Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Take Time to Realize

Moments ago, my class cards were all scattered at my table in the living room. I just don’t care about it for Christ’s sake. But being one of the OC in the family, I just arranged it neatly. Besides, I still lack two class cards. Dang it! One class card caught my attention, an irksome class card of PE 2 (Table Tennis). I still managed to have a so-so grade of 2.25 despite on the number of UNEXCUSED absences, incomplete uniforms, number of losses and many more. There was a time that I opt to shop at SM rather than to attend my PE class. Also, during one of my classmate’s birthday, we chose to stay at CSM and play MONOPOLY ‘til 5:30 pm. For me, PE’s not my forte. Since elementary, I just hate this subject. I remembered asking this question to my quaint, petite but exacting PE teacher:

“Bakit pa kailangan igrade ang PE, teacher? I mean, diba? We’re all having fun tapos kung matalo ang isang group, bagsak sila. Diba dapat pasado kaming lahat?”

I was nine back then and I will never forget her reaction after I questioned her. After that incident, my perception in this subject changed. Salamat ha?! I used to love PE subjects but today, I do not.

Reasons why I don’t like PE subjects:

1.) I hate PE.
2.) I hate hate PE.
3.) I hate hate hate PE!

Hahahaha! I’m sorry ma. I got stinky, dirty... But see, I’ve learned... ON HOW TO CUT PE CLASS! BWAHAHAHA!!! :))

But don’t get me wrong, I ain’t bitter about it. It’s just like; I prefer books than on ball games (basketball, volleyball, and soccer). But I love to play badminton and table tennis. Hahaha. How I wish UP will offer brand new PE subjects on the following semesters. I wish to have Philippine Board Games (PE 3.. hahaha buot-buot!) like scrabble, boggle, snake and ladder (LOSER) and my favorite board game, Casino and MONOPOLY! Woohoo! Though Chess is offered but I lack logic. Chess needs practice and patience and sometimes I loose patience easily.

Enough said. BTW, I and Ina, my brother’s ultimate-crush-since-birth had this cyber conversation:

Ina: hi aya renz! ‘lam mo, marami nang changes sa school.
Me: atiiikkk? Really? like what??? May escalator na ang SMAD?? JOKE. LOL.
hahaha . unta. Amao! ambot nla . echos masyado, chaka! . dghan pa atik churvaloo ang school .tas ibalik na dw chinese . daw ha. Daw. Rumors..
Me: CHINESE??! in highschool?? C'MON!
Ina: yaah. haha
Me: tangaaaa! dapat i revise nila ang math and science subjects! Hay naku! And I mean tanga ang admin ha.
Ina: haha . mo lang! Engot to the highest level! May tiles na ang corridors! Parang hospital.
Me: dapat irevise nalang nila ang Math and Science curriculum ng high school department! Enough na yung Chinese sa elementary! Waa. Sayang. Sana naaubutan pa naming yung new directress ng school. Sayang.
Ina: Haha. Lagi. Hayyyy. Pero maawa ka naman sa amin kung i-revise ang math and science noh, NOSEBLEED, stress!
Me: Nope, it’s a great advantage nga eh once na magcollege na kayo, well aside na sanay na tayo zero base grading system..
Ina: Lagi aya! CORRECT! Haha. =)

Hmm, this made me curious about my alma mater. I just want to visit the school someday. Haha. Speaking of school, I’m quite giddy for tomorrow’s event. Well, it’s not a big event. I’ll meet with my old high school friends at GMall (Eww!). Awww. I just missed my high school friends. Haha.

I need a hearing aide right now. Mom’s watching War of the Worlds (in full blast, of course) and dad’s using the vacuum cleaner. I can’t hear anything, except if I shout in the house. SHOUT FOR JOY! Whatever… =)


  1. glenn3:14 PM

    so SMAD diay ka??

    pero UP Ka skul??

  2. opo. hahaha. marisian since 1994. :))) yes UP ako skul. BS Bio course ko :) hehhee y?

  3. glenn3:25 PM

    wala lang tanong ko lang naman.. so one of the three ka pala sa mga Triangular Meet... hehehhehe.. From Davao Central Kasi me... UP Mindanao??

  4. yeah UP mindanao. UP lang mana ghapon. LOL. :))) weee. so fluent ka pa rin mag chinese? WAAAAA. =)))

  5. glenn3:27 PM

    not that much na kaau... but still knows how to... muzta naman ang davao uy.. h ehehhehehe

  6. kapoi manang chinese uy, unless kung ang course nimo is business ad, management, or economics. HAHAHA LOL. davao? hmmm. peaceful pa rin. LOL. and oh! perteng kainit!

  7. glenn3:30 PM

    same here... pirting inita... I have shift later tonyt pero dili ko katulog ba... as in...

