Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Buhay pa tayo

Familiar? Yep. It's VERY familiar. It's the last blog title on Julia Campbell's blog dated on January 13, 2007. Yes. I'm still alive. Distress call. May day, may day. Tower. May day!

It was Wednesday. And during this day, we REALLY don't like the time from 8.30 am to 10.00 am. Why? Just refer to my previous blog posts. Arrghh. The moment I arrived at school, some of my classmates saw him rode an HH enroute to the Administration Building. He was called by the chancellor regarding the issue last Friday. I really don't know, he just bluntly said in front of us:

"somebody told the chancellor about what happened last Friday. And I'm not afraid. I really don't care."

Nonsense. We could barely feel his nervousness when he talks about it. Hmmm. BTW, we had a long quiz and we didn't expect the type of quiz that we took hours ago. And then, he made a deal for those who didn't attend his "class" last "Friday" - we should make a three-page essay with a topic of the achievements and shortcomings of our present chancellor and its impact to the students. Shit. And if we could pass this, tatanggalan ng fifty points sa long exam para sa mga nakapunta last Friday (supposedly, classes were REALLY suspended because of chancey's dialogue.) but if we fail to that, they can still have their 50 point-incentive on our first long exam. We asked them first. Some of them quoted that he's REALLY unfair. They pitied us. Some were on a 50-50 condition. And for others, an additional 50 points in a long exam would be a GREAT HELP for them.

Haaay. ano bah? We're stucked in a new strain of academic slash social crisis. Dilemma strikes back. Not only that, we were given TREMENDOUS LOADS of assignments. Here are those excruciatingly hard assigments (when I say hard, I really mean it -- for we couldn't understand any single element in our lesson because he really doesn't know how to teach. Pa-impress lang ang alam):

-Explain the physical phenomena of FIREWORKS quantum mechanically.

-Differentiate Phosphorescence and Fluorescence quantum mechanically.

-Explain why do chlorophyll A & B pigments displayed a green color when it's subjected to visible light while when it's exposed to UV light, it turns to red.

**Explain with diagram, 1111 (1-inch boundary for all sides), font 12, times new roman, SINGLE SPACED, with diagram.

And THAT'S NOT ALL! There's more!

He also assigned reporters for the next meeting. SADLY, our group got the most difficult topic subjected to reporting, and that is:

-Diagonal relationships and inert pair effect.

Haaaay. I used to love chemistry since third year, and now, I still LOVE chem, but the problem is, it's the professor itself. Hayyy. And he likes to quote this:

"LIFE is UNFAIR. You should deal with it."

Yeah. You mentioned that boring saying since last sem. Booo.

BTW. I was about to board the outgoing jeepney enroute to Mintal when Mikko and Adrian called me. They wanted me to join the Math Mania Quiz Bee. Both of them are really GOOD at MATH. When I say GOOD, it means that both of them got a grade of UNO (flat one) in their Math subject last sem. May gawd. Well, how about me? Just a plain DOS. At first, I was quite hesitant to join the quiz bee since I'm not good on speed problems. I'm good at math but I suck when it comes to speed. It usually takes time for me to analyze any mathematical problem.

Parang nabunutan din ako ng tinik when I've learned that 50% would be a math-related question, then the remaining 50% would cover current events, entertainment, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, General Information and so much more. I was quite nervous at that time because nahihiya ako, baka wala akong masagot kahit isang question man lang, baka wala akong kwentang groupmate. But I was wrong. I still managed to answer 3 math questions during the quiz bowl. Of course, I didn't fail to answer those science-related questions. Hehehhe. At least nakatulong ako sa aking group.

Yes. Muli akong nabuhayan ng loob. because I won 66 pesos! Yebah. Gawin ang lahat para lang sa pera! Yikes.

Buhay pa tayo. We're still alive right at this moment. We never knew the language of giving up. We're fighters. And he's just an overweight tiger.

We even won the quiz bowl -- we garnered the second place. And we won 200 pesos (as a group) plus certificates.

Monday, November 26, 2007

on the verge of committing SUICIDE

When I was nine, my mom usually bought me books and magazines rather than toys. But hell, I prefer the former rather than the latter. Anyhow, she bought a book entitled "UNEXPLAINED". It wasn't an ordinary book for it's a collection of unexplained phenomena around the planet. You name those unexplained entities - from flora to fauna, dwarfs to giants, ghosts to ghouls, fairies to monsters, LAHAT nandoon! Well, I just read an article which struck me most. The article was entitled THE DEVIL'S SONG. It's actually a song, a Hungarian song composed in the mid 30's (1930). The song was entitled GLOOMY SUNDAY after the composer's girlfriend ended their affair. Out of despair and sheer sadness, he made a song. The original content of the song was this:

"The man's girlfriend died in an accident. After her girlfriend's funeral, he went inside his apartment and shot his head using his high-caliber gun."

Then, he published his song and apparently, the song was indeed a great hit. Yeah it was a hit because thousands of people committed suicide after its first or debut release on the radio. That was only in Hungary. The Hungarian Police were baffled by the increase number of suicide reports in the country. It was mysterious until they found the culprit - the song, GLOOMY SUNDAY. The song was revised and it was played outside Hungary. It was also played in France, and other countries in Europe. One by one, they reported the same incident that occurred in Hungary - increasing suicidal reports. The number of suicidal reports on these countries increased EXPONENTIALLY. There was an incident where in an ice cream parlor, ten people committed suicide immediately after hearing that dreadful song. Some jumped on a high rise building, others drank insect killers/pesticides, some slit their wrist, and others, well, shot there own selves. The Hungarian police also reported that the girlfriend of the composer of the deadly song (I forgot his name =]) committed suicide in her apartment. The composer committed suicide by jumping from a ten-story building. The suicide trend continued 'til 60's. In that time, the Hungarian government banned the song and suicide reports had gone lower until the number of victims could only be counted on one's finger.


Here's the song and its lyrics. (Since I didn't activate the auto-play, please click the PLAY button. thank you!)

Sunday is gloomy,
My hours are slumberless
Dearest the shadows
I live with are numberless
Little white flowers
Will never awaken you
Not where the black coaches
Sorrow has taken you
Angels have no thoughts
Of ever returning you
Wouldnt they be angry
If I thought of joining you?

