of its high toxicity and high potential for bioaccumulation and environmental contamination, a global ban on the use and manufacture of endosulfan is being considered under the Stockholm Convention.

--Endocrine disruptor

Oh fuck, I’m just pissed with my printer, Canon iP1880. I don’t know what’s wrong with this printer, but I just can’t print. Period. ISN’T THAT GREAT? The cartridges are not misaligned, the black cartridge’s newly refilled two days ago and, uggh, everything’s fine. The message keeps on flashing whenever I try to print something:

Ink Cartridge cannot be recognized by the printer (Black).

Can somebody help me with this quandary?

Oh great, Monday’s the final day of my exam marathon. And yeah, the finale’s the deadliest. You could just imagine that I’ll have to take three final exams from eight in the morning ‘til three in the afternoon. I only have an hour to eat my lunch and cram for my final exam in Organic Chemistry Lab (1pm to 3pm).

So what will I do for this night?

First, fix the goddamn printer and second, finish New Moon. Three more chapters before Eclipse. YEAAAAAAH.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Feeling Sembreak

“Alright! Pwede mo nang ibagsak finals mo, anyways, you’ll get less than 2.5 in your lecture”, said the lady in red while she flashed her widest smile.

On the other hand, I made a scruffy face in front of her. Great. I really hate this when your teacher happily reports this in front of you before the finals week. Uggh, great, she gave me this one-of-a-kind of motivation.. to become a lazy ass for the whole week of Finals. Lesson learned: I should NOT ask for my standing. Let’s just say, it would remain as one of the mysteries of my life. Whatever, I’m just ranting about nothing, fcol.

Oh yeah, random shout outs:

Joie, Maria! Sana nagtake nalang kayo ng Finals sa Botany! Hahaha. The final exam was way TOOO different on to her long exams. Promise.
July, I have a funny (and a repetitive) story for you, you know what I mean.

So I should still be going to UP ‘til next Friday (October 17, 2008). I should comply with my class cards, final grades and standings in all of my subjects. Nail biting is rampant again, and mom didn’t like this eeky routine of mine, well actually, hobby’s more appropriate than the former. HAHAHA.

And I’m glad that the Zoo 3 (Intermediate Zoology) was moved on to its new schedule, which is every Wednesday, 4pm-6pm. Yeah right, I should write a book, A NOVEL. The title should be: Wednesdays with Gamby. HAHAHAHA. Ooops.

So, what should I do today? I’m done with my Microbiology paper and 1pm pa ang exam ko bukas, which is Organic Chem.. ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. Wait.. did I say.. ORGANIC CHEM?! Oh no!! (Panic Mode).. Where’s my folder? Where’s McMurry? Where’s the table of all reactions and synthesis? Oh shooot. (T_T)

HAHAHA. Panget ang nagcecelebrate ng sembreak ngayon. Yeah right. I’m bitter. So what. Malapit na rin ang sembreak ko. BLEH.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Of Raisins and Racism

And so the BBC made a bigotry statement about Filipinos. Again. This is not new to us right, since we Filipinos are prone to these kind of chauvinistic statements made by foreigners. I don’t know, partly because they don't believe to the innovative ideas, skills and talents of the Filipinos (Hurray for Pinoys out there!). Okay, I may sound, uhhm, say, “biased” since I too am a Filipino. But wait, we Filipinos are easily hurt when it comes to discrimination. Who cares if we have brown skin? I’m sure lots of whites out there want to die just to get a perfect tan skin. Who cares if some Filipinos are flat-nosed? Well, that doesn’t count since it’s still a NOSE. Who cares if Filipinos are pudgy? Well, sometimes, being small has more advantages than big ones (at least my height falls into the median range – half-tall hahaha).

I just recently heard that BBC didn’t intend to discriminate Filipinos. In short, they just want to laugh their ass off, pure entertainment. Here in the country, it’s similar when Mr. Shoo Lee imitates the overstated tagalong diction of Chinese, or when Michael V. imitates “Bombay’s” five-six diction. It’s pretty much the same.

