Monday, March 31, 2008

DAY 91 - Welcome SUMMER !!!

The 31st day of March greeted us with a warm and lazy sunrise. I just woke up at around 9 am and I was quite nervous for our AH 3 final exam. I belonged to the Speech Choir group and boy, I need to memorize my assigned lines or else, it would be one of my most embarrassing moments in life! Dang! So yeah, we had just finished our presentation and it was nice though the two professors gave constructive criticisms on our presentation. At least they had sought our greatest efforts on to our Final Exam. Hurray, Hurray, not! Today’s not the right time to celebrate summer though; I still had to comply with the FINAL project of Chemistry 17. But I think I can manage to finish this tonight.

So yeah, mom didn’t allow me to join the advance class on any GE subjects this summer since I need to rest for the whole two months of [boredom] fun and excitement. Yeah right, so instead of enrolling myself to UP’s summer class, mom promised to give me a one and a half grand for shopping. I think it’s fair and I think my body needs rest. She had a point. Mother always knows the best and yeah, I don’t want to feel any pressure this summer since my [P]amily is the most important persons in my life. Thank you! WTF?! Hahaha. =)))

I haven’t watched the second half of Sweeney Todd. I should watch it as soon as possible. Errgh. I mean, it’s the most creative “gruesome” movie that I have watched in my entire life. If given a chance to compare Sweeney Todd to other “gruesome” movies, like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Saw and other movies with similar platforms, I would say that the latter movies that I’ve mentioned are NOTHING but of pure violent and horrible movies. Even if there’s a plot, there’s a chance that the audience will only look for its frightening scenes and not the story itself. I feel thy horror.

Oh yeah, so summer’s a perfect time to watch the idiot box 24/7 (otherwise the idiot box will explode if left on for more than 24 hours, tv’s have life too, kiddo!) since reality TV shows germinated as early as 1st week of March. I’m currently hooked with American Idol and the Big Brother Teens Plus (call me baduuy, but I just can’t help it). On AI, I’m quite disappointed to see the non-existent aura of Kristy Lee Cook. Undeniably, she’s pretty, but can be bitchy if ever she’s famous, just like Britney. I may be wrong with my judgment, but hell I don’t like her. I don’t REALLY like her. And for those who LOOOVE Chikizie (the hell his name spells, I don’t care), forgive me but I don’t like him too, but I hate KLC MORE than him. He has the talent but he doesn’t have what it takes to be the next American Idol. I bet for Ramielle Malubay or David Archuleta to win on the current AI season. On PBB, well, I just want to wait and watch for the biggest PLUS on to this phenomenally hit reality TV show.

So yeah, summer’s lovely for the first few weeks but can be a bit boring. I just need money this summer. CRAP. Classmates, see you on the first bloc encounter! Sophomore life, here I COME! (And I should listen to the Plant Geekazoid’s lecture on Botany 3!)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Surprises are DEADLY, right?

Final’s Week.

It’s the most tiring, most gruesome, the deadliest, and the most horrifying week that a student would encounter in his life. Most students suffer from sleepless nights, dreadful and dark eye bags, loss of appetite, malnutrition (OA) and most of all, the tendency of committing suicide (double OA). Naks!

BUT FOR ME? Nah! Hell not, I averaged 8 to 9 comfy hours of sleep. Yes. I mean, I’m more stressed if it is a long exam, but for the final exam, I just sleep and read my notes five minutes before the exam.

Okay, so I’m quite giddy since I only have one exam left to take that is MST 1 (Nat Sci 1). Woohoo. But who knows, maybe Manoy will give SURPRISES during the exam. I just HATE surprises, you know, just like in our Bio 3 (Biodiversity) Final Exam.

The surprise goes like this:

As we all know, Bio 3 is composed of two parts: the plant portion and the animal portion. This subject’s very, very broad. Topics were so extensive that you’ll incur a grade of 5.0 if you don’t study ahead of time. So yeah, we all thought that the exam’s only on the animal portion but lo and behold! The Plant Geekazoid gave Mommy Taldee another set of exam – the whole coverage of the plant portion. Crap! It was a great day that I haven’t brought or even read those bright and neat hard copies of the lessons in the plant portion (the last time I read those hard copies was January 22, 2008 – our second long exam in the plant portion.)! Oh great. I just lost my appetite. I only took a half serving of rice and yeah, I DON’T FEEL ANY PRESSURE RIGHT NOW! (Yikes, sabaw mode, WTF, Janina San Miguel, get out!)

Five, four, threeeee, twooooooooo, ooooonnnnnneeeee..

