Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sweet 18

Two years from now and I would be 18 years old. Hell, what's with my age dude? It's my LEGAL AGE to VOTE! Though even I'm sixteen and a half but still if I had the chance to vote for the 2007 Elections, definitely this would be my senatorial line up:

[ a ] Kiko Pangilinan - He's a prolific law maker and he served the Philippines almost half a decade (or more) and he's a good family man. He follows his good principle as a law maker. K nah!

[ b ] Joker Arroyo - Joker Arroyo is an incumbent Senator who has earned a reputation as a human rights lawyer, anti-corruption advocate, and freedom fighter. He is running under the Kabalikat ng Malayang Pilipino (KAMPI) banner and is likewise a member of the pro-administration group TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) Unity. A graduate of the UP College of Law and the Ateneo de Manila University, he made a name for himself when he challenged before the Supreme Court the constitutionality of Proclamation No. 1081 imposing martial law. He has held various posts in the government service first as Executive Secretary in the Aquino cabinet from 1986 to 1992, then as Chairman of the Philippine National Bank, and as Executive Director for the Philippines of the Asian Development Bank from 1986 to1990. He has received various awards and commendations such as the Philippine Bar Association’s Most Distinguished Award for Justice. As a three-term Congressman for the 1st District of Makati from 1992 to 1998, he was consistently voted by media as Outstanding Congressman of the Year. He served as Lead Prosecutor during the impeachment trial of President Joseph Estrada in 2001.

[ c ] Ping Lacson - Well, I think one of his plans in the senate is to ban pork barrel. He said that this is the cause or the brink of corruption. Well that's true naman. I hope that his HOPE plan would be possible if he won the senatorial elections.

[ d ] Manny Villar - Sa sipag at tiyaga, diyan tayo umaasenso. Period. Well, he's a good law maker also and he had many experiences as a senator. A good basis on a prolific senator.

[ e ] Chiz Escudero - I'll vote him because he looks like Bamboo. No! seriously. He's a good senator and he had this mass appeal most especially to the youth.

[ f ] Alan Peter Cayetano - He belongs to the Cayetano clan - the clan of good law makers and he has a good family and education background. I think that he can be a good senator.

[ g ] Antonio Trillanes IV - Antonio Fuentes Trillanes IV is one of the leaders of the more than 300 junior officers and enlisted men who took over the Oakwood Premier in the Ayala Center, Makati City on July 27, 2003, tagged by the press as the "Oakwood Mutiny". He took up BS Naval Systems Engineering in the Philippine Military Academy, where he graduated Cum Laude. He has a Master's degree in Public Administration Major in Public Policy and Program Management from the University of the Philippines Diliman. He has 23 assorted merit medals, campaign ribbons and badges to his name. Trillanes is running under the Genuine Opposition banner. When elected, he plans to fight corruption, minimize poverty, improve the peace & order situation, and improve education, health, and social services.

You want change? . . He's your man.

[ h ] Noynoy Aquino -Benigno Simeón "Noynoy" Aquino III is on his third term as Representative of the 2nd District of Tarlac. He is Secretary-General of the Liberal Party and is allied with the Philippine political opposition. Aquino is also Chairman of the August Twenty-One Movement and has served as National President of the Philippine Jaycees. He finished his BA in Economics at the Ateneo de Manila University. He is the only son of Benigno Aquino, Jr., the popular opposition Senator under the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, and former President Corazon Aquino. Like his late father, Aquino's main advocacy is a continuous fight for democracy. In this year's election, he is running under the Genuine Opposition ticket.

[ i ] Zosimo Paredes- Atty. Zosimo Jesus Mendoza Paredes II is Undersecretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). He is the former Executive Director of the Presidential Commission on the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFACOMM). His public criticism of the transfer of convicted rapist Daniel Smith, a US soldier, to the custody of the US Embassy later cost him his job.


I think this is enough. Well here are some senatorial Candidates whom I find WORTHLESS:

Prospero Pichay - It's simple as this: Pangarap kong yumaman pa ng husto


Pangarap kong makalikom ng pera sa aking pork barrel! Prospero Pichay, ikulong sa piggery!

Tessie Aquino-Oreta- The senate doesn't need you. The Japanese Entertainment Recruitment Agency for Entertainers BADLY NEEDS YOU! The Marcoses slained your brother, ba't nagchichikahan ka pa sa kanila?! Duh..

Joselito Cayetano- No offense but you can't win dude! Arggghhh!

Richard Gomez- Dump it! Such a L.O.S.E.R!!

Luis Chavit Singson- Jueteng Addicts would surely vote for him. No doubt, he'll legalized gambling!

Can't wait till I'm FUCKIN' EIGHTEEN!