No, I don’t indict Filipino’s fondness of this kind of racial issues or BBC’s latest guttural scandal. Both parties are not responsible of it. Misunderstanding and miscommunication plays a vital role on to this crucial mayhem of the world. It’s just a simple correlation of this idea:

What goes around comes around, what goes up must come down.

Just a simple thought to ponder this sunny day. :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Do you know what it feels like when you don’t have an exam tomorrow?

(What a question..)

Of course, almost everyone would be happy about it, most especially if you succumbed for three straight weeks in to the deepest abyssal jungles of Microbiology, Botany, Physics and Organic Chem?

Man, I just hate my indolent attitude whenever sembreak’s near. I would always reverie that today’s sembreak. Blah. I still have Botany and Organic Chem for this week and Physics, Nat Sci 2 and Organic Chem Lab for Monday. HUWAAAT? Three exams in one day? Naaah. I don’t care, really.

So do you have any quaint ideas on how to release those unwanted accrued stress in my body?

Well, aside from creating themes, photo manipulations in photoshop and writing short stories, I sometimes get tired of facing the monitor for at least 12 hours. Hahaha.

So here are the plans: (My classmate invited me on to some physical activities, and hopefully matuloy mga ‘to):

  • Play paintball at MTS
  • Play Tennis at Las Terrazas

I know, I know, playing tennis under the scorching heat of the sun is a strenuous activity. For crying out loud, I actually don’t care if I come home with muscle pains hovering throughout my body. It’s the experience that counts, right? Hahaha. For one thing, I think playing tennis is not a joke. I have an original racket, from my grandfather. He plays the tennis back in the 70’s and even claimed that it’s harder than bowling. Ooops. I can’t relate to it. I haven’t played or tried bowling! Pathetic much. Mas magaling pa ako siguro sa Virtual Tennis! HAHAHAHA.

But I guess it will be a worthwhile experience to me, that is, if we’ll not relinquish with the wonderful idea. I just hope no one will ruin my day, or shall I say, OUR DAY.

Ciao. 3 more exam days ‘til sembreak. Crap, can’t wait for it.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Hey Hippo.

Everyone commits mistakes, willfully or instinctively as much as other human beings in the world. Now why on Earth will you question about the nature of imperfection? In the first place you are NOT a ROBOT, but a human being with a crappy way of thinking. Don’t you think each one of us has its own limitations? Yes, we get to learn through our own gaffes and we get to know the answer of which can be valuable on to our expectations and prospects in life. Damn it, you’re such an immature ass, I tell you. Nobody can ask for a perfect world. No, that only exists in an idealistic approach.

GOOD NIGHT and hope your scruples will save you from the fires of hell. I hope Charon will not ferry you to the ninth circle of hell.

Sweet screams to you fatty-hippo.

(Forgive me if I’m too mean, I just can’t help it.)

Push the rewind button please.

I got this survey from Kimmie. HAHAHA. Miss ko na ang kabataan days ko. Those were the days na binabantayan pa ako ni Mama, Papa, Daddy and Mommy sa school, laging tumatakbo at umuuwing amoy araw at higit sa lahat, papagalitan ka ni Mama kasi mas gugustuhin mo pang panoorin ang Captain Planet kesa magaral. Siiigh. Just reminiscing those good old days.

1. What year were you born in?

The year of the Horse - 1990.

2. Which Spice Girl were you when you were young?

I don't know. HAHA. But I have a crush on Baby Spice. HAHAHA.

3. Backstreet boys or NSYNC?

- Neither. I would always rant about how gay they are since I'm pretty much annoyed by my girl classmates, singing and belting those annoying songs. HAHAHA. Okay, so I'm ranting again.

4. Did you watch S Club 7?

Not much. I can't really remember na lahat sila kumanta.

