Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I am a GERK

picture taken during our torch night!

This is an open letter to the following people::

Petrucci, Mortimer, Whitten and CHANG! - bet you know these guys ehhh??

Dear Mr. Mortimer, Petrucci, Whitten and Chang:

Greetings! I just want you to congratulate that you had your books published for the benefit of the students worldwide, particularly the Biology, Physics and Chemistry majors. Well, I'm just an ordinary student here in the most prestigious university in the Philippines, which is University of the Philippines, and honestly, I'm not as rich as YOU are. Our Chemistry professor HIGHLY recommends you. The reasons were, your topics are well organized and it's written in a comprehensive manner. But, as I sought your books at the leading bookstore in this country, I found out that the cheapest book of yours was roughly Php 700.00! Imagine, I saw the book and it was still tagged as LPE or Low Price Edition. Is 700 low for you?? I guess not. In that amount, you could actually buy 2 pairs of jeans or 2 penshoppe t-shirts or whatnot. And I'm talking to you, Mr. Petrucci. And to you Mr. Chang, your book contains wonderful pictures of different structures of atoms that can't be seen on our naked eyes. The pictures were far from our creative imagination. Somehow, your book roughly cost Php 2000.00!!! Imagine, in that amount, I can already pay our electric bill. Shoot.

I just want you to know that your books were highly recommended by the leading professors worldwide, but please, slash your price by about 60%! Please, oh c'mon, give me a break!

Sincerely yours,

The Crappy Gerk..

Okay okay. Enough of those complains regarding the overwhelming price of books. Anyways, I can already feel the pressure of a UP-student. In short, life must go on, rain or shine, snow or typhoon, ugghh whatever. Somehow, I observed that suggested readings were MANDATORY! God, I could hardly imagine that I'm a GERK - combination of Geek, dork and nerd. My high school friends, special mention to: JEANNINE LEDESMA, BEATRICE PADILLA, GENEVIEVE VIADO and REENA ALVIZO, baptized me with this term. Well, admittedly, I am your typical geek, or gerk, whatever. Ever since in highschool, I really love to study, read books and my favorite place in the highschool, is the library. But despite these funny accusations, I'm proud of it. Where can you find a GERK that has a funny yet weird attitude, a social animal, talkative and a musician?? Nyahaha. Well, maybe I don't belong to the group of HOMO SAPIENS, but rather to HOMO-GEEKIENS-ENGOTIEST. nyaha!

I had a hard time to squeeze my study periods on my leisure time. It's just like for two weeks, I didn't bother to watch teleseryes, big brother or even news. Okay, so right now I'm not updated of what's happening on my surroundings or what. But hell! Even on Fridays and Saturdays, I still need to study especially on Biology and Chemistry. Shoot.

But thank God, I really love these subjects so it's not a BIG DEAL to me, I guess.

So Life of an Iskolar ng Bayan is very difficult, but take note, it's a one-of-a-kind experience.

I just wanna say, goodluck to myself, goodluck to my future sleepless nights and say HELLO to the REAL WORLD!

PS: I won the BEST MALE PERFORMER on the recently concluded TORCH NIGHT! yahoo!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Life of an Isko

Si Oble (Mr. Oblation)

Pathway going to the Admin. Building

Facade of the Admin. Building

Atty. Wendel Avisado together with our beloved chancellor, Prof. Gilda C. Rivero.


Classes in UP here in Davao officially started last June 7, 2007 - Thursday. (Yah right, I know it's kinda late, but heck! I managed to squeeze my study period on blogging!). Yah, we had our first bloc encounter and I had a chance to mingle with my blocmates. Somehow, I felt peculiar at that time but as time passed by, I get used to them and I felt comfortable when I'm with my blocmates. Well, it's still the first week of my official COLLEGE LIFE and yet I felt that I'm prisoned in a dark cellar, waiting for the academic year to end. The rate per subject is an hour and a half, plus our laboratory is 3 hours. Yeah, it's kinda short but HELL!! I think every subject LASTS for an ETERNITY! Though, that's not a big problem to me because I love science. Hehehe =)

Anyways, I think I learned to appreciate the nature behind the scenic environment of our school - the infinite horizon of lush green meadows, the mooing of the cows, bullcraps, and our trusty (well not all of them) HH (habal-habal) drivers.

And yeah, the upclass people aren't joking on us - Quizzes here in UP are equivalent of Highschool's FINAL EXAMINATIONS! Hah, grabeh. Good thing, I was trained to be pressured on my previous Alma mater and I was very used with the zero-based grading system. Here in UP, the passing grade is 60% (in Biology subject, it's 50%). But heck, the standards in this university is very high, I tell you.

