Saturday, October 19, 2019

International ATC Day

The Philippines is comprised of 7,641 islands, less than a third of which are inhabited, and is considered home to more than 105 million Filipinos. As one of the growing economies of Southeast Asia, the transportation system of the country is vital, functioning like blood vessels in our body.

For the past century, the aviation industry grew at an exponential rate. The demand, particularly in air transportation, is increasing every year to meet the basic needs of the constituents. Furthermore, there was a need for the safekeeping of the flying public, hence establishing air traffic service in our country.

The role of an air traffic controller is to ensure the safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of air traffic. As simple and straightforward as it may sound, the job is never easy. To become an air traffic controller, one must undergo a series of rigorous training. Air traffic control cannot function without air traffic controllers. In normal circumstances, they are transparent and unseen like electricity: unseen and unheard of unless a predicament arises.

Through the years, the journey of Philippine Air Traffic Service was not smooth sailing. We have experienced things that had caused a huge blow not just to the flying public, but also to our morale. We also fought with nature, natural disasters, and struggled with the previous administration's competency, or lack thereof. Undeniably, those days were the darkest. We wrestled to find the light, we fought for justice, but most importantly, we didn't give up. Giving up isn't part of our nature. We strived, but we move on. We were selfless. All we ever think was the safety of the flying public–that even if we were not allowed to take leaves during Christmas or New Year's Eve, seeing other people reunited with their families was already enough, a reward something that some people will never understand. Together, we have proved how strong our mental fortitude was. Determined, dauntless, and a fighter.

It is not a secret that only a few people know what we do for a living. Some assume that we work under the scorching heat of the sun, guiding the aircraft to its designated parking bay. Some think that we only work at the control towers. Despite these, we managed to do our job well, guiding the flying public to their final destinations safe and sound. As we celebrate the International Day of Air Traffic Controllers, let us not forget the men and women of the Philippine Air Traffic Controllers Association who keep the skies safe 24/7. We invite air travelers to ponder on the wonder that is aviation, and to sincerely thank all those people - and in particular, the air traffic controllers - who make aviation the amazing achievement that it is.

That is our commitment, that is our dedication.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

How Does One Waltz Away?

Last week, I finally have the chance to watch Anna And The King. The movie was first released last December 1999, almost 20 years ago. I know, shame... shame, but better late than ever, okay?

The movie is all about King Mongkut's relationship with the Kingdom of Siam's newly hired English schoolteacher, Anna Leonowens. Basically, it's all about finding love in a very untimely circumstance. I really like this movie because it's not too cheesy, and it reflects the reality of life. You meet someone who would make your life meaningful but do not end up with the person whom you truly love. Sometimes, they come to our life to teach us valuable lessons.

Here's my favorite part of the movie, during the last part. IT REALLY STRUCK THE CORE OF MY SOUL.

Anna: I, uh, ordered this some time ago for the children. It's a fine example of scientific thinking. As music is mathematical in nature
King Mongkut: Chords, constructed from notes in intervals of thirds. And so on, and so on.
Anna: Precisely. I would like to know why, if science can unravel something as beautiful as music, why it cannot posit a solution for a school teacher and a king?
King Mongkut: The manner in which people might understand, such new possibilities is also a process of evolution.
Anna: Everything in Siam has its own time.
King Mongkut: Even if King is also wanting it to be different.
Anna: I still must go, Your Majesty.
King Mongkut: So, where is it you will be going?
Anna: England.
King Mongkut: Home. This is good ma'am. Very good for Louis as well.
Anna: What?
King Mongkut: I'm wondering if given circumstances it is appropriate for a King to ask... Anna... to dance?
Anna: I have danced with a king before, your Majesty
King Mongkut: And I... an Englishwoman. Until now, Madam Leonowens, I did not understand supposition man could be satisfied with only one woman.
Narrator (Prince Chulalongkorn): I was only a boy, but the image of my father, holding the woman he loved for the last time has remained with me throughout the years. It is always surprising how small a part of life is taken up by meaningful moments. Most often they're over before they start even though they cast a light on the future and make the person who originated them unforgettable. Anna had shined such a light to Siam.

Such a bittersweet ending.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Pat On The Back

Whenever I have problems, I try to deal with it by myself. I don't seek help from someone, unless if everything gets worse. I've been like this since I was young, but I am not afraid to share my struggles if it becomes overwhelming. I don't know, I think I don't have this 'empathy' aura or vibe. Most people think that I'm straightforward and frank. When it comes to empathy, I score low in that area. For some reasons, some of my friends are comfortable of sharing their problems to me–love, friendship, work, you name it.