“Okay, as soon as you receive your test papers, answer right away. And yes, on the plant portion, kindly write your answers on a clean bond paper that your other teacher had provided.”

Think, think, and think! Animals didn’t bother me during the exam. Plants are crap. WHEW. I forgot the meaning of allopatric and sympatric variations, and I’m not sure of the other terms of plants. But I do remember tracheids, vessels, parenchyma, chlorenchyma, scelerechyma cells and other shitty CHYMAS out there!

Okay okay, very well said. Plants give life to other living organisms but they have indirect traumatizing effects on Biology students!

On the lighter side, I’m just happy that I managed to finish my final exam in Chem 17. Take note: I didn’t study on this exam. I only slept after watching PBB, and realized that I still have an exam to review. Good lord, the exam was simple memory recall. If you just listen to his lectures, read and understand the basic and complicated concepts, it’s not a big problem. The exam was worth a good 108 points (excluding the bonus part) and you must answer it for a limited time only, which is 2 hours. Dos is cool but 1.75’s far better than the former!

I haven’t started reading my Nat Sci 1 module! AND DAMN, the exam will be tomorrow MORNING, 8:00 – 10:00 am. Crap. And I shall reiterate this: I HATE SURPRISES, RIGHT CLASSMATES?

Bwahahaha :))

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mental Maelstrom

Oh, what a day! It was the most EXCITING and THRILLING day that I’ve experienced in my crappy life, so far. Darn.

Now, I’m learning and trying to accept the bloody truth about our school. Even if you studied hard, let’s say for days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millenniums, your efforts will be quite useless, or at least a quarter of effort will be used.

I have read those gangues, flotation process, Hall Heroult Process, smelting, slags, but HELL, never did I think that the common names of ores and minerals should be MEMORIZED. Hematite is Fe2O3, Magnetite is Fe3O4, epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, bauxite is Aluminum Oxide Hydrate and all those drates, ates and ites.

I’m lucky. I quickly understand the band theory of metals, semiconductors, doping, and p and n-type semiconductors. BUT HELL, I AM NOT SURE about my answer in the essay part. But the point is I have an answer.

Naming complex ions are really addictive. It’s fun to write the chemical formula of:

pentaamminechlorocobalt(III) chloride, tris(en)manganese(II), Sodium trioxalatonickelate(II), Dichlorobis(ethyldiamine)platinum(IV) nitrate, tetraammineaquachlorocobalt(III) tetrahydroxozincate(II) and the list of ligands goes on and on and on and on.

Bloody hell! Could these compounds lead me to million bucks? I ask God for this a million times already.

And would you think that I’m a student of BS Metallurgical Engineering of Diliman? I don’t think so, smart ass. I am a BS Bio student would it be nice if we just tackle about coordination compounds AND Organic Chemistry? Argggh.

Things like this keep me more anxious. Anxious not because of my standing, but it’s the retention of all the lessons that I have learned in the whole semester. Dang it!

Tomorrow’s gonna be our second long exam in Bio 3 Lec. Good thing, this subject doesn’t have a final exam. But I haven’t finished on reading those photocopies. Will I ever survive the traumatic days of my life?

The answer is yet to be known- a mysterious, baffling and mystifying answer.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Scatterbrained Conversation

Two boring hours ago, I went to UP because I just want to clear things up. I just learned that the final exam was moved to the 25th of March, which is tomorrow from the original schedule of the 28th of March, which is Friday. The result of the Fourth Long Exam was not yet distributed and I fear that I may not meet the minimum score for the exemption. I'm afraid because:

ONE: I haven't reviewed my past lessons in Math 14, and
TWO: I don't think I could absorb ALL MATH 14 Lessons in just one night. Damn right, cramming IS NOT the best policy.

So I knocked on to the door of DMPCS (Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science) Faculty Room and..