Of course, our teachers would not be that ordinary, but they're EXTRAORDINARY. All of them had a master's degree or better, had a doctorate degree from states, Europe and japan! Here are some memorable teachers that still lurks on my mind (what are they, boogeymen??)

Prof. Mitchell Rey Toleco - He's our chemistry teacher. He speaks very loud and he's very alert when he teaches chemistry. Thus, you can't avoid to sleep in his subject or else you'll miss half of your academic life, really. He looks like Julius Babao, and he's very hyperactive!! Grabeh! One time, I saw him in the faculty room, watching youtube in his trusty laptop and guess what? He watched naruto and laughs like a kid. Hahaha.

Chancellor Gilda C. Rivero - She's our beloved chancellor as well as our beloved Biology professor. She had a lot of personal assistants, going back and fro inside the Lorenzo hall. By the way, she conducts her lectures not in a ordinary classroom but in an airconditioned hall! Grabe, aircons were in full throttle and feels like you're in North-South Pole! She looks like the mom of my bestfriend. Hahaha.

Prof Albert Fedillaga - He's not our lab teacher nor our chemistry lecture teacher. Probably he would be our teacher for the next sem in chem lab. And all hail Albert! For girls and even gays go GAGA for him. He looks like Ryan Agoncillo and when girls and gays passed by in his laboratory, all they did was to gave him a flirty remarks, which he didn't care after all. Some sort of I-don't-know-that-im-cute attitude. But I find him approachable, not a snobbish one.

I know I can survive this crap but honestly, I think studying is better than watching those stereotyped teledramas on TV, most especially if you study your interests. And for my situation, I really love to study Biology and Chemistry. Sobra! Till then. Hope that I can update this blog more frequently. Hahaha.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Chemistry : A Gift or a Curse?

I just made this for my chemistry assignment. Hope you like it.

Life as we know is the most complex gift from God. From the prehistoric prokaryotic cells, to the the most complex multicellular organisms that exist today, Chemistry plays a vital role in life even 4.6 billion years ago.

Chemistry, as what I had read in some chemistry books, is the broadest branch of science; it is the central study of all sciences, which deals not only with the elements and atomic numbers, but also with other things such as the daily household chores, hobby and even leisure. Take these for example, in cooking, Chemistry revolved in these important things in the kitchen like cooking oils, vinegar (acetic acid), fish sauce (patis), iodized salt and other important things related to cooking. We can see that there's a lot of benefits that Chemistry offers to the society, most especially in this millennium – the third millennium. Through Chemistry, scientists around the world had done with extensive case studies, countless and possibly boundless researches and they usually spent countless hours, sitting and examining their own experiments inside the monochromatic life and color of their state-of-the-art laboratory. They haven't failed to make our lives faster, easier and transactions were in a jiffy. Without them, we would still experience the life of a prehistoric nomad in a community. Life would be rather slow and not exciting.

Despite the knowledge that we've acquired through Chemistry, we failed to realize that there are still numerous limitations regarding the technology of Chemistry contributed by the pioneering scientists in the world. People are technology oriented through this years, thus they tend to forget the side effects of a certain technology which remained the scientists puzzled. Scientists today are still perplexed of how to make a certain technology without harming the environment and to the people involved in this area.

I can state this one good example of a certain technology which wreaked an almost unimaginable havoc in the planet earth. We are all familiar with this compound named CFC, or chlorofluorocarbons. This complex compound is very essential on manufacturing refrigerators, air conditioners and aerosol sprays. In the early 70's and to the late 90's, CFC became the main issue on televisions, newspapers and other forms of media. This made CFC as an instant celebrity for just one main reason: it destroys our Ozone Layer, the protective layer in our atmosphere primarily to shield us from the harmful UV (Ultraviolet Rays) emitted from the sun. Ozone Layer is made up of free Oxygen atoms (O3), a highly reactive atom. When CFC is released in the air, just only one CFC can be proved fatal in our Ozone Layer which destroys almost a million particles of O3. During that time, the society had an intense usage of CFC they didn't have any proper understanding of CFC. Nevertheless, the concentration of O3 decreased drastic manner. The hole in the ozone layer is very visible, even today at the South Pole of our planet.

Let's not just concentrate with the ozone and CFC issue. Primarily, there are many unsolved issues in our environment regarding Chemistry. Inasmuch, we must take a part of it and have some serious actions on it like the proper knowledge of chemicals and their effects in the humanity and to the environment. Through this, we can solve these issues partially though.

In other words, Chemistry is a blessing to all of us. We can use its significance in our daily lives just to make our living fast and hassle-free. But it's up to us if we consider this a curse. Chemistry can't be a curse, it's our carelessness which made it a curse.

