Thursday, November 02, 2017

Life Lately

Life has been good so far. Lately, I've been traveling more frequently for work and vacation. Just for the month of October, I flew at least 8 times, two of them were 8hrs long each. Okay, so uhm... booking a flight to Australia for four days was the biggest mistake of the year. I never thought that I'd fell in love with Sydney. I love every bit of it - the place, the people, the culture, the food, and their genuine hospitality. To be honest, I cried as I left my mate's flat at Burwood (good thing, my Uber driver didn't notice it). It was bittersweet. I still have pending trips in Seoul (in a few weeks YEY), Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. I am thinking of ditching my Hong Kong trip this December because I might run out of leave credits (although I still have many, it wasn't really a priority trip, I mean, I bought the tickets out of impulse LOL).

Anyway, about work, I am triggered. No, don't get me wrong. I have no problems with my colleagues. Well, here's the thing: a tall condominium (about 33-stories high) located approximately 3 nautical miles from the final approach to runway 05 of Davao International Airport has been making news lately. Apparently, it's been making rounds in the headlines lately because of its tall boom cranes. According to pilots, their ground proximity warning system blares off as they commence the approach to runway 05. To mitigate this issue, the state ordered us to limit our takeoffs and landings - runway 05 departures, and runway 23 for landing. Everything is concentrated on one airspace. Meaning, all of my landings and takeoff are on possible collision course. To make things worse, the new procedure completely disregards the basic laws of aerodynamics. Aircraft flying in and out of Davao are at risks - they operate regardless of the wind condition. They should land and take-off against the wind. To make things worse, there's this news article which triggered not just me but also some of my colleagues at the airline companies. I just hate when people act as if they know everything but they really aren't knowledgeable about their topic? It's so irritating. You know me, I have a low tolerance for bullshit and stupidity. Here's an excerpt of what I wrote in my email sent to the editor:

I know we are all entitled to give opinions, but his opinions are just way out of line. It elicits ignorance. He's not even an aviation expert. What does he know about the procedures done by air traffic controllers and pilots? Nada. Nothing. I do hope your writers research more before they write 'technical' opinions like this one.

Okay, enough with this rant. I am looking forward to my Autumn trip to Seoul in a few weeks. Yey!