Monday, October 27, 2008

Tradition Blues

What I really hate about the registration and enrolment process is just simple – the pace is slow.. SO SLOW. I really hate it when one manages to be ahead on us, even if we fall in line in a proper way. The hell I care, I don’t give a damn on those singiteros. Bullshit.

Why can’t just the administration divide the clearance thing per college, right? I mean, falling in the line and waiting your turn for almost an hour just for ONE signature, with all those people from different colleges is crazy. It can be done in a more systematic way. Arrghh. I’m tired of ranting about this since last year. It’s a tradition already. Dang. But hey, I think it’s an accomplishment for me since I only lack one signature, from OSA. Unlike in the past two semesters, in just one day, I would only manage to have at least four signatures. Yey.

Oh yeah, the best part of the day has yet to come…

Well, Zoo 3 Lec (Intermediate Zoology) was moved to a new schedule: Every Monday, 1:00 pm – 3.00 pm. And since Doc Gamby’s schedule’s full from morning ‘til 5.30 pm (every Monday), the Bio department has no choice but to let Prof. Talde to be our Zoo 3 (lecture) teacher. WOOOHOO. Prof. Talde again, lec and lab. HAHAHAHA. Rejoice. We now have an opportunity to have a line-of-one standing in Zoo 3. LOOOOL. I just wish this is the final schedule. (Keep thy fingers crossed). Say ta-ta to Doc G. :)))

AH 6 – Visual Communication Arts
Bio 30 – Genetics (10.00 am – 11.00 am)
Bio 150 – Principles of Ecology (11.00 am – 12.00 pm)
Chem 160 – Introductory Biochemistry
MST 6 – Biodiversity Challenge
Zoo 3 – Intermediate Zoology
PE 2 - Soccer

18 units. HAHAHAHA. But hey, look at Wednesday. BORING. I wish all long exams in Biochem will be always scheduled on Wednesdays. And look! No lunch break for me every Thursday. And yeah, I still have classes on Monday. At least, it’s not a dreary 7-9 am class.

At least nabawi rin pagod namin kanina in the Molecular Biology Laboratory. YEY. Free food and brewed coffee from Dr. Bastian. Wee :)) Tea Party at the Mol. Bio Lab. LOL.

I still have to go back to UP tomorrow just to get my freakin’ OSA clearance to be signed up. Tae.

Oh yeah. I’m halfway through with Breaking Dawn. WEEEEE.

I can't imagine that my life in UP will resume next week. TAE. Ambilis ng sembreak. SOBRA.

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