Saturday, October 04, 2008

Nutty bolts and whatnots..

While strolling in the mall with mom..

(Me pointing the giant tarpaulin of Cebu Pacific and imitating somebody)

Me: Look ma oh, Davao to Singapore/Hongkong is only 3,999 pesos na.

Mama: (with exaggerated emotion) I'm SOOOOO Stressed na kuya, I wanna go to Hongkong naaaaahhh. I wanna go na talaga, swear, aha-ha-ha-ha..

Me: You're so conyoooo na talaga, like me. >:))


A few weeks ago my 5-year old cousin joined our mini-grocery spree in one of the malls in Davao City. He just want to stroll in the mall and buy some Twist in Mister Donut. I just noticed that he's a keen observer. He keeps on commenting about the sprawling billboards along the bustling streets of Davao. He either criticizes or compliments the model/endorser in the billboard ad. Along the highway, one billboard caught his attention.

"Wait, kuya's in billboard! Ang laki ng face ni Kuya mrrrrr (yan tawag niya sa akin)"

I peered on to the window. I'm not a commercial model for Christ's sake. My cousin was just pointing on the latest Nokia billboard. And Nokia Philippines' latest endorser was Robi. LOL.

Nothing's special about this entry. I had my mandatory rest period today. I need to sleep. Good night.

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