Thursday, March 27, 2008

Surprises are DEADLY, right?

Final’s Week.

It’s the most tiring, most gruesome, the deadliest, and the most horrifying week that a student would encounter in his life. Most students suffer from sleepless nights, dreadful and dark eye bags, loss of appetite, malnutrition (OA) and most of all, the tendency of committing suicide (double OA). Naks!

BUT FOR ME? Nah! Hell not, I averaged 8 to 9 comfy hours of sleep. Yes. I mean, I’m more stressed if it is a long exam, but for the final exam, I just sleep and read my notes five minutes before the exam.

Okay, so I’m quite giddy since I only have one exam left to take that is MST 1 (Nat Sci 1). Woohoo. But who knows, maybe Manoy will give SURPRISES during the exam. I just HATE surprises, you know, just like in our Bio 3 (Biodiversity) Final Exam.

The surprise goes like this:

As we all know, Bio 3 is composed of two parts: the plant portion and the animal portion. This subject’s very, very broad. Topics were so extensive that you’ll incur a grade of 5.0 if you don’t study ahead of time. So yeah, we all thought that the exam’s only on the animal portion but lo and behold! The Plant Geekazoid gave Mommy Taldee another set of exam – the whole coverage of the plant portion. Crap! It was a great day that I haven’t brought or even read those bright and neat hard copies of the lessons in the plant portion (the last time I read those hard copies was January 22, 2008 – our second long exam in the plant portion.)! Oh great. I just lost my appetite. I only took a half serving of rice and yeah, I DON’T FEEL ANY PRESSURE RIGHT NOW! (Yikes, sabaw mode, WTF, Janina San Miguel, get out!)

Five, four, threeeee, twooooooooo, ooooonnnnnneeeee..

“Okay, as soon as you receive your test papers, answer right away. And yes, on the plant portion, kindly write your answers on a clean bond paper that your other teacher had provided.”

Think, think, and think! Animals didn’t bother me during the exam. Plants are crap. WHEW. I forgot the meaning of allopatric and sympatric variations, and I’m not sure of the other terms of plants. But I do remember tracheids, vessels, parenchyma, chlorenchyma, scelerechyma cells and other shitty CHYMAS out there!

Okay okay, very well said. Plants give life to other living organisms but they have indirect traumatizing effects on Biology students!

On the lighter side, I’m just happy that I managed to finish my final exam in Chem 17. Take note: I didn’t study on this exam. I only slept after watching PBB, and realized that I still have an exam to review. Good lord, the exam was simple memory recall. If you just listen to his lectures, read and understand the basic and complicated concepts, it’s not a big problem. The exam was worth a good 108 points (excluding the bonus part) and you must answer it for a limited time only, which is 2 hours. Dos is cool but 1.75’s far better than the former!

I haven’t started reading my Nat Sci 1 module! AND DAMN, the exam will be tomorrow MORNING, 8:00 – 10:00 am. Crap. And I shall reiterate this: I HATE SURPRISES, RIGHT CLASSMATES?

Bwahahaha :))


  1. that's exactly the things that i like during finals. you don't have to study as in study if you have just mastered the past lessons and if you clearly understood all the terms and things in the lessons. haha. good luck sa finals and let's all have a fun summer vacation. btw, what's a bloc encounter?? hahaha. see you really soon in UPMin!:D

  2. heheht thanks kim.

    bloc encounter? parang first time mo ma meet mga ka blockmates mo. :))) hehehe. at first, paulawulaw lang mo ana.. and then after 3 weeks. todo bonding na mo ana. and dile lang ang imong blocmates, pati na rin ang pikas bloc. hahaha lol. gudluck! hapit na inyong grad! WOOHOOO!

  3. joie sheen11:26 PM

    crappy jud ang life nato sa surprise final exam. haha na-share nako na sa akong father dear tas ang giingon lng niya kay:

    "now you know who's the real dr. novero"

    shet! lami kaayo ilabay sa iya ang tanang bio na libro sa iya na naa sa balay (na super daghan kaayo. wla pay labot ang campbell) ug ang mga hardcopy sa slides ni mam novero. hahahaha!

  4. joie sheen11:26 PM

    wla na koy gana para magstudy ug mst1. boring man gud. hahaha

  5. joie sheen11:27 PM

    "now you know who's the real dr. novero"

    and after he said that, naa pa xay pahabol na evil smile. samok kaayo! hay nlng!

