Friday, March 09, 2007

Einstein's Room

I was walking around the school coridoor when I noticed Liz, Mama Tza, Geoffrey and Miguel de Gracia running and as if racing to the third floor to the finish line. Though, there's no prize on it whomever gets first in the third floor of the highschool building. Physics Lab is the final leg of the race by the way.

I called them though, and they eventually stopped to the first flight of the staircase, I even shouted:

"Liz, saan kayo pupunta?"

She replied: "Halika, Bilisan mo! Tingnan namin ang mga names namin sa board!"

Excitement rushed through my veins. Eventually, my heart palpitated the moment we arrived at the door of the Physics Lab. Classes were concluded two weeks ago. What's with the PHYSICS LABORATORY by the way?!

--Let's take a REWIND shall we?

Okay here we go. As a graduating student, Physics Lab was known to be the room wherein, candidates for honors and even those who had critical conditions if they would graduate or not, were deliberated in this room. As far as I know, 4th year teachers worked hard until dawn just to deliberate and rewrite the candidates in the board. No doubt, our Physics teacher had a pimple outbreak on her forehead. Tsk3..

I've been waiting for this long and I'm pretty anxious about my standing when I graduate in this instition [Stella Maris Academy of Davao].

This is the day wherein the final decision has come. Okay, back to the present..



Okay, I almost ran out of my breath and my heart palpitated for so long. The feeling is ambigous. Mixed feelings began to erupt my body - Tension, excitement, nervous, heck you name it! Then after that, we went inside the lab and I searched for my name through those countless chalkboards that I've seen through my peripheral view. Here it goes:

[not the exact format though..]



3RD YEAR: 91.8
4TH YEAR: 90.6


RANK:18 (multiply by 7 [weight]) = 126


3RD YEAR: 75 pts.
4TH YEAR: 124 pts.

TOTAL: 199 pts.

RANK: 25.5 (multiply by 3 [weight]) = 65

TOTAL WEIGHT / 10: 19.1

This means I ranked 19th [more or less, Valedictorian, Salutatorian, 1st-5th honorable are included in this count, they're ranked from 1st-7th the first merit awardee is ranked 8th, and so forth and so on..] to the whole batch. [Our batch population is 206].

Well not bad at all! I mean, I did my best and thank God, I belong to the 10% of the batch, and I also belong to the top ten merit awardees. Well, unfortunately, I didn't made to the honorable list, but that's okay, I mean, College is the basis for your success, your grades in college, but highschool grades counts but college is heavier, though. I'll try my best in college to be a Cum Laude four years from now. I think this would be a challenge for me. Yeah dude! And extra-curricular activities isn't the basis anymore for you to graduate a little, well, it's not that heavy like in highschool. You know what I mean. UP HERE I COME!

I did my best and I don't regret something, because, I'm still lucky that I graduated highschool with honors!



  1. i have nothing to say but its a job well done! cheers to that...

  2. sorry kung ngyon lng ako nakapagthank-you!!!