Gloomy sunday

Gloomy is sunday,
With shadows I spend it all
My heart and i
Have decided to end it all
Soon therell be candles
And prayers that are said I know
But let them not weep
Let them know that Im glad to go
Death is no dream
For in death Im caressin you
With the last breath of my soul
Ill be blessin you

Gloomy sunday

Dreaming, I was only dreaming
I wake and I find you asleep
In the deep of my heart here
Darling I hope
That my dream never haunted you
My heart is tellin you
How much I wanted you
Gloomy sunday

Haaay. Today, there's only one suicidal song left in the world. Yung "Beautiful Girl/Boy" ni Sean Kingston/ Jojo. Magpapakamatay nalang akoif ever marinig ko ulit ang kantang yun. It's quite IRRITATING to my ears nah! Shyeeeet. Hahahahha.

What the ??

Last night, I dreamt another weird dream. Again. It goes like this.

Davao City became a sprawling metropolis by the year 2017. Honestly, I couldn't recognize the place already - high rise building, wider highways, lots and lots of intestine-like flyovers and yeah, parang Singapore ang Davao sa dream ko. I was driving my car when suddenly I saw a white - yellow jumbo jet - a Boeing 747-400. It was Cebu Pacific Air. (Wow. 747? Cebu Pacific? C'mon). It continued to flew at a very low altitude until it crashed right in the middle of the metropolis. My car flew as the big ball of fire continue to wreak unimaginable havoc. Then I woke up.

Hayy naku. Is this the cause of stress? Fcuk. Gotta study pa. Wednesday would be probably the biggest and the most difficult day of my life. Good luck nalang sa akin.


And it's just quite annoying when at the middle of the night, your neighbor's dog begins its own ghoulish ritual -- howling. Bwisit! It's quite annoying --slash-- creepy. Good thing, my dogs didn't bother it. Palibasa sa harapan ng bahay ng kapitbahay namin, may namatay doon - he died right in front of our neighbor's house. Yikes! It was year 2004 and it's a long, tragic and sad story.


Gumising ka na nga? WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

So you want to cut class? THINK AGAIN.

These are the top ten funniest excuse notes from parents collected by schools from all over this country.

1. Please excuse Lola for being absent. She was sick and I had her shot.

2. Jimmy has been absent yesterday because he had two teeth taken out of his face.

3. My daughter is under a doctor's care and should not take P.E. today. Please execute her.

4. Please excuse Jenny. She has been sick and under the doctor.

5. Sandra won't be in school a week from today. We have to attend her funeral.

6. Please excuse Holly from Jim today. She is administrating.

7. Kevin was absent from school yesterday because he was playing football. He was damaged in the growing part.

8. Amy could not come to school today because she was bothered by very close veins.

9. Please excuse Johnny for being. It was his father's fault.

10. Please excuse Jesse from school. He had very loose vowels.


Friday, November 23, 2007

the devil's wrath

Out of the blue, the chancellor called for a dialogue and we, as freshman were encouraged to attend the said event para masagot ang aming mga hinanaing, complaints, concerns and etc. Until, naging compulsory na ang attendance sa kanyang dialogue.

I was riding an HH (habal-habal, our main mode of transportation next to jeepney) when a guard from CHSS (College of Humanities and Social Science) blocked our way. And he asked me:

"Pers year ka??" (First year ka??)

Then I gave him a nod.

Then he replied: "Walay klase karon. Attend mo dapat sa talk ni chancey. Utos ni siya sa Dean ninyo" (Walang klase ngayon til 10 am). You must attend chancey's dialogue. Your Dean posted a memo on us.

So I obeyed the guard and I went to Lorenzo Hall. Well, things were normal, students expressing their concerns about the school's environment, revisions of a certain course curriculum and etc. Then out of nowhere, my classmates arrived LATE, and they're making some hand signs, as if there was an emergency or whatnot. So I went out of the room despite masikip ang daanan palabas (kasi naman ang dami namin eh!). Then they made a HUUUGE revelation which made my heart sank for a long period of time. One of my classmate said this:

"Uie, alam mo bah? may klase gud si METALLOID (real name omitted for security reason) kanina. Tapos nag quiz kami but hindi lang niya chinek. Tapos may plus 50 kami sa first long exam. Konti lang kasi kami. Puntahan mo nalang siya doon."

I was really FRUSTRATED to him **SLASH** her. It's not because I didn't get the plus 50 incentive for the first long exam, it's only because of that FAACKEN Metalloid!!

BTW, bakit METALLOID ang codename? Simple. I just remembered my highschool chemistry teacher nung sinabi niya na ang metals and nonmetals had its unique properties. Then ang metalloid, half metal, half nonmetal. In that faux-kin' devil's case, half-half din siya, meaning -- BADING. A Faggot.

Okay, balik sa topic. Then I went to CSM (College of Science and Mathematics). Upon entering the building, the guard asked me and parang pinapaalis kami agad kasi nga walang klase. I just made a white lie. Duh. So I went to the faculty room, knocked the door and saw the METALLOID talking with the two pioneer professors here in UP. So I politely asked him (even nabibwisit na ako sa kanyang pagmumukha). Sarcasm.

Me: Sir, may klase pala kayo kanina? Diba may dialogue si chancey ngayon?

And he --**SLASH**-- SHE just replied in a conceited manner:

Metalloid: I had a lecture kanina. Ba't ka nandito? (I could sense na parang pinapaalis na ako).

Me: Uhm, sir kasi (with matching nervous voice) papunta na sana kami dito eh, bigla lang kami hinarang ng guard tas sabi niya raw may memong (memo) binigay ang dean para sa lahat ng mga teachers, stating that classes were suspended.

**Then the other two professors pointed out as well.

prof 1: Oo nga! Pati nga si Doc Navs (the father of all math teachers sa UP, hehe, ata? whatever) hinarang ng guard kanina sa admin.

The monkey replied as if he's the most intelligent being in the world.

Metalloid: I didn't received any MEMOS! So may klase pa rin ako.

Damn. Damn. DAMN. Faux Tah! So I asked him **SLASH** her for the last time.

Me: Sir, ang assignment ko? (as I was trying to reach the paper in my bag..)

Metalloid: Sa iyo na iyan. Just review it nalang for our next quiz.

I've heard the other two professors na kinausap pa yung animal na yun, but I left the room immediately. I cried. I cried because I was really disappointed and frustrated sa kanya (ganyan lang talaga ako pag masama talaga ang loob ko). Di ko mapigilan ang sarili ko. I'm super galit sa animal na yun. TANG-mother!

I've also learned na may loooong QUIZ kami sa kanyang subject. Bwisit. Hinahamon niya talaga ang patience ko. PWES. I'll prove him **SLASH** her WRONG. Kung kayang i-perfect ang kanyang exam or quizzes, eh di kayanin! BWISIT BWISIT BWISIT.

The sad thing was, even if we report this to the Dean or to the chancellor, kami pa rin ang talo. I'm sure pag-initan kami niyan sa kanyang class and eventually we'll get a dreadful five for a shallow reason.

