Friday, June 01, 2007

Double Trouble

Numerous people keeps on pestering me when I'll publish another post! Well, guys, here is it, the moment that you have been waiting for!

So, I really can't wait during the Miss Universe Finals. Imagine, I slept at 2.30am (as usual) then I adjust my alarm clock to 9.00am. But then, I woke up at 10.00am. Huhuhuhu. But luckily, I still managed to watch the prime time showing of it in studio 23. Hay. Anyways, Ms. Philippines didn't made it even to the final 15 but she still won the Ms. Photogenic Award. I really hope that Philippines would be the next recipient of the Ms. Universe. Hay. Keep your fingers crossed dude!

So, Ms. Japan was crowned as the Ms. Universe 2007, followed by Ms. Brazil, Ms. Venezuela, Ms. Korea (I love you Honey Lee!!! You're so gorgeous!) and by Ms. USA. I think everyone saw Miss USA's (Rachel Smith - Ms. Tennessee) humiliating butt-dive in the stage. But, despite her fall, she still managed to finish her walk and even made it to the final 5. I pity her because she already fell on her walk still she was even publicly humiliated in Mexico - she was booed by the mexican audience (majority of the audience are Mexicans). When Ms. USA answered, all of the Mexican audiences were shouting (or chanting) Mehiko - Mehiko. Donald Trump, the president of Ms. Universe Beauty Pageant said that the Mexican's unusual behaviour was triggered by USA's tight rules on immigrants - paticularly Mexicans (because their country isn't that far from the US). And because their bet, Ms. Mexico didn't made it to the final five, they can't accept their 'defeat', so they went all to Miss USA, uttering harsh remarks on her. How sad :(

And this is Ms. Japan - the Miss Universe 2007 title holder - a ballet teacher of Japan - RIYO MORI!

Okayokay. Let's go to another topic.

Hmmm.. I've read Timeline by Michael Crichton and it's one of Michael Crichton's best novel so far! Now, if you're an avid fan of modern physics (Quantum Physics to be precise) and history (like me!), then this novel suits you. Though, the only drawback on Michael Crichton's novel was, it contains a few grammatical errors which made the sentence senseless. But heck! that doesn't matter! The story, the plot, the ending - SUPERB! 10 THUMBS UP! (If I had 10 thumbs though..)

I'm really pissed on Sun Cellular's Service!


I can't send outgoing messages but I can call! Fuck it! I mean, SUN really drives me that crazy and puts me into the deep abyssial soltitude of boredom!

Hay nakakainis! I called the SUN customer care SERVICE and the male operator told me that their network engineers were trying to fix this problem. Even Miggie De Gracia has the same problem of mine. Arrrgggghhh!

I can't do nothing but to wait - or should I buy another SIM? or can I use dad's SUN sim (which hindi naman niya ginagamit, why not??)? Errgghhh.. Hay naku, mom told me to use dad's sim nalang and we'll buy a load for it this SUNDAY. Keep your fingers crossed SUNSTERS!

I really hope that this would be the FIRST and the LAST dipshit that would occur to me!

Hay naku. Enough of those resentments. Before I publish this post, let me leave you this funny question that keeps on bugging me for 4 years:


Today is the first day of June, and it's gonna be a LOOOOONNNGGG day next week. Time to review those chemistry and biology lessons of mine. Gotta go!


  1. Hello!

    Medyo nakakairita nga yung naging paguugali nung Mexican audience nila sa Ms. Universe noh? I don't think Ms. USA deserves to be treated like that. Para bang kasalanan niya na nasa bad light ang mga Mexicans sa USA dahil sa kanilang immigration problems. Haay..

    Anyways, nakakainis nga ang Sun. Hehe. May Sun SIM din ako eh pero hindi ko na ginagamit dahil ang hina hina ng signal.

    OH well. =P

  2. ey renz musta na? wehehehe antagal kong nawala sa sikulasyon coz i was trying to do something about my blog...... visit mo then drop a line ha :D

    abt the miss universe hehehe i was sleeping while hapan was winning di ako masyadong fan pero hindi ako masyadong nagagandahan kay ms japan. Mas trip ko parin si Ms. Philippines.

  3. ms japan is so damn hot.

    but i like kurara chibana than royo mori. ^_^

  4. hay nku carmigz! hahaha.. naawa talaga ako kay miss usa.. hahaha.. wala naman siyang kasalanan or whatnot.. hahahaha :)

    hahaha.. dito, umaapaw at bumabaha ang signal ng SUN dito sa bahay!

  5. JAY_AR! hahaha.. mas gusto ko si Ms. Korea!!!!! ^_^

  6. hi kuya ian

    hahaha ang tagal mo nang nawala sa cyberworld.. (ako rin) hahaha..

    okay ill visit ur blog later!

  7. hey! sorry for the typo error haha. zup? I also experoence problems with sun OFTENTIMES. I've argued with the operator countless times na (as if may magagawa siya hehe) because of their technical problems. I think it is peculiar to them.

  8. hay naku.. bibili nlng ako ng bagong SUN sim!

  9. stuart3:21 PM

    ms. japan's not that gorgeous... ms philippines, hmmm not that eye catching too.. have u seen her make up? she looked like a corpse with all the eyeliner!! stupid make-up artist.. indeed, the mexicans didn't know what proper de quorum means... but despite this, i find ms. mexico the most beautiful.. very exotic beauty... i pity ms. usa.. she's cute too..

  10. yah! i agree wart! hahaha... anyways, though ms philippines is the genius type.. hahaha.. makabwisit ang mga mexicano! syett.. hahaha..

  11. pixiedoodle3:22 PM

    renz! magandabtaw c ms. korea! honey lee! sna sya nlng nanalo ui!

  12. ganda no? as in super! yahoo! i think i'm inlove with her nah! (nakkkzzz) though kaya naging third runner up lang siya kasi super common ang answer niya.. missionary blahblah..