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Final March

Uhmmm, the hell?! It's so hot!! But the illumination was good though.

I wonder what happened to the lights??!

Uhmm, Mr. Chiaw, excusemoi?

The official photographer of SMAD!!

The Wackiest Side of the Seniors!

Okay, so here it goes. It's been a while since my first step in this institution, that is Stella Maris Academy of Davao and luckily, my mom discovered my cousin that he's very fluent in Mandarin Chinese especially if he prays on that language. I started studying at SMAD since Nursery [SY 1994-1995]. It's almost 13 years where I stayed and learned not just those lessons but also the Christian Values imprinted on us. And here I am, ready to march because it's my GRADUATION.

Before I proceed on narrating on my wackiest and WILDEST graduation experience, I will surely miss these things:

[ a ] - Talisay Trees - even though it's infested with til-as [a kind of worm or caterpillar which had a hairy body. If touched, the victim shall suffer severe itchiness in the body.

[ b ] - Form a straight circle, errrrr, I mean LINE [who said that?!]

[ c ] - SOH CAH TOA - who would ever forget this simple Trigonometric Function ?!

[ d ] - Marisians are very simple even there's a lot of rich people out there. - Yep, that's true!!

[ e ] - We all knew each other unlike other schools.

[ f ] - The Zero-Basis Grading System - Sanay na kami jan! And we had this big advantage in College.

[ g ] - Very conservative people - that's what those freakin' nuns taught us. Shoot!

[ h ] - Friendly teachers - well not all though! Hahahaha

[ i ] - Impressive writers - Almost every year, at least 3 Marisians made it to the National Schools Press Conference.

[ j ] - It's a Catholic School - no doubt

[ k ] - Cool Neat CR - let me explain this: Sa boys, although it's free of vandalism but you could smell the stench of urine and stool! Ewwww, sa Girls, though it's very neat but the cubicles were converted into a LIVE CHATROOM. You know what I mean kiddo!

[ l ] - Computers in the comlab, elib and the books in the library. My favorite places in the school itself.

[ m ] - Sir Feliciano Puno Sr. - Huhuhuhu :,c

Quotable Quotes in the School:

Well, I'll not mention any names in this portion. But I find it so funny and amusing! Here it goes:

"Birds with the same feather makes good feather duster."

"Don't judge the book if you're not the judge."

"What is worth doing is worth doing well" and "Jesus deserves the Best" (Blsd. Antonita Bandres)

"Where there is no room for my poor neither there is room for me" (Mother Candida!)

"Soh Cah Toa, Luggaaaritttiiim [Logarithm]"

"Do you believe class....?"

"May I have that boy now?"

"The end shall Justify the means."

"L: hep, hep! R: Hoooray!"

"The mass of the Product should be equal to the mass of the reactant."


"You want another five????"

"ef-ef-ef-ef-ef-ef.... jey-jey-jey-jey-jey"

"Who's that?"

"Get 1/4 sheet of paper.. Student: 1/4 maam??!"

"5 minutes more.."

"Say oh.. woooohhhh!"

Okay here's the story in our graduation rites:

2.30 pm and we started marching. Though, di talaga maiiwasan, Some of my classmates arrived LATE. Good thing, their's a giant screen in the right side of the stage and it would be easier if we look at the VTR. Yes, and expect the worse case scenario. The Sohcahtoa boys laughed whenever they see their faces on the VTR. I can't help myself but to laugh also! nyaha!

Oh dear, though we sang those eucharistic songs well and it was a job well done for us. But that's not all. The second part of the graduation rite is quite humiliating on the teachers and administrator's part. But for us?! WE DEFINTITELY ENJOYED IT!! Taunts, Cheers and those deafening howls made me insane, well in a good way. Hahahaha! And the best part? The GIRLS joined us in our wildest cheers too!

"Last na toh and di na tayo papagalitan nila ma'am!"

Hell, your right!

One thing for sure, who couldn't forget this:

"This award blahblah.., to Mrs. PurificaTHION Mejia... blahblah.." [It should be Purificacion]

Well next time, make your dentures tighter! Hahahahha Peace out!!!

Speeches given by Kissa, Stuart and Alvin were all touching. I really find Kissa's valedictory speech a marvelous one! She's creative. You deserved it Kiss!

The final part, which is the graduation song, was a complete disaster! I mean, amidst the stench of sweat, excruciating heat and the smell of used-up oxygen [eeeewwwww], we still made it to the finish line. At todo smile pa kami!


We didn't march the recessional part because we wanted Princesa as our recessional music. This made the teachers go wild and mad at us. But hell! we don't care. At last, the music played but it's better if we sang NEXT in LINE rather than Princessa.

