Sunday, June 03, 2007


Okay opal people! Here's the second part (and possibly I can make the third episode of the SAGA-filled OPAL power) of the OPAL's pensieve. Naks, parang Dumbledore.

Anyways, here's what I still remember in this section. And fortunately, it's still vivid on my brain or to my subconscious mind, rather.

The following unnamed comics occured almost everyday in this classroom. Now, you could guess who said this??

"Oh my god si SI MARTIAN! nigunit sa grills!" (Oh my god, Martian touch the grills!)

"unahan ta kung kinsa ang makagunit sa grills! one-two-ready.. GOOOO!" (Who touch the grill FIRST, wins! okay, one-two-ready, GOOOOOO!)


"Ako ang nauna, blehh!" (I won! ;p)

**Hay, almost all the girls in OPAL went crazy whenever they see this dude. Hay naku. Hahaha. =)

And all the girls melt when a lone martian conquers their HEART. yikes!

Okay. memory number 2: Who could ever forget our morning-til-night FAREWELL PARTY?? Hay naku. I arrived at the resort (what's the name again?? grrrr..) around 8am - it was an inland resort or near-mountain resort. Then, the girls paddled the pool, applied their sunblocks with matching bikinis, bathing suits and etc. --UNTIL-- when they learned that PACATANG arrived in the resort, all the girls immediately dived in the pool and they didn't care whether they still wore their tshirts. Hay naku, he'll NEVER rape you naman. hahaha. But who knows?

Then, I videoed PAUL AñORA when he danced to the beat of "I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE..." Hahaha. Sadly, wala pang multiply sa panahon na iyon so, I erased it after 2 weeks. And besides, it was only 9 seconds and it's not worth it to watch.

And PAPA DOMZ even borrowed the swimming trunks of the life guard! Is the life guard gone insane?? I mean, he's papa domz and he loves to squirt his GAS in the pool and even in the classroom. Worse, he even leaked his NITROGEN with HYDROSULFIDE (im not sure of fart's content, basta it sounds like this) gas inside the computer lab (imagine, it's a closed area, fully air-conditioned and you can smell the stench of his fart for about 3 seconds after his LAUNCH! oh my god. You can definitely see the molecules and atoms of NITROGEN and HYDROSULFIDE diffused in an amazingly fast rate! My gulay - no doubt, he is OPAL's BOMBER MAN!

Enough of that eekie stuffs.

Ahhh, FOOD FOR THOUGHT - this is the most memorable Christmas party that I've experience in my entire life. You could imagine a party with no FOOD! Well, actually, the food was delivered LATE - as in 11 am! By 8am, Kevin bought his lechon manok, courtesy of Delongtes. I could remember that the chiken was consumed by us and after 5 minutes, only the chiken's bones were left in the platter. The table was so big yet the only food in their was the lechon manok. Then we played a game, just one game and after that, we're exhausted, thinking and waiting patiently for our food. Hay naku.

RELIEF OPERATIONS flocked us by 9.30am. It came from the different sections in the class. Hay naku. And most of our relief goods came from Sapphire. Thanks talaga!

We all PROTESTED and WALKED out by eleven.

We went home together with our HUNGRY STOMACHS. And my mom was confused because I was so hungry and I even ate the WHOLE FAMILY SIZE GREENWICH SPECIAL. Call me a pig but that's true. Hay naku. Ewan ko bah. =]


And maybe this would be the last. Yah, UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED we FALL is our undying motto for our section. Even in cheating, we're still united.

Who could ever forget Ma'am Cyndie's unique style of teaching - by group (RT). Well, I admit, Sometimes, I'm biased when it comes of reviews for PT and UT. Like for example, I'll call Bebang, Meiko or Beatrice and I'll tell them the answers for my reviewer and poof! AS if nothing happened. Hahaha. I'm yer lil devil in here.

Meiko and Maine were seatmates at that time as well as Jeannine and Beatrice (Naku, they're super seatmates, like beatrice is using the right armchair while jeannine is using the left one.) - they're the best buds when it comes to cheating. Hay naku. Well, I also cheat in UTs and in PTs also. Hahaha.

Oh by the way, OPAL is the home of the talented. Like when Dayos portayed APL d Ap, Angelo Mariano really look like the drawing in AP UT - Lee Kwan You.

And when Creamsilk visited our school, dayos went to the stall and have his hair pampered - that's why amoy shampoo ang buhok niya after recess. =)

Well this is the part TWO of my Pensieve in OPAL. Stay tuned for the third episode. Sayonara!


  1. wehehehehe....;. nothing can take the place of our highschool memories in the w
    hat ever goes on talaga for fun! memories from schooling will always be a fun one..... that's why i am so much enjoying my stay in my school right now...(second course) hehehe lahat ng kabastusan pwedeng pagusapan and the course is a very good excuse to it medical science kase...... wehehehehe.......sana lang i could articulate those things as good as you can :D

  2. adik yung ym mo. restart mo kaya

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    renz !! nabasa ko na !! hahaha ..
    sabihan natin si alvin .. reuniooOon !!!
    hahaha ..
    maremember pa nimo tng nagtake a ug cl exam, [new teacher pa sin anong] naay radio/music background? hahaha .. chuy kaau na test !! then and never ending na pag.object nato sa a.p. !! hahaha ..
    post !! its interestin !! its bibo !! ü

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    hahaha!!kalngw jud oi

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    waaaa! hahaha gutom gyud ta 2ng xmas party ba.. haha

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    hahahaha!! kalingaw!! ui renz, wahaha!! k2ng how did u know ni añong!! hahaha!! how did u know mn 2 noh?? hahaha.. balek2 au!

  8. beapadilla3:44 PM

    hahaha!! bitaw! oi poy! naa pgud sa akua tung ntbk na ginasulatan nato ug 'u know'!! hahaha... =p

  9. hay makalagot kaayo kay dile ko kaconcentrate ato.. remember?? almost katupad bya nako tung radio.. bwsit kauu si anyong bayong.. o well papel ;)

  10. lagelage! pwede pud bya ang recap kay kung unsa ang topic then whaaala! human nah.. haha.. tapos.. kung detailed, nako delikado!