Monday, November 26, 2007

What the ??

Last night, I dreamt another weird dream. Again. It goes like this.

Davao City became a sprawling metropolis by the year 2017. Honestly, I couldn't recognize the place already - high rise building, wider highways, lots and lots of intestine-like flyovers and yeah, parang Singapore ang Davao sa dream ko. I was driving my car when suddenly I saw a white - yellow jumbo jet - a Boeing 747-400. It was Cebu Pacific Air. (Wow. 747? Cebu Pacific? C'mon). It continued to flew at a very low altitude until it crashed right in the middle of the metropolis. My car flew as the big ball of fire continue to wreak unimaginable havoc. Then I woke up.

Hayy naku. Is this the cause of stress? Fcuk. Gotta study pa. Wednesday would be probably the biggest and the most difficult day of my life. Good luck nalang sa akin.


And it's just quite annoying when at the middle of the night, your neighbor's dog begins its own ghoulish ritual -- howling. Bwisit! It's quite annoying --slash-- creepy. Good thing, my dogs didn't bother it. Palibasa sa harapan ng bahay ng kapitbahay namin, may namatay doon - he died right in front of our neighbor's house. Yikes! It was year 2004 and it's a long, tragic and sad story.


Gumising ka na nga? WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

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