Me: Hi sir, may results na ba sa fourth long?
Sir Tecson: Ahh yes, meron na. Ay, parang 'di ka ata exempted.
Me: Ayyy, patingin! Thank you sir!
(He looked for my bluebook, and I scored 86%)
Sir Tecson: Ayy, exempted ka pala hehe. So ang score mo, 84.91. so 2.0 ang grade mo. PERO, pwede ka magtake ng Finals, dapat 86% and above para 1.75 na final standing mo.
Me: HUWAAAATTT? 84.91?! Sir uy! POINT ZERO NINE nalang, 1.75 na ako!
Sir Tecson: Hahaha. Cge nga, if 87% ang fourth long mo.. (then he did the calculations on the computer and..).. HALA! 85.06 ka na! 1.75 na! Cge, hahanapan kita ng 1 point sa exam.
Me: (in my mind, I just kept saying on these words: SANA MERON, SANA MERON, SANA!)
Sir Tecson: Hmmm. Cge nga, recite the law of sine in words, not in formulas.
Me: (cleared his throat). Okay. WHEEW. The law of sine states that the ratio of the side and its corresponding angle is equal to the (BLAHBLAHBLAH..)
Sir Tecson: Alirght! 1.75 ka na. Wag kanang magtake ng Finals ha? Hehe.
Me: Thank you sir! (I was sooo giddy the moment I stepped out on the faculty room), as if Simon Cowell gave me a welcome ticket to Hollywood. WOOHOO! =))))

So yeah. For those who are exempted of taking the final exam in Math 14, CONGRATULATIONS! And for those who will take the finals tomorrow, GOOD LUCK! :))

The countdown begins NOW. 24 HOURS 'til the 5th long exam in CHEMISTRY.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Demon of the HOLY WEEK

Easter, also called Pascha, is the most important religious feast in the Christian liturgical year. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, which Christians believe occurred on the third day after his crucifixion around AD 33. Many non-religious cultural elements have become part of the holiday, and those aspects are often celebrated by many Christians and non-Christians alike.

Let’s catch some Easter eggs with the help of Easter Bunny, shall we?

Well, this is the first (or second) time that I’ll celebrate Easter at HOME. It’s like, going to Mergrande Ocean Resort would be tiring and oh, I’ve been there every Black Saturday and Easter Sunday since when I was born in this filthy world.

School’s not over yet for me. I still have to endure one more week, which is our final examination. Damn right, I’m tired, but hell, I ain’t gonna waste the last week of my second semester. I should perform WELL on our finals. I do hope I manage to be on the prestigious lists. Honor’s list would be great. DEAN’S LIST IS BETTER. And for the highest rank, the Chancellor’s List, uhhm, yeah, we’ll see on the following semesters! Nyahaha.

Also, today’s Lenten season was the most unique one, so far. Instead of going to the church and recite the Stations of the Cross over and over again, I’m stuck with school works. I need to study my Chemistry, and this Tuesday, it will be our fifth long exam. Damn. I’m half way through with it and good thing (else, I was damn lucky), it would be a group exam. I belonged to the luckiest group. WOOHOO, ‘di ba July? Haha.
I’m done with these topics:

-Metallurgy and its different kinds of processes
- Coordination Compounds: Nomenclature and formula writing of complex ions, Types and Structures Isomers and Biological Compounds.

I still need to read these topics:

-Band theory of Conduction, Insulators, Semiconductors and Doping.
-Crystal Field Theory
-Transition Metals and Functional Groups (Introduction to Organic Chemistry)

Whew. After this, I only need to endure two more semesters of Chemistry! Chemistry is ♥ but I guess this subject really challenged me to READ and READ in advance and motivates me to solve and solve more problems. I think that's more productive than answering those Sudoku puzzles. Hahaha. =)))

Oh yeah, here’s my exam schedule for the finals:

March 25 (Tuesday) – Chem 17 Lec (Fifth Long Exam) – 5:00 – 7:30 pm

March 26 (Wednesday) – Bio 3 Lec (2nd long exam) Animal Portion, 1:00-3:00 pm

March 27 (Thursday) – Chem 17 Lec Final Examination, 1:00 – 3:00 pm

March 28 (Friday)– MST1 (Natural Science 1) – Second Long Exam, 1:00 – 3:00 pm

March 31 (Monday)– AH 3 (Comm 3) – Final Exam – Speech Choir, 10:00 – 12:00 pm

I do hope that I’ll score at least 64% of our Math 14’s the fourth long exam to qualify for exemption in taking the final exam. Keep thy fingers crossed.

Oh yeah! My parents didn’t want me to take the summer class on any GE subjects. It’s an advance class though. They said that I should take a REST this summer. Nangangayat na raw ako because I live in a stressful environment. They have a point but I guess it would be another boring summer for me, I guess. So mom set a deal to me. She will give me 1500 pesos and ako na raw ang bahala sa money, whether I’ll save it or head to the nearest mall and shop ‘til I drop LITERALLY. Well, I think it’s a fair idea.

So for those who already planned to take the summer class especially Joie, Cha, Brigz, Monz, Lilaaiii, Neil and everyone else, I’m sorry. I can’t join your academic adventure.

