Sunday, March 11, 2007



I, Renz Marione Bulseco y Metran declared his one and only original CASIO SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR, model no. FX-95, purchased on 2004 worth Php 545.00 lost last March 3, 2007 while he rode a jeepney with a route Mintal - Roxas Ave. on his way home. This is his statement:

Well, as we all know, my sci-cal (clipping version of the word, scientific calculator) was my lifetime partner. Sounds funny and ridiculous but it's true. Somehow, my sci-cal was brought by my mom when I was still in my second year in highschool. Although, even when I was a sophomore at that time, my sci-cal played a vital role in my life. It helped me somehow in those mathmematical problems, so forth and so on. I really love my sci-cal. During my junior and senior year, I can't live without it! I can't solve any trigonometric and logarithmic problems without the aide of my calculator. It also served as my kodigs , well just in a subtle way in those constant values like in Coulomb's law etc. So, after I took the final examination, which is Physics, I almost erased the fact that I had a sci-cal, due to excitement or what, so I forgot where I placed this. After that, as I went home, I fell asleep in the jeepney and I woke up the moment the jeep stopped at my destination. I didn't noticed somehting fishy or what because I was in a deep sleep and somehow, I dreamt something that I forgot today. I finally noticed that my sci-cal was lost the following Monday. After that, I can't locate it!

Kung sino man ang kumuha nun, burn to Hell, Circle no. 8, Bolgia no. 7!!! Shit you!

I really miss my sci-cal already! Huhuhuhu =,c

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