Monday, March 31, 2008

DAY 91 - Welcome SUMMER !!!

The 31st day of March greeted us with a warm and lazy sunrise. I just woke up at around 9 am and I was quite nervous for our AH 3 final exam. I belonged to the Speech Choir group and boy, I need to memorize my assigned lines or else, it would be one of my most embarrassing moments in life! Dang! So yeah, we had just finished our presentation and it was nice though the two professors gave constructive criticisms on our presentation. At least they had sought our greatest efforts on to our Final Exam. Hurray, Hurray, not! Today’s not the right time to celebrate summer though; I still had to comply with the FINAL project of Chemistry 17. But I think I can manage to finish this tonight.

So yeah, mom didn’t allow me to join the advance class on any GE subjects this summer since I need to rest for the whole two months of [boredom] fun and excitement. Yeah right, so instead of enrolling myself to UP’s summer class, mom promised to give me a one and a half grand for shopping. I think it’s fair and I think my body needs rest. She had a point. Mother always knows the best and yeah, I don’t want to feel any pressure this summer since my [P]amily is the most important persons in my life. Thank you! WTF?! Hahaha. =)))

I haven’t watched the second half of Sweeney Todd. I should watch it as soon as possible. Errgh. I mean, it’s the most creative “gruesome” movie that I have watched in my entire life. If given a chance to compare Sweeney Todd to other “gruesome” movies, like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Saw and other movies with similar platforms, I would say that the latter movies that I’ve mentioned are NOTHING but of pure violent and horrible movies. Even if there’s a plot, there’s a chance that the audience will only look for its frightening scenes and not the story itself. I feel thy horror.

Oh yeah, so summer’s a perfect time to watch the idiot box 24/7 (otherwise the idiot box will explode if left on for more than 24 hours, tv’s have life too, kiddo!) since reality TV shows germinated as early as 1st week of March. I’m currently hooked with American Idol and the Big Brother Teens Plus (call me baduuy, but I just can’t help it). On AI, I’m quite disappointed to see the non-existent aura of Kristy Lee Cook. Undeniably, she’s pretty, but can be bitchy if ever she’s famous, just like Britney. I may be wrong with my judgment, but hell I don’t like her. I don’t REALLY like her. And for those who LOOOVE Chikizie (the hell his name spells, I don’t care), forgive me but I don’t like him too, but I hate KLC MORE than him. He has the talent but he doesn’t have what it takes to be the next American Idol. I bet for Ramielle Malubay or David Archuleta to win on the current AI season. On PBB, well, I just want to wait and watch for the biggest PLUS on to this phenomenally hit reality TV show.

So yeah, summer’s lovely for the first few weeks but can be a bit boring. I just need money this summer. CRAP. Classmates, see you on the first bloc encounter! Sophomore life, here I COME! (And I should listen to the Plant Geekazoid’s lecture on Botany 3!)


  1. AnneXtiane5:30 PM

    "So yeah, mom didn’t allow me to join the advance class on any GE subjects this summer since I need to rest for the whole two months of [boredom] fun and excitement. Yeah right, so instead of enrolling myself to UP’s summer class, mom promised to give me a one and a half grand for shopping. I think it’s fair and I think my body needs rest, she had a point."

    i hate you. kidding. =p
    buti ka pa, you get to rest and all.
    and me?
    i have to take the darn summer class.
    grrr. oh well. Ü

  2. hahaha. bakit anong subject din ang itatake mo? :D

  3. AnneXtiane5:40 PM

    dahil bumagsak ako ng math17. :l
    oye. ang loser ko.
    haha. kelangan ko maghabol ng subjects.
    ittake ko siguro cmsc56. ayun pa lang yung sure slot eh. :D
    at stat1 sana. :D

    gusto ko din ng bakasyon. :l

  4. ahhh i c. so second time mo na pala magtake ng math17 ngayon? ahh. mhirap talaga ang math 17. ung frend ko nga na taga comsci.. bagsak siya sa math26. 1/3 of the class failed on that subject. WAAA. pati sa cmsc56 ata un or cmsc11 na halos lahat bagsak. WAAAA. hirap talaga ng comsci :)))))

  5. AnneXtiane5:53 PM

    yep. :)
    take 2 na nga. and papasa na ako. :)
    with flying colors pa. haha.

    uhm. hindi ko alam kung naencourage ako
    na magaral ng mabuti or natakot ako sa sinabe mo.
    waaaaa. >_<

    hopefully, yun na ang last na ibabagsak ko.

    haha. :D

  6. at least diba? from singko, naging UNO, or line of one man lang ang grado diba. may progress. HEEHEE :))) okay lang sanang bumagsak lalo na kung marami kayo and mahirap ang topic ehhhhh kasoooo ang mahal na kaya ng tuition natiiiiiinnn! BWESET na TOFI. >:(. 1000 pesos per unit ba ang el-bee?