Good thing, Physics 3 and Filipino 1 were not approved by the College Secretary for the summer class. *Sigh. I think I should be hooked with Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Season Two Plus and American Idol.

BACK TO WORK. I need to finish those prescribed medicated craps on my study table. Blahberry blakeettyy BLAHS.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Uncanny things and thoughts

This TAG is from Lilaaiii:


Here Are The Rules:

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person that tagged you.
2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

One. I sleep more than 14 hours on normal days. Aside from that "amazing" feat, I sleep on only ONE POSITION. Yes, I don't move at all whenever I sleep. I just remain on that certain sleeping position and usually I sleep on my sideways for 14 hours (or, it depends on the duration of my sleep)!

Two. I am a nocturnal being. I usually sleep at 3 am and usually wakes up at noon. It's still normal, NOT!

Three. I had this eekie habit, that is to bite my nail everytime I feel nervous. Sometimes, even if I'm not nervous, I still practice this bad habit. Sometimes, if I'm supple and flexible, I bite my TOENAIL. Yeah yeah, so what. That's me! I'm a weird kiddo. BWAHAHA.

Four. When I was little, I always opt to read books rather than playing those fake and bulky voltes five, ultraman robot toys. But today, I now play with my toys. Most of them are of airplanes and toy trains (with chugachugachoochoo and smoke effects).

Five. When I do something silly in front of the multitude, I just laugh at it and I'll not be ashamed of it. HAHA.

Six. I stare in the mirror for at least SIX HOURS.

Seven. When I'm bored, I just scratch my scalp and look for the biggest dandruff of my life OR, I just eat anything (literally), even if I'm full.

I'm tagging:



Oh yeah. I just received my final standing on Bio 3 Lab, and I was happy by it. I got 95 point something points (perfect score is 100) and I know it would be a GREAT HELP for my lecture's standing. Oh well. Also, my Chemistry was the shittiest of all. It's not my Waterloo though, but hell you can't answer it even if you give your best shot. AT LEAST I passed the three previous long exams. Most of them were of 75's to almost 80's. But, in the 4th long.. hmm.. NEVER MIND. I think the score would be like, the YEAR OF MY LOLA'S BIRTHDAY. Yes. OR, I scored 92 - 92 MISTAKES!!! BWAHAHAHA :)).


CLASSMATES, let's DEMAND FOR THIS SCHEME! He promised this right??! Oh well, if the 4th long's result will still be counted on computing our lec's standing, I still pass the lecture, to an almost 70. Not bad. I'm still alive. PADAYOOOON. I believe that I scored better on the quizzes and it helps, A LOT. Also, my Chem lab's standing is quite high. HAAAYYYY buhay.

So yeah, next week's gonna be the last exams of our life, or I mean the last exam of the semester (sabaw). The second semester's quite sucky, well during the SECOND HALF of the SEM.

Now, the only problem is: I CAN'T RESIST BLOGGING and NET SURFING. How can I resist it? My study table is just a quarter meter away from my PC. Oh well. At least I have the whole morning and afternoon to study. PIECE OF CAKE (sana.. and I'm biting my nail, again. EEWW). A few hours ago, we just went to McDo just to unwind ourselves from STRESS. YES! Let's EEEAAAT!


Sunday, March 16, 2008


Every teen nowadays, most especially the college students experience accumulated stress, sleepless nights and most of all, dreadful eye bags. Cramming is not an excuse because we all know that responsibility plays a major role on to it. BUT HELL, we just can’t avoid cramming right? It’s just we had to deal with tremendous loads of school works, projects and other “unnecessary” stuffs (you know what I mean kiddo) that we opt to do first than the former, which is more important. It’s not plausible to say that “I’m stressed because of those useless dimwits blah blah.” That’s crap, you know.

Personally, I’ve tried numerous ways to have myself unwound from my stressful environment.

♫ Listen to ENYA’S New Age songs. I mean, even if you’re not an avid fan of Enya, you’ll feel relaxed and enthralled, I tell you. If you happened to be an ignorant about the existence of Enya (evil laugh), here’s a sample, kiddo:

There are several reasons why you should LOVE Enya! =)). Or if you really don’t like her, try other artists which you find relaxing and interesting. It’s your choice.

♫ Travel. Traveling is an expensive stress reliever and also it’s a time consuming activity. This is a perfect choice if you’re finally through with the last exam of your life (or last exam of the semester, hahaha). Don’t forget to bring your digital cameras/video cameras with you to capture those precious moments!