Ang yabang mo yots! You're so so so conceited. Hindi ka pa nga nag masteral, ganon ka na, how much more kung nakakuha ka na ng doctorate degree. How I wish puputok na ang ulo mo dahil sa kayabangan mo. Very UNprofessional. When karma arrives in your flambouyant life, this is what I can say to your faux-king face:

MIRISI nimo YOTS! Gaba!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I "are" STUPID

I did my best but I guess my best wasn't good enough.

Should I call that as "best"?

Probably not.

I made an outline on it - but I didn't read it intensively.

I underlined some terms in the book - STILL I didn't internalized it.

I know those complicated formulas - YET I still made a simple mistake which ruin the entire solution and the answer.

I set the alarm of my cellphone at 3.00 am, yet I woke up at 4.00 am and just skimmed my oh-so thick book.

I was confident that I could pass the second quiz, yet I flunked for the first time this semester.

For the whole morning, I just played Flying Finger - a cellphone game with a mechanics similar to the online game O2jam.

Remorse. Resentment. Eternal Damnation - and I'm so stupid.

BUT THEN AGAIN, I'm optimistic. Mr. Brightside. Just look on the brighter side.

Procrastination, cramming ---- GET OUT of my LIFE!

I'm losing my sanity.

I am SOOOOO disappointed with my OWN self.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mader mader I AM SICK

Health is wealth.

A healthy mind and body is the key to SUCCESS.

WTF. I think I'm abusing my body - my health to be precise. I was so preoccupied, thinking that my well being's fine. Before the month long sembreak or during our finals, I didn't experience any fever or physical weakness (except that I always get sleepy due to numerous sleep deprivations) but after sembreak, things have changed drastically. First, I easily get tired even if I walked on a short distance. Next thing I knew, I felt weak and sleepy even classes had just started.

These are the things that I need to accomplish para bumalik ang aking dating figure (like duuh). Para di na akong magmukhang drug addict! Shoot.

Numero Uno. Avoid CYBERDRUG addiction. The generic names for these so-called cyber drugs are: Multiply, Blogger, Xanga, Friendster, and all other social networking cyberdrugs in the cyberworld. It may cause drowsiness, eye fatigue, SLEEP DISORDER, ANEMIA, anorexia and hair loss when used excessively (more than 6 STRAIGHT hours). Para sa mga "chubbylicious" diyan na may planong pumayat, DO THIS right NOW.

Numero Dos. Eat green and leafy vegetables. No comment. The eekier it looks and the yuckier it tastes, the more nutrients you'll get in those crappy grasses --este-- vegetables when you munch and crunch them with DELIGHT. Hahaha.

Numero Tres. Have an adequate sleep. I really had to argue on this since being a Biology major student must have at least 5 hours of sleep. And that's already enough most especially during exam week. Basta, diskarte ko na to but I'll try to have at least 8 hours of sleep. It's soooo hard to have a realistic and balanced study-leisure-sleep scheme. Hay naku. How sad.

Numero Quatro. Christmas is coming and you know what that means? FOOD FOOD and MORE FOOD. I should EAT and EAT and EAT and GULP and SLURP 'til I get my desired figure. Haaay. I'm so desperate. I'm so thin.

Numero Sinco. Drink lots of fluids and avoid carbonated drinks. Yeah yeah I knew that already since elementary. NEEEXXXT!
Numero Sais. Eat biscuits or cookies rather than junkfoods. Mmm, yah. I haven't eaten any junkfoods for the last three weeks. I just love to dig myself on Graham crackers. Yumyumyum.

Numero Siyete. Don't cram and procrastinate. Yeah, it makes your ugly eyebags larger and DARKER than ever. Boo!

Numero Otso. Smile Always. Pffff. Again no COMMENT.

Numero Nueve. Drink vitamins and other food supplements. If you think you can't eat those eekie green leaves, then drink vitamins everyday, but take note, veggies are far better than those food supplements.

Numero Diyes. EXERCISE everyday. I don't have any fats to burn; I desperately need them! Arrgghh. Anyhow, even I'm thin, this could regulate my body and my blood circulation. But it's soooo tiring and excruciating. Haaaay. Matulog nalang ako rather than doing these strenous activities. I prefer answering Sudoku problems or reading books rather than doing those treadmill and jogging stuffs. Ooops.


Numero Onse. Pray to God always and practice DISCIPLINE.

Remember, You can achieve a healthier life through these eleven things if you have perseverance, patience and discipline.

Oh may gulay. This post was originally intended for me and yet I'm using the second voice. Ironic. But I think this would help anyone who reads this boring post. Nyahha. Just kidding.

BTW, she called at me kanina and I was a bit surprised by her phonecall, but I'm happy with it. Awww.

the first week

First week of the second semester -- stressful yet I enjoyed it.

[x] A funny and bubbly Bio 3-lab teacher makes your day complete - you'll definitely forget the word STRESS.

[x] First Chem 17 quiz
- I got a passing mark, but hell, apat lang kami pumasa sa first quiz!

[x] A soft-spoken and intelligent Biodiversity Professor makes you sleepy, buti nalang, I was assigned to sit near the projector for we are arranged alphabetically. YAHOO!

[x] 3 quizzes are yet to be studied and I'm finished with the two research papers on Comm 3 and Bio-3 lab.

and right now?? I'm sick. May singaw ako. My right lymph node had become swollen since Thursday. I felt weak and fragile. I love the weather today. I didn't took a bath since yesterday for the water's freezing - as cold as ice. Today's the first day of Biolympics but I can't attend, nakakapagod kaya!

I need to gain weight! Anyone? Please donate some fats (or basta anything that would make me gain some weight) to me. People had already commented my present figure and they thought I took drugs (exxag) or whatnot. Basta! Please please please??

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ang IPIS. Bow.

She's out there, walking in the dark (walking ba tawag dun??)
She hunts for food and other necessities.
She flew and she reeked unimaginable **slash** eeeky havoc
on our kitchen wares.
She had her own secret den, her own hideout. You can’t live in her place
For it’s very cold and damp.
Out of nowhere, she came to the outside world - our WORLD.
She searched for some food and for a potential mate.
Until one night, she faced a lone and deranged teenager.
A nightmare.
The teenager grabbed the gun, sprayed on her, and he watched the poor ugly little creature to cripple and to suffer.

She died instantly.
The teenager picked the roach, and placed her in the toilet bowl.
He then activates the flush, and the roach went to the other side of the world.

IN SHORT – nakapatay ako ng ipis, again!