  7. AnneXtiane6:13 PM

    oh yes.
    tumataginting na 1K.. :l
    dyan din?
    kaya nga eh. asar talaga.
    di katulad ng mga upper class.
    mas mura. :l
    haaay. :( tofi. :(

  8. nyahhaha. 600 per unit lang amin. pero fcuk! aabot ng 15thou tuition namin kahit 19 - 20 units lang kami! 4 kaya ang labs namin! SHOOOOT!

  9. AnneXtiane6:31 PM

    ganun. :(
    sana kami din.
    600 din. para solve. :)
    oo nga. lalo na kami,
    may labs din. mahal mahal.
    tofi. tofi kasi. :(( saaaaadddddd..

  10. hahhay. sana iabolish na ni pres. roman ang TOFI. GRRRR. >:(

  11. AnneXtiane6:41 PM

    kaya nga eh. :l
    wala pa naman masyadong
    nakikitang improvements dito.
    same old. same old pa din. :l

  12. LOL. dito sankaterbang IMPROVEMENTS. grabeeehhhhh :)))). at least alam nmin kung saan napunta yung binabayaran naming tuition na super "MURA". ugh. hahhaha :)))))

  13. AnneXtiane6:47 PM

    napaisip ako.
    bakit samin parang walang naiimprove?
    haha. we'll see after ng summer break.
    di ko na mamukhaan ang school. :D

  14. oo. LITERALLY, like may elevator na sa EL-BEE, tapos each and every students may apple or compaq laptop naaahhh, HAHAHAHA. ♪♪♫ nananaginip ng gising, nakatulala sa hangin! ♪♪♫

  15. AnneXtiane6:54 PM

    huwaw. :D
    oo nga nun, tapos sana magkaroon ng MRT
    mula sa bahay namin hanggang elbi para
    di na ko magdodorm. :)
    tapos sana iaircon na lahat ng rooms. :D

    Lalala... nagsusumidhing damdamin.. hahaha. :D

  16. ehhhh ampangit talaga ng dorm. bwahhaahha :))) pero enjoy kasi marami kayo. well well, lucky me pansit canton, malapit lang bahay namin sa UP. WOOHOO!

  17. AnneXtiane8:19 PM

    madaya ka.
    tapos lagi ka pa may internet access.
    as for me. ayun. :l
    nagtiis sa computer shop kapag nasa elbi.

    madaya. madaya.
    palit na lang tayo. :D

  18. kimmie8:21 PM

    The best ang Sweeney Todd.

  19. OO NGA KIMMIE! panalo ang ENDING! woohoo! natapos ko na siya kanina. HEHEHEHE =)))). basta THE BEST AND ENDING NIYA. WOOHOO!

    gagawa ako ng review niyan mamaya. but first tatapusin ko muna ang chem :D

  20. kimmie8:22 PM

    Nakakapikon ang ending niyaaaa. Sobrang asar na asar ako hahahaha :))

    *sings* "Joannnaaaaa"

  21. annextiane:

    BWAHAHAHA. gusto mo? may 6 hours pa ako sa internet access sa school. bwahahahah :)))))

    pero infairness, dumaan din ako sa situation nayan noooh, nung wala pang PLDT sa village namin. ehhh ayaw kong mag smart bro ehhh. baka matamaan pa ng kidlat.. ehh ang nakatira kaya kami 1000 ft above sea level.

  22. kimmie:


    TAKTE, LSS ko yan ngayon. pati ung "there was a vermon's shit blahblah". pati ung "WORST PIES IN LOOONDON".