I just want to travel in:

Ilocos Norte/Sur, Siargao Island, Leyte, Macau, Hongkong and Batanes.

These photos were taken from Ilocos Norte, courtesy of Kiko Castillo. Thanks!

BTW, traveling is one of my greatest frustrations, next to singing and dancing. Darn, if only I had a million bucks. **sigh**.

♫ Eat. Eating, for me is the best stress reliever. Also, I tend to eat MORE if I’m depressed. Bwahahaha =)). Chocolates can make your mood better and it relaxes your tired mind. A cold frap does the same thing and study shows that caffeine has more benefits than any other organic substances present in natural tea. If you’re broke, literally, then try Bananas. According to an infamous feasible study, bananas had effects similar with chocolates. It can also boost memory, in a natural way! Does SAGING ring a bell? This is not a problem to me since I had an ultra fast metabolic rate. I don’t worry much of my figure though =)). Go nuts, Bananas!

♫ Just sleep. Usually, during the exam week, I averaged four and half hours of sleep, and damn, that’s not enough! I’m the type of person who loves to SLEEP. I can’t concentrate if I only had two to three hours of sleep. Hindi ko yan kaya, my gulay!

♫ Blog about anything under the sun! This would help especially if you’re suffering from information overload. Haha. Mind you this really works. You have a choice though whether the post would be a public or a private one or if you want to be more dramatic, why not waste (oops, sorry for the wrong term) your G-tech pen and your scented paper on writing your random thoughts. Both of them help on removing stress on your body system.

I just want to share these to you my friend, and maybe this would help you, or not. At least, I only had two and a half remaining stressful weeks to deal with. Summer is in, and school’s out! Woohoo!

Tres is equal to Uno. Yes.

Now, I’m craving for an ice cream and Neil’s specialty, which is fried pancit canton. Good thing, mom bought these two items yesterday. Yeehah.

How about you, smarty pants? What are your ways to relieve yourself from STRESS? C’mon! Tell me. =))

Thursday, March 13, 2008


One thing that I hate about myself is that I easily get frustrated when things aren’t in smooth pace. I mean, opportunity’s already on my side but still I didn’t grab it. I was unconscious by its feeble presence. I just hate it. I just waste my time over a few unnecessary things. I don’t have this so called “time management”. I opt to stress myself more than do the other way around. Things like that. The result wasn’t bad AFTER ALL, but the thing is, I just wasted the opportunity. Sayang. All I can do right now is to waste my time again, thinking about the past and the ways of improving my crappy destiny. Alright, that’s enough. According to my English teacher way back in high school, thinking about these unnecessary thoughts is useless. We can’t do anything about the past, because PAST is PAST. Crap. I wish I had a great mind and skill to invent a portable time machine. If I want to be more magical and more creative, then I go for Hermione’s time traveling pendant, I think. Was it a pendant or a clock pendant? Whatever!

I hope that I can accomplish something good. I had wished for that since the start of the race. Hopefully I'll finish it with a sweet smile. I JUST HOPE that the race wouldn’t be that bitter compared to the previous season. I just hate the previous season. Takteng butakte.

Oh yeah, good thing, Manoy moved the deadline of our project in Nat Sci. 1. YEEHAH! Workload for this weekend will not be that heavy, at least. Oh God. At last! We’re finally through with our report in Nat Sci 1. YEAH! Also, Manoy gave a compliment about our report and yeah, it was a good and inspiring one, despite on our “kakornihans” during our discussion. This is a sample of our “kakornihan”:

YEAH YEAH. Thanks to Alvin, we got the attention of the audience. :)))).

So yeah, BACK TO WORK kiddo, or else.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


So yeah, this is the first time that I got addicted to American Idol. Last season, I only watched the final week of the competition wherein Jordin Sparks (the so called 17 year old BAKULAW girl) won. My bet, Blake Lewis placed second. Too bad! On the third, fourth or fifth season (correct me if I'm wrong), the whole nation went crazy when Jasmine Trias became one of the finalist of the said reality show. But the hell I care about her. On the latest season, I think, really think that David Archuleta will be the next American Idol. He's very good and I idolize him whenever he sings and plays the piano. I can't do that. Yes I can play the piano but whenever I sing the song that I'm playing, I easily get distracted. Oh yeah, I also want Ramielle Malubay to be the finalist for the AI’s season finale. Okay so much for that.

The weather's driving me crazy, literally. Three hours ago, about 2 pm local time, the weather was hot, dry and humid. The blue sky waved at me together with his radiant wife, Mrs. Sunlight. An hour later, their kingdom was scuffled by the mighty cumulonimbus clouds. After that, thunder roared with pride and lightning posed its beauty in the dull colored sky. No wonder why people nowadays are susceptible to viral diseases.

