Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mental Maelstrom

Oh, what a day! It was the most EXCITING and THRILLING day that I’ve experienced in my crappy life, so far. Darn.

Now, I’m learning and trying to accept the bloody truth about our school. Even if you studied hard, let’s say for days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millenniums, your efforts will be quite useless, or at least a quarter of effort will be used.

I have read those gangues, flotation process, Hall Heroult Process, smelting, slags, but HELL, never did I think that the common names of ores and minerals should be MEMORIZED. Hematite is Fe2O3, Magnetite is Fe3O4, epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, bauxite is Aluminum Oxide Hydrate and all those drates, ates and ites.

I’m lucky. I quickly understand the band theory of metals, semiconductors, doping, and p and n-type semiconductors. BUT HELL, I AM NOT SURE about my answer in the essay part. But the point is I have an answer.

Naming complex ions are really addictive. It’s fun to write the chemical formula of:

pentaamminechlorocobalt(III) chloride, tris(en)manganese(II), Sodium trioxalatonickelate(II), Dichlorobis(ethyldiamine)platinum(IV) nitrate, tetraammineaquachlorocobalt(III) tetrahydroxozincate(II) and the list of ligands goes on and on and on and on.

Bloody hell! Could these compounds lead me to million bucks? I ask God for this a million times already.

And would you think that I’m a student of BS Metallurgical Engineering of Diliman? I don’t think so, smart ass. I am a BS Bio student would it be nice if we just tackle about coordination compounds AND Organic Chemistry? Argggh.

Things like this keep me more anxious. Anxious not because of my standing, but it’s the retention of all the lessons that I have learned in the whole semester. Dang it!

Tomorrow’s gonna be our second long exam in Bio 3 Lec. Good thing, this subject doesn’t have a final exam. But I haven’t finished on reading those photocopies. Will I ever survive the traumatic days of my life?

The answer is yet to be known- a mysterious, baffling and mystifying answer.


  1. louis jordan5:29 AM

    makakalawang ug utok ang metallurgy.haha.

  2. dile lang makakalawang. makabugo jud. !!!!!

  3. andrew king5:31 AM

    wonder if you'll be lucky

  4. rosanna5:32 AM

    waaah oki ra nah! ana jud na kaya na nimo! go for the go!!!!!. hehehe pero kami, vacation na. weee

  5. WAAA SANG! VACATION namo? panget ka! WAAAA ;p bwahahahha =))))))))

  6. kimmie5:32 AM

    HAHAHAHA malapit na akong mamatay. Exam ko na bukas

  7. SHYYETTT. 5:30 na ng umaga. di pa ako nakastart ng BIO 3!!!! ALA UNA PA SA HAPON ang EXAM NAMIN !! oh well. :(((((

  8. kimmie7:32 AM


  9. WAAAAA. :)))) gudluck nlng KIMMIE!!! WEEEEE. at least econ nlng exam mo.. ako..3 more examsto go before complete freedom and independence. :((( how pathetic.

  10. doreen5:08 PM

    "Even if you studied hard, let’s say for days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millenniums, your efforts will be quite useless, or at least a quarter of effort will be used."

    LOL. That is so true. *nods* Well, we don't have choice but to live with the damn truth. :(

  11. rosanna5:09 PM

    yup yup yup! kato pang march 14 mi nahuman. tapos wala mi summer class. maski gusto mi mag summer class di pud mi sugtan sa school. hahaha. amaw sila. hahai life hehehe

  12. sang:

    SABAGAY!! school is MONEY.. RIGHT???! ;] ;] ;]

  13. doreen:

    but hell! luck doesn't leave us on our bitter destiny, at least :)))

  14. rosanna11:15 PM

    yah! mao lagi ang naka pa-it hahai.

  15. hui renz! makapasa kaya ko sa UP? first of all kay dili baya jud ko kabaolao mag-balance ug equation! hahaha. ug dili ko hilig mag-study2. hehehe. =D

  16. NAH! mabuang na! pero infairness, na train baya ko na mag balance ug equation by simply looking at the chemical eq. murag five seconds, solve na dayon. don't worry. teachers in UP will train you how to do those superb-mental-abilities. hehhee :))

    congrats kay nigraduate ka with honors and everything. :)) once again, welcome aboard :D

  17. thanks renzy for the compliment and encouragement! appreciated much! i'm really not the chemistry-freako adik. i just simply have an average grade for that certain subject. and take note, my lowest grade is 82. well not bad compared to my lowest grade in physics which is 80. but for me, i like physics more than chemistry. but i really find science subjects to be fun and uber interesting.

    well good luck na lang sa ako! hehehe. :D