5. Which was your favorite, Sandlot or Little Rascals?

Little Rascals, for sure. HAHAHA

6. Did you ever have light up sneakers?

YEAH! Mom would always buy those trendy sneakers.

7. What was your favorite thing about recess?

The classic Sandwich Spread, peanut butter or cheez whiz with Zest-O orange drink. Carefully laid in my thermos lunchbox. OHA OHA!

8. Cinderella or Snow White?

Both since they're pretty and I would always reverie that I'm the prince. HAHAHA. Loser.

9. Did you wake up really early just to watch cartoons on Saturday (or weekday) mornings?

YES! Back then, Cartoon Network was not 24/7 and it shares with TNT. TNT will finish at around 5 am and by 5.30 am, I would sneak in the living room and watch some cartoons. HAHAHHA. I don't know kung anong cartoons ang pinapalabas ng ganon kaaga. LOL. What a cartoon show ata yun.

10. What was your favorite holiday?

Christmas. OH YES, back then, my ninongs and ninangs would not forget my meek existence, until 2000. I'll hunt you down! And yeah, fave ko rin 'pag birthday ko.

11. Did you ever try to stay up on Christmas just so you could see Santa?

Nope, apparently, I used to believe Santa Shit's existence, but hey, I have already considered my parents as the Santa Clause(s) of my life. I don't need to imagine a fat-bellied man who gives gift during Christmas because my concept in Santa Clause is simple.

12. What grade did you like the best?

Grade ONE and Grade THREE. HAHAHAHA.

13. Ninja Turtles or Power Rangers?

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. I really love Kimberly, Power Ranger Pink. One reason on why I have a crush on Kim back in four. HAHAHAH. I also loved the ALIEN who keeps on muttering the "AIAIAIAIAIAIAII" expression.

14. Which Power Ranger were you?


15. Did you ever own a Chinese jump rope?

Jump rope lang. HAHAHAHA :)) some sort of an exercise tool every morning.

16. What were your favorite things to eat?

KitKat. My God! HAHAHAHA. Mura pa ang Kitkat noon. Wait, pati BURGER MCDO, HAPPY MEAL. Happy Meal in the mid 90's costs roughly 30 pesos.

17. What was your favorite color?

Blue and Green.

18. Barney or Sesame street?

Neither. MOM hated BARNEY SINCE HE'S A GAY DINOSAUR and Sesame Street? Naaah. I prefer THE LOONEY TUNES.

19. Do you ever miss being a little kid?


20. Do you wish you were older?

When I was young, I use to wonder what will I look if I'm an adult. Today, I can't imagine myself my looks when I was young. No, there are no apparent changes, except for some physical attributes, i.e., the height, facial hair and more.

21. What was your first pet's name?

Fishy the Goldfish. I murdered him. :))))

22. Who was your best friend in kindergarten?

Kindergarten? Hmmmm.. I think it's Mico, Myles and Jerome.

23. Are you still friends with the person you were best friends with in the 3rd grade?

SHOOOOOOOOOOT. Best enemy ko na siya nung Grade 5. I don't know, back in high school, we don't actually care for each other, not at all.

24. Where did you live when you were 9?

Three kilometers away from Davao International Airport's runway.

25. What was your all time favorite movie?

Local - Princess Sarah Ang Munting Princessa. Di ako nakatulog doon sa Freaky Chaka Doll na scene. Basta yun. Umiyak pa nga ako eh dahil kay Miss Minchin.

International - Titanic. GRABE. SUPER BLOCKBUSTER flick. Lahat ng mga cinemas ng mall, PUROS TITANIC. (Cinema 1 - 8)

26. Which did you like 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark' or 'AHH! Real Monsters?

Are you AFRAID of the DARK, of course. Yung ending nila, parang tradition na. Patayin ang bonfire.

