Wednesday, April 02, 2008

69 Days

At last, I can feel the aroma of summer. WELCOME SUMMER! I think it was a good thing when mom censured me to take the advance class on any GE subjects. Sigh. At least I had 69 days of rest, 12 hours of sleep, DVD marathons, and so much more. Talking about mom, she had just recently finished arranging all of the books in our bookshelves. Last night, after her scrupulous work, she unearthed several mineral ores from one of my entropic bookshelf. Behold earthlings! These are the unearthed treasures from my shitty bookshelf!

Sorry Capt. Jack Sparrow, I found this first, bwahahha!! Well, as if Capt. Jack Sparrow’s interested on these. Ugh. As a science geekazoid, I consider these as manna – blessings from heaven.

Oh yeah, I just went to school just to pass our group report in Chem 17. Our group got 12 out of 15 points. I also got my result in the final exam and my final grade. Well, it’s still the same, 2-2-5. Hmm. I wonder if I’ll get at least two-zero-zero on my two remaining Chemistry subjects, or better, a sparkling one-seven-five! Haha. But still, I’m thankful to pass the first half of my Chemistry subjects. So, I bid farewell to Chem 16 and Chem 17 and greeted Chem 31, 31.1 and Chem 160 wholeheartedly! Woohoo! Finally, I got my first three class card for this semester. Math 14, had a satisfying one-seven-five, Chem 17 had a good 2-2-5 and AH 3 (Comm 3) surprised me with two-zero. WHOA! So yeah, I only had 2 remaining subjects [Bio 3 and MST 1] left and I can finally compute my standing. Well, how about PE? Naaah.


Hey group mateeeys in Chem 17 LAB! MAGKANO BA ANG BABAYARAN NATIN SA LAB? Ugh! I mean, I’m quite anxious about our pipette since it costs around 300-400 pesos! I hope that our pipette’s fine. And oh! Wash bottles may look cheap but hell, it’s around 200 pesos! Oh crap. I don’t want to spend my summer allowance on these items. CRAP!

Today, I’m quite giddy on to the following events/ gigs/ birthdays:

- Mon’s 17th birthday will be tomorrow, 4 pm SHARP at his crib. It’s a slumber party! Woohoo! But hell, pork is not available since he is a Muslim.

- Inna’s 18th birthday will be on the eleventh day of April. Bye bye INZ! :(

- Mama Tza invited me on to their carnival adventure, together with Jai, Pawee and Patrice on the tenth of April. I just want to meet with my old batch mates, reminiscing those good ol’ days when we’re still in high school. *sigh

The second semester was truly memorable especially the first few weeks.
- No more 7 am class! WOOHOO!

- On my Math 14 class, I usually arrive at school 15 minutes late. But hey! Our teacher’s still busy on writing trigonometric equations on the board. Mind you, he’s not that strict on attendance. HAHA. One good reason why YOU should love Sir Tecson. Awwww. Pag siyor sir oie! Hahaha.

- The first part of MST 1 (Nat Sci 1) was a blast. I mean Ma’am Jen is our Chem 17 lab teacher and also our Nat Sci 1 teacher. Haha. Pampabuwenas. :))

- Dr. Novero’s very funny most especially if she’s distracted by something. Remember when she saw Neil’s shirt? Haha. On the middle of her lecture, where some concentrated on the plant terms and others just slept, she suddenly commented on Neil’s shirt. It goes like this: “The apical meristems of the plants are... I’m single, WHO CARES?” Hahaha.

- The obnoxious and putrid smell of fart on one of Dr. Novero’s lecture. MIND YOU! It was SOO SMELLY. I can’t help it but to laugh on the putrid smell. Haha. Today, we’re still clueless about it. A bomb was detonated during the lecture of Dr. Novero. Sabotage? I think so, not!

- Sleepless nights just to finish those PowerPoint Presentations for our Chem 17 lecture.


- The Maragusan Exposure Trip. It was the bumpiest ride ever that I’ve experienced. And oh! The bibingkas (rice cakes) of Mawab were delicious!

- Tape interviews, speeches and missed practices on AH 3 (Comm 3). This is the most interesting Arts and Humanities GE subject that I’ve experienced so far.

Oh yeah, six more semesters to go before graduation, that is if I still remain as a regular student, hopefully, else mom will kill me! We’re not babies anymore and yeah, welcome Sophomore Life! I still had 69 days to enjoy summer. Summer is LOVE.

PS: I just downloaded the OST Album of Sweeney Todd. I just love it!


  1. maejoy11:20 PM

    binilang tlga hah?!...
    hai nku...tama ka..sophomore na ta puhon next sem..mka bad trip..tigualang na b jud ta??...aohw..

  2. AnneXtiane11:21 PM

    haha. agree. binilang mo talaga. :)
    mabilang nga din yung akin. haha. :)

  3. maejoy:

    dile pa ta tigulang NOOOOHHHH. bwahahha. 18 pa tahhh. line of 1 pa atong edad. BWAHAHAHA =))))))

  4. anne:

    june 10 kasi ang pasukan namin tapos kahapon is april 1. basic math lang yan ;))

  5. congrats on having your summer na renz! hahaha! and grabe ha, taas ayo imong grades so far. hehehe. anyways, we were in UPMin kanina. King's mom wanted to take a look kasi sa dorm tsaka para maka-tour na rin kami so she invited me to join them in their tour.

    ok man pala yung dorm noh. bagay sa mga gustong mag-train maging independent. hahaha! and lingaw man pala yung CSM rooms pati doon sa new building. kaya lang, sobrang layo ng CSM sa EBL hall! hahay. hehehe. btw, may classmate ka na taga-manila tapos dun nag-skul. we met him kasi sa dorm kanina. hehehe.

    btw, i'm not gonna take the sbp. mag-baguio daw me. chaka! hahaha! anyways, i'll see you probably soon! keep me posted! :D

  6. actually kim milagro kaayo na naka 2.25 ko sa chem 17.. actually out of 23 students, 6 lang ata mi nakapasa! WAAAAAA. dile ko DL karon.. murag honor roll lang ko karon. pero at least diba?? kesa naman wala. SHYETNESS MAKABUANG lagiii ni aiiiiii! :(((((