Wala lang. I just came into a sheer realization that roaches are creatures that have the most number of cursed nicknames compared to human beings, and crap (stool, faeces, shit, etc).

Example: If a person is angry to another person, sasabihin nila ito,

"Hayop ka! (Duh, eh alangan plant, di ba obvious??)" or "Punyeta ka!" and others.

If a person accidentally stepped on a cow's dung, dog's poop or cat's undeniably smelly shit, heto ang reaction:

"Shit!" (then the shit will reply, "yes? anong problema?") bwahahha.

Haaay. Kawawang tae. Sila na nga naapakan, tayo pang may ganang magalit. Sheesh.

But for cockroaches, they're the best among the rest, in terms of cursed names.

Etoh. You can easily determine a person if s/he had a close encounter with this pesky household pe[s]t. These are the frequent curse names **slash** expressions kung nakakita sila ng IPIS.

"(insert high-pitched SCREAM here)"
"ay shyeet!!"
"KUYAAAA! patayin mo to! BILIS!"
"waaaaa "
"shit, WTF, f**k you, b**ch, lahat ng possible badwords pwede."

Sometimes, out of desperation, they just grabbed anything that's hard and just aim and slammed it directly to the cockroach - until the oh-so-gooey fats oozed in her boring body figure.

Haay. Kawawang ipis. Kung kailan makita ng mga tao ang kanyang "MORENA beauty," diyan pa siya papatayin. A piece of opportunity.

Obliterate them. Kill them mercilessly. Eliminate them. Today's the perfect era for Mr. and Mrs. Roachy's TOTAL annihilation. But what can we do? They can withstand nuclear radiation and will not experiece any side effects of radiation. Yikes.

And yeah, I can't really imagine if the world's governed by these pesky pests - roaches, ipis, ook-ook, Mr and Mrs. Roachy, just name it.

Hell, who likes them by the way? Eeek. This could be my yuckiest blog post that I've ever made. Sheesh. But hell, I enjoyed making this blog. Hahaha.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Fate of Orient 541

Last night, I finally dozed off at 2.30 am and soon I was on a state of deep slumber.


Then I started to dream - an odd and peculiar dream. It goes like this.

I was at Manila Domestic Airport. I was curious then, as if I didn't knew anything. I was holding a plane ticket, yes and it was an Air Philippines Ticket bound to Davao City. I checked my cellphone, and it was a Nokia 3210. I checked for the date and the time. It was 4.00 am, Wednesday, April 19, 2000. I checked my ticket again, and the flight number was 541. I sensed danger but I don't know why. I packed my baggages, and boarded the plane and we left Manila by 5.00 am.

I slept during the flight. When sunlight hit my face, I woke up. I checked my wrist watch and it was 6.45 in the morning. The flight was fully booked, and I immediately guessed that they're planning to spend their Holy Week in Davao. But for me? I really don't know. I just boarded the Boeing 737-200 plane without any sheer purposes. The sun was shining, and beneath the clouds, I saw Davao - a wonderful city. Then I ate my breakfast which the stewardess had served to me a while ago. Little did I know, we were above the airport. I was wondering why does the plane keeps on hovering around the airport complex. Then I looked on the window again and saw Philippine Airlines on the runway.

We're just flying in circles around the airport. Then finally, I noticed that we shifted on another direction. I noticed the calm and serene water of Davao Gulf. I think we're going to have the final approach on the other end of the runway. Then the next thing I knew - I saw dense forest covering the hills and plains of Samal. Dense coconut forest and plantations to be precise. Then I heard the engine. It sounded peculiar. It was odd. I heard a baby crying. But the plane's atmosphere was normal.


The plane went on turbulence. Oxygen masks suddenly dropped in front of my face. I desperately grabbed the mask. Luggages and bags fell. An old woman was crying in agony. I peered at the window. We're going down. Down. Down. Down. I closed my eyes, prayed so hard, felt a searing heat on my face, then the next thing I knew, everything went white.

The images and pictures suddenly changed - in an abrupt manner. It was totally different from the previous environment.

Later, I knew that I was in the control tower. Davao International Airport's old control tower. It was 5.45 am. I greeted my officemates with my usual good morning tone. I grabbed my headphone and radioed different inbound flights from Manila. I can still remember how I spoke to various airlines:

Centennial Air flight 683: Davao?
Me: Go ahead.
CA 683: Centennial 683 maintains its altitude at four zero (meaning 4 thousand feet) and request for landing clearance.
Me: Centennial 683 request has been granted. You are cleared to land at runway zero-five and have a final approach of ten miles.
CA 683: copy that.

Then, after a few minutes, Centennial Air arrived first at the airport.

Me: Centennial 683 request to have a turn on runway twenty three and tower request to use taxiway Charlie. Magandang Umaga.
CA 683: Copy that. Centennial 683 making its turn on runway 23 and we'll use Charlie. Good Morning.
Me: Tower request to park at Bay no.5
CA 683:

My other officemates were assigned to radio the incoming flights to Davao, monitor their altitude, state the present weather condition and other necessary stuffs. I was assigned to guide the pilot on its arrival and departure to the airport.

Then Cebu Pacific radioed me.

Cebu Pacific Air 961: Davao?
Me: Go ahead.
Cebu 961:
Cebu 961 request to have an official weather conditions on Davao. Thank you.
Alright 961. Relative Humidity, seven-five percent (75%), weather condition is fine, there's a low cloud ceiling at NNE of runway 23, wind direction north-north east and wind speed, twenty three knots.
Cebu 961:
Copy that. Cebu 961 maintains its altitude at four zero (meaning 4 thousand feet) and request for landing clearance.
Me: Cebu 961 request has been granted. You are cleared to land at runway zero-five and have a final approach of ten miles.
CA 683:
copy that.

At 6:20, Cebu 961 arrived.

Me: Cebu 961 request to have a complete turn on runway 23 and use taxiway Bravo and park at bay number 4.
Cebu 961: Copy that. Cebu 961 made its turn at runway 23 and used Bravo. We'll park at Bay number 4. Thank you and Good morning.

Then, I radioed the third incoming plane, Philippine Airlines. But I let my trainee (she's a girl) to do this since I really had to go to the CR. Naiihi na ako at that time. After I did my business, PAL 809 made its final approach from runway 05. As PAL was taxiing at the runway, the fourth plane radioed me, Air Philippines Flight 541.

Orient 541: Davao?
Go ahead.
Orient 541: Orient 541 maintained it's altitude at four zero, and we request for a landing clearance.
Me: Orient 541 you are not cleared to land since Philippine 809 is taxiing at the runway right at this moment. Continue to hover around the airport complex and maintain your altitude of four zero.
Orient 541: Copy that.