  24. kimmie8:25 PM

    Sarap ng meat pie no? HAHAHAHAHA nakakawalang ganaaa pota

  25. BWAHAHAHA. oonga! secret ingredient ng meat pie ni mrs lovett: IPIS! bwahahhaa ;]]]]]

  26. kimmie8:26 PM

    Saka yung mga giniling na tao :)) YAAAAK

  27. mas masarap ang tao kesa beef, pork and chicken. natawa ako nung nakulong si toby sa kitchen, tapos nakain niya ung hinlalaki ng bangkay [since marami nang nabiktima si sweeneeeeyyy tooodddd, kaya di ko na alam kung kanino yun]

    bwahahha ;]]]]]

  28. kimmie8:32 PM

    HAHAHAHA sobraaa. Ang hot ni Johnny Depp woohoooooo ♥

  29. grabeehhhh. sayang bat kasi hindi siya nanalo sa oscars. TAE kasi ung mga nanalo, ung mga leasd actors ng no country for old men blahblahblah. HAY NAKU. :))

  30. AnneXtiane12:31 AM

    kahit na. :l
    panu naman ako.
    nasanay na sa net,
    kaya ayun. mahirap ng ibahin ang habit. :]

    hmmm. :)

    yung free internet sa lib. di ko na nagamit.
    ang layo kasi ng lib. grr.

  31. awww SAYANG! hehee. ako rin net adik. tsktsk. :)))) wala lang. kahit exams, mapa long exam or finals, internet pa rin ang inuuna :)))) bwahaha. yan ang tunay na estujante!

  32. AnneXtiane12:32 AM

    apir! :)
    haha. nakakarelate ako dun.
    kaya pag nasa bahay.
    eto at pagiinternet lang ang inaatupag. :D

  33. complete attendance talaga ako sa YM. bwhaahaha ;]]]]]

  34. AnneXtiane12:33 AM

    ang adik mo na sa net. :l
    matulog ka na. hahaha.:D

  35. AnneXtiane12:33 AM

    ang adik mo na sa net. :l
    matulog ka na. hahaha.:D

  36. hahahah! i Lurve that pamiLy part. grrr! curse her. ipapahia nia ang phiL. heheh! oh em. ö siet! i wanna watch sweeney todd. dat was wat i was waiting for Lst yir tas ngaion na yir wLa akong kamaLai.maLai na tpos na pLa xang sa cne. maiged! iL buy a pirated copy nLng. hahahah! i Lurve johnny depp. ö

  37. i HATE KLC! pareho tayo ng iniisip: there's a possibility na maging bitchy siya pag nanalo siya. argh... why's she still there -__- she has no personality at all.

    i don't like chikizie either. ever since he won to danny noriega. haha!

  38. oh, and wait - Sweeney Todd! that's like the best movie ever :D

  39. GEVA:

    hahaha :)) ang akong ginaworry. kay ang mga classcards. unta ma DL or honor roll man lang ko this sem oie. hahahah lol.


    oo nga. hate KLC and chikizie. whatever his name spells, again. basta! bweset siya. and OH! SWEENEY TODD'S THE BEST! WOOHOO!


  40. AnneXtiane8:49 PM

    natapos mo na final report mo? :)

  41. AnneXtiane8:49 PM

    go! :)
    kaya mo yan. :)

  42. renzy, congrats kay vacation na pud mo! hahaha! ako, dugay na nagstart. hehehe. grabe na gud kadaghan akong mga napalit na dvds. super dvd marathon na naman ulit. tapos parang bibnigay na yung palagi kong ginagamait na player. hahaha!

    i'm preparing myself na for UP. takot lang talaga ako kasi hindi ko talaga forte ang science. i'm just average when it comes to science. well not for biology when i was in second year though. my lowest grade was 89. so ok lang. hahay. sa tingin mo, kaya ko kaya? it's just that bio is a super duper hard course. pero sa tingin ko makakayanan ko naman.

    btw, anong grade ba ang dapat makuha para ma DL or kahit lang man sa honor's list? and ano dapat ang grade na makuha mo para ma summa, magna and cum laude ka sa UP? thanks for answering. hehehe. :D

  43. minimum GWA (general weighted average) - 1.75 to 1.46,

    Chancellor's list - 1.45 to 1.00.

    honor roll - 1.76 - 2.00

    tapos and cumlaude, dapat ang avg. GWA since 1st year 1st sem, 1.75 to 1.46, magna cum laude - 1.45 to 1.21

    then summa cum laude - 1.20 and up.

    so far ha, wala pang magna cum laude, but marami nang cum laude sa UPMin. hehehhe :)))

    infairness, lisod makakuhag grade masking 2.00 sa isa ka subject. so far highest palang nako na grade is 1.25, bio 1 then lowest grade is 2.25. passing score is 3.00. hehehhe

  44. grabe ha! ang taas ng level ng UPMin! i'm aiming pa naman sana to graduate with flying colors when i get to college. but it seems ang hirap ata. hahay. sayang. tsk3.

    tanaw nimo renz, kaya nako mag-UP? tsk3. hehehe.

    new post at mine's. keep me posted! :D