27. Did you watch Rockos Modern Life?


28. Who was your favorite Rugrat?

Angelica. Yes, Rugrats would bore me to death without Angelica's sinister and bratty presence. "YOU DUMB BABIES!"

29. Did you own a tamagochi?

Of course, yung original pa. HAHAHA. It's a pet chicken and hanggang 8 years old lang ako. LOL.

30. Favorite local TV show?

Marami. First - SINESKWELA. I know, I know, pinanganak na akong Geek. But yeah, it's all worth it. Pati, MARA CLARA. HAHAHA. Naalala ko tuloy ang mahiwagang Diary. Lol. And oh! Pati MULA SA PUSO! HAHAHAHA :)) Gabriel LOVES Via. LOL.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Nutty bolts and whatnots..

While strolling in the mall with mom..

(Me pointing the giant tarpaulin of Cebu Pacific and imitating somebody)

Me: Look ma oh, Davao to Singapore/Hongkong is only 3,999 pesos na.

Mama: (with exaggerated emotion) I'm SOOOOO Stressed na kuya, I wanna go to Hongkong naaaaahhh. I wanna go na talaga, swear, aha-ha-ha-ha..

Me: You're so conyoooo na talaga, like me. >:))


A few weeks ago my 5-year old cousin joined our mini-grocery spree in one of the malls in Davao City. He just want to stroll in the mall and buy some Twist in Mister Donut. I just noticed that he's a keen observer. He keeps on commenting about the sprawling billboards along the bustling streets of Davao. He either criticizes or compliments the model/endorser in the billboard ad. Along the highway, one billboard caught his attention.

"Wait, kuya's in billboard! Ang laki ng face ni Kuya mrrrrr (yan tawag niya sa akin)"

I peered on to the window. I'm not a commercial model for Christ's sake. My cousin was just pointing on the latest Nokia billboard. And Nokia Philippines' latest endorser was Robi. LOL.

Nothing's special about this entry. I had my mandatory rest period today. I need to sleep. Good night.

Friday, October 03, 2008


Three semesters had passed and I had just realized one important thing: I have made a wise decision on choosing my path in college. I didn’t regret of taking BS Bio, even how tedious the life is. Being a Bio student is not that easy and it’s not a joke. Aside from making risky decisions, one is highly susceptible of any kind of sickness due to accumulated stress.

Back in high school, I always deem to become a Chemist or a Chemical Engineer. I thought Chemistry was that easy, then came my first year in college. Chem 16 was a little bit surprising and challenging. Chem 17 followed and it was my favorite chemistry subject. But this semester, my perception towards chem had changed, well a little bit. As you have read on to my previous entries, I am struggling with Organic Chemistry. I know it’s a redundant thing, but I can’t help it. Passing even one exam in Chem 31 is already a good thing, well for me.

Having a standing of above 80 means only one thing – you're a brainy ass. HAHAHA. I really admire those people who don’t have a hard time of understanding different organic processes, reactions and synthesis. In my case, I only understand the picture of it but I don’t see the point of drawing all those aromatic rings, alkenes, alkynes, ketones and other functional groups when subjected to synthesis. I know I’ll pass this subject (of course), but I grasp on to the fact that I’m not good at it.

And I can’t imagine myself drowning to McMurry’s Organic Chem if I take Chem Eng. Wait, Morrison and Boyde is worse and more difficult to understand.

Shoot, I still have one exam – moving exam in Microbiology. At long last, it’s the last exam in Micro. I love Micro.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

To Immunity and Beyond

Pablo’s insane.
Pablo’s crazy.

Pablo’s causing all of these predicaments in life.

Pablo’s a murderer.

Most of all, Pablo sucks, literally!

No, I’m not talking about the infamous and clever cyberstalker for crying out loud. The hell I care about his life, works and ass! Haha. I’m talking about the tropical storm. Yeah, so how’s the weather in the northern cities? The south has to suffer from a jiffy drought, since I can only see the blue hue of the sky, stretching to the endless horizon.

