Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Say the magic word, sissie!

Locked in a country where people can't understand English? Say the following essential foreign sentences if you're getting into some serious trouble.. LOL

If you're in Paris, and when you a sexy lass accidentally bumps on to you, say this french sentence wholeheartedly:

Baisez-vous chienne, vous m'ont juste cogné !

If you're in St. Peter's Square and discovered that a pigeon accidentally drops a bomb on your head, shout this Italian sentence, as if you're declaring world peace:

Vaffunculo, l'uccello ha caduto la sua merda a me!

If you're in Madrid and encountered a mean owner of an expensive coffee shop, say this in front of his ass.. este his beautiful metizo face:

¡Mierda! ¡El dueño de este restaurante de la cabeza del dick es costoso maldito!

If you're taking a master's degree in one of Netherlands' most prestigious universities and encountered the most talkative Dutch classmate, feel free to shout this Dutch sentence:

Zwijg, dick hoofd! U doodt op dit ogenblik me!

And when you're in Portugal, taking pictures in a park and encountered teenage gangsters who wreak damage to the park's properties, say this Portuguese to them:

Este hooligan está conduzindo-me louco! (And yeah, after that, run as fast as you can!!)

When riding a taxi in Germany, say this German sentence to the driver if he's very slow in the road:

Verdammen Sie es, ist dieser Fahrer sehr langsam und ich wette he' langsamer Anfänger S.-A. auch!

And if you're in Tokyo, say this if you're not satisfied with your meal:

ちょっと雌犬! あなたのヌードルはたわごとのように味がする。 私はそれを好まない!

---And if you're interested with the translation, just visit this site:

Just for laughs. HAHAHAHAH =))))))))

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