And here comes the worse part–when they start to cry hysterically, I panic inside. I get dumbfounded. I honestly do not know what to do.  I give them advises base not on my intuition or experiences, but through rationalizing and proper judgment on what I think is best for them. I know I have a strong personality, but I do empathize with people, it's just, it's hard for me to show that I truly empathize. It really is hard when you are independent and have a strong personality, yes?

Well, I am not perfect, and will always not be, but I am a work in progress. Always a work in progress. I can be a good listener, but I just can't hug a person to calm him or her down.

Thursday, August 01, 2019

Yo Shorty, It's Mah Birthday

I can't believe that I'm celebrating the last year of my 20s. A lot of things have happened since I turned 20–from life realizations to choosing your battles wisely. Here are some of the things I have learned since I turned 20.

1) You are not everyone's cup of tea. The world is filled with people who, no matter what you do, no matter what you try, will simply not like you. Worse, they will try to bring you down. Instead of showing them your inner demon, kill them with kindness. Learn the subtle art of not giving a fuck (good book, by the way). Promise, it will save you time and energy.

2) It is easier to admit your mistakes than to deny it. If you did something wrong or offensive, say sorry. If someone points out your wrongdoings but praises your achievements whether big or small, thank that person. Treasure that person.

3) You know yourself better than anyone else.

4) You are as good of a person as you choose to be. Over the last couple of years, I have made the conscious decision to be a good person, and it has transformed my life for the better. I didn’t do this for religious reasons. I rediscovered who I am and realized that being 'good' feels more natural than being manipulative, or anything less than good.

5) A tall glass of beer is good, but a cup of black coffee is always better.

6) Some people come and go, and it is okay.

I am forever grateful for having a very loving and supportive family, and true friends who are always on my side. They always remind me that I shouldn't stop dreaming big. My life goal is to look younger than my age when I hit my 40s or my 50s. LOL.

PS: It's my first time to celebrate my birthday in my hometown. I've been celebrating my birthdays abroad since 2015.

PPS: LOLJK, will celebrate my post-birthday trip at the land down under in 6 days! HAHA.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Seagate Levels Up Data Creation with Storage Solutions to Fit Any Digital Life

Seagate Technology, a world leader in data solutions, today announced an exciting extension of its portfolio with several new models, including new solid-state drive offerings. From gung-ho gamers to Instagram gurus, photo-collecting parents, or visionary creatives, Seagate offers the data storage solutions that empower users to live their best digital lives in today's fast-changing data-heavy landscape.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


It's been a while since my last update. I have been busy with a lot of things lately and it's driving me nuts, tbh. I have just received my IELTS results and I am totally okay with it. An overall score of 8.0 is not that bad for someone who isn't a native speaker of English. God knows that I tried my best in that exam, so I guess I deserve a thousand pats on the back. I think it's already enough for me to gain points in my express entry profile. I am still waiting for my WES evaluation form. According to the website, it takes a month to complete the entire process. I don't really know why it takes longer to evaluate for the purpose of IRCC. Well, I have no choice but to wait. I hate myself for being impatient and an overthinker sometimes.

This shouldn't stress me out, but I can't help it. I am not blaming the Mercury retrograde or any of those astrology shit. Shit really happens and we have to deal with it. Also, our impending transfer to Manila is kinda stressing me out, but since I am not alone with this ordeal, I guess it's a consolation, to say the least. But I still don't get it WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU FIX SOMETHING THAT'S NOT BROKEN IN THE FIRST PLACE? Some things still keep me baffled, and I do not know why some people whom I respect have thought about it. Politics? Bureaucracy? Probably.

Also, it is true that when you encounter people whom you hate, your day's already shitty. But, I try to at least divert my attention by thinking of happy and funny thoughts. But then again, if you're working overtime, and you're with that person you hate at work, and you're sleepy and cranky as fuck, I might just snap and be a bitch. But no, I believe sarcasm is the best weapon for stupidity. LOL. Light indeed travels faster than sound. A person might look brilliant from afar until he starts talking. Stupid is forever. Lalalala.

Okay, this post is full of angst. Trust me, I am now matured and know how to handle shit things like this. Easy peasy. Ya basic.

Friday, May 03, 2019


Our blue planet is our only home. Yet, we continue to destroy it, and in the blink of an eye, we’ll lose it in no time. We think we are the most superior race in the entire universe–that we are capable to do and accomplish a lot of things. Look up, watch the stars and notice how they glistened in the night sky, blazing like fireworks in this velvet dark. We have been walking here on Earth for the last hundred thousands of years–a product of evolution and natural selection. But, the celestial bodies that we always see at night have been shining for more than a hundred million years.

