Saturday, October 18, 2008

We have to move on..

He will..

make some themes for money just to pay the "inexpensive" Separatory Funnel..
start from the scratch..
try to forget the disaster last Wednesday :|..
try to finish Eclipse after three days..
will transfer money to his new Gcash account..
go to his attorney (my uncle lolo) to have his affidavit of loss to be notarized on Monday..

He thinks he..

is dumb..
is crazy..
is useless..
is a crap..
is not an EMO. HAHAHAHAHAHA. TAE. But seriously..
had wasted the first semester.

He wants to..

kill someone..
be alone for at least three hours..
eat 'coz he's hungry..
invent a time machine and want to go back as far as June 2008..
hug his close high school friends..
talk to his imaginary best friends. Hey Andy, where's Lexy and Drew?
sleep, but he can't sleep.

He hopes that..

the karma is faster than he thought..
will pass through these series of unfortunate events of his life..
has the power to see the future, like Alice..
it would be a brighter week next week..
everything would be fine in the second semester..
he would do BETTER on the second semester..
he will be back on the list..
he will be a good son on to his parents..
he will listen to his mom and dad..

He is..

quite depressed..
doesn't understand on what he feels right at this moment..
not conscious that he's sitting in front of the monitor for at least five hours..
HUNGRY, feed him..
always tired..
going to be insane..
ugly since he rarely smiles..
really, really, BORED.

But seriously, I have talked to him but he doesn't want to talk to me. I can't understand him. He can't understand what he feels right now.


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