Chemistry benefits us in our daily life but it could wreak an unimaginable havoc which could be possibly Earth's apocalypse in the near future. We will not know this but there's an endless possibility of this feared day. Infinite inquiries from countless people remained scientists, particularly chemist to sit in their respective lab stools, looking at their experiments, as if their looking for a certain ant in an endless horizon of green meadows.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Reunited and it Feels so good!

Last monday, June 4, 2007 marks the first day of classes in Stella Maris Academy of Davao (well actually 80% of schools in the Philippines had their first day of classes) and almost half of my batch, the Marisian '07 went to the school and parang get together ta-ta's and stuffs. And the most common thing that we did is the kamustahan things with our former classmates and also to our friends in the lower years. Awww. I miss you guys!

The following who went to school last Monday:

Louie Cocok, Carmi, Krista M., Beatrice, Jeannine, Bebang, Jeff, Luigi, RJ, the whole PND gang, CALLIOPE gang, CTJ squared! grabeh!, Chrysolite '07 people, Lapok!, Opalian, Meiko!!, Miguel Nemo, SCT BOYZ `06, Miggie de Gracia, Liz, Geoffrey, Maineyyy, Jule, and a WHOLE LOT MORE!!

In short, namimiss ko na kayong lahat!

PS: sa mga hindi na mention dito, please inform me right away. Okay??

Sayonara Marisian '07, welcome to the new world!


Adios Amigos, 'Til we meet again!

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Okay opal people! Here's the second part (and possibly I can make the third episode of the SAGA-filled OPAL power) of the OPAL's pensieve. Naks, parang Dumbledore.

Anyways, here's what I still remember in this section. And fortunately, it's still vivid on my brain or to my subconscious mind, rather.

The following unnamed comics occured almost everyday in this classroom. Now, you could guess who said this??

"Oh my god si SI MARTIAN! nigunit sa grills!" (Oh my god, Martian touch the grills!)

"unahan ta kung kinsa ang makagunit sa grills! one-two-ready.. GOOOO!" (Who touch the grill FIRST, wins! okay, one-two-ready, GOOOOOO!)


"Ako ang nauna, blehh!" (I won! ;p)

**Hay, almost all the girls in OPAL went crazy whenever they see this dude. Hay naku. Hahaha. =)

And all the girls melt when a lone martian conquers their HEART. yikes!

Okay. memory number 2: Who could ever forget our morning-til-night FAREWELL PARTY?? Hay naku. I arrived at the resort (what's the name again?? grrrr..) around 8am - it was an inland resort or near-mountain resort. Then, the girls paddled the pool, applied their sunblocks with matching bikinis, bathing suits and etc. --UNTIL-- when they learned that PACATANG arrived in the resort, all the girls immediately dived in the pool and they didn't care whether they still wore their tshirts. Hay naku, he'll NEVER rape you naman. hahaha. But who knows?

Then, I videoed PAUL AñORA when he danced to the beat of "I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE..." Hahaha. Sadly, wala pang multiply sa panahon na iyon so, I erased it after 2 weeks. And besides, it was only 9 seconds and it's not worth it to watch.

And PAPA DOMZ even borrowed the swimming trunks of the life guard! Is the life guard gone insane?? I mean, he's papa domz and he loves to squirt his GAS in the pool and even in the classroom. Worse, he even leaked his NITROGEN with HYDROSULFIDE (im not sure of fart's content, basta it sounds like this) gas inside the computer lab (imagine, it's a closed area, fully air-conditioned and you can smell the stench of his fart for about 3 seconds after his LAUNCH! oh my god. You can definitely see the molecules and atoms of NITROGEN and HYDROSULFIDE diffused in an amazingly fast rate! My gulay - no doubt, he is OPAL's BOMBER MAN!

Enough of that eekie stuffs.

Ahhh, FOOD FOR THOUGHT - this is the most memorable Christmas party that I've experience in my entire life. You could imagine a party with no FOOD! Well, actually, the food was delivered LATE - as in 11 am! By 8am, Kevin bought his lechon manok, courtesy of Delongtes. I could remember that the chiken was consumed by us and after 5 minutes, only the chiken's bones were left in the platter. The table was so big yet the only food in their was the lechon manok. Then we played a game, just one game and after that, we're exhausted, thinking and waiting patiently for our food. Hay naku.

RELIEF OPERATIONS flocked us by 9.30am. It came from the different sections in the class. Hay naku. And most of our relief goods came from Sapphire. Thanks talaga!

We all PROTESTED and WALKED out by eleven.