 In the grand scheme of things, we are very small and very insignificant. As we venture into deep space explorations looking for alien life forms and Earth-like planets, our home is just a pale, blue dot, floating around a star while feeding off its warmth and light. Life beyond our galaxy really exists, but it is just a matter of time for us to discover it. Maybe during our lifetime. Or maybe not. Whether they’ll come across our planet or we’ll discover alien life forms in our own backyard serendipitously, the universe will always remain mysterious. For now, the constellations, who had witnessed our history for centuries and millennia will be the same, watching us over these tiny moments.

As night fell, the blue haze of day lifted to reveal the stars. If we were nocturnal beings, we would feel more connected to those far away stars, perhaps sensing the fragility of Earth all the more.

Thursday, April 04, 2019

2019 Eurovision Song Contest Blog Review

I've started watching Eurovision Song Contest since 2012 (thank you, Eurovision YouTube Channel for uploading the entire show). I was curious that time, and after watching Loreen's winning moment, it dawned on me that this show is a BIG DEAL in entire Europe! I mean, it's like Basketball and Miss Universe to the Philippines. Everyone country in Europe is hyped by it, and they have crazy fans as well. In a nutshell, the show is a song contest. Each song must not be more than three minutes, an original composition (but over the years, some songs were subjected to copyright infringement due to the striking resemblance of the chords and notes being used), and can be sung in English or their native language. Each country has the right to vote their favorites on a point system - 12 being the highest, and 1 being the lowest. The voting system was changed in 2016, where the viewers now have the chance to vote for their favorites, using the same point system. The country that has the highest points wins the competition and will have a chance to host this amazing show.

Over the years, it has been subjected to a lot of controversies, especially in European politics. But, let's not tackle that because it's none of our business, lol. This year, Israel will host the ESC 2019 at Tel Aviv. Weeks ago, Eurovision released the final 41 songs of the contest. I've originally planned to create a vlog about it but I don't have much time. Here's my blog reaction about the 41 finalists of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.


Around February, I was browsing random EDM songs when I came across to this artist: HAEVN. Out of curiosity, I clicked some of their videos (most of them are just audio files with awesome cover art). If my memory serves me right, City Lights (LVNDSCAPE Remix) was the first song I've heard from them, and I instantly got hooked. It was PERFECT. I mean, the beat isn't too slow nor too fast, it was just right. And also, the voice... OH MY GOD, I don't know where to start but it was a voice sent from heaven.

So, I did some research (aka stalking) about the band. Lifted from their official website, "HAEVN was founded by songwriter Marijn van der Meer film composer Jorrit Kleijnen, working from their studio in Amsterdam." Marijn, by the way, is very handsome. So envious right now zzzz. "The unique combination of cinematic melodies performed by Marijns warm vocals has conquered the hearts of many music lovers across Europe", said their biography.

Maybe I instantly got hooked because I love listening to cinematic music - those songs used for cinematography where strings and piano play harmoniously on a slow tempo. As my friends say, a 'making stories' song. I listened to their 2018 album, Eyes Closed, and surely there was aptly named as such. I tried closing my eyes and it took me to almost everywhere. It's like listening to Bon Iver + Explosions In The Sky at the same time. If there's a word better than eargasm, then that's how I would describe HAEVN's music.

Go ahead and watch City Light's official music video above. HAEVN is your best companion during your long night drive.

Friday, March 29, 2019

LG Makes its Mark in Mindanao

LG Electronics, in keeping with its tradition of giving back to the community, recently paid a visit to The House of Hope in Davao.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Hotel Mumbai

I remember watching this doco at National Geographic years ago, and I got stressed as fuck. Now the movie’s out, it was too painful to watch. Don’t get me wrong – the movie’s really good, albeit a poignant reminder of Mumbai’s darkest days in modern history.

Monday, March 04, 2019

Worth It

People who stood by your side no matter what the circumstances are worth keeping. Never, ever leave them. You might not know, you won't find another one who's willing to fight and protect you.

I have fallen a dozen times and fell on an endless pit where no one even tried to catch me. It hurt, but we just have to take the leap because that's what life is all about - to take risks. And when the right time comes, everything is going to be worth it. Worth the shot.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Sunrise over Alaska Peninsula

Dawn was breaking as we flew over the frigid landscape of Alaska Peninsula. As the sun peeked over the horizon, it cast an orange glow on a place that seemed to be barren and lifeless. At sunrise, everything is luminous, but not clear.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day to me!