News from different channels repeats this superfluous topic, the ZTE crap. C’mon. It’s quite depressing to see the news lately. Oh yeah, I prefer watching DVD’s rather than the news. Hmm! And for Jun Lozada, stop it! I mean yeah, you’re a witness but then if we dissect the story THOUROUGHLY, it turns out that you’re not getting the right bribe money for the ZTE Broadband Deal. So for sweet revenge’s purpose, you step out of your closet and blurt all those dirty secrets of the Philippine Government. I sometimes can’t understand why the church joins the coalition against the government. I mean, the church must be a separate sector from the government. I don’t why. That’s only my opinion kiddo.

Woohoo! PBB Teen Edition Plus is coming to invade the nation. I do hope that I don’t have any look alike on the latest show compared on the last season. Well during the first season, a lot of people had given comments about my similarities to Mikee Lee. Worse, they even tagged me as his ‘twin’. I took that as a complicated but I always feel awkward whenever somebody compares me on a celebrity. PERIOD. Dot.

Oh yeah, Holy week’s coming but I think this year’s Holy Week is extended due to the Final’s Week.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Right now, I feel exhausted - physically and mentally. Today, I arrived at the pit stop just in time. I'm still in the race and hopefully I would not be eliminated 'til the season finale of the race on March 31, 2008. Hopefully, I could win the million dollars.


I took my fourth long exam in Chem 17 hours ago and frankly, I AM NOT CONFIDENT ABOUT IT. Well, my crazy chem teacher (he loves it when people note him as a crazy clown) thought of a bonus question, and actually it didn't help me, after all. **SIGH**. I acquired additional two points because I wore shorts and slippers. Haha. Illogical, senseless but it's a FACT.


On the lab I got 82 points for my unknown Cation experiment. Qualitative Analysis is very exciting if you guessed the correct cation but it's VERY frustrating if you didn't find the correct cation and anion. Ugh. I just hate the smell of concentrated Ammonia, concentrated HCl and other chemical reagents. If those mix in a perfect ratio, hopefully we could still grasp for some fresh diatomic oxygen.


I haven't started my interview schedule for my Comm 3 subject and my Nat Sci. 1 project, both due on the eighteenth day of March. Next week's gonna be the long exam in Chem 17 Lab and on Friday, we'll have a long quiz on Qualitative Analysis. Also, on the eighteenth day of March would be our last long exam in Math 14. CRAP. Three stressful energies meet on a same point. TOILET ZONE.


For our fifth long exam in Chemistry, our teacher decided that it would be answered by group, triads to be precise. Groups were randomly selected by our teacher and fortunately, I belonged to the eighth group, with July. We're special since we can bring a friend during the exam proper (kasi nga, dalawa lang kami). I and July thought of having Kuya Brian to be the part of our group. After all, he loves Chemistry.


March 31, 2008. This is last day of our Final examination's week. I can't hardly wait!

OKAY OKAY. Back to my mandatory rest period. I should take a bath and have some adequate rest.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Mama and Papa bought this cellphone last June 2007. Actually it was a very late graduation gift to me since I did numerous accomplishments in my entire high school life. I marched through our old yet memorable gymnasium and received medals and certificates. Through mom and dad's hard work and determination, they bought this unit, as a post graduation gift to me.

It was actually a NOKIA 6170. I know it's not that trendy but it was one of the most memorable cellphones that I had. It has a sentimental value. Approximately five months later, I changed my cellphone unit and I let my brother to use this instead.

I sensed fear on the moment I gave this cellphone to my brother. I know, he's kind of a brat, hard-headed freak and a 14 year old irresponsible teenager. Actually, he had lost my NOKIA 1100 last July of 2007.

TODAY, right at this moment, he lost my former cellphone for the SECOND TIME. Somehow, for me, it was painful since it was my graduation gift. My parents bought this through hard work and perseverance (and I'm not exaggerating), and my brother took only ONE NANO-NEWTON of force para walain 'to!! He thought that everything in the world is easy. He didn't know the true meaning of hard work and perseverance.

DANG. And right now, after he reported this incident to mom, he just showed his sympathetic face (nasusuka talaga ako !!!). After listening to my mom and dad's sermon (as if he really listened to them), he just went straight to the room and played his guitar.

Responsibility plays a vital role in everyone's life.

Monday, March 03, 2008

NERI - Catch me if you CAN!