This is Seniors '07 - now SIGNING OFF! Till then, goodbye!!!

PS: I can't attend the farewell party of CHRYSOLITE as well as the SENIOR's BEACH PARTY! Too bad! I'll miss you guys! Till then..

Friday, March 23, 2007

Ang Totoong Kaligayahan

Ever wonder why some people are not satisfied even at their peak height of their career, fortune and wealth? Well, those people are materialistic. For them, true happiness comes from material goods, fortune and money. They say, they're happy if they acquire the latest cellphone, mp3 player model and if they had lots of money.

That's not real happiness dude!

Not at all.

I mean, perhaps I've experienced pain and hardwork in my life. Sanay na ako jan! I mean, through those experiences that I've ventured with, somehow, I've learned a valuable lesson. Don't be materialistic. Those problems, like financial problems and like made me stonger and it also made me realize that true happiness comes from the LOVE from my FAMILY. Even amidst of problems, this made my family's bond grew stronger than before.

God had been fair to each and everyone of us. I mean, even though we don't possess a mining company, jewelry shop or big companies similar to those, my family's bond is very strong. Pinagtatawanan nalang nga namin ang problema eh, Likewise, we're used to it. Complicated it seems, but there are some families, rich and owned various multi-million worth of companies, but then they're family's a broken one or the father had a mistress which cause separation on this certain family. This had a bad effect especially on the children. There's a big tendency that the child's performance in school would be affected, and worse, he/she could be a rebel which could lead to drug addiction or things similar to that.

I'm very very very, super duper LUCKY that I belong in a nice Family.

I LOVE my dad.
I LOVE my mom.
I LOVE my brother.

And most of all, I ♥ MYSELF!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Annoying is definitely IRRITATING!

There are things that really annoys me. Well let me enumerate those:


Being an eldest child has its own pros and cons. Admitedly, I'm the eldest in the family and luckily, I had only one brother to take care with. So much for the age gap because he's only 3 years younger to me, so, nevertheless, I had no problem with respect to their 'generation' [we had the same generation nga eh..]. Let's start with the advantages of being the eldest in the family. Well, the eldest is the one who gets more [as in M-O-R-E] privileges than the younger siblings. Take this for example:

I had the chance to use the brand new uniform and brand new books, school supplies and etc. The brother will inherit kuya's personal things like those things mentioned earlier. Somehow, it's in the luck of the brother if his kuya's a neat person. If not, expect that your 'pamana' would be a garbage. Dude!

Despite all this priviliges on material things, being an eldest holds a BIG [dibah it's better kung GIGANTIC and EXCRUCIATING ang gagamitin na term?] responsibility on being a 'steward' to his younger brother and sister. And it really annoys me because even though I didn't commit any mistakes, well it's because of my brother's fault, well, mom would still scold me [sometimes, not always] together with my brother! It's quite irritating especially if you're innocent and did nothing! Shoot! Good thing, I'm getting use to it. Being a kuya holds a big responsibility - I SALUTE MYSELF!! JOB WELL DONE KUYA RENZ!

Although, being a youngest had this privilege especially on academics. Well, as usual, my brother just looked my old notes and he just studies there, not in his notebook already, and he just reviews my old unit tests and even 'cut n' paste' my project. Swerte naman oh, ang kuya gagawa nyan with dedication but with the brother, he only took 10 minutes to cut and paste my old project and did some edits and wahlah! Walang dugo't pawis - just with ease. Arrghhh.


Graduation practices were becoming idler than the previous one. And heck, those papansin boys made some funny yet crappy jokes about the eucharistic songs. I still laughed but it's like an insult to God. They're making fun of God-inspired songs. Bastos naman oh. Also, while I was browsing some pictures of my friend's iPod Nano, there's this ruthless lad who grabbed the iPod instantly without any prior permission. Bullshit! Kala mo kung sino! Arrghhh! Karma strucked him a while ago because he cut class - or shall we say practice? Hahahaha!


While I went home, this metro-aide lady boarded the tricycle that I rode to. Kami nalang dalawa ang natira and all of the sudden, she smoked INSIDE the tricycle. Yep, that's right! It really annoys me because she doesn't care [or she's not aware that I exist sa harapan niya?] when she puffed a mouthful of cigarette smoke infront of me! Arrghhh! Magka-lung cancer ka sana!

Well enough of these negative thoughts.. uhmmmm! Let's be optimistic! [uhhhhhwhhhaaattt?]

♥ Renz

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Deeper Side of Me

Want to know the deeper side of me?

Just log-on to my latest blog site:


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Friday, March 16, 2007

How much is your POGI points dude?!

This pogi point-system was created by Argee Guevarra, a UP law graduate) who writes a column in Business Day, a newspaper. For a more contemporary understanding of how to score pogi points, I devised a system of prescribing pogi points to male accessories and any other attribute which might significantly contribute to a guy's gross human worth, exempting any facial distortions. So, try this and be prepared to be amazed on your pogi points, dude!


1. Driving a car to school which is automatic 10 pogi points.

2. Chaffeur-driven 20 pogi points. Subtract 5 if the rinky dinky

type that regularly breaks down when going out on dates at Jollibee.

3. Add 10 pogi points if brand new.

4. Add 20 if it is a Japanese car and 50 if it is either a Benz or BMW.

5. A Porsche is disqualified from earning points because anyone who owns one

automatically becomes a Richard Gomez clone.

6. No pogi points for those who carpool or who rides the jeep.

7. Plus 30 pogi points if you ride a mountain bike to class

because green is "in". If its a BMX or pedicab, minus 50 pogi points.


1. If the family name is associated with politics, add 10 pogi points.

2. If its a crony sounding name, subtract 50 pogi points (ill-gotten rep).

3. If the lineage could be traced to a Spanish friar, add another 10

pogi points (tisoy muy bien!)

4. If its a taipan sounding name as in Sy or Gokongwei, add 20 pogi


5. No pogi points for ethnic sounding family names.


1. A Makati address gets an automatic 5 pogi points while an Alabang address

an automatic 10 pogi points.

2. If in Makati, Dasma and Forbes, plus 20, San

Lorenzo Village,Magallanes, Bel-Air and San Antonio Village plus 10.

3. 10 pogi points for New Manila, Greenhills, San Juan and Valle Verde.

4. No pogi points for those who live in Corinthian Garden because it's the

popular address of corrupt government officials and generals.

5. In Q.C., 10 pogi points for residents or even dormers of

Xavierville, La Vista, Loyola Grand Villas and Ayala Heights.

6. "Gilage(as in gilid ng La Vista) people", minus 5 pogi points.

7. No pogi points for Looban, Gagalangin, Calumpang, San Andres

Bukid,and Novaliches residents.


1. A high school diploma in the States or U.K., 20 pogi points

(lamang sila sa Inglesan).

2. Any school abroad, plus 15 pogi points.

3. If an alumnus of any all-boys Catholic school or any private schools in the country, 10 pogi points.

4. Basta nakatapos ng high school, plus 5 pogi points.


1. If the guy's into soccer, plus 10 pogi points.

2. Any racket sport ( except ping-pong and pelota), plus 15 pogi points.

3. If engaging in not-so-popular but preppie sports like rowing, fencing,

and archery as well as sepak takraw, arnis, eskrima, sikaran (indigenous

sports are "in" dahil eksotik) plus 20 pogi points.

4. For the golf fanatic, plus 50 pogi points.

5. Polo, 100 pogi points.

6. Billiards, plus 5 pogi points.

7. Basketball, plus 10 pogi points.

8. Sipa, minus 20 points.

THE LUNCH SPOT (kung saan dalas mag-lunch)

1. McDo, Jollibee, SR, Tapa King, (kahit anong fastfood) etc. plus 7.5 pogi


2. Kenny Rogers, Angelino's, Full House, Chicken Bacolod,

Katip's, Gilligan's, Dencio's, or any restaurant in Katipunan and Libis,

plus 10 pogi points.

3. El Pueblo (Friday's, etc.), St. Francis plus 15 pogi points.

4. The Fort, Dish, Glorietta, Rockwell, plus 20 pogi points.

5. No pogi points for those lugging a thermos lunchbox and a Coleman.


1. AIESEC and its local hybrids that have chapters in DLSU, Ateneo, Miriam,

Assumption and CRC, 20 pogi points.

2. Frats (the Big 7), Pasukuan, 15 pogi points.

3. Basketball, Football Varsity Team and Mountaineers, 10 pogi points (mala

machete kasi ang dating nila).


1. If the current squeeze or the former flame is a beauty titlist,

an Absolut girl or one of Manila's Loveliest, automatic 50 pogi points.

2. A campus celebrity or a showbiz denizen, 40 pogi points.

3. If the typical pretty colegiala, 30 pogi points.

4. Any girl, plus 10 pogi points.

5. Kung sinulot sa kaibigan, minus 50 pogi points.

6. A mainstay of That's Entertainment or a soap opera artist,

minus 100 pogi points.


Mukhacne (pimple na tinubuan ng mukha) - negative pogi points

Presentable - 0-30 pogi points

Mr. Pogi (Eat Bulaga caliber) - 31-50 pogi points

Gwaping - 51-100 pogi points

Istading (Stud, kung baga) - 101-150 pogi points

Whataguy - 151-200 pogi points

Grand Debonair - 201 and above

But this could be better, for simplified basis, this is the CLASS SYSTEM:

Class F This Class is FREAKY. Just the thought sends shiver to your bones.

Class E Ibig sabihin naman nito, EEEWWW!!!

Class D Ang class na to ay hindi naman pangit, per DI PWEDE dahil di mo talaga type.

Class C This one means CHARITY. Hindi pasado pero pagbibigyan mo under certain circumstances. hehe.

Class B This one is BEST, but best served if BOTH kayong nagtatrabaho. kung magpapatamad-tamad sya, wag na lang.

Class A This one is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. Pwede mong sabihin, sige, humiga ka na lang, ako ng bahala. hahaha.

Goodluck! I can't help but to laugh at my silly post! Lolz!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Road to El Dorado

College of Science - UP Mindanao

It is the 14th day of the third month of the year 2007. Well, this is just an ordinary day, until my mom told me to the last minute that we'll go to UP Mindanao Campus, just approximately 5 miles away from my crib. We rode a motorcycle or commonly known as habal-habal in Visayan language. We had no choice because that's the only mode of transportation accesible to the campus. Only a few jeepneys are available enroute to the campus. The ride was quite bumpy because of the road - uncemented. My mom was quite confused if we will go to the Administration building or to the Main Campus. Ideally and IRONICALLY, those two buildings were 2 kilometers apart, well never mind the rough road that we've ventured in. So we first stopped at the main campus and I observed that the students had no care with each other, well I mean, I saw somebody attending his class and he only wore slippers and a pambahay outfit. more or less, I think he came out from his dorm, without fixing his hair, after his afternoon siesta, just to attend his class! Wheewww!

But never underestimate them. Even they wore unprescribed uniform [though students had a freedom to choose on what will they'll wear during there classes], no, bnut seriously, even though they look like that, they had this intense intellectual capacity - really intense! Somehow, the environment is very conducive for learning. You can commune yourself to the nature, feel its wonder and its tranquility as you study in the campus.

Sad to say, effective last year, all UP CAMPUS in the country increased their tuition fee by 300%!. From the original tuition fee of 5000 pesos, the matriculation fee skyrocketed as high as 14000 pesos! Unfortunately, my course, which is BS BIOLOGY was the most expensive of all, the same with Food Tech, which is approximately 14000, excluding the miscellaneous fees and other stuffs to be complied in the enrolment period. The UP matriculation system hadn't increase for the last 16 years! - sixteen impatient years!! Malas ko naman oh!

Oh well, one week and a half week from now and it would be our Graduation Day! huhuhu!

Sunday, March 11, 2007



I, Renz Marione Bulseco y Metran declared his one and only original CASIO SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR, model no. FX-95, purchased on 2004 worth Php 545.00 lost last March 3, 2007 while he rode a jeepney with a route Mintal - Roxas Ave. on his way home. This is his statement:

Well, as we all know, my sci-cal (clipping version of the word, scientific calculator) was my lifetime partner. Sounds funny and ridiculous but it's true. Somehow, my sci-cal was brought by my mom when I was still in my second year in highschool. Although, even when I was a sophomore at that time, my sci-cal played a vital role in my life. It helped me somehow in those mathmematical problems, so forth and so on. I really love my sci-cal. During my junior and senior year, I can't live without it! I can't solve any trigonometric and logarithmic problems without the aide of my calculator. It also served as my kodigs , well just in a subtle way in those constant values like in Coulomb's law etc. So, after I took the final examination, which is Physics, I almost erased the fact that I had a sci-cal, due to excitement or what, so I forgot where I placed this. After that, as I went home, I fell asleep in the jeepney and I woke up the moment the jeep stopped at my destination. I didn't noticed somehting fishy or what because I was in a deep sleep and somehow, I dreamt something that I forgot today. I finally noticed that my sci-cal was lost the following Monday. After that, I can't locate it!

Kung sino man ang kumuha nun, burn to Hell, Circle no. 8, Bolgia no. 7!!! Shit you!

I really miss my sci-cal already! Huhuhuhu =,c

Friday, March 09, 2007

Einstein's Room

I was walking around the school coridoor when I noticed Liz, Mama Tza, Geoffrey and Miguel de Gracia running and as if racing to the third floor to the finish line. Though, there's no prize on it whomever gets first in the third floor of the highschool building. Physics Lab is the final leg of the race by the way.

I called them though, and they eventually stopped to the first flight of the staircase, I even shouted:

"Liz, saan kayo pupunta?"

She replied: "Halika, Bilisan mo! Tingnan namin ang mga names namin sa board!"

Excitement rushed through my veins. Eventually, my heart palpitated the moment we arrived at the door of the Physics Lab. Classes were concluded two weeks ago. What's with the PHYSICS LABORATORY by the way?!

--Let's take a REWIND shall we?

Okay here we go. As a graduating student, Physics Lab was known to be the room wherein, candidates for honors and even those who had critical conditions if they would graduate or not, were deliberated in this room. As far as I know, 4th year teachers worked hard until dawn just to deliberate and rewrite the candidates in the board. No doubt, our Physics teacher had a pimple outbreak on her forehead. Tsk3..

I've been waiting for this long and I'm pretty anxious about my standing when I graduate in this instition [Stella Maris Academy of Davao].

This is the day wherein the final decision has come. Okay, back to the present..



Okay, I almost ran out of my breath and my heart palpitated for so long. The feeling is ambigous. Mixed feelings began to erupt my body - Tension, excitement, nervous, heck you name it! Then after that, we went inside the lab and I searched for my name through those countless chalkboards that I've seen through my peripheral view. Here it goes:

[not the exact format though..]



3RD YEAR: 91.8
4TH YEAR: 90.6


RANK:18 (multiply by 7 [weight]) = 126


3RD YEAR: 75 pts.
4TH YEAR: 124 pts.

TOTAL: 199 pts.

RANK: 25.5 (multiply by 3 [weight]) = 65

TOTAL WEIGHT / 10: 19.1

This means I ranked 19th [more or less, Valedictorian, Salutatorian, 1st-5th honorable are included in this count, they're ranked from 1st-7th the first merit awardee is ranked 8th, and so forth and so on..] to the whole batch. [Our batch population is 206].

Well not bad at all! I mean, I did my best and thank God, I belong to the 10% of the batch, and I also belong to the top ten merit awardees. Well, unfortunately, I didn't made to the honorable list, but that's okay, I mean, College is the basis for your success, your grades in college, but highschool grades counts but college is heavier, though. I'll try my best in college to be a Cum Laude four years from now. I think this would be a challenge for me. Yeah dude! And extra-curricular activities isn't the basis anymore for you to graduate a little, well, it's not that heavy like in highschool. You know what I mean. UP HERE I COME!

I did my best and I don't regret something, because, I'm still lucky that I graduated highschool with honors!


Monday, March 05, 2007

Reality today's Surreal!

Bea being pampered by the girl housemates

UK-Bred Robert, the 7th housemate

Bianca Gonzales - update host for this show, LOVE her so much!

The Brand New Confession Room: Dito nalang ako titira, kahit sa confession room man lang! hahaha :)

Front Yard of PBB house - The reason why millions of people auditioned Big Brother

Uchenna and Joyce - The winner of AR Season 7

Charla and Myrna - one of my favorite teams of AR ALL STARS!

Rob and Amber.. - they'll be eliminated from the race.. NEXT WEEK! bwahahaha!

Dustin and Candice - urrghhh.. uhhmmm..

Bea, the 8th housemate

Admitedly, I'm an avid fan of Reality TV Shows. It all started when I was in my first year in highschool. Well, back in our old house, we're once subscribers of Sky Cable, until we changed residence and unfortunately, Sky Cable isn't available on our new house. Huhuhu.. Anyway, it goes like this, I was scanning the tv and I watched Fear Factor on AXN. Semmingly, after the show, it was the Amazing Race Season III. I didn't started that show though, well all I can remember is that, there's this team, they're twins named Derek and Drew and they were eliminated in Vietnam. Flo and Zach is the winner for this season, I guess. So this was the brink of my addiction, in a good way of course. Somehow, I started the Season IV of the Amazing Race, and I was excited then when I watch every episodes on it. I can't afford to miss even one episode. Unfortunately, Reichen and Chip won this leg of the race, and for your info, they're gays.. (eewwww!).. MARRIED GAYS! (DOUBLE EEWWWWW!). Anyways, I'm not a fan of SURVIVOR simply because I don't like the concept of the game. PERIOD. Hehehe, somehow, I've got a hunch that this reality game was reputedly scripted. Then there's this lots of reality tv shows which I didn't have a chance ALL of them which I don't have much time.

You know why Amazing Race is so thrilling to watch with? I mean the exact reason is unknown, actually but whenever you have a bet on a team that they will win or not, I mean it's quite exciting if you cheer right infront of that idiot box. And if you're totally insane, you can jump in your coach and shout like Tarzan until your neighbor will call the mental hospital because you're totally deranged! Well, that's the real motive of reality shows, to make you feel what the players felt too! Talking about mirrors and reflections though.

When 2005 came, my ultimate favorite reality show is the Pinoy Big Brother. Actually, I love all the seasons of this show: Season 1, Celebrity, Teens and the Season 2. It's just like, you can see the real pag-uugali ng mga pangkaraniwang pinoy.The house was great, fully furnished and comes with a swimming pool (the season 2 house was a A LOT BETTER!) and a cool theme on its unique design. But depite all these, TV's, cellphones, radios, CLOCKS, and other communication paraphernalias are prohibited inside the big brother. Paper, pen and even mascara are not allowed too!

Well in Season 2, housemates didn't enter the house all at once on the house, it's 1 at a time system. Today, Robert from England and Beatrice from Bicol entered the house on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Here are the narrative reports about the entry of the 2 new housemates:


Seventh housemate Robert Woods entered the Big Brother house tonight, masquerading as Kuya's fast food delivery boy. A shift manager for a fast food chain in the United Kingdom, Big Brother aptly disguised Robert as the housemate's 'reward giver'. Excited over their burger, fries and ice cream, Ezekiel, Wendy, Saicy, Gee-Ann, Nel and Mickey were a bit surprised to see a person from the outside enter the house. However, they welcomed the stranger inside seeing that he's delivering their goodies.

But the housemates became suspicious of Robert's actions when he looked confused as to what he was to do next. They were nice enough to invite him to eat with them and prepared to set a place at the table for him. Slowly, it dawned on Gee-Ann that he might be their new 'comrade' and asked Robert point blank about it. The other girls shrieked in surprise when he said 'Yes', while the boys readily toured him around the house.

Robert, refered to as "The Good Son," had been living the roughest three years of his life before entering the house. Born to a British father and a Filipina mother, Robert grew up in Saudi Arabia til he was 8. He returned to the Philippines when his parents separated. During his second year as a computer science student, he suddenly got news that his father was sick. He left everything and flew to the United Kingdom to be with his dad. But when his dad felt much better and opted to stay with his girlfriend, Robert was left all alone to fend for himself; emersing himself in work, with no friends or family in the UK. When his father's condition worsened and was abandoned by his girl, Robert still welcomed him with open arms despite his current financial difficulties. He has no regrets whatsoever and he believes the time has come for him to pursue his own dreams.


After last night’s surprise entry by the UK-bred Robert, the housemates remained skeptical as to what way the next housemate will introduce himself, or herself. But it was barely a day before Bea, the 20-year-old cutie from Bicol, stepped inside the Big Brother house.

Before entering, Big Brother already handed her a secret task: she was to kiss each housemate twice on the cheeks, and was given an hour to do so. At the same time, Wendy, Saicy and Gee-Ann were called into the confession room to help a ‘friend’ with her makeup. She immediately carried out her task and lived up to her friendly and talkative self, chatting with her new housemates comfortably as they all followed Big Brother’s request.

It was obvious to the three, however, that Bea was indeed the eighth housemate. Wendy even remarked: “Two down, six to go!” Soon Bea was telling the others about her life before PBB. This 20-year-old left her home in Camarines to work as a resource associate in a Makati consulting firm, and her soft-spoken and demure disposition helped her relate with others. But she admits to being very talkative and makulit; and it was this side that showed as she chatted up the girls within minutes of her induction.


The real agenda of the reality shows is, it will make the viewers feel what the contestants felt too, (just what I've mentioned earlier), and it would surely click the Filipinos out there. Not surprisingly, Pinoy Big Brother is surely a big phenomena to the TV, as what it was awarded in recent prestigious awards night. Also, Amazing Race also won the Emmy Awards for the past 3 years already, if not mistaken. This is the newest TV trend in the broadcasting history.

Unfortunately, this kind of show has its own consequences. Likewise, it's LIVE and no scripts are needed. This is what we called WSYWIG, what you see is what you get. But we can't resist this kind of show for it touches our hearts when they're sad, made us to ecstacy when they're excited and other emotions that we can relate to.

Sana, well just wildest dreams though, pero I just want to be the part of Big Brother's housemates. I'm not after for the fame or what, I just want to learn to be independent. But I'm doubtful if I could pass the auditions or what, it's just like I don't have these extraordinary capabilities that Bigbro's looking for..

(Heck! what was I'm thinking? Are you nuts, RENZ??!!)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Kapamilya, Deal or no Deal!

Just note me if you won a million dollars! Dito sa game na ito, hindi na kailangan ng matalino, gwapo o maganda. Ang kailangan lang dito ay swerte and diskarte. Isang tanong lang ang makapagbago sa inyong buhay:


Vector Images

Well, well guys and gals, as my favorite past time, I edited some pictures using Photo Impression.
Hope you like it!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Swiss Army Watch Model

This is my prom picture, taken at the Lito Sy Studio.

To view Camille's birthday bash (comes with 82 pictures), please visit my:


It's just the beginning

From February 26, 2007 (Monday) to March 2,2007 (Friday) , this marks the last of week on our Senior's Life. Likewise, it would be the most hectic week in the whole school year. Let me evaluate this memorable week.


It's definitely the start of the final week, and for this day, the scheduled tests were Physics and CL. Like before, the Physics Unit Test was conducted simultaneously during the first period in the morning. But thank God, Ma'am Sheng changed it to the second period in the morning. In short, another final 50-minute review to the most complicated subject in town. After I took the Physics Test, lately I realized that I had this HUGE MISTAKE! . If you still remember about Coulomb's Law, wherein the constant value is 9 x 10^9 (nine by ten to the ninth power), and this is the value wherein I used during the test: 9 x 10^ -9 (nine by ten to the negative ninth power). Oh dear, at least I'm quite confident in this test, in general, well except for this one.

Recess came and I didn't went outside, I just stayed in the classroom, even if it's prohibited for us to stay there during break time. It's just that I'm quite ashamed of what I've done last Friday and there are some things that I would fix on that day. You know what I mean, dude. Good thing, in the afternoon, well quite fortunately, everything went on a smooth pace. Whew! After recess, we took the CL test and as usual, I already figured our teacher's style for his unit test. Well it's my secret why I usually get a perfect score in his test. Lolz..ü

In the afternoon, we had a meeting in our Economics project and my funny friend, Kissa panicked because of this and that. I just laughed and she laughed like a silly cow girl. Sheesh!

I decided to call my brother that I'll be going home early because I'll had an intensive review for tomorrow's finals. I thought that he listened to me but instead, he just went off and as if I was joking. The moment I arrived at home, my brother's still there, waiting for me. Shoot! I thought he listened to me! DUh, enough of this stupidity, I'm just irresponsible though.


I made a follow-up to my group mates regarding the eco project. Good thing, they listened to me. We took the final periodical test of Christian Living and I'll tell you the scenario when we took our finals:

-armchairs were spread out about 2 meters apart and the first four columns took the test outside the classroom. I took the test outside the room and mind you, if you don't know the answer, all you need is to commune with the nature and feel the cold wind rushing to your veins until you'll realized that it's time already and you haven't finished your test at least 50%!

And for the verdict?


I decided to go to Cocok's house because I had to print something related to the eco project and unfortunately, one of their dogs escaped in their cages. I was crying and my heart palpitated so much because his dog (Japanese Spitz) ran to me but the good thing was, the dog didn't bit me. Whew!


Today's test is: Mathematics (Integral Calculus and Trigonometry) and Economics.

Juror's verdict: Math - quite easy but it takes time, Economics - Moderately hard because it surely test your analytical skills..


The test for this day were: English and Filipino.


English - Surprisingly, the Grammar part of the test was so easy and the matching type is quite confusing! Hey, I memorized the whole DIVINE COMEDY including the sinners, their punishments but it came out to the test as an essay and general type questions. Shoot!

Filipino - Very hard, especially the logical thinking on arranging the correct order of the given paragraoh, or whatsoever and the Talasalitaan portion!!


The final test, Physics . WE attended mass before we took the final examination. Lastly, you can't take the test if you can't submit the Economics project and the reply slips about the PTA Recollection.

All I can say is that I was quite fortunate because I had a time to review my answers unlike others, who didn't finish the exam proper. Whew! After we took the test, we had a short conference in the AVR with the agenda about the Recollection. We were so noisy at that time and Sr. Lilia got angry to us! She had this fierce look when she got angry. Talking about the face of a lion.


All of the sudden, I was attacked by my asthma! Fuck! At least, there are no examinations ahead and all I need to do is to chill-out and relax! As usual, the recollection's purpose is to bring us closer to God and have a penance on our sins!

It's not the end actually, but it's just the beginning!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

JS Promenade 2007 Pictures (at last!)

Hey! Dapat Sali ako jan!

Much better than I thought, though...

The Trio's getting bored right now..

Tsk3.. picture2 together with the future drama actor, Nixmo Munda.. Kelan ka kaya papasa ng audition? Hehehe...

Pawee's (the guy on the right.. haha) tipsy on this picture! Oh dear, bumigay na siya even he drank one shot of Margarita!

(Clockwise): Meiko, Me, Camille, Annie and Irish

Me and Camille

(L-R): Louie, Meiko, Me, and Annie

Picture-picture with our beloved Physics TEacher, Ma'am Sheng!

I look stupid yet cute.. hahaha!

For more pictures, just visit my MULTIPLY ACCOUNT for more pictures!