Saturday, March 08, 2008


Right now, I feel exhausted - physically and mentally. Today, I arrived at the pit stop just in time. I'm still in the race and hopefully I would not be eliminated 'til the season finale of the race on March 31, 2008. Hopefully, I could win the million dollars.


I took my fourth long exam in Chem 17 hours ago and frankly, I AM NOT CONFIDENT ABOUT IT. Well, my crazy chem teacher (he loves it when people note him as a crazy clown) thought of a bonus question, and actually it didn't help me, after all. **SIGH**. I acquired additional two points because I wore shorts and slippers. Haha. Illogical, senseless but it's a FACT.


On the lab I got 82 points for my unknown Cation experiment. Qualitative Analysis is very exciting if you guessed the correct cation but it's VERY frustrating if you didn't find the correct cation and anion. Ugh. I just hate the smell of concentrated Ammonia, concentrated HCl and other chemical reagents. If those mix in a perfect ratio, hopefully we could still grasp for some fresh diatomic oxygen.


I haven't started my interview schedule for my Comm 3 subject and my Nat Sci. 1 project, both due on the eighteenth day of March. Next week's gonna be the long exam in Chem 17 Lab and on Friday, we'll have a long quiz on Qualitative Analysis. Also, on the eighteenth day of March would be our last long exam in Math 14. CRAP. Three stressful energies meet on a same point. TOILET ZONE.


For our fifth long exam in Chemistry, our teacher decided that it would be answered by group, triads to be precise. Groups were randomly selected by our teacher and fortunately, I belonged to the eighth group, with July. We're special since we can bring a friend during the exam proper (kasi nga, dalawa lang kami). I and July thought of having Kuya Brian to be the part of our group. After all, he loves Chemistry.


March 31, 2008. This is last day of our Final examination's week. I can't hardly wait!

OKAY OKAY. Back to my mandatory rest period. I should take a bath and have some adequate rest.


  1. digoyski1:09 PM

    haha., renz naunahan mo pa akong mag post., hehehe.. i understand the situation., karelate rapud ko., hehehe

  2. bwahahhaha :)))). bleh. :p joke. hahha. kanusa mahuman inyong klase??

  3. joie sheen6:31 PM

    "it's VERY frustrating if you didn't find the correct cation and anion."

    as in! damn that test tube! 85 unta ko! *sigh*

  4. hahaay. SWERTE lang jud kung sa isa lang ka group makitan ang cation. haaay.

  5. renz, dili na lang kaya ko mag-UP! hahahaha! jowk lang. from your posts it seems na hadlok! hahaha. i'm really not that smart baya. i just come in average at most of the subjects. hahay. unta makaya nako ang UP! :D

  6. kaya lagi na kim. hahahah though manibago ka ana pag first sem, but eventually masanay napud ka :))