Friday, October 31, 2008

Save the best for last..

Apparently, whenever I think about school (including the scary facade of some laboratories on the east wing of CSM), it always reminds me of something: school's coming and my mind's not ready.

Whatever. I really hate it when I start to enjoy my semestral break during the final week of freedom. Well, the first week of the break is the laziest since I have to sleep more than 15 hours just to compensate the sleep deprivation during the last three weeks of the semester. In the middle of the break, it would be the idlest, thinking of the things to relieve one's soul from boredom. Should I read this book or not? Should I go the mall or just sleep the entire day, AGAIN? Should I clean my room? Should I study in advance on these Bio subjects (eeww, geek)? Things like these keep on hovering on our confused mind.

And then after you have finalized your decision, you've come to realize that the break's almost through..and it sucks.

In my case, I have just discovered that reading the synopsis of every episodes of TARA (The Amazing Race Asia) makes me happy. I don't care if it's already four in the morning, as long as I'm happy about it. Crap. If only I discovered this days after our finals week, I may have enjoyed my break for a longer period of time.

And yeah, thanks to Facebook, I have met some online buddies across the universe este, across the continent. I have met three in the states and one in Brazil. Nah. It's quite funny since they are very amazed to Filipinos because we are known to be fluent in English (raise the red-yellow-blue flag mga kababayan, proud to be pinoy!). Well, grammatically speaking, we all do commit subtle errors, but the hell I care, as long as we undestand each other. LOL. The dreary part is the time. Philippine time is very different to States and in Brazil. Sometimes, when we were in the height of our interesting conversation (when I say interesting, we share our common interests, like school, tv shows, movies, books and all), I tend to forget my local time. LOL. But at least I have met a new set of international friends. Yihee. And oh, Portuguese is much more complicated than Spanish. xD

These events had just occured within this week.. and it sucks big time when you learn that the second semester will start on Tuesday. Yes, another academic adventure awaits me and I promise to give my best shot (since I was very lazy last semester). What the hell.

And I'm currently watching the third episode of the Amazing Race.

Fuck, my brother keeps on grumbling about the internet connection. He can't play the stupid online racing game since it's very slow. Duh, I'm watching TARA. And it's the only time that I can watch this crap. Shoot. What a morbid creature he is. Damn it. So now I'm pissed. I want to rip his eyeballs from his sockets and squish it to oblivion.

Joke. Just an exaggeration. But seriously, I'm pissed. He acts as if he's my older brother. Alright, he looks older than me. TAE. And right now, he's playing Pokemon Blue with his disappointed face.

Whatever brotha, you're such a loser.

Okay, so the so-so blog turned into a rant about-his-ferocious-and-conceited-brother. Right now, he keeps on scratching his head so hard that his scalp would bleed in no time.

C'mon. Go ahead, don't be shy. Just scratch your head until you can no longer control the bleeding of your scalp. Don't worry, I'll invite Jasper Cullen in our crib. I'll just contact him.

And he's now playing Diner Dash.
Naku mas lalo pa atang uminit ang ulo mo jan. Eng-eng.


I'm getting cynical. WTF.


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