Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Demon of the HOLY WEEK

Easter, also called Pascha, is the most important religious feast in the Christian liturgical year. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, which Christians believe occurred on the third day after his crucifixion around AD 33. Many non-religious cultural elements have become part of the holiday, and those aspects are often celebrated by many Christians and non-Christians alike.

Let’s catch some Easter eggs with the help of Easter Bunny, shall we?

Well, this is the first (or second) time that I’ll celebrate Easter at HOME. It’s like, going to Mergrande Ocean Resort would be tiring and oh, I’ve been there every Black Saturday and Easter Sunday since when I was born in this filthy world.

School’s not over yet for me. I still have to endure one more week, which is our final examination. Damn right, I’m tired, but hell, I ain’t gonna waste the last week of my second semester. I should perform WELL on our finals. I do hope I manage to be on the prestigious lists. Honor’s list would be great. DEAN’S LIST IS BETTER. And for the highest rank, the Chancellor’s List, uhhm, yeah, we’ll see on the following semesters! Nyahaha.

Also, today’s Lenten season was the most unique one, so far. Instead of going to the church and recite the Stations of the Cross over and over again, I’m stuck with school works. I need to study my Chemistry, and this Tuesday, it will be our fifth long exam. Damn. I’m half way through with it and good thing (else, I was damn lucky), it would be a group exam. I belonged to the luckiest group. WOOHOO, ‘di ba July? Haha.
I’m done with these topics:

-Metallurgy and its different kinds of processes
- Coordination Compounds: Nomenclature and formula writing of complex ions, Types and Structures Isomers and Biological Compounds.

I still need to read these topics:

-Band theory of Conduction, Insulators, Semiconductors and Doping.
-Crystal Field Theory
-Transition Metals and Functional Groups (Introduction to Organic Chemistry)

Whew. After this, I only need to endure two more semesters of Chemistry! Chemistry is ♥ but I guess this subject really challenged me to READ and READ in advance and motivates me to solve and solve more problems. I think that's more productive than answering those Sudoku puzzles. Hahaha. =)))

Oh yeah, here’s my exam schedule for the finals:

March 25 (Tuesday) – Chem 17 Lec (Fifth Long Exam) – 5:00 – 7:30 pm

March 26 (Wednesday) – Bio 3 Lec (2nd long exam) Animal Portion, 1:00-3:00 pm

March 27 (Thursday) – Chem 17 Lec Final Examination, 1:00 – 3:00 pm

March 28 (Friday)– MST1 (Natural Science 1) – Second Long Exam, 1:00 – 3:00 pm

March 31 (Monday)– AH 3 (Comm 3) – Final Exam – Speech Choir, 10:00 – 12:00 pm

I do hope that I’ll score at least 64% of our Math 14’s the fourth long exam to qualify for exemption in taking the final exam. Keep thy fingers crossed.

Oh yeah! My parents didn’t want me to take the summer class on any GE subjects. It’s an advance class though. They said that I should take a REST this summer. Nangangayat na raw ako because I live in a stressful environment. They have a point but I guess it would be another boring summer for me, I guess. So mom set a deal to me. She will give me 1500 pesos and ako na raw ang bahala sa money, whether I’ll save it or head to the nearest mall and shop ‘til I drop LITERALLY. Well, I think it’s a fair idea.

So for those who already planned to take the summer class especially Joie, Cha, Brigz, Monz, Lilaaiii, Neil and everyone else, I’m sorry. I can’t join your academic adventure.

Good thing, Physics 3 and Filipino 1 were not approved by the College Secretary for the summer class. *Sigh. I think I should be hooked with Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Season Two Plus and American Idol.

BACK TO WORK. I need to finish those prescribed medicated craps on my study table. Blahberry blakeettyy BLAHS.


  1. HAPPY EASTER everyone!


    Woohooo! :D

  2. kimmie3:47 AM

    Napaka toxic ng Finals Schedule mo. Grabe. Ako nga Math at Econ lang exam ko nagpapanic pa ako. Hahahaha. Goodluck Mikee Lee :P

  3. hopefully ma exempt ako sa MATH 14! WOOHOOO! GO GO GO! malapit na akong matapos sa CHEM 17! WOOHOO

    tekateka. aatend ka ng MASS ngayon? bat gising ka pa? :))))

  4. kimmie10:25 PM

    oo magsisimba kami hahaahaha :p

    Sus exempted na yan!! Math14 is Algebra diba? :D Goodluck ^_^

  5. goodluck sa exams :D

  6. "Math14 is Algebra diba?"

    nope. trigonometry. hahahah. kalahating math 17. BWAHAHAH :)))

  7. kimmie10:28 PM

    Ai Math 11 pala yung Algebra hahahaha :))

    Wheee goodluck ^_^