Alright so I’m quite thwarted by my Botany since I didn’t make it to the exemption grade. In my three long exams, I averaged 79.33% and the minimum “toll fee” to qualify for the exemption of taking the final exam was 80.00%. Great.. At least, 1.75 in the Bio Department starts at 80% (unlike in the Math, Physics and Comsci Dept., 1.75 starts at 85%). The coverage’s cover to cover and yeah, I don’t have any problems with it. I have to review on it, though. Enough is enough. I sometimes deem myself as a GC, but I care for it since I want to show those numerical values to my parents. I just want them to know that I care for my education and for my future. Drama king.

Speaking of Botany, Ma’am Novero proposed a great deal. Next year, we would start on to our respective thesis and each one of us will have their own advisers. Our Botany teacher specializes on the field of Molecular Biology particularly in plants. She has a plan to open a thesis/case study on Genetic Engineering in Metroxylon sagu Rottb. She only needs one student. She wants the student to be responsible and determined for this study. I am very much interested with her offer. Let’s check some things, shall we?

I am responsible..errrr.. CHECK.
I know how to handle things.. CHECK.
I AM SERIOUS.. hmmm.. I love to crack corny jokes but hell, I’m serious on pursuing this study.. HALF CHECK.
I am.. CHECK, CHECK, CHHHEECCCKK! (Sure ka na ba?!)

Hahahaha. I know I’m not interested in plants but since it touches the field of Molecular Genetics, I think this kind of extensive study will be one of my choices or candidates, next to Microbiology and Animal Physiology.

Oh by the way, I looooooove TEMPEH cake. You know that cake? It’s just a stack of soybeans filled with Rhizopus, a fungus. YES, a fungus. Actually, it tastes so great when you cook it in butter. HAHAHAHA! I want to eat more Tempeh. Hahaha. But on Saturday (third moving exam in Microbiology), I have no choice but to eat Kimchi (ewww) and Yoghurt. I must eat breakfast before my tummy hurts.

But the tempeh cake in this picture's more delectable than ours. Duh, it's still delicious.

Oh yeah, before I forgot, I getting immune with so many things, E.coli, Rhizopus, sleep deprivation, hunger, thirst, COFFEE, exams and many more. Instead of drinking the usual milk concoction on breakfast and before going to sleep, I now change it to coffee. Hell, ‘til now, I don’t know the right amount of coffee needed in a single cup. Mom’s not fond of buying 3 in 1 coffee. Whatever!

Today, I am sleepy. I still have to catch up with my Organic Chemistry. I want to pass this course, else if I fail the third long again, I’m a deadmeat.

Or things might just happen unexpectedly.

Apple: A Succulent Notion

What if the apple didn't fall on to Newton's head.
I guess his three laws in Classical Physics will not exist in today's time, not. HAHAHAHA.
How I wish a Durian fruit will fall on to Newton's head instead of an apple, hahahha.

What's the role of an apple in the teacher's desk? I usually see this drama in classic American cartoons.

Whatever. Several UNNECESSARY things are flowing on to my subconscious mind. I hate when this happens.

New headshot, btw. Be back, uhmm, maybe on a Saturday morning. Wait, SATURDAY MORNING??! Shoot, I almost forgot, I still have an exam this Saturday. Great.

But I'm more excited on criticizing the IPs (Investigatory Projects) of the BS Bio freshmen this Friday. HAHAHA. It's payback time, you know (insert evil grin here). I know, I know, I should drown myself to Coffea. Great, I would like to extend my gratitude to the family members of Rubiaceae.

And I wish I live on to this kind of place - peaceful and serene.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Report User

One day, isang araw..

A lackadaisical, OC (obsessive-compulsive) and conyo college girl was assigned to report about Microbial Genetics and Microbial Nutrition. All of her classmates grumbled since her report was the easiest.

