Saturday, October 11, 2008

The "Trendy" Trend

"We're going down, down in an earlier round"..

Fall Out Boy's great, agree?

So here goes nothing. I'm quite tired of mentioning stuffs about Biology, so I'm practically going to shift today's entry into a new perspective - Economics. The global market's flow is following one single trend - Down, down, down to the place where Charon ferries you to hell.

I haven't watched the news lately until I read the latest business news on PDI moments ago, while having a haircut at SM. The news was really appalling. The last one was I think two months ago, when Dow Jones skyrocketed to a peak level of 13,000 points. Today it slumped down to a record breaking low of 8000 points in just single snap. Dow Jones' demise was simply followed by other major markets in the world, like the Futse in London, Nikkei 225 in Japan, Sensex in India, Kospi in South Korea and even our very own, PSI. I can no longer imagine the long faces of the investors. Today's not the right time to invest in the stock market. The shares are in critical condition as of this time.

Oh yeah, the gasoline's price is almost $78 per barrel.

The sea level's rising. The sky is falling. The stars are shining. And I'm a star. EPAL.

But seriously, there are two things that I should reconsider on to my own perspectives in life.

First, life is but an innate thing which is confined in a cycle. No things in the world are bound to be permanent. Not at all. Second, life is but a treacherous path to stride in. We know the rules and we know the truth about it.

Smile. Life is such a wonderful gift from the Supreme Being, despite all these tribulations and predicaments. :)


PS: Just a random thought, what's with the shutter shades? No offense but, I find it useless. First, it doesn't shield your eyes from dusts and from the harmful rays of the sun. Second, it's a distraction to one's view. I don't think it's trendy. Just an opinion. HAHAHAHA :))

One more thing, I'm getting tired of ranting about those useless and pointless mass pm's. I'm tired to be irritated by those pesky scums. Stone stone in the hangin, ang ma-hit, don't make galit. :))

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