I just got this from Inquirer's website. Hahaha. =)). Too bad I didn't experience this kind of rally. Also, I haven't watched this on TV PATROL WORLD. Crap.

Irate students call Neri a coward

DORA - left! WEEEHOH! and here's ate pingpong (classmate ko siya sa table tennis, and I forgot her name. Sorry ate! =|)

February 29, 2008
Updated 18:48:59 (Mla time)
Jeffrey M. Tupas
Mindanao Bureau

DAVAO CITY, Philippines--After agreeing to face the protesting students of the University of the Philippines-Mindanao, Commission on Higher Education chair Romulo Neri backed off from the meeting by running away through the school's main building, only to be chased by students who were shouting "Speak up! Speak up!" and "Duwag (coward)! Duwag! Duwag!"

For four hours Friday morning, the students waited for Neri outside the UP-Mindanao's administration building where they waved streamers and placards and chanted calls for the CHEd chairman to listen to their woes and complaints on the high cost of education and for him to tell the truth behind the controversial NBN-ZTE deal.

Their placards clearly manifested their desire to speak to Neri, although some attacked him in tongue-in-cheek fashion, for instance, "Ang tunay na maginoo, nagsasabi ng totoo (A real gentleman tells the truth)" and "Ang tunay na gentleman, hindi kampi sa kawatan (A real gentleman does not side with thieves)."

Shahana Abdulwahid, chair of the UP-Diliman Student Council and member of the board as representative of the students, was the one who convinced Neri to go out and talk to the protesters. Neri heads the UP Board of Regents.

Abdulwahid said Neri agreed to go out after the board meeting. But the meeting ended at past 11 a.m., almost an hour later, and Neri was still holed up inside the administration building with the other members of the regents.

At past noon, the protesters, a number of them belonging to the youth groups League of Filipino Students and Anakbayan, who positioned themselves in front of the building, were agitated upon learning that Neri was slipping out through the back door. A brief chase happened between Neri, who was tightly accompanied by his security escorts, and the angry students who were shouting "Speak up! Speak up!" and "Duwag! Duwag! Duwag!"

Frustrated, the students continued their demonstration a few more minutes, assailing the "coverup between the UP administration and Neri."

The students also called for Neri’s resignation as head of the board of regents as they called on President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to immediately vacate the Malacañang.

"This government is really living up to its reputation of being an experienced cheat as we have seen how a government official, who owes the people a lot, once again cheated on us. He said he will face and talk to us and yet what? Turning his back on us is an ultimate act of cowardice," said UP-Mindanao student council president Makpil Zarrin Dem Camacho.

Camacho said what Neri did is reflective of the government's penchant to trick the people.

"This government, with all its morality-deficiency and a history of stealing and corrupting peoples' money, can never be trusted by the youth and the entire Filipino people. This is the kind of government whose sincerity to deliver the basic services to the people can never be trusted," Camacho said.

Tiara Mejos, editor-in-chief of UP-Mindanao's Himati, said it was obvious that the people surrounding Neri stopped him from facing the protesters. She said one of the security aides of Neri, she said, accidentally "elbowed" her as she was one of the first few who ran after the fleeing Neri.

"I felt sad about it because UP is supposed to have the reputation of promoting social justice but right now, it has succumbed to something deplorable such as this," Mejos said.

UP professor Reine Katryn Taya, (WEEE !! :]]) who witnessed the chase between Neri and the students, said she felt sorry for the students and enraged at the sight of a top government official "who totally lost his remaining honesty by surrendering to cowardice."

"He evaded the encounter and this deprived the public, the students, of the truth. What we have just witnessed was again an offspring of the lies that he had himself caught in between. Why run away?" Taya said.

The Social Sciences professor said it was a shame seeing a government official being chased by the students who only demanded explanation and the truth.

"What is he so afraid of? These students are so few for him to be intimidated by them …what he did was really not fair, infuriating, and at the same time, ridiculous," Taya said.

Abdulwahid, on the other hand, blamed the security detail of Neri for the incident. While Neri was willing to face the student, she said, the security aides barred him and instead escorted him to the vehicles waiting for him to be ferried back to the airport.

"From what I know, Neri really wanted to speak to the students but his security details told him not to," Abdulwahid said.

Here are some highlights during the February 29 rally in UP MINDANAO: (Special thanks to Monzer Abpi and Geva Jayson.):


Chipmunk with the Bio pipz (Lyle, Kuya Modda and Ate Monique)

GO GO GO mga iskolar ng BAYAN! HABULIN NIYO SI NERI! :))

Okay NEIL. So kailangan pa mag pose during the rally?! PEACE! :D

Sunday, March 02, 2008

When the Saints go MARCHIN'

Yeah yeah. It's already MARCH.