But being as careless and lazy as Juan Tamad, she just followed the traditional and dangerous way of making a presentation – the copy-paste-without-analyzing method.

And yes, she came to class early and prepared her presentation. This was her report:

Ah, Good morning classmates and good morning Professor Smith, and nandito ako to report about Microbial Genetics and Microbial Nutrition.

insert background music (Nothing in this World - Paris Hilton) to catch everyone's attention (and it's not effective, it adds distraction)

Okay, so here’s the outline of my report, ayan..

So, what is Microbial Genetics?

click, click..

(Insert copy-paste definition about it)

(Flashing some pictures and fails to recognize the image)

So ayan.. hmmm… moving on.. as you can see here.. ayan (pointing to the image).. you can see those brightly colored microbes.. okay, furthermore.. ayan.. yes.. hmmm.. okay…moving on, so yun... anyhow.. ayan.. so it’s very important to us.. as you can see in my report, yan.. but, always remember that.. yan.. naman..uhhmm.. ayun..nevertheless.. ayan.. uhuh.. okay.


(A fictional entry – inspired by a joke from Ate Angel during our Bio 70 lecture)


Pablo Picasso-Banila

First day of October..

and I just have one simple question:

WHO THE HECK IS HE? DO YOU KNOW HIM? Pablo Banila?! The guy who's fond of viewing your page anonymously (the hell I care about it) and when you check his page, it's like you have entered the world of a deranged creature from outer space. Whatever, I'm just overreacting. Like what Inna said moments ago, he's creepy and scary.

He's fond of changing his multiply id by creating another account.

One thing for sure he always reminds me of someone who almost killed me in my dream. He really resemble to the notorious murderer of my dream last week - long, oily hair, pudgy nose, slim and, uggh, never mind. It quite scares me whenever I think of that crappy dream.

Hey! Today's not halloween, FCOL!

This article is taken from:

Ever heard of Pablo Banila? Happen to be one of the thousands he added in multiply? He says there, that you are his kindergarten schoolmate and he loves your ear, somewhat like that. hehe.

He is described as a stalking, annoying, and freaky multiply user. Harsh right? But, yeah, seeing his multiply site freaks me out too, though all his multiply accounts have been removed already due to people reporting him to the admin of multiply.

Well, this is what I think, he just wanted some attention, and he just made that for fun I guess. However, would you risk your reputation in such a manner, for fun? I won't!

People just look at him as a freak, right? Isn't that a reason not to do it?

Going back to his plot, he became famous, well actually infamous. But still, he was talked about, but I guess popularity that fast isn't the best way to be famous.

This thread (If you can't see the thread, she may have privatized the post. Sorry for that.) was posted by my friend just yesterday, she reported the clown and many actually followed and was against him. Many disliked his ways to get attention, and it was just too stalker like. I just find it pretty intelligent how he got a lot of people to react to him, yes he is kinda weird, but the kind of weirdness that people will actually notice and comment on. If you get to see his account before it was removed, comments were overflowing, majority disliked him, but still cared to browse his page. Psychology-wise, it is very smart. Though, reality-wise, its his reputation that paid for it, some fast popularity, a notch up in becoming an internet celebrity, but becoming a laughing stock and a clown. Would you risk that too to become famous?

It didn't go quite well for him though, maybe a little less annoying and stalking, you might be on your way to internet stardom. lol!

Oh by the way, because his multiply sites were removed, placed his name in yahoo search engine, guess what, I saw his friendster account. lol! See him here, more tame yet still quite weird.

Pablo Banila Friendster

Hey Pablo, I made you a little bit more popular with this. lol! 20-30 visit famous I guess. hehe.

Update: (September 28, 2008 7:25pm)

After a lot of banned accounts in multiply, he isn't that easy to get rid of, he has a new multiply account, and I even get to see his website, He still amazes me, never gets tired of viewing profiles that annoys and/or interest people. Either way, he worked up the fame ladder and continues to be recognized.