  8. manila ka ryt? HAAAY. abnormal naman gud ang panahon. by 2pm iniiiiiittt kaayo then by 5pm.. mubagyo lang ug kalit dire. ay naku. :(

  9. glenn3:33 PM

    mao gyuds.. yep.. naa ko manila... hay na lang... tapos sa ofis hastang bugnawa.. I mean really cold.. super aircon...

  10. cge lang basta naa bitaw sweldo ug work.. :)) lol.

  11. glenn4:58 PM

    mao bitaw.. hehehehhehe wat year na ka?

  12. incoming secod year na ako :)

  13. kimmie4:59 PM

    Grabe wala akong nakuhang PE for Summer. Hahahaha

  14. WAAAAAA. wala nga akong PE next sem ehhh. bweset. :(

  15. andrew king6:22 PM

    "Reasons why I don’t like PE subjects:

    1.) I hate PE.
    2.) I hate hate PE.
    3.) I hate hate hate PE!"

    - Same here

  16. kimmie7:01 PM

    "WAAAAAA. wala nga akong PE next sem ehhh. bweset. :("


  17. pano kasiiiiii. laahat magconflict sa lab schedules ko. EHHH apat kaya lab ko this sem..

    botany, physics, organic chem [so help me God], pati microbiology..

    meron sana.. PERO WEIGHT LIFTING like YAAAK. nakakapagod tas puro bones lang ako nooh. LOL. tapos ang GE ko niyan is history 1. ugh. feeling major subject. LOL.

  18. on revising SMAD's math and science curriculum, Sr. Cathy is doing something na to revise it. close much?! dili bitaw. chika2 man gud me ni ma'am grace so kato, nahibal-an nako na i-change na daw next SY. pero sort of luoy ang mga 2nd-4th year students ana si ma'am grace. kay diba i-change na man, so bale ang mga lessons sa old curriculum i-take up daw gihapon pero mga 1 grading na lang para makahabol. meaning, advance nuon kaayo kay wala naabtan sa uban ang lessons. hehehe.

    i love PE classes. well if it's only about dancing. bahala na maski unsa nga sayaw basta masayaw. bahala nag mab-ballet ko basta makasayaw lang. hehehe. :D

  19. andrew king9:17 PM

    Oooooh! Thats one way to go crazy for the next school year

  20. kim:

    SHYET SHYET SHYET. unta 2015 nalang ko mugraduate sa SMAD! way lami si sister SONY. GRRRR.

    hala u love dancing? OKAY. ikaw na ang mag choreo para sa inyong TORCH NIGHT and FRESHMEN NIGHT 2008. dapat daog mo ha? talunin niyo ang comm.arts! :))) LOL.

  21. andrew:

    heck. i love botany, physics, organic chem, microbio.

  22. joie sheen10:09 PM

    wag kang ganyan sa pe renz! yan lng ang only subj. na fave ko like....since birth? hahaha joke!

  23. anuhin ko man joie. i'm a big twerp when it comes to PE subjects. :))) LOL. pero infairness, marunong na akong mag table tennis! :)))))

  24. joie sheen10:10 PM

    haha! lingaw man gud ang table tennis! kng kblo lng ko magdula ana sa una, dli unta ma loser by default ang among batch sa table tennis girls division. haha

  25. HAHAHA :)) sayanga oie. cge lang oie. at least naay natun-an kesa wala diba. dile bitaw counted. LOL.

  26. lagi! like ako pud! sayang kaayo! kung kanus-a me nigraduate, didto pa nibag-o tanan! i just so lurrve sr. Cathy! mubalik jud ko next skul yir kay ana siya sa amoa dramatics guild members na mag-train daw me sa mga members next SY! hehehe.

    ako?! mag-choreo?! nah!!! mao ron! CommArts??!! tae, naa pa jud si King didto next AY! wa na! hahaha! :D

    btw, salamat kaayo sa pag-edit sa akong template! i really owe you big time renz! sige lang. librehon taka pag-UP nako! hahaha! :D

  27. louis jordan10:16 PM

    Reason why I do like P.E. na subject sa UP Min (so far):

    Pag si Sir Palomaria imong teacher, maski gasex paka, absent etc. dghan kag pildi, di ka nagauniform...1.75 gihapon ka.hahaha.

  28. HAHAHAHA. sus. 1.5 akong PE 1 masking nagacheat ko sa iyang subject. :))) LOL.

  29. louis jordan10:17 PM

    atik?hawda ui.wa pa man gud ko nakatilaw sa iyang exam.yaan mo, mkacheat lage ko.haha.

  30. LOL. unsa diay imong PE last sem??

  31. la la la lyle11:11 AM

    pero naa japun possibility na ma-honor's list ka?! sus ok ra na.

  32. ay ooooo. siyempre. HR man jud ko. wala lang. narealize lang nako na tae ko sa PE :)) ka loser ui