Monday, October 20, 2008

Sullied Downtown

Stop and stare
Look around and be aware
Those things, inexplicable style
Big place, big buildings, and towering skyscrapers
Business men, employees, drivers and hasty thieves
Unwanted dusts all over the skin
Cover your nose
Cover your ears
Cover your mouth
Cover your pores
And run for your life
The smoke and sweltering heat of the sun
Crocodiles for only 500 bucks
SM, Ayala, Greenbelt, Divisoria and Starbucks
Jiffy, jiffy, jiffy lifestyle
Everthing’s expensive
Exorbitant culture
Buses, trains, airplanes, jeepneys and sleek cars
Hotels, motels, malls and bars
Twenty four seven
Concrete jungle
Labyrinth intersections and highways
Busy runways
Then, run, run and run again
Let the next chapter begin

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