I finally got my passport with my Canadian tourist visa in it. Hurray for a multiple-entry visa! Plus, days before, I also got my Australian tourist visa, also multiple-entry. AND TODAY, I just found out that I won a free trip to Seoul this April! Wow! I didn't expect that my entries would win. Finally, I now have the chance to visit Seoul during the Spring season. I can't wait!

But first, I need to prepare for my winter trip to Toronto which will be happening in eleven days. OMG. I can't believe these are all happening! Thank you, universe!

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

The Long Wait Is Over

Finally, Canada approved my tourist visa application. I have been anxious and worried for the past few days. I have never been so stressed about this visa application. All's well that ends well. Now, my trip to Toronto is finally happening! I really thought they'd deny application the second time around. Phew! What a relief! I can still remember how I felt after reading my email notification from Canadian immigration.

This is it!

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Anxiously waiting

Haven't heard from the Canadian visa, but I am really hoping that they'll approve my visa the second time. Gosh, all these things from work, visa, and travel have been making me anxious for the past few days. The monster in me was unleashed and I hated it so much that it came to that point. I need to refocus my goals and be more patient with everything. I really hate myself for overanalyzing and overthinking stuff. Ugh. Can I be a kid again when the only thing I worry about was to maintain my ranking at school? Gosh, I'm almost 30 yet I'm still struggling with the way I handle things. I am an air traffic controller for God's sake! I should know how to handle pressure and stress! Oh dear.

So help me God.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Second Chance

Last week, I got a letter from the embassy, and I got denied. It was disheartening at first but when I read the letter, it wasn't bad that all. Sought help to someone's knowledgable about it, and it took us around 3 days to finish the online application. However, they have a new immigration requirement. I need to submit the biometrics in either Manila or Cebu. No Davao. Of course, I chose Cebu since it's nearer. It was my first time to fly in and fly out on a city on the same day! Crazy, right? But anyway, they are now processing my visa and hopefully this time, I've provided the documents they needed. Gosh, I can't think of other reasons why they won't grant me a visitor's visa. As the cliche goes, there's always a first time. It was truly heartbreaking, but I have no choice but to move on. I know I spent 7k from my first application. There were regrets, but there's no point of crying over spilled milk. I can always bring back the money I spent, but I can't just afford to throw away my one and only chance to work and live in Toronto.

C'mon, universe! Let's do this!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Busy Bee

I've been preoccupied with a lot of stuff lately - my upcoming interview and sim exam in Toronto, the big day, and a whole lot more. But this is still good. Keeps my head busy. I wanted to buy the journal from Everyday Explorers 'coz it's cute. Plus it is color teal, my favorite. But, the stingy in me doesn't want to spend Php 980. But, but, but. Acckkk. I've already claimed my travel organizer from Starbucks, and I've already started writing it. But meh.

Yesterday, my mate in Toronto told me that the training manager and the tower manager already got my CV/resume and cover letter. He had spoken highly about me, so I'm guessing they have high expectations for me. Gah, I don't feel any pressure right now. At least, I am super motivated to work harder and to study smarter. I still have less than six weeks before my trip. Yaaaayyyy. Gonna be my first super long-haul flight. Can't imagine myself flying for 17 hrs straight. I am praying that I won't have seatmates. I guess the trick worked, and I have proven it to myself. Lol.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Feliz Año Nuevo

Obligatory new year post. Anyway, just a quick update how my new year went.

I spent the new year's eve at the office, which was great coz it's my first time lol. Well, at least I get to rest for three and a half days before I start my shift again this Friday afternoon. 2018 was not really a rollercoaster ride for me. It was rather a steady road trip with a few speed bumps. This year, I get to appreciate my friends, especially the ones who were with me in good times and in bad times. Thank you so much. I can't imagine my life without you guys. I know I always spend my time alone at the restaurants, coffee shops, and cinema, but when I needed help, you were always there for me. To all my haters out there who love to talk behind my back - I won't change. As long as I'm doing good and not offensive, we're all good. Also, I don't give a flying fuck about y'all. Lol. Oops, pardon my French.

I am planning something. I won't spill the details because I might get jinxed, but I am hoping that everything will be worth it until the end. 2019 is going to an amazing year for me, I can sense that. If 2018 was about going with the flow, then 2019 will be about taking the leap of faith. I think everything's falling into places.