  6. kimmie11:27 PM

    Meron ka bang musical score ng Way back into love? nangangati mga daliri ko hahahaha kakanuod ko lang ng Music and Lyrics at gusto ko ng mamatay sa excitement hahahahahaha

  7. athena11:27 PM

    watta twist of fate..
    good for you, you have a sharp memory.. ;)

    gudluck for your exam tomorrow.
    [hopefully you'll not run out of luck]

  8. joie:

    SUS MO LANG! fave ko lang sa nat sci is ung module 7 (quantum mechanics) pati 9 (stars..frustrated astronomer ehhhh). THAT'S IT! WAAAAA. oo nga joie. SUPER DUPER BOOOOOORRRRING to the HIGHEST LEVEL.

  9. joie:

    "and after he said that, naa pa xay pahabol na evil smile. samok kaayo! hay nlng!"

    SUUUUSS JOIE. wala koy balak na ma-adviser nako si mam novero. BWAHAHAHA. >:). im thnking of ur dad to be my adviser.. or si rasco (yahhh i know. basig ma three cube ang grado nako sa bio subejcts..).. but i guess it would be the greatest challenge of my life as a bio student in UP. whatccchhhhhhaaathink??! :D

  10. kimmie:

    pakinggan ko nga yan bukas. pag TAPOS NA FINALS KO! waaa. ur right kimmie... DEFINITELY RIGHT! napakaboring pala ng physics part sa NAT SCI 1 !!


  11. athena:

    thanks !! hehhee. sana nga. :)))

  12. july crumb12:14 AM

    this is my crappiest finals ever..
    dati, i used to look forward studying for finals..pero ngayon, i don't find a point to it anymore..huhu..

    damn them!

  13. ABA ABA. exactong 12midnight ang comment mo! bwahahha :))

    oonga! WAAAA. chapter 5 palang nabasa ko, and it's like 8 hours to go nlng before our exam sa nat sci. 1. bullshit. I MISS CHEM PART julyyyyy! :(((

  14. lalalyle10:58 PM

    i hate u guys. naa pa mi exam 'til marl 31! grrr. ever. ever!!!!

  15. kami AH3 nlng! bleeeeh. kay ngano man gud na move ang exam baaaah! :P

  16. lalalyle10:59 PM

    tsk. when inung ah3?

  17. lol. yepyep! karong march 31 pa ang among ah3. WEEEEE. :))))

    dali lang man sad oie. speech choir. by group. WAAA :))))))))

  18. lalalyle11:00 PM

    gusto ko mag ah3. pero hapit na mahurot akng ah subjects. ah 3, 4, 6 and 7 nlang akong pagpilian..tas 2 nlang ang pwede (ke dba 5 kbuok). =(

  19. yepyep. TRY MO ANG AH3! go go! lingaw siya. angay siya for you. PROMISE :D

  20. july crumb11:02 PM

    i'm really really really hoping to pass the lec part of bio 3.. no 4's.. just TRES and I"M FREAKIN' FINE! *crossing mah finger*

  21. taas bitaw kag lab. flat one. so i guess mataas rin ang kuha mo sa bio 3 :) don't worry july. di ka nagiisa. HAHAHA :)))

  22. lalalyle3:46 AM

    actually gusto nako kuhaon tanan ah subjects. haha =p pwede ipuli ang ah sa mga ssp?? samok man gud.

  23. BITAW! samok jud ang SSP subjects! WAAAAA. KAPOIIIIIEEEE. ;[

  24. lalalyle3:47 AM

    mata pa lagi ka? dba waz na ka'y exams?

  25. wala na! like, cge ra kog net net. a taste of FREEEEEDOM. BWAHAHAHHA >:)

  26. lalalyle3:48 AM

    waah super addict na jud. haha. xD

  27. OF COURSE. back to normal TANAN, akong lifestyle, diet (super baboy nako aniiii woohooo), laag time, BWAHAHAHA.

  28. july crumb8:11 PM

    "taas bitaw kag lab. flat one. so i guess mataas rin ang kuha mo sa bio 3 :) don't worry july. di ka nagiisa. HAHAHA :)))
    i know..haha:D"

    pero hello??? i'm hoping that WE ALL PASS BIO 3!!! shyet!!!

  29. tama pala nohhh. pass both LAB and LEC pala. i was thinking na hindi pala. well thanks pala sa info. :)))