Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Report User

One day, isang araw..

A lackadaisical, OC (obsessive-compulsive) and conyo college girl was assigned to report about Microbial Genetics and Microbial Nutrition. All of her classmates grumbled since her report was the easiest.

But being as careless and lazy as Juan Tamad, she just followed the traditional and dangerous way of making a presentation – the copy-paste-without-analyzing method.

And yes, she came to class early and prepared her presentation. This was her report:

Ah, Good morning classmates and good morning Professor Smith, and nandito ako to report about Microbial Genetics and Microbial Nutrition.

insert background music (Nothing in this World - Paris Hilton) to catch everyone's attention (and it's not effective, it adds distraction)

Okay, so here’s the outline of my report, ayan..

So, what is Microbial Genetics?

click, click..

(Insert copy-paste definition about it)

(Flashing some pictures and fails to recognize the image)

So ayan.. hmmm… moving on.. as you can see here.. ayan (pointing to the image).. you can see those brightly colored microbes.. okay, furthermore.. ayan.. yes.. hmmm.. okay…moving on, so yun... anyhow.. ayan.. so it’s very important to us.. as you can see in my report, yan.. but, always remember that.. yan.. naman..uhhmm.. ayun..nevertheless.. ayan.. uhuh.. okay.


(A fictional entry – inspired by a joke from Ate Angel during our Bio 70 lecture)


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