Monday, April 07, 2008

Summer rhymes with Bummer

No, summer's not a bummer, as of now. No, I can't attend the advance summer class in Physics (assuming that it was approved by the College Secretary), travel around the world (I'm not that rich) and yeah, I don't have money. Yes. But hell, I've been busy attending on some parties, debuts, and meeting with my old high school friends. Awww! :))

I'm just happy that the second semester's finally through. I did well in this semester compared to the first. I just want to congratulate Aidz and July for being the college scholars of this semester (Dean’s List) and correct me please if I missed someone. Well how about me? Naah, I think a GWA of 1.88 (1.81 if my Bio 3’s 1.5) isn’t a bad start after all. At least I had proved to myself that I can be the part of one of the three prestigious lists in school. Humdrum potentials, I guess.So for those who had made to the Chancellor’s List (University Scholar), Dean’s List (College Scholar) and Honor’s List, congratulations! Job well done! :))

Despite on the bad news during Mon’s advance 17th birthday bash, we still managed to have fun and to entertain ourselves. There are times that we couldn’t help ourselves but to open up on our anxieties in life. Somehow, I’ve learned that life is indeed an endless journey to travel with. Life is a wonderful gift from God, right? And I think, really think that our life has its own purposes. If you’re down, depressed and sad, all you have to do is to reflect and pray for it. Work with it! :)

Blahberrithms. I recently discovered another breakthrough in Adobe Photoshop. I only use Adobe Photoshop 7.0. Call me a big loser, but I only knew how to change the background on to a picture LAST NIGHT! Special thanks to Neil. Now, Adobe’s more addictive than other online games plus it stimulates your creativity. At least I know how to draw in a digital way! :) LOL! So here are few samples of my creations:

Mama and cousin invades Paris, not.

Artistic background.

Welcome to my humble domicile.


I just had a dream last night. It was kinda stupid. I just heard in the news that a comet will hit Pacific Ocean and experts advised that we should evacuate immediately. But all we did was to walk to the beach and witness the horrifying apocalyptic event. Stupidity! Hahaha!!!

Okay, back to my Diner Dash 2!



  2. louis jordan10:17 PM

    "Life is a wonderful gift from God, right? And I think, really think that our life has its own purposes. If you’re down, depressed and sad, all you have to do is to reflect and pray for it. Work with it! :)"

    pag apply dayon ug seminaryo.haha.

  3. kimmie10:18 PM

    Download Diner Dash 4!! Wahahahaha!!

    God I can't even complete all four levels of Diner Dash 2 and 3 and here I am challenging myself with the 4th installment of Diner Dash. T_T

  4. bwahahahah kimmie! mejo di na kinaya ng powers ko.. ang hirap na ehhh. akala mo enough na yung pera pero TAKTE.. ang taas ng standards! BWAHAHHA. parang UP. LOL

  5. andrew king10:19 PM

    okay that really is weird. Kinda reminds me of the bad endings in resident evil outbreak....They also watch the end of their lives

  6. it reminds me of the day after tomorrow, or deep impact. either of the two. i just missed those movies. :))))

  7. andrew king10:20 PM

    Were did you get the game? (not the trial version. The fully activated game)

  8. i don't know. my classmate just gave me a copy of it through YM.

  9. kimmie10:25 PM

    Hahahahaha superrrr hirap talaga. Sa DD3 namamatay yung ilaw, wahahaha omg ang geek ko :)))

  10. WAHAHAHAHA :))) talgaaaaa? parang di pa nga ako nangalahati sa DD2! TAE. =)))

  11. kimmie11:53 PM

    Ako hanggang nasa pang-3rd na bahay na :)))) Di ko matapos ung last round!! Ang daming tao :)))

  12. HAHAHA. nakababaliw talaga 'pag maraming customers :)))))

  13. andrew king7:39 PM


  14. love the pics!!! and i love diner dash too! although maka-buang na siya! hahaha! :D