Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Small treat for me

So my quick trip to UP was not a waste.

I mean, at least I can now sleep with no qualms since I have already knew my final grades for the three subjects. What’s with 1.75, by the way? First, in Physics (I was really surprised by it), then in Microbiology, then in Bio 70 (Earth Science and Processes) and I have an inkling that my Nat Sci 2 would yield the same thing. Hahaha. But no. I have already accepted the fact that I can’t be on CS (salamat sa tres ko ha?!) or in the US list (dream on jerk, you’re not a monster) this semester.

But hey, at least four of them fell to line of one, which made me quite happy. So I decided to treat myself. It’s a cheap treat since I don’t have money, for crying out loud. I drank one red Sting and two Siopaos. God, I’m craving for it since Monday.

I’m still a survivor. WTH. Puta, sembreak na pala.

Some random pseudoannouncements:

  • Congrats sa atin, batchmates, walang na-singko sa Microbiology, kahit tres, wala (except kay BigBrother, eh di naman yun sumusulpot sa klase eh).. Congrats nga pala kay Aidz, Maria and July (sino pa? Did I miss someone) kasi highest sila sa MCB, 1.5. Wowowee. Si Pappy, si Anabaena and Clostridium. LOL.
  • Hoy Jordan and Alvin, mga gahutero, 1.5 sa Math 26. Ari-arriba.
  • Leizel, I didn’t ask Ma’am John kung sino ang magtake removals sa Phys3.
  • Anj, Ralph and Mikko – HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY.. this Saturday pa talaga birthday niyo no? Hahaha. I’m so excited para sa trio birthday bash niyo bukas.
  • Sa mga magtake ng removals, kaya niyo iyan guys, Good luck!
  • Carmi! Let’s papapapapartyyyyyyyy. Pizza Party at Cocok’s crib! :D

To stranger: Hoy panget, mas panget ako. HAHAHAHAHA.

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