Thursday, March 01, 2007

JS Promenade 2007 Pictures (at last!)

Hey! Dapat Sali ako jan!

Much better than I thought, though...

The Trio's getting bored right now..

Tsk3.. picture2 together with the future drama actor, Nixmo Munda.. Kelan ka kaya papasa ng audition? Hehehe...

Pawee's (the guy on the right.. haha) tipsy on this picture! Oh dear, bumigay na siya even he drank one shot of Margarita!

(Clockwise): Meiko, Me, Camille, Annie and Irish

Me and Camille

(L-R): Louie, Meiko, Me, and Annie

Picture-picture with our beloved Physics TEacher, Ma'am Sheng!

I look stupid yet cute.. hahaha!

For more pictures, just visit my MULTIPLY ACCOUNT for more pictures!

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