When the runway was cleared, I radioed back Air Phil but I was noted by the change of the wind direction. It shifted on NNW.

Me: Orient 541, what's your position?
Orient 541: Orient 541 is approximately ten nautical miles away from the airport.
Me: Alright Orient 541. You are now cleared to land at Davao Airport. But due to the sudden change of the wind direction, you are only cleared to land at runway 23, use the Samal route and you will be directed to runway 23.
Orient 541: Copy that tower. Orient 541 maintains its altitude and speed.

After five minutes, I didn't saw the plane. Ang tagal! So I used a binocular, focused on runway 23's direction, but I didn't see ANY incoming plane, making its final approach on the designated runway. So I radioed Orient 541.

Me: Orient 541 what's your position?

Then, he radioed immediately.

Orient 541: Tower, we are approximately 7 nautical miles away from the airport, and we're actually having a final approach. I can't see the runway. Zero visibility.

That was odd. The sky's clear, well except for the low cloud formation in Samal Island, but I decided to have the runway lights activated. 5 minutes have passed, still Orient 541 didn't made a final approach. So I radioed back.

Me: Orient 541 (code for Flight 541), if you can hear me, area is now ready for landing.

The radio message to Flight 541 went. I was worried with Air Philippines. He didn't made an answer. So I tried to radio him several times, but then, Orient 541 didn't gave me even a single RESPONSE.

By 7.18 am, I called and informed the Disaster Coordinating Council that Flight 541 was missing.

I was worried at that time. It was past 7 am, when I went home. My night shift was already finished. But I can't sleep. I decided to turn on the tv. And then, I was petrified when I heard the headline:

BREAKING NEWS: Air Philippines Flight 541 crashed at Sitio Kamanlangan, Barangay San Isidro in Babak, Samal. All 131 passengers, including 7 crews and 4 infants were found dead at the crash site. Seven bodies were initially identified. Officials believed that the plane crashed during its final approach on Davao International Airport's runway 23. All of the bodies of the victims were charred. ATO officials believe that this could be the worst air disaster in Philippines. Pres. Estrada extended his condolences to the family of the victims despite he's celebrating his 63rd birthday.....


Then, all of the sudden, I woke up. It was 8.45 in the morning, Sunday, November 11, 2007.

Back to reality. Panaginip lang pala..

or NOT ??!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

NEW semester, NEW LIFE

Five weeks of semestral break was pretty damn boring.

No money. No Life. Less Excitement. Next thing you'll know, you've been attacked by insomnia.

3 days from now, classes for the second semester will start at November 13, 2007, Tuesday. First period for the day - Math 14 - Trigonometry. Haaay.

Excited? No. Uhhm. Ugggghhh! Maybe??

Anyhow, these are the things that I really missed in school and some of these were taken from my experiences during the first sem:

[x] waking up as early as 5.30 am just to attend my 7.00 am Biology 1 Lecture class. But take note, it's ALL worth it since I got a grade of 1.25 in this subject. Nyahaha. At least. Also, I almost got a perfect attendance for this class - I only got one late in this class.

[x] Having an early dismissal of my math 11 class. Haaay. Our dismissal should be 5.30, but sa sobrang kabaitan ni Ma'am Doodz, our math professor, we were usually dismissed as early as 5pm or earlier!

[x] I missed Ate Sabing's place - her delicious viands, big servings of rice and her safe and uber cold drinking water - all for just 15 pesos! That's right! FIFTEEN PESOS.

[x] The rough and bumpy road to Kanluran or CSM (College of Science and Mathematics) - and it gets bumpier and the stones get coarser when it rains. Hmpph.

[x] My pesky PE subject, but hell, I got a grade of 1.5! Haha!

[x] The AVR! This is the place where we have our Philosophy class. The airconditioned, spacious room, the view of lush vegetations of dipterocarp trees, plants and grasses make me feel sleepy and drowsy. Worse I sleep during Sir Pavo's lectures. I seldom listen to him. I don't know why, the aura makes me feel oh-so-sleepy.

[x] Ate Malou's place.This is where I photocopy those hard/soft copies of lessons, assignments and even projects. Hay naku. Mga pasaway na photocopy. Sometimes, nauubos na pera ko dahil jan. Also, this is the place where I eat my merienda during free time. I loved her so-called LIQUID MANGO FLOAT. waaa. Yumyum!

[x] I missed the feeling of being stressed, procrastination, last minute cramming and yeah, sleepless nights.

[x] Missing dinner time, meaning I don't eat dinner just to compensate my limited sleeping hours.

[x] I missed those Chem 16 days where sometimes I could solve Sir Jong's oh-so confusing problems (yeah, what an accomplishment!), those long exams where out of five long exams, I only managed to finish one long exam, at highest ko pa yun! (hahaha) and last but not the least, the day where I got a zero (0 out of 44) in his quiz - physical chem pa yun! Yikes. And yet, I STILL managed to survive and even got a grade of 2.25!

[x] I missed those times wherein despite kulang na tulog namin (as in mukhang zombie na kami), we still managed to laugh even at the corniest jokes. Hahaha.

Haaaay. New sem, new life. What would be my fate this second semester? Haay. Let's wait and see.

Friday, November 09, 2007

the emancipation of the walking matchstick

Yesterday, it was Cocok's 17th birthday and he texted me that he would treat us lunch and after that we would watch a great movie. He texted me that we would meet at National Bookstore at G-mall by 10.00 am - 10.30 am.


And I woke up at 10.30 am.

And it's a BIG DEAL to me since I lived an hour away from downtown.

Yikes. Pandemonium struck me, again.

But I didn't care at all. So I left the house around quarter to eleven and arrived at the mall by 11.30 am. Went inside the bookstore and waited for about ten minutes.

Cocok even joked me that they were ALREADY inside the cinema! So I rushed at the escalator, but he later told me that they were at the toy's department of the mall. I was relieved yet annoyed.

So we met there, talked about anything under the sun 'til we got hungry. We ate at Port Cafe and it was all worth it, I tell you, compared to McDo. We ate our sumptuous meal and after that we headed straight sa sinehan. We were quite confused kung anong movie ang papanoorin namin. At that time, Cocok wanted to watch Apat Dapat, Dapat Apat (I'm not sure of the title), then the rest of us initially wanted to watch Halloween. Yeah, after maubos ang convincing powers ko, Cocok eventually gave in, plus he was scolded by the cashier because he or WE are too noisy. Duuh. Malditang Cahera. KJ.

