Sunday, March 16, 2008


Every teen nowadays, most especially the college students experience accumulated stress, sleepless nights and most of all, dreadful eye bags. Cramming is not an excuse because we all know that responsibility plays a major role on to it. BUT HELL, we just can’t avoid cramming right? It’s just we had to deal with tremendous loads of school works, projects and other “unnecessary” stuffs (you know what I mean kiddo) that we opt to do first than the former, which is more important. It’s not plausible to say that “I’m stressed because of those useless dimwits blah blah.” That’s crap, you know.

Personally, I’ve tried numerous ways to have myself unwound from my stressful environment.

♫ Listen to ENYA’S New Age songs. I mean, even if you’re not an avid fan of Enya, you’ll feel relaxed and enthralled, I tell you. If you happened to be an ignorant about the existence of Enya (evil laugh), here’s a sample, kiddo:

There are several reasons why you should LOVE Enya! =)). Or if you really don’t like her, try other artists which you find relaxing and interesting. It’s your choice.

♫ Travel. Traveling is an expensive stress reliever and also it’s a time consuming activity. This is a perfect choice if you’re finally through with the last exam of your life (or last exam of the semester, hahaha). Don’t forget to bring your digital cameras/video cameras with you to capture those precious moments!

I just want to travel in:

Ilocos Norte/Sur, Siargao Island, Leyte, Macau, Hongkong and Batanes.

These photos were taken from Ilocos Norte, courtesy of Kiko Castillo. Thanks!

BTW, traveling is one of my greatest frustrations, next to singing and dancing. Darn, if only I had a million bucks. **sigh**.

♫ Eat. Eating, for me is the best stress reliever. Also, I tend to eat MORE if I’m depressed. Bwahahaha =)). Chocolates can make your mood better and it relaxes your tired mind. A cold frap does the same thing and study shows that caffeine has more benefits than any other organic substances present in natural tea. If you’re broke, literally, then try Bananas. According to an infamous feasible study, bananas had effects similar with chocolates. It can also boost memory, in a natural way! Does SAGING ring a bell? This is not a problem to me since I had an ultra fast metabolic rate. I don’t worry much of my figure though =)). Go nuts, Bananas!

♫ Just sleep. Usually, during the exam week, I averaged four and half hours of sleep, and damn, that’s not enough! I’m the type of person who loves to SLEEP. I can’t concentrate if I only had two to three hours of sleep. Hindi ko yan kaya, my gulay!

♫ Blog about anything under the sun! This would help especially if you’re suffering from information overload. Haha. Mind you this really works. You have a choice though whether the post would be a public or a private one or if you want to be more dramatic, why not waste (oops, sorry for the wrong term) your G-tech pen and your scented paper on writing your random thoughts. Both of them help on removing stress on your body system.

I just want to share these to you my friend, and maybe this would help you, or not. At least, I only had two and a half remaining stressful weeks to deal with. Summer is in, and school’s out! Woohoo!

Tres is equal to Uno. Yes.

Now, I’m craving for an ice cream and Neil’s specialty, which is fried pancit canton. Good thing, mom bought these two items yesterday. Yeehah.

How about you, smarty pants? What are your ways to relieve yourself from STRESS? C’mon! Tell me. =))


  1. let's fight STRESS! weeehoh! :D

  2. kiara1:49 PM

    pag stressed, humihiga lang ako tapos minsan nagpapahangin sa labas pag gabi. whaaaat? hahahaha

  3. uuuuyyy. napakarelaxing niyan! bwhahahhaha :))) pero minsan pag gabi, wlang hangin. bweset. global warming ehhh. eeek. :)))))

  4. kiara1:49 PM

    oo nga eh. hehe. kahit wala masyadong hangin, ayos na rin. At least di kasing init pag umaga. haha

  5. naku minsan kahit gabi, napakahumid paren. heehee ;)) stargazing nlng. mas enjoy. though sasakit ang leeg niyan after 30 minutes of staring in tke dark sky :)

  6. grace1:50 PM

    i EAT TOO... haha i eat ice cream and cakes haha

  7. bwahahahha :)) ma diabetes man ta ana sa imong style grace! BWAHAHAHA =))))))

  8. andrew king5:31 PM

    Stress............ano pala ang gawa ko again..........................ay tama! Kain na lang ako ng COOKIES :P.....................Or...............Make them

  9. DON'T MENTION THAT WORD AGAIN. it's quite annoying. puuhhhlease. bwahahahha.

    well if that's the case, then, i'll support your "cookie" mania nlng. nyeeeee. :@)

  10. andrew king5:36 PM

    wait.............I'm confuse.........Are you against cookie or with it?

  11. andrew king5:51 PM


  12. melody perez6:18 PM

    "traveling is one of my greatest frustrations, next to singing and dancing. Darn, if only I had a million bucks."

    omg! i sooo feel you!!!!

    anyway, try listening to mozart,bach and beethoven, it's another alternative for enya. =)

  13. nyahaha. actually sawa na ako niyan :)). may antonio vivaldi pa nga ako na cd. waaaa. :))))

  14. twinklelittleruth6:32 PM

    sabi ng friend ko may ingredient daw yun na favorite nyang tawagin as parang "pain reliever"..haha..kaya paglonely kami,stressed o wala lang magawa nagchochocolates tripping kami..hehe..

  15. yes, i know that, it's a chemical compound called Theobromine, the primary alkaloid in cocoa sand chocolates and which is responsible for the mood-elevating effect.

    OOOOO. :)))



  16. nakatawa ko sa inyong duha ni Andrew. hahaha! like almost all of us seniors hate his cookie madness. mura siyag batang walay buot! promise! hahaha! anyways, if i'm stressed, i eat--a lot!-- and i listen to music and pag dili na jud kaya, matulog ko maski daghan pa ug workload. hehehe. lisod jud i-fight ang stress but the results are promising.

    pareho ta! i really want to travel. wala lang juy money. hehehe. sige lang, in the fiture i'm gonna visit all the hilarious places i want to visit. hehe. good luck renzy! kaya na! :D

  17. WAAA. mura siyag si lino bangayan sa inyong batch, or worse si dustin SO! agoooooy, bwaahhaa :))

  18. how to fight stress?? i-wrestle nako siya. ok corny.

    hmm..for me:
    + chocolates
    + sleep
    + laugh about anything. either movies, pictures, myself, stories, etc.
    + saying NO. it really does help.

  19. nyahahah :)) almost same man diay tag outlet para tanggalon akong stress sa akong body system :))) ehhehehe

  20. twinklelittleruth8:59 PM


    i guess malapit na. may napanood ako sa tv patrol na mall yata yun, i'm not sure basta, na gawa sa chocolate..yummy!! nothing's impossible na talaga nowadays..haha

  21. MALL MADE OF CHOCOLATES? ooowss? WAAAAA. (drrrooooolllsssss on it.).. tulo laway.

  22. thank you sa pag bisita sa kamatyunon nga GAGAY renz..haha!

    kabalu ka anang mga PAGSULAY gani renz ni Lord na wala diri, wala didto! kalami isuyop ug malathion or formalin na 100% ang concentration..kaingun gud kug, nganung sa UP ko gaeskwela..grrrrrrrrrrr....!

    BTW, look at me getting fatter and fatter..sige rag kaon!waaaaaaaaaah!

  23. "Tres is equal to Uno. Yes."

    -super agree!:)

    pag ako stress, nahinga ako ng malamim ng 10 beses. ung pang10th, super lalim. and ayun, go back to work.

    nice blog:)

  24. ate gagay:

    BWAHAHAHHA :)))) thanks ate gagay s comment. bwahhaha. okie ra na oie! LAMI MAN MUKAONNNNN!!! FOOOOODDDD!!! at least naa kay outlet!


    thanks for ur comment! hehehhe :))) UP ka rin ba? :)))

  25. hay renzy. nganong kontrabida akong dad?? hahay. he really does not want me to take BS Bio. kesyo daw baka hindi ako maka-proceed. kesyo daw mahal. baka daw maging teacher lang ako. it really makes me feel guilty. i don't know. and now i'm confused again. hahay. kapoy gud. tsk3.

  26. ur dad's fuckingly hilarious, NOT (sorry for the word! :]]) about the future of bio students. hindi lahat ng bio graduates, teacher lang ang maabutan., you can be a research associate, you can be a lab scientist but hell, medicine's expensive but YOU can apply to several scholarships, so i guess the expensive matriculation fees will be compensate by a certain scholarship.

    fuck, if i already knew the fate of bio graduates, then I shouldn't take this course, in the first place, right? :)

  27. exactly! hahay. kakayanin ko ngang makakuha ng 90 sa NMAT ko later para lang makapasok ako sa UP Manila para libre4 ako ulit. he doesn't seem to care about what i want in life. gusto niya man kaya ng tulong. i'm helping them now diba. kasi libre ako sa UP. i want to help them short termly. maya na yung pang-long term kung may trabaho na ako. ewan talaga. hindi niya talaga ako maintindihan. this is my life na man diba?? hahay.

  28. then prove them he's wrong! i mean, maningkamot jud ka, diba, or i think ing-ana lang siya to motivate you na magtinarong this college, else, nagpataka nasad ko. nyahahhaah :)