Thursday, October 02, 2008

Apple: A Succulent Notion

What if the apple didn't fall on to Newton's head.
I guess his three laws in Classical Physics will not exist in today's time, not. HAHAHAHA.
How I wish a Durian fruit will fall on to Newton's head instead of an apple, hahahha.

What's the role of an apple in the teacher's desk? I usually see this drama in classic American cartoons.

Whatever. Several UNNECESSARY things are flowing on to my subconscious mind. I hate when this happens.

New headshot, btw. Be back, uhmm, maybe on a Saturday morning. Wait, SATURDAY MORNING??! Shoot, I almost forgot, I still have an exam this Saturday. Great.

But I'm more excited on criticizing the IPs (Investigatory Projects) of the BS Bio freshmen this Friday. HAHAHA. It's payback time, you know (insert evil grin here). I know, I know, I should drown myself to Coffea. Great, I would like to extend my gratitude to the family members of Rubiaceae.

And I wish I live on to this kind of place - peaceful and serene.

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