30 days left before FREEDOM.

Goodbye freshmeat, hello sophomore !!

Second day of March. The first hour of the day.

The first day of MARCH greeted me with a bright morning sunshine. The warm morning breeze brushed through the rich foliage of the garden but a tired mind would be probably the BEST GREETING of the day. Moments ago was the most stressful Saturday that I've experienced (7am Saturday classes of the chancellor ranked second). It was our first long exam in Nat. Sci. 1 (Physics Part) and I crammed, again for certain REASONS, not EXCUSES, and I shall repeat this: EXCUSES are totally DIFFERENT from REASONS (as long as the reason's a valid one). Anyhow, the exam was not that easy but not that hard. When I say hard, 'di talaga ako makakasagot ng mga test question no matter how hard I think for an answer. And yeah, I had this urge to cheat, I mean, I want to open my Nat Sci 1 module to review my answer. I experienced heartache, backpain, extreme nervousness, anxiety, intense self-brainstorming or whatever you call that thing, dehydration, diarrhea, asphyxia, SARS, TB and appendicitis. OKAY, sounds OA. If I didn't memorize the module, I'm dead. Manoy's exam was very confusing. I'm not confident with my answers, from the first part 'til the problem solving part.

The peculiarity of the exam goes like this:

"Calculate the acceleration of the *blahblahblah* when time is -2.0 s and distance is *blahblah*."

► Hello? Time? A negative quantity? Whatever.

And here's another one:

"Calculate the distance if its acceleration is -1.0 m/s."

► Hey. I think deceleration is more appropriate than the former. Hmph.

But that's not all!

"Calculate the neptunian year if the distance of the neptune from the sun is 4.5*10 ^9 km and the distance of the earth from the sun is 1.5*10 ^ 18 km.

► HUWAAAT? Neptune's closer to the SUN?! C'mon.

But wait, there's more!

There was this one particular problem that caught my attention. The given quantities were: an inclined plain with an angle of elevation of 32 degrees and a vertical height of 105 m. Calculate the time needed to reach the bottom of the inclined plane, assuming that it's frictionless.

► So what I did was, I just solved the sine function of it and I just divided it with the g constant, which is 9.8 m/s2. Grrr. July, what's your answer ?!

I really think that Manoy's MAIN purpose was to make us more insane than ever.

Good Lord. Manoy almost forgot about the 10 points incentive for our first exam. Good thing, Brigz and I reminded him on this important matter. Last month, our previous teacher in Nat. Sci. 1 promised us that we'll have additional points for our first long exam on the Physics part of the subject if we'll attend the symposium about Physics by Dr. Jonathan Gross. Almost everyone went to Dr. Gross's symposium.

I took the exam for at least 2 hours, reviewed my answers THREE to FOUR times. Good luck nalang sa result ng exam.

So, Nat Sci's out of my red list. This week's gonna be more tiring. and stressful.

MONDAY - make up class for Bio 3. Report about the Muscular Systems of Vertebrate and Invertebrate.

TUESDAY - submit the pre-lab for QA Unkown cation.

WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY - Chem 17 LAB unknown cation experiment. It's 20% of our final grade. YIKES. SCARY.

THURSDAY - Bio 3 LONG EXAM - and the acetates and photocopies are confusing and hard to comprehend. I just missed Dr. Novero's PDF files. Awwhh.
SATURDAY - CHEM 17 Lec 4th Long Exam.

It's sooooo SAD that I can't attend to my dearest kabarkada's 18th birthday. Alanganin ehh. I'm not feeling well and I still had to comply with these crappy requirements. SORRRYYYY Ising aka Therese Yucamco! :)))

I don't wish for a million bucks. I just want to have a DEEP sleep. 16 hours of hibernation would be GREAT. Ohhhh. I just want to contact my imaginary genie but I can't since he IS an IMAGINARY GENIE. Ugh. SABAW.

After the tiring exam, we went to Yuri's crib, somewhere in the outskirts of Flores Village. We had fun. I made a portion of our report in Nat Sci 1. We ate A LOT of FOOD. THANKS YURI! :)))). GREAT!I finally SAW your LARGE and FRAMED PROM PIC. BWAHAHA =))).


Oh yeah. I'm quite addicted with this song. Special thanks to RALPH! Haha :))

♫Built to Last - Melee♫