We went home together with our HUNGRY STOMACHS. And my mom was confused because I was so hungry and I even ate the WHOLE FAMILY SIZE GREENWICH SPECIAL. Call me a pig but that's true. Hay naku. Ewan ko bah. =]


And maybe this would be the last. Yah, UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED we FALL is our undying motto for our section. Even in cheating, we're still united.

Who could ever forget Ma'am Cyndie's unique style of teaching - by group (RT). Well, I admit, Sometimes, I'm biased when it comes of reviews for PT and UT. Like for example, I'll call Bebang, Meiko or Beatrice and I'll tell them the answers for my reviewer and poof! AS if nothing happened. Hahaha. I'm yer lil devil in here.

Meiko and Maine were seatmates at that time as well as Jeannine and Beatrice (Naku, they're super seatmates, like beatrice is using the right armchair while jeannine is using the left one.) - they're the best buds when it comes to cheating. Hay naku. Well, I also cheat in UTs and in PTs also. Hahaha.

Oh by the way, OPAL is the home of the talented. Like when Dayos portayed APL d Ap, Angelo Mariano really look like the drawing in AP UT - Lee Kwan You.

And when Creamsilk visited our school, dayos went to the stall and have his hair pampered - that's why amoy shampoo ang buhok niya after recess. =)

Well this is the part TWO of my Pensieve in OPAL. Stay tuned for the third episode. Sayonara!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Double Trouble

Numerous people keeps on pestering me when I'll publish another post! Well, guys, here is it, the moment that you have been waiting for!

So, I really can't wait during the Miss Universe Finals. Imagine, I slept at 2.30am (as usual) then I adjust my alarm clock to 9.00am. But then, I woke up at 10.00am. Huhuhuhu. But luckily, I still managed to watch the prime time showing of it in studio 23. Hay. Anyways, Ms. Philippines didn't made it even to the final 15 but she still won the Ms. Photogenic Award. I really hope that Philippines would be the next recipient of the Ms. Universe. Hay. Keep your fingers crossed dude!

So, Ms. Japan was crowned as the Ms. Universe 2007, followed by Ms. Brazil, Ms. Venezuela, Ms. Korea (I love you Honey Lee!!! You're so gorgeous!) and by Ms. USA. I think everyone saw Miss USA's (Rachel Smith - Ms. Tennessee) humiliating butt-dive in the stage. But, despite her fall, she still managed to finish her walk and even made it to the final 5. I pity her because she already fell on her walk still she was even publicly humiliated in Mexico - she was booed by the mexican audience (majority of the audience are Mexicans). When Ms. USA answered, all of the Mexican audiences were shouting (or chanting) Mehiko - Mehiko. Donald Trump, the president of Ms. Universe Beauty Pageant said that the Mexican's unusual behaviour was triggered by USA's tight rules on immigrants - paticularly Mexicans (because their country isn't that far from the US). And because their bet, Ms. Mexico didn't made it to the final five, they can't accept their 'defeat', so they went all to Miss USA, uttering harsh remarks on her. How sad :(

And this is Ms. Japan - the Miss Universe 2007 title holder - a ballet teacher of Japan - RIYO MORI!

Okayokay. Let's go to another topic.

Hmmm.. I've read Timeline by Michael Crichton and it's one of Michael Crichton's best novel so far! Now, if you're an avid fan of modern physics (Quantum Physics to be precise) and history (like me!), then this novel suits you. Though, the only drawback on Michael Crichton's novel was, it contains a few grammatical errors which made the sentence senseless. But heck! that doesn't matter! The story, the plot, the ending - SUPERB! 10 THUMBS UP! (If I had 10 thumbs though..)

I'm really pissed on Sun Cellular's Service!


I can't send outgoing messages but I can call! Fuck it! I mean, SUN really drives me that crazy and puts me into the deep abyssial soltitude of boredom!

Hay nakakainis! I called the SUN customer care SERVICE and the male operator told me that their network engineers were trying to fix this problem. Even Miggie De Gracia has the same problem of mine. Arrrgggghhh!

I can't do nothing but to wait - or should I buy another SIM? or can I use dad's SUN sim (which hindi naman niya ginagamit, why not??)? Errgghhh.. Hay naku, mom told me to use dad's sim nalang and we'll buy a load for it this SUNDAY. Keep your fingers crossed SUNSTERS!

I really hope that this would be the FIRST and the LAST dipshit that would occur to me!

Hay naku. Enough of those resentments. Before I publish this post, let me leave you this funny question that keeps on bugging me for 4 years:


Today is the first day of June, and it's gonna be a LOOOOONNNGGG day next week. Time to review those chemistry and biology lessons of mine. Gotta go!