Then the movie started. It was gruesome and I even said to myself na dapat we should haven't watch this. Aynaku. The movie wasn't great at all but who cares?? TREAT naman rin yan ni cocok! After we watch that dreadful movie, we went back to national bookstore and to my surprise, I spotted my other schoolmates in UP and my former batch mates in SMAD.

I saw Francis Atis and Geoffrey together with their classmates in ATENEO.

I saw Keeper, chippy's classmate on our way to the bookstore. I saw Ina inside the bookstore, Ann greeted me at the same bookstore, Carmi saw her fellow classmates at the SAME bookstore and Cocok greeted his two girl classmates outside the bookstore.

But how about Fred? He saw NOTHING. Kawawa. Peace Fred! ^_^

Then, we went outside the mall and guess what?? I saw Bebang Viado! And boy, she was really surprised about my figure! Pumayat raw ako, etc. God! Do I REALLY looked thin? Nah. Stress sa school. That's the primary cause of it.

Then, we went to SMAD, then we took some pictures and yeah, talked to some of my schoolmates. We really enjoyed Cocok's mini-birthday bash. So long that we could not meet again 'til December.

I missed my alma mater already. I missed my old friends already.

And today's my enrollment, finally.

Klase nanaman this Tuesday, and I'm quite anxious about our Chem17 professor. Would it be HE again? Or is it the other one? Ay naku. School could make me sicker than I thought - and I'm a walking matchstick.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Paano ka MAMBARA in the following situations?


01. ang arte mo!
[x] cge lang. dile bitaw ko damak parehas nimo =p (ok lng, di ako SLOB tulad mo =p)

02. mas matalino naman ako sayo!
[x] really?? cge nga, kantahan mo ako ng Charing, nailad ko sa buing in CHINESE, JAPANESE, KOREAN and INDONESIAN version ha? matalino ka naman eh.

03. crush ako ng crush mo!
[x] and then? crush na rin niya ako noon pa. =p.

04. ang bobo mo pala sa math!
[x] lagi! parehas nimo. (oo nga! para ring ikaw?!)

05. bilisan mo naman!
[x] yoko nga?

06. ang taray mo!
[x] and then? Inggit ka lang. carring-carry ko kasi. Ikaw, way angay!

07. wala akong problema!
[x] ako? MERON. lam mo kung sino? IKAW.

08. takot ka ata sakin eh?
[x] oo! kasi ang pangit mo.

09. mas mahal niya ako!
[x] Mas mahal pa ang shoes ko kesa sa 'yo.

What if sinabi ito sa'yo ng CRUSH mo? barahin pa rin:

01. crush kita.
[x] really? pakasal na tayo??

02. hindi tayo friends eh..
[x] okay. god bless you!

03. mahal na kita.
[x] I am for GOD alone.

04. pakopya naman ng assignment.
[x] Kneel and kiss my left foot and right ass.

05. crush ako nung friend mo
[x] ambisyosa! Illusionada!

06. pwedeng patabi sa upuan?
[x] may nakaupo jan, imaginary friend ko. Say hi to her!

07. pwede ba kitang isayaw?
[x] mahal ang talent fee ko. bwahahaha =p

08. feeling ko may crush ka sakin.
[x] feel mo rin! yuck. TURN OFF.

09. ang cute mong mag-smile.
[x] and im gwapo dibah? hahaha.

10. bakit ang bait mo sakin?
[x] kapal mo. pati rin sa iba noh!

Eh kapag parents mo nagsabi sa'yo nito? What's your reaction? barahin ulet!

01. umuwi ka ng maaga
[x] okay. pag DAWN, pwede nah? maaga naman rin iyan eh.

02 . buti pa yang kapatid mo ang sipag
[x] huh? hello? gcing ka pa? maski mu-divide ang red sea (ala MOSES. hahaha), that's very impossible.

03. matulog ka ng maaga.
[x] okay. mga 8pm, London Time.

04. san ang lakad mo?
[x] sa LA VIDA INN pati PRINCE COURT ma. bwahahha. JOKE!

05. maglinis ka ng bahay,maghugas ka ng pinggan at magdilig ka ng halaman.

[x] ano pa? paliguan ang aso, patayin ang ipis for you, kunin ang sinampay, and? cge don't be shy.

06. mag-aral ka ng mabuti ha?

[x] tapos? pagsabihan niyo ako na matulog ng maaga kahit nag-aaral ako 'til dawn?? Ano bah! Ang gulo!

07. nung kasing tanda mo ko ang baon ko piso lang!

[x] okay, bubblegum nlng ang i-LUNCH ko ha? or isang piraso ng squidball, mas masarap pa. =p

08. dapat ganito ka, katulad niya.
[x] ayoko. Ang pangit niya, ma.

09. pagsinabi kong hindi pwede..hindi

[x] HINDI PWEDE! (naks parang please repeat after me..)

**PS: di ko to ma-take! Hahaha. Baka sapakin pa ako ng mga tao sa paligid ko. hahaha.

I use CLEAR.

So I went to UP to have myself cleared on various clearances before I could enroll myself for the second semester.

Obviously the lines were tremendously looong. Parang linya ni San Pedro sa langit. Whatever.

I paid my bill (416.25 pesos) for the ILC (the school's internet/printing station) and I vow to myself that I will not ENTER to that dreadful place again. Grabeh. I didn't expect na it would be that expensive. Haaay.

Then I went to the main library. I handed my ID, then the computer made a subtle bleep sound.

Then she said, "Fundamentals of Chemistry by Goldberg.."

Then another librarian asked my library card.

(Shit! Naiwan!)

I replied to the grumpy librarian: "Huh? Sir, nareturn ko na yan! Mga October 5 pa yun!"

Then he was hesitant. Kailangan daw ng library card just to be sure blahblah. Bullshit. I need to go back in my house, PRONTO. I had no choice. So, I hailed a motorcycle (HH), went back to my home, got my library card and my class cards na rin just to be sure then I went back to school.

Then my 44 pesos disappeared in just a snap. Fuck!

And then, I got my class card in PE, finally and I got a wonderful 1.5 grade (just to think I really don't listen to his lectures and yet got a grade of 1.5!), though it's not counted in computing the GWA. Pwede kasali nalang para makapasok ako HONOR'S LIST??

Waiting for your clearance to be signed by OSA (Office of the Student's Affairs) was really tiring. Maka-ubos ng pasensya. I'm soooo hungry at that time.

Then after we ate lunch, some of my classmates went to downtown para makabili ng glasswares for our Chemistry Lab. Shopping galore! It's a requirement for our clearance in chem. lab. To have our clearance signed by our laboratory teachers, we had to "replace" the damaged or lost lab apparatuses. They had a shopping spree on Erlenmeyer flasks, test tubes, cover slip, evaporating dish, BURET (shit, ang mahal mo!), Pipet (kaw rin), stirring rod, and other lab apparatuses. They hopped from one store to another, hospitals to hospitals, pharmacies to pharmacies, SM to Uyanguren.. Yikes.

Little did they know, PYREX dapat ang brand. Ang arte naman (they have a point naman, they believe in quality over quantity =p). Nakasulat pa nga sa bulletin board:


And guess what? Cha and Joie bought a 10-ml pipet for just 88 pesos! Huwaaat? I thought 320 pesos ang pipet?? Yun pala, the brand they bought was not Pyrex - it was BEX, or BLEX! Anu ba! Pati lab apparatus may tinge of piracy?? The heck.

Alright. So I'm going back to school tomorrow, or later since it's one in the morning. 3 more signatures to go, makaenroll na ako for the second semester.

I need 15 thousand pesos. Now na. Pronto.

I need to buy Campbell's Biology since available na siya after 3 long and patients months of waiting!

I need to buy Leithold's College Algebra and Trigo book. Ba't kasi hindi pa iyan nabili last semester. If I just bought that book last sem, my math grade would probably be higher than 2.0. Sad story, I think.

I need to buy another set of clothes since wala kaming uniform. Haay. Though, people in UP don't care about your fashion, it's just, wala lang. Sawang-sawa na ako sa mga shirts ko.

I need to buy 2 additional notebooks. Just in case.

I need to buy black and red gtech point 3. Ay, pati na rin Faber Castel na ballpen. Pang vandal?? Hahahaa.

I need to buy tons of yellow paper.

I need to fix my things already!

UNO STACKOS for the second semester. =p

Monday, November 05, 2007


Will you look at that time. 6.18 am. And it's quite unusual for me to blog at this time. It's way tooo early. I should be snoring at this time. Whatever.

Alright, I need to go to school RIGHT now. As in. Pronto. Andale. I need to do some important things in school regarding my clearances and my enrollment for the second semester.

Five weeks of semestral break is enough for me; and it's quite tiring and BORING, I tell you. For that five whole weeks, I've been dull, lazy, a couch potato and idle. I've been away from books, pens, scientific papers and notebooks, and I missed them already. Awww.

Below are the things that I should have accomplished for the one month and one week break.

I should have:

[x] cleaned my room.
[x] arranged my things at my study table.
[x] cleaned the filter of my room's air conditioner
[x] bathed my dogs ('coz my dog didn't took a bath for almost a year na, pwera nalang kung uulan =p)
[x] clean the windows of my room
[x] arranged those pesky philosophy, math, english and biology paper hand-outs and reviews.
[x] finished my sudoku puzzle (out of 100, I only answered 8, and I don't have time).

Haay. Sad to say, I didn't accomplished those above-mentioned things. That's right. ALL of THOSE THINGS, hindi ko nagawa.

Another dilemma. Recently, I've been attacked by my insomnia again. I don't know. I have this weird feeling. I don't have a jet lag since I don't travel outside the coutnry nor travel from one time zone to another, it's just.. I can't explain it. Parang, my body clock was set to London's time zone! Almost everyday, I usually sleep at 5.30 am and wake up at 3.00 pm. Then it hit me. I found the culprit.

I'm an addict.

Yes. You heard it right. I'm hooked. I'm an addict - but certainly, it's completely harmless. I'm a blog addict. Admittedly, I'm dependent with this so-called "drug" since last year - and it's getting worse than ever.

Cee or Dimple was right. Multiply, Blogger, YM, Friendster, and other Social Networks here in the cyberworld could be very addictive, just like coffee.

Haaay. Insomnia, have mercy on me.

But wait! Come back to me, oh insomnia. Let me have the chance to speak and commune with you. Let me feel your presence especially during my exam periods.

Naku, pwede ba yun?

Honestly, right now, I only had an hour of sleep, then after that I can't enter my own dreamland. Oh well, every remedy that I've learned, read and tried about insomnia won't work. Am I too anxious for the next semester? Probably yes. Haay naku.

It goes like this, at 11.30 pm, I felt sleepy, uhhm, yeah, QUITE sleepy. I listened to some songs in my mp3 player then I slept almost an hour. Then I woke up, probably I was disturbed by Regina Spektor's Oedipus.


Then I went back to sleep, but I can't!


Christmas is fast approaching and I want snow. As in now na! Gimme some snow dude 'coz I'm an addict!! Now, you may ask, what's the connection between snow and to my post, well the answer is:

NOTHING! There's no connection between the two of them!

And why did I wrote that?

I don't know. I just DON'T KNOW.

I'm crazy. Yeah. And I just loved the feeling of being HOOKED.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

An Open Letter to AMERICANS

Dear Americans,

We left our beloved country just to search some idle job opportunities. Admittedly, our salary in our dear motherland isn't enough to support our family. We don't look for a white collar jobs job, all we need and care was to send enough dollars, balikbayan boxes and other pasalubong stuffs in our families back in the Philippines. Behind those Nike shoes, M&M's, GAP clothes, Mango apparel and other signature stuffs lie every stories of hard work, perseverance, dedication and determination of a FILIPINO..

I know you Americans helped us, primarily to our family. But one thing for sure, we really don't like the way you treated us, emotionally. You may not beat us 'til were black and blue, but your backstabbing us and you're hurting us emotionally. And that searing pain is THRICE more hurtful than physical abuse.

If you were not aware about the racial issues done by your fellowmen, well, OPEN your eyes.

You discriminate us on the way we look.

We may be deficient in our height, but we STAND TALL and fight for what is right; we still follow our own principles.

We may have not possessed a long straight nose just like other Caucasians out there, but we speak CLEARLY and we do NOT eat our words when we speak.

We may not be fluent in ENGLISH as you ARE, but grammatically speaking, we're far better than you.

You may laugh at us if we speak English in an awkward way, but HELL! We spoke other languages and dialects other than ENGLISH - Tagalog, Visayan, Ilonggo, Ilocano - you name it all.

You may have produced millions of nuclear weapons compared to us, (we don't have any nuclear weapons), we clearly think that WAR is NOT the GREATEST SOLUTION IN MANKIND.

We may be categorized as a third world country, but still we are one of the most happiest people in the world.

You may have a decent home, compared to us that some of our fellowmen still lived in slums, we still managed to be HOSPITABLE despite our condition.

You may find us radical because of numerous rallies and protest against our government, we do that because we're fighting for our principles. We fight for what is right.

We may be the most corrupt country in Asia or in the world, but we're far richer than you regarding on natural resources, but what did you do? You fooled us and instead you're the one using and utilizing our OWN natural resources.

We may not be white-skinned but you really want to have our brown skin color.

Husbands and wives in our country may fight but they stand for at least 35 years of marriage - and it's very RARE at your place.

We may not excel in the field of academics, base on worldwide statistics, but then we excel more than you when it comes to the real world. And the irony of it is that we excel in various fields at your very own place.

You may be the first to step on our moon, but hell, we invented the moon buggy! But, you didn't acknowledge the invention to us, instead, you claimed it as YOUR own work.

You may helped the world to brighten up their night, but you just bought OUR OWN INVENTION. Our government at that time didn't have any money to patent our very own product, the fluorescent lamp.

You may discriminate our med schools but who takes care of your crippled old patients? Who gives encouragements of your dying patients? Remember? IT'S US!

We may be deprived from money but we're SUPER RICH with regards to our values that our parents had taught us. We have respect for each one another.

And I just can't get it why you discriminate us in our physical looks.

Don't you get it?

Even how harsh your discriminations would be, you can't beat us.

Because we are UNITED and we are FILIPINOS.

Now who's the winner??




Let's wait and see.

**PS: to all FILIPINOS out there, please help me spread this message to the world. Ikalat niyo via email, friendster bulletin, multiply, blogs, kahit saan hanggang ito'y mabasa ng mga amerikano.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

Mabuhay ang sambayanang PILIPINO.

Maraming Salamat.

**please don't misunderstand me. I don't really HATE AMERICANS, I just want to correct them - the way they treat people not just for Filipinos, but for everyone else. Thank you.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

When wishes and dreams COLLIDE

When my mom was young, all she wished was to have a happy life despite the early loss of her dad. Her father died when she was only four years old, and that was Christmas. A sad, sad Christmas for her.

When she was a teenager, all she wished was to have a father beside him, cuddling him as her baby girl, but then again, reality strucked her.

A stage of denial.

When my father was young, he dreamed to be a pilot of a military airforce. But his dad wouldn't let him pursue his dream. So he choose another path whom he learned to LOVE as time goes by.

Then they met.

And got married of course.

When I broke out the news about my presence inside my mother's womb, everybody in the house was happy, cheerful and, yeah you've guessed it right, excited. I was gonna be their first born child, and their first grandson on the father side. That was December 1989. And their wish was to have a healthy baby boy.

My parents wished to have a healthy baby boy, but hell, my mom thought that she was about to deliver in a normal way, but because she had a locked pelvic bone, she must be delivered through Cesarean section. I arrived and made a shocking news. I had a cone-shaped head due to my mom's labor stress.

My dad cried and all he wished was to have my head reshaped to a normal one. Thank God, it went to its normal shape.

Everyone in the house took care of me - in an exaggerated and uber way. My grandfather, who was a full-time engineer at that time bought boxes and tons of milk that was recommended by my pediatrician. Little did they know, I was allergic to that milk. In just a snap, he bought another batch of GAIN milk. Gain was an expensive milk (until now). They didn't care if they're spending too much on me, as long as they nurtured and took care of me in an Utopian way, which they all wished.

In my toddler years, I was frequently attacked by my asthma. They all wished that my asthma could be totally eradicated by the doctors. But sad to say, it's too late.

When I was two and a half, I wished to have a baby brother. Then a week after my third birthday, he arrived. He gave joy to me and he erased my loneliness.

When I first stepped in the academic grounds, they wished that I could excel in my academic life. I don't care, but I showed them and proved them right. But sometimes I'm naughty. They sometimes punished me in a "brutal" way, and sometimes they wished that I should be a baby FOREVER. She sometimes wished that I must return to her womb, which is quite impossible.

When I was in my elementary days, I wished to be the number one in the class. But sadly, I didn't made it (kahit highschool =]). I usually landed at the number two or three spot. But I don't recognize myself as a failure. They were all proud to me.

When I was young, I dreamed that my crush would also have a crush on me. What can I do? I'm only human. I was ten. Innocent.

I dreamed to be a commercial airline pilot, an air traffic controller, a doctor or a business man. But I was too young, and I showed inconsistency.

When I was in my last stage of my elementary days, I dreamed to be the class salutatorian or one of the recipients of the special academic awards or one of the honorable awardees. But that was TOO impossible. Instead, I grabbed the merit awardee and that's next to the honorable awardees. That was great.


It was definitely the most memorable stage of my life.

I dreamed to be something else, not just an ordinary teen. I want to be extraordinary. Then, my prowess in music gave the limelight to my fame, partially, well I dunno how to gauge it though. At least, I left an unbeatable mark to everyone's heart and be remembered because of my talent - playing the piano and composing songs.

Again and again, I wished to be the first in the class, but then again, I usually landed the same spot as in elementary - second or third - no more, no less. But, I'm happy with it.

When I was in my junior years, I wished to have a smooth face. My pimple outbreak was the most terrifying moment of my life. It lessened my self-esteem and confidence. Thank God, my face went back to normal. Also, I dreamed that I had a girlfriend, but hell, I didn't made even those "ligawan stuffs". It's not my priority yet.

In that year, I wished to be a successful Chemical Engineer.

During the last stage of my highschool life, I wished to be one of the honorable-mention awardees. But then again, I graduated 7th of the merit awardees (out of 68). I didn't made it to the top ten, but then again, I was happy. Also, I wished that my song for the Mo. Candida Contest will win, and we did, but on the graduation song composition contest, we landed the second place. I cried. My dreams were shattered at that time. A long and controversial story. Past is past, but hell I accepted the fact that I lost three days after. Heehee. Everything went back to normal. Also, I wished to pass the UPCAT entrance exam, and I did! I didn't flunked the most difficult entrance exam!

I wished to study in UP Manila for my college years. But, they were all hesistant. I begged them to send me in Manila, but they just replied a big NO to me. It really hurts. But, what can I do?

Today, I dreamed to have a perfect life in the future, but living in perfection is not as good as always - their should always be a counterpart. Balanced life. Yin-yang life.

I wished my family good health and long life.
I dreamed to have a grade of flat one in at least one subject per semester.
I dreamed to be one of the successful doctors in the Philippines.
i dreamed that I could change the world into a better one.
I wished to have my own HAPPY and LOVING family, like my family.
I wished that in the near future, I can realize the TRUTH about LIFE.

I don't believe that LIFE is UNFAIR.

There are certain things that we should experience and sometimes a LESSON for us.

Life can be tough, but hell, work with it!

Just remember that if we make a wish or dream, we must work for it! And you'll never know, you've already reached the farthest